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Georgia Tech spokesman: Vad Lee, NOT redshirt freshman QB Justin Thomas, to start against Canes.

I just called Georgia Tech to inquire about some Twitter speculation that Yellow Jackets redshirt freshman quarterback Justin Thomas will start against the Hurricanes -- and that usual starter Vad Lee is hurt.

"That's wrong,'' said Dean Buchan, Georgia Tech's assistant athletic director for media relations. "Vad Lee hasn't even been sidelined. He's not hurt. 

"I don't even know where that came from. It's not remotely true. Vad Lee will start Saturday.''

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Wednesday that Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson told reporters after practice that Thomas will "more than likely" play against the Hurricanes. But Johnson did not mention Thomas starting.

"That's because Justin has been playing well in practice,'' Buchan said of Thomas getting playing time. 

However, just because Thomas is not starting doesn't mean he won't see significant playing time. If Thomas comes in and moves the chains, and if Lee has a game like last week, then we could see a lot of Thomas.

Lee had a bad game last week in the Yellow Jacket's first loss of the season, a 17-10 defeat to Virginia Tech in Atlanta. In that game, Lee completed 7 of 24 passes for 144 yards, with two interