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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes vs. Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Your BCS 7th-ranked Miami Hurricanes (6-0, 2-0 ACC) kickoff the second half of their season and play their first game without an NCAA anvil hanging over their head at noon today against visiting Wake Forest (4-3, 2-2).

The game can be seen on ESPNU. Feel free to chat with us as the game is going on.


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Steven Morris needs to hit his open receivers. He is not following through on any throws so everything is high. Come on!


This ish is ridiculous man. Wake Forest?? The good thing for us is they don't have great athletes with all this space they're catching and running the ball in. Are we ever going to play defense on the other side of the line of scrimmage??

Posted by: True Cane | October 26, 2013 at 12:32 PM

Remember when the defense give up plays it's because kids weren't doing what they're coached to do. It has nothing to do with the cupcake scheme.

Posted by: True Cane | October 26, 2013 at 12:44 PM

Coach jim grobe is like, ok, you want to play a sit back defensive schem to see what we can do, or can, we'll put a show on for them and show em what we can do. tanner price looking confident and all world. jim grobe & tanner price are playing lucy w-charlie brown type of offense. Let's keep going to the obvious pass rushing personnel package.

Oh yeah, i forget, we had to wait until the defensive players put on more weight.

there you have it.....this team is weak, all a fraud with golden/dnofrio...

wake forest having its way with UM....wide gaps in line that is confusing dnofrios defense...

stadium is empty....what happened to all those ticket sales....

morris is fine...all bs with his ankle.....duke is the most overrated back in NCAA.....he is weak.....keep using crawford.....

golden/dnofrio need to be fired....

The core of every great miami team was a defense that put fear in opponents. Our defensive plan has the opposite effect. We sit back and get punched and hope the offense gets tired or makes a mistake.

gallo, our talent will eventually take over the game in spite of the schemes this game, but that's not going to work against the better teams. You can see it now how our talent it about to take over this game, but if we turn the ball over like we did last week, this will be a hard game to win, jim grobe is a real solid college football coach.

I knew it man!


We don't dictate at all on defense.

you think your gonna stop winston and Benjamin (fsu) after that play.....6'5" will win all the time...

UM gets crushed

Imagine we could have Bridgewater at QB! Wow

dude....its not talent, its coaching including coley...its not there....

its only there against weak 1-5 teams.....and even with that we give up 500 yards - 12 turnovers - 4 INT's

Dno is the defensive equivalent of Patrick nix

We still cover the spreak, U never know. Remember 17-7 down to Ga Tech........we ended up plus 15



We don't dictate at all on defense.

Posted by: True Cane | October 26, 2013 at 12:56 PM

I keep wondering why oach 500 hasn't been arrested yet, i'm real sure the massage parlors have been protesting against him and trying to figure out how is it possible that he's managed to openly run this escort service with no ramifications.

ready for another morris pick...

see what I mean....UM was 100% sure it was gonna be a run.....WF had 3 guys open.....


I wonder what the coaches are going to say about the defense this time. Oh they did something we never saw them do before. why the announcers keep talking about all the athletes we have when they are all train to back pedal every play.

what is it with Miami and these crappy ACC teams that always beat them every single year...

dude....its not talent, its coaching including coley...its not there....

its only there against weak 1-5 teams.....and even with that we give up 500 yards - 12 turnovers - 4 INT's

Posted by: Jim Gallo | October 26, 2013 at 12:59 PM

I think you need to re-read what i posted, i said, "the talent will take over in spite of the schemes" you already know i know what the problem is, this is comical, coach goldie and his mac minions getting schooled by jim grobe like i thought would happen early on.

It's obvious the coaches don't have any faith in Morris either. All he can do is hand off.

Morris is no good

Guys I can see the writing on the walls now! Prepare for a Loss and FSU will trounce UM next week. Back to back lossess!!

Morris has no accuracy, makes bad decisions, can't read a defense, allhe has is a rocket am... we need to give someone else a chance, they can't be worst

Why is it with these 3 man rushes!!! Lmfao


Guys, Many of U sound like Heat Bashers when there down 10 in 1st qtr, in a basketball game We will get it rolling. . Have the faith. No negativity

Wake Forest would easily be the 4th. or 5th. best team in the S.E.C.

