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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes vs. Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Your BCS 7th-ranked Miami Hurricanes (6-0, 2-0 ACC) kickoff the second half of their season and play their first game without an NCAA anvil hanging over their head at noon today against visiting Wake Forest (4-3, 2-2).

The game can be seen on ESPNU. Feel free to chat with us as the game is going on.


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YOU never give any credit to the other team's offense...

This kid price is throwing the ball under 3 SECONDS every time...

You can't pressure that you DUMMIES...



Posted by: WestCoastCane | October 26, 2013 at 01:34 PM

Now genius, ask yourself, why is tanner price able to get rid of the ball in 3 secs?.........................................................simple, cause our db's were playing to far off the receivers, notice in the 2nd half, for the first time since coach goldie and the 500 club has been here we actually played more tight-man defense and you see what happened in the 2nd half.

I said this in coach goldie's first year here and it's still True today, they need halftime in order to make adjustments they can't do it on the fly so to many times they just try and survive the 1st half instead of coming out attacking other teams offensively and defensively.

Also, why do we wait this long to run this type of offense, coach coley needs to get his head out of the dirt along with coach goldie and start understanding this is what Miami football needs to look like with this group. Again, 2nd week in a row, but shouts out to coach art kehoe(and the o-line) & hurlie brown(runningbacks) getting it done once again.

This game plan that jim grobe had is the same game plan we need for alot of the Fsu game, all these 3 & outs, to many times coach coley goes away from a good running formation and goes to an automatic passing formation which takes away another advantage for our offense. That 4th & 1 stop by wake was unecessary, all we had to do was bring in maurice haggens and it would've been an easy pick-up. I'm not sure what it's going to take for these oc's to stop under utilizing haggens, the man comes in an almost every running play he's in on is successful. He can catch out of the backfield, we need to attack teams using multiple weapons, stop going to all these obvious passing situations.

Coach coley has a long ways to go when it comes to calling plays, we keep starting games off trying to put the game in sm017's hands, after game 7, if we're still doing that, shame on this coaching staff.

After the game we'll here how wake only scored 7 points in the 2nd hafl and "great adjustment" talk, get real.

That o-line wide-split scrap is a linebackers dream, in the first quarter i would've blitzed them straight up the gut, why our we blitzing and looping guys 10 yards away from the qb, stupid d-line calls.

CANESJUNKIE and his MINIONS must be eoth/canespace INTERLOPER's. Because I've seen the same chitty opinions in both Hurricane forums. dUh

Again, both Canespace/eoth are filled a CLAN of good ol' boy CONTRADICTION bUbba's!!! Nothing more and nothing less.

Apparently Jim wants to win every game 55 to 10. Get a clue buddy. This is not the 2002 UM team

Posted by: Truth | October 26, 2013 at 03:46 PM




You are right. We have to be realistic. Some here are just blind. I call it as I see it. I used to brag big time when the canes were dominating but this current team is mediocre. How can anyone be proud of today's win? Wake lost to Louisiana Monroe!!

I am not as down on Golden as some out there because he was in an impossible situation recruiting with the NCAA cloud hanging over our heads. However, expectations should be to win the Coastal Division this year. Anything below that will be disappointing. I expect to lose by 21 points to FSU and that is just being realistic.

We didn't guve ourselves the #7 rank. The AP, ESPN AND BCS did.

We just need to win and improve.

I don't have any illusions we win the NC this year



A couple of observations, the first time that Wake went with those super wide I splits I would have one ILB and SS taking each A gap and blitzed the phock out of them. That would have put an end to that nonsense.

Secondly the replay booth official's seeing eye dog barked that it was a TD, the official must have misunderstood him. It's also possible his Fake Forest alumni pin might have gotten between him and the monitor.

Every time a WF offensive player came even close to the first down mark the "officials" gave the first without blinking, then we have our guy clearly go beyond the mark and it nearly takes an act of Congress for them to give is the FD.

I agree with the poster that said the officials should be investigted, it wouldn't surprise me if they all bet the under in this game.

I would like to see the U-FSU game officiated by a Pac 12 officiating crew, or maybe a Mid America Conference crew, ACC refs are not reliable in being objective in the least.

dang, less than 4 minutes into the game and FSU is already up 14-0

" I said this in coach goldie's first year here and it's still True today, they need halftime in order to make adjustments they can't do it on the fly so to many times they just try and survive the 1st half instead of coming out attacking other teams offensively and defensively. " CALVIN

Calvin, RE: NEext Saturday. If Goldie's squad doesn't come out ATTACKING on both sides of the L.O.S. The game could be a Redux of the Clemson vs. MIGHTY Seminole game. oUch!

I'm sorry, but there's no way to defend the performance of our defense. That was horrible! The offense was even worse. There is nor creativity on this offense. Stretch play to Duke and sweep to Duke, that's as creative as it gets.

I would not be surprised if we dropped down to #10 this week. You simply cannot allow a team that lost to Lousiana Monroe to come here and sniff a win. Lousiana Monroe lost to Baylor 70 to 7. Wake is terrible and they came in here and almost got a win.

The Canes are not a top 10 team clearly. I do think that Golden is a good recruiter and there will be no more excuses in the coming years. We'll see if Golden can bring in the talent to bring the U back to prominence.

I would like to see the U-FSU game officiated by a Pac 12 officiating crew, or maybe a Mid America Conference crew, ACC refs are not reliable in being objective in the least.

Posted by: John in Springs | October 26, 2013 at 03:52 PM

Voila... it would be nice to see an OUTSIDER officiating crew oversee the game next Saturday nite. But absolutely not the PAC-12. Those bums are relatively worst than the A.C.C. SEE how Wisconsin was robbed of a victory against A.S.U. earlier this season.

And witness MIGHTY Boomer Sooner being ROBBED of a win against the Ducks about 7/6 years ago in smalltown Eugene. Chit, the bum zebra who made the WRONG CALL was from Portland, Oregon!! dUh

Also, i'm not sure why people keep thinking we're playing poor football, what's happening now is, we're actually playing more real d-1 teams, so of course the games are getting tougher. What is our defensive rank now after this week, it was funny watching how oach 500 has his chest stuck out after playing all of those cupcakes but right now, our defensive ranking is steady climbing.

This is the type of games we better get use, i've said it before, if we play a team that doesn't turn the ball over, it's going to be a tight game. I'll take the win any day of the week, and i could careless how we win against Fsu, just get the win. Now if we go in to doak campbell and beat them like they beat clemson, extend coach goldie's contract immediately.

I'm not sold on coach goldie & his minions. We all knew james coley coming would be a work in progress but it doesn't help. All these people crying about smo17, again, there is a reason why he couldn't bet out jacory harris who head & shoulders above smo17. In fact if jacory was the qb this year, we'd be blowing teams out left and right no matter what division.

Couple observations from a good win:

1. We won. Can't say that enough.
2. Credit Wake for executing their formula. Ball control.
3. Defensive scheme wasn't the problem, freelancing, lack of containment, and poor tackling led to breakdowns in crucial 3rd down situations.
4. Good to see the 2 TE set(been asking for this) being used, and good to see Cleveland make a couple plays. Would like to see Edwards involved as H back/all purpose back.
5. SMo17 made some good decisions and good throws. Coley made some big plays.
6. We miss Dorrsett, hopefully he comes back soon.
7. Guys got banged up but way to tough out a win and finish strong.
8. The defense is predictable. 1st and 2nd we have no pass rush, 3rd ends are coming hard up field. That said, if executed properly, it keeps things in front of us and has guys flying to the ball. Good to see D'O rush four in that last series to make the QB uncomfortable.

Well, another war of attrition victory against an inferior opponent playing down to their level. Officials were the worst ACC crew I've ever seen, Grobe had a great strategy to keep it close and the defense tried their best to keep it in doubt as long as they could. Special teams needs to find a field goal kicker who is reliable because the guy in there now isn't anything close to that.

