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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes vs. Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Your BCS 7th-ranked Miami Hurricanes (6-0, 2-0 ACC) kickoff the second half of their season and play their first game without an NCAA anvil hanging over their head at noon today against visiting Wake Forest (4-3, 2-2).

The game can be seen on ESPNU. Feel free to chat with us as the game is going on.


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Bon jour y'all Cane zealots!! Buming around and waiting for the much anticipated Miami, Florida vs. Wake Forest game.

Yes, it's a much anticipated game seeing that Goldie's program finally has been released of it's SHACKLES by the UNSAVORY n.c.a.a. hUh And I'm speculating that the Hurricanes will come out with a FULL SPECTRUM DOMINATE sort of game today.

Hurricanes 45

Wake Forest 20


FWIW... Miami, Florida is currently a ... - 25 1/2 or -25 point home chalk.

It seems the PLAYERS have been laying down some heavy betting cash on Goldie's squad this week. Because the opening line was Hurricanes... - 21 point chalk... and since then the line has climbed upward with wagering action on the Canes.

Oh, CAVEAT EMPTOR y'all degenerates, because if anyone had any notion of playing a $10.00 bet on Goldie's squad, it should have been this past Monday or Tuesday. hUh

Another word of suggestion for Hurricane partisans.

Seeing that today's game is on espn U, " wiziwig.com " is the absolute BEST sports streaming site out there in cyberspace. dUh Matter of fact, wiziwig is SUPERIOR than frontrowsports!

For instance, wiziwig doesn't have the continuos spams and pop ups akin to frontrowsports, and when any advertisment pops up, all you have to do is click on the TINY X-boc and voila, the spam disappears.

Also, wiziwig offers 3 or 4 different live streams to view any sporting event. In contrast to frontrowsports ONE live stream.

I generally chose the live game stream which has the LEAST number of pop-ups/spams. Bon chance

1. Go to wiziwig

2. Homepage> click on AmFootball at top of homepage.

3. Then, Miami vs. Wake Forest is at the VERY TOP of the amfootball page.

4. Each college football game generally has 3 or 4 different live streams to select from.

Encore, bon chance y'all Miami bUbba's! LOL

Miami, Florida 45

Deacons 20

I just hope a LATE, cheap T.D. by Wake Forest doesn't mess with my prediction and what not.

Morris has to stop causing turnovers..but you can't make him afraid to pass.

Thanks for the " tweets, " Ibis tweety birds.

And yes, it would nice to see Miami wear both it's Green and Orange uni's in various combinations. Because ain't it all about the Green nd' Orange product and what not. hUh

Damyum, I didn't realize Grobe was so Freakin' short! Or is Alfredo that tall and what not, i.e. at least 6-2 in height. hUh

D, among many dumb comments of yours to choose from, the absurdity that players could bet enough money to move the line 3 or 4 points takes the cake. Congratulations, you are an all time idiot.

Posted by: mountain cane | October 26, 2013 at 11:35 AM

I thought I smelled some stanky, CHIT easing out of your big mouth!!

Now, WEASEL your way back to that canespace. Because your RIGID, stoic, FAIRWEATHER ilk are already missing you.

Coach Grobe said it best, the Hurricanes escaped their " Trap Game " last Thursday against moribund Carolina Blue.

So y'all loyal Miami fan-dom can bloody well CHIT-CAN that notion of trap game into mountainLOUT's big PUTRID, mouth!!

Hurricanes 45

Wake Forest 20

Only multiple turnovers from Miami will keep the Deacons in the game. Well, at least Wake Forest should be a worthy fee, fi, FOE for at least the first-half.

Congratulations to former Cane Lauryn Williams on making the US Bobsled Team.

Yo D, the drive-thru is backing up...get back to making Gorditas papi! With your corny ass...

gallo, the one good thing though, no matter how we got to being ranked this high, be it a farce or not, at least for the first time in a long time, the Miami/Fsu game definitely has national championship implications. I don't like us being on this big stage going in with the soft defensive scheme coach goldie & the 500 club believe in, cause no one on here can say or feel good about this defensive scheme when these guys did this:

Jeff Driskel
Comps/Attmps Yds Comp% Td's Int's Qb rating
22-33 291 66.7 1 2 138.6

Bryn Renner
Comp/Attmps Yds Comp% Td's Int's Qb rating
28-36 297 77.8 1 1 150.7

I know we got some foolish people on here, but i don't even here some are foolish or stupid enuff to bet house money that the Fsu qb is not better than these 2 or will have a worst game than these 2. The man part that's the problem with our scheme is, decent/legit college qb's this year are completing at least 72% of their passes against our defense, if that's how we're going to play defense, mark this down, if we somehow win a national championship with legit oppossing offenses completing over 70% of their passes against us, than i'll definitely join in the ridiculous chorus that the former gaytor headcoached named blogger goes by when it comes to coach goldie, because that would be some type of feat to be able to pull that off with those stats.