Ok we need a score b4 half, make it a 1 score game, and WE GET THE BALL............relax

TOLD YA...........RELAX.

No one is posting as if we will lose the game so get out if here with that garbage we are talking about this piss poor effort and sissy defensive scheme.

everyone in here believe we'll win

Nice one hander, and BOOM!

Walford just saved Morris' bacon

Dom, I'm with you, but geez we should be playing better than that. This is whats frustrating

Why sit on your TOs with the playmakers in the return game

The way its going I'm just hoping for the best.

Yea Jersey I agree. Guys, we let them take 8-9 m, 1st drive, and then we went 3 and out, so we HAVENT had a lot of plays.

We get the ball...........Lets Roll. .


I already know what the excuse is, the splits, you'll hear how difficult it is to play against the offensive lineman splits, as if it's new to football.

I don't know about spread, but we need to win by 10 plus points at least..........

And we SHOULD jump 1 loss Stanford in BCS. Wake is 4-3, and a big conf win, so that should bump our schedule.

A 4-3 team should bump up our schedule, man how the canes have fallen.

Dom will lead the circle jerk after the game!

I disagree, another half like that and we could easily lose this game. Morris throws high most every time. We can only hand off and hope for the best, we have become one dimensional on offense. Morris is killing us right now, and coach needs to make a decision, or Morris step up. Golden should put that to Morris at half, either do better, or Ryan plays. Shouldn't winning be the goal, not just giving Morris"his time". VT will be tough at home in 2 weks. I know beating FSU would be great, but if we lose to VT, no ACC title game. I hope to see adjustments like GT game. Go Canes

This 1st half just goes to show more proof of why the idiot talk of "i'm not concerned with yards given up" is one of the dumbest philosophies, i said it earlier in the year, yards given up limits the possesions for your offense and thus far, only a few opportunity's to score and since coach jim grobe knows our offense isn't efficient, he's banking on that fact and is looking for a turn-over. I do like the fact that we got guys like artie burns and kirby in the fire for sure. Our safties were lined up like some trash on that 2nd touchdown by wake.

coach goldie and oach 500 make playing defense harder than it should be.

Dom, I always enjoy your optimism and unwavering belief that the Canes are always going to win by scores of 56-13 but it gets old. Fair assesment, Morris's balls are still sailing high on the short to mid routes and the D seems to be weak on the 2nd level, of course that could be due to not a strong enough pass rush.

I don't know much if any about X's and O's when it comes to football, its just what my eye test tells me. Miami will need an A+ game next week while FSU a B- at best for the Canes to prevail.

It is not Goldie's job to teach the D its Donfrio's job, and I think he blows. Goldie needs to suck it up and get rid of his buddy. Morris needs to go back to before they fixed his mechanics because he played better.

Show me just ONE Top-10 College Football team that has EVER trailed 3 Unranked teams at Halftime at mid season ever ?

Oh yeah, []_[].

1 Win FAU, 0 Win Savannah St., sorry 3 loss Gator team, 1-Win S.Fla., 1-dementional G-Tech, 1-Win UNC and a dead last in Offense ACC Wake team that hasn't beat a Top-10 team in 67 years. 1-53 overall.

yup... Ur back.

Anybody read Manny Navarro's tweets on the left of this site? Hilarious and sad because he's only saying what we all already know (except for Ron Crook and Dom)






Dom... go repaint ur face.

I agree with Calvin why aren't we attacking those splits with blitzes. Again we are being out coached on the defensive side of the ball, just because their tackle lines up 3 yds away doesn't mean our d lineman has to go out there with him leave him uncovered and let him stand there by himself. Playing down to the competition again. This is getting hard to watch every week, this is a home game very uninspired team.

Florida state is going to kill us man. Let's face it guys we are not a top 25 team we just had a easy schedule. R. Williams needs to get in the game so next year he'll be ready because Morris sucks man. He doesn't know how to read defenses or nothing. Let's just hope that Florida state doesn't put up 60 on us.. And I think this is the last year this defense of coordinator is here.


YOU never give any credit to the other team's offense...

This kid price is throwing the ball under 3 SECONDS every time...

You can't pressure that you DUMMIES...



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