The good news was the 2nd half was pretty much owned by UM even if they didn't score in the 3rd. Of course, the final was another piece of good news and that's about all there is to take from this.

It's been a fun run and even if reality arrives abruptly next week there's still going to be a chance to recover and win out and get another shot for the ACC title to extract revenge so, with that said, bring on the fake ass semenholes and their balding redneck of a coach and let's see some blood.

7 & 0 Canes...undefeated!! Fantastic!!

As Lee Corso predicted: "Wake Forest is a drastically improved team with a very good coach and today's game is going to be very close--I Guarantee it!"

The biggest take-away from the game is the composure of Miami's offense. That final drive for a touchdown was extraordinary. Morris was very cool, Duke was nothing short of spectacular and our offensive line bowed their necks and got mean.

It was obvious that with the NCAA coming out on Monday and saying they would announce their sanctions on Tuesday that the kids were, understandably so, not focused. Then factor in FSU looming and it was the perfect storm. Even with all that the Canes prevailed...Fantastic!!

Again...the Canes are undefeated and looking for an ACC Championship game and BCS Bowl game.

It is great to be a Miami Hurricane!!

FSU is good. Four minutes into the game and FSU is up by 14. Yikes!

"How can anyone be proud of today's win? Wake lost to Louisiana Monroe!!"

::hand raised::

I'm proud. 2 come from behind drives to win in final 7 minutes? They won! And I'd rather win ugly than lose pretty. They used the TE today. They are improving and learning their flaws without losing.

[]_[] Full speed ahead

Duke was nothing short of spectacular and our offensive line bowed their necks and got mean.

It is great to be a Miami Hurricane!!
Posted by: Ron Zook | October 26, 2013 at 04:07 PM

Too bad that LAME arse CANEZ1 ( eoth,canespace MINION ) hasn't gotten the message about THE DUKE!

Oh, that lame CANEZ1 and his HECHMEN still sUck the long, fat DI#k!!

FWIW... that GOON canez1 said THE DUKE was " soft and what not. " Go bloody figures'.

VT and Duke, 0-0 afte 4 turnovers by Duke.

Great win for the cardiac Canes!! Game ball to Duke and the Offensive line. Run the damn ball more. Thats the formula for beating FSU. Morris is terrible when he is under pressure. His mechanics are eroding. He look scared, like he is chucking and ducking. Defense need to get more aggresive. I am tired of the keep everything in front of you defense. D'nof stop being the nail and try being the hammer. Also clean up on the tackling. Must gang tackle this week. Go Canes!!

FSU hanging 35pt and its not even end of the first quarter!

These last three games have shown that this is not a legitimate top ten team, that the defense is still pretty sad, and that Morris is a pretty bad quarterback.

Next Saturday night could turn out to be incredibly ugly for Miami. I hope not, but after our performance against these very weak and unranked teams, it does not look good.

D, if you've ever seen the effeminate sashay that guy employs at a tailgate, you'd laugh even harder at him calling anybody, from Jacory to Randy Johnson, 'soft.'

But hey, he played high school football two and a half decades ago, like Al Bundy once did, so there's always that . . .

Again.Glad Canes won.I do agree Morriss is a head case.It s not been his ankle for the past 3 or 4 games.It s what s between his ears.He is playing worse each and every week.Such a loss in confidence and execution.His passes 3 out of every 4 are too high or off target.His anticipation of his receivers is TOTALLY inconsistent for weeks.You know the OC is not happy with his QB.....AT ALL.The defense is NOT playing as 1 UNIT even remotely.Surprising how the D line just CANNOT get to the QB all game long.Miami s LB play for almost the entire game was weak.They looked slow and uninspired....as did the entire team.Another very ugly win and lucky Canes won the last 2 period.Coaching and team must improve.Must improve but are they even capable of it?????????

To have to come from behind against Wake and NC is embarrassing. Those teams Suck!!!

I cannot imagine what FSU will do to the hurricanes next week. I really don't mind losing FSU. I just hate these performing like these against the bottom feeders in the conference.