In meantime gallo, keep up the great post, reminds me of the way you went off before the gaytor game, i didn't go as far as you did in saying we'd lose, but i knew jeff driskel was going to have a career day. Next up, will tanner price out due thee previously mentioned qb's up top, the start of that is less than 2 hours away!

Posted by: Calvin | October 26, 2013 at 10:35 AM

Here we go ,can't stop sh it on defense. Right down the field wake goes. Plus the fan bad is terrible like always.

With all the good news this week , our the Canes D just doesnt care.

WOW doesnt look like a motivated team

Last week Alabama didn't commit a single penalty and somehow Miami manages to get a holding call before taking an offensive snap.

Such a disappointing start!

I can't believe how unmotivated this team is, its a damn shame

Looks like Al has us ready. This candy cane defense will get opposing qb's drafted in the NFL.

This will be 14-0 Wake, with this siph defense.

I guess it's already time to cue up the adjustments oach 500 is going to make after halftime, cause right now, and i said it earlier this year, why do we go to our obvious pass rushing package on 3rd & 4's, lol. Plus teams know that's what we do so of course they're going to run alot of screens behind that pass rush, easy pickings.

All jim grobe wants to do today is keep smo17 off the field since they know he needs possesions to get going, and also, just take what we give them and score, make us play catch up, it's a real solid strategy!

Love the non holding calls, NICE HIT!!!!!

Just another slow uninspired start from a FREE football program. No way this is a top 10 team. As much as I like Golden, this is what makes me wonder if he CAN coach to the top tier of football. Go Canes, please.

Wake rarely goes downfield. They are a screen oriented offense, so why is a basically one dimensional team doing this.

No way UM beats FSU!! This D looks lost. And offense is predictable. Wow they look lost

What up with this fckng open field, and we cant tackle.

Horrible defensive plan, again

I guess the refs finally put their glasses on.

Makes you wonder if they were looking at FSU tape instead of Wake Forest tape.


This ish is ridiculous man. Wake Forest?? The good thing for us is they don't have great athletes with all this space they're catching and running the ball in. Are we ever going to play defense on the other side of the line of scrimmage??

The anouncers are laughing at the stats, and how bad Miami looks.

Honestly it's sad but we can never be elite with dno. His defense doesn't force the other team to adjust.

People blaming the players for playing uninspired, NO, the defensive scheme is uninspired and has no intensity to it. This defensive scheme is just what that wide-split concepts appreciates!

Here's where not playing press man is stupid, with those wide splits, you play press man, blitz your linebackers right up the splits and force them to close those splits and than from their you'll be able to force the mto play into your defenses hand.

3rd and 22 we going 3 man rush, this crap is silly.

Ok, put Crawford back in.

A dismal forecast: No fire, no passion, no crowd, crappy stadium away from campus, no pressure by defense, no OL, iffy QB.

WF will throw underneath all day and win.

Expect 8 - 4 this year with losses to FSU (will be ugly), VA Tech and UCF.

This team has no fire and the coaches are not right for UM.

Leave Crawford in

W all this,we're only down 7 Missed ft was huge! Run the ball. Gdamit

That pass reminds me of some of my best...

see first comment...KK

Remember when the defense give up plays it's because kids weren't doing what they're coached to do. It has nothing to do with the cupcake scheme.

How bad has Morris been all season jeez!

Man Morris Doesnt look good at all, overthrowing like crazy. I close my eyes everytime he throws I have no confidence in him right now.

This team needs a QB bad. How long has it been since we had a good QB. Boring on offense, inept on defense. We could lose 2-3 games easily like this.

@dbc, calm down a little

Change QB now

Is this the offensive game plan? We need a offensive guru. Too many receivers not getting the ball and your smallest RB running up the middle.

Take Morris out. He is a head case, can't handle pressure about what an NFL prospect he is (was).

How many Cane homers here took the -24 or whatever that ridiculous spread is today.

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