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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes vs. Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Your BCS 7th-ranked Miami Hurricanes (6-0, 2-0 ACC) kickoff the second half of their season and play their first game without an NCAA anvil hanging over their head at noon today against visiting Wake Forest (4-3, 2-2).

The game can be seen on ESPNU. Feel free to chat with us as the game is going on.


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I hope y'all stop crying!!!

WCC, I'm with you , but I have Insurance

Without that facemask, we don.t score. Duh





Every team outside of Savannah State has looked awesome against our defense.. time to fire the DC or take the play calling away from him.

I think that a realistic goal for this year would have been win all the games except the one against FSU, winning the coastal division, playing a competitive ACC title game, and winning a bowl game. That would be a successful season.

After today's performance I am concerned. I am sorry but Wake is a pathetic team and they are playing the canes to the wire and have a chance to win this game.

Just support your team or find another team. Some of you have nothing positive to say, yes, we are struggling this when you dig in and support not turn your back and bash!!! If you ever played sports you will have game wher you struggle and you just need to find way to win. Let's Go Canes!!!

This offense is boring. We will never keep up with the offenses around college football these days. The Def wins championships is going away. We are way behind DUH


That will never happen. The DC is very good friends with Golden. The DC will go when Al Golden goes.

Wake is running the clock. We will lose this game.



FSU has to be rolling on the ground laughing at this game.

This is embarrassing!!!! This means that Louisiana Monroe would probably beat the canes since they whipped WF.

It is all on Morris' shoulders now. Yikes!

And the Canes F*ck it up

All you Calvin and Gallo haters, know they are right.(sometimes_) Eh What say

Theeeerrreee's the Pee []_[] 'efense

This defense is horrible!

I took Wake and the points, so I win.

And now the Morris Pick in 3...2...1...

This bullshat defense is garbage. Coach no d needs to be sent packing. We are no longer too young, too small, unconditioned all of them sissy excuses. Our scheme sucks. I support those kids 100%, but the Mac bunch isn't championship caliber.

its only a mtter of time before the fraud is exposed....4-2 team and a 21 plus underdog...at home....

truly pathetic.....

golden/dnofrio are not UM material....I will never change that opinion.....


I am so glad I was able to enjoy those great Canes teams. We thought that it would never end but those great days are over. The canes have hit rock bottom.


I agree. It is time to get this team back to the old canes teams. Butch Davis brought this team back once. He is out there and he has that true canes mentality that Jimmy Johnson instilled here. Let's bring back that swagger.

Worst refs I've ever seen

I dont care about rank, I care about wins baby!

TD!! UM may avoid the upset today.

There is still plenty of time for Wake. Their kicker has a strong leg and our defense will give up yards.

Don't worry guys, Dom and Ron Crook are going to talk up Wake Forest like they are an ACC title team so we shouldn't feel bad about them having their way against our defense. Just like Georgia Tech and UNC, every team in the ACC has a mythical offense against our defense so its kudos to them and not at all our defenses fault and don't you dare say that Morris is scared to step up in the pocket!


Now the scary part... the prevent defense...

Next week will be ugly folks! We have no chance.

I am still relieved to get the win today. We have a chance to play for our first ACC championship. We just have to take care of business after we lose next week.

these refs need to be investigated. there is no way to have that many poor calls on one team and not the other.

I know we won, but damn what an ugly game... It's bitter sweet.

I was wrong, 7-2 will come true. Mark it down. Eh What say



We escaped!!! A very emotional week. Let's get some rest and get ready for FSU!!!

First. What a clan of bloody CONTRARIAN cane Good Ol' Boi's at that despicable canespace/EOTH!!

Biggest game of the year will be against Virginia Tech in 2 weeks that game will probably decide the ACC Coastal Division. If the Canes can win that game, it will probably be a successful season.

Only hope I have for next week is not to embarrass ourselves against FSU. If we can lose by less than 21 points I am happy.

UM should be killing these weak ACC teams.....both offense and defense struggle....Morris is a head case, lol....

circus catches.....a bad face mask call...this is how UM wins....that's not a winning strategy or good performance.....

if you think this defense or offense will be able to stop fsu...you are in dreamland....

35-0 FSU

Second. That CANEZ1, and his HENCHMEN, at eoth can eat a LONG,FAT Di##!!

Chit, that GOOD canez1 said THE DUKE was " weak and what not!! " hUh

The sign of a very good major college football team is it's ability to bloody well OVERCOME diaster and what not.

Is Miami, Florida a LEGITIMATE Top 10 B.C.S. team. Perhaps not, but Goldie's squad can finish the season 11-1 in a BEST CASE SCENARIO. Or, in a bad case scenario, a 10-2 regular season is absolutely ADMIRABLE. Especially with all the TURMOIL the Hurricanes have gone throught lately.

Ok, it's another amazing come from behind W and that's great.

The Canes made another run-oriented power drive to win.
Duke is incredible and has the heart and fire.

The refs tried to screw us as usual. May they burn in the hereafter!

Don't know what it will take for this team to play 4 quarters all out. Looks like we may be a running focused team. Short passes would work asd well. Ball control?

Congratulations and Go Canes!

I don't know what to say, I guess this team isn't as good as we think, they're a top 15-20 team but definitely not a top 10 squad, all we have left to do is beat VT, maybe we drop one to duke pitt or virginia like we have the last 3 years and we can still get in to the ACC chamipionship to get murdered again by FSU and then go to the chick fil-a bowl.

Only hope I have for next week is not to embarrass ourselves against FSU. If we can lose by less than 21 points I am happy.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | October 26, 2013 at 03:31 PM


I agree with U about next week's game in Talla-TRASH-que.

Nevertheless, Goldie's squad has been at the edge of major college football PRECIPICE and hasn't fallen into the murky, dark void. hUh

And don't forget this is a RIVALRY game more so than Florida and both teams should " show up and be ready " to ruuuummbblle!!

Orlando Dolphan,
Cannot be a Canes!! He is a crying whining girl and only post when we are losing!!

Goldie's squad will win next Saturday nite I-F the special teams and offense and defensive units play NEAR perfect ball.

And MIGHTY F.S.U. will have to play one of their worst games of the season. Especially the Kid signal-caller wearing the Garnet and Gold.

In other words, the Cane CAN'T expect to fall by early on the road against a LEGITIMATE mighty Seminole team. Otherwise, the Seminoles could be on their way to a bloody Massacare. With Green nd' Orange SCALPS in hands. Eh. What say.

no turmoil....golden was left with excellent players.....sanctions did not curb anything....come from behind against teams a high school can beat?

every team we have played have been losers.....and we barely win.....thats the sign of bad coaching...period!

Wanted ...new Offensive Coordinator & new Defensive Coordinator.

Another factor why Miami, Florida won today was because of NO turnover's by the offense.

And don't sell Wake Forest short. Because shorty Grobe's squad will go bowling at the conclusion of the regular season.

Apparently Jim wants to win every game 55 to 10. Get a clue buddy. This is not the 2002 UM team

yep...coley is failing and dnofrio is well...dnofrio....like williams is the answer also, lol....

get rid of them all.....

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