Golden's job this week, make sure the FSU game does not become so important to affect the games after. Beating FSU would be an incredible upset, but after watching our canes struggle to do anything consistently, the chances are slim. But the games after are more important to the season. Beating VT and running the schedule would be an 11-1 season, after having one of the worst defenses in football. A good bowl, and a new QB next year. We need much better play at QB.
I hope we have someone in waiting that will turn out to be what we need. Right now, Golden is keeping Morris from LOSING games by running so much. We are almost one-dimensional on offense because of Morris bad decisions. A win, 7-0 Who would have thought


Don't sell Wake short? They are small and have no talent. It took a score in the last minute for us to win.

The only thing i know is this, somehow some way oach 500 has been able to slow Fsu down for at least 3 quarters the last 2 years, be it ej manuel or gumbo fisher, but last year, coach goldie said "it's ok, they're a lil bit ahead of us right now, but i would trade this locker room for there's" blah blah.

Well this year, we got a senior qb they have a redshirt freshman qb. This year, they have a new dco we got a new oc, as of right now, only dorset is out, we have allen hurns they have rashard greene.

I'm willing to be we have more starts on our o-line than they do, so this game is going to come down to x's & o's. On a side note, that last touchdown by wake forest, that side of the field was open all day for that type of play, although tyrone corneilius was a ero last week he almost became a goat this week.

Once we went press-man, the defense was less confused out there, before that, guys didn't know where to line up. Also, why wasn't tyriq mccord in the game last as well as Alquadin Muhammad. Anyway, we'll take the win, james coley, it's time for you to start showing your worth, by now you have to see smo17's weaknesses and should know what calls to make. Once smo17 played under center and we got the running game going, it opened up the playbook, i got a request of you coach coley, let's not wait til we get desparate to go to that, let's start the game off physical and end physical.

Stop calling all of these running plays with all of that traffic in the backfield, this is why coach gumbo held you back, he knew you weren't ready and right now, you're proving it.

watch now golden will blame the NCAA for his performance....don't know why a decision that was last minute on announcing would alter or have any effect on the teams performance?

UM wins are survival wins......golden just cant admit he is mediocre and not ready to coach UM

NOT. A. CHANCE. vs. FSU... 55-10 and that's okay. we are definitely overrated....should be around 15-19, or 20-22. that's where we'll be after next week; which is FINE! smo17 has regressed, no question. The defense is good in the second half with adjustments, but vs. VT and FSU, it's gonna be too little, too late.

Proud we won. WF played a great game. Our guys came through.

THE RUN IS OVER THOUGH. IT'S OKAAAAAY! has already been the best year in almost a decade. Give AG and DNO a bit more time...

The offensive problem has to do with the coordinator. Guys with half SMo17 talent throwing the all on 3 step drops and looking all world. That and the predictability of our defense based on personnel.

Wow Duke is beating the Hokies at VT. The ACC is down. Only one real top team in the ACC right now, FSU. Unfortunately, Clemson, VT, and UM are frauds.

At least the Canes have an excuse with the NCAA violations for the last 2 1/2 years. Golden needs to step up the recruiting the next couple of years. Hopefully, he can bring back the U to the glory days.

Yeah, this isn't the year for sure. 9-3 or 10-2 with a bowl victory is major progress though. I'll take that, rather than where we were this time last year.

Listen to u whinny lil bit ches,7-0 ..deal w it Calvin and Gallo..yeah yeah we know..now pipe down!

Creature report:
With the NCAA in the rearview and their undefeated record still alive, Miami will now hit the road to take on Florida State in the latest "Game of the Year" in theACC. Although both teams enter ranked in the Top 10—unless voters drop Miami for their latest close call—this game won’t have that kind of feel.

With the Seminoles seemingly destroying everything in their path and quarterbackJameis Winston seemingly improving, Miami will head into Week 10 as the enormous underdog. The assumption is that the undefeated season and close calls will finally give way to a superior opponent, and given recent results, it’s hard to argue otherwise.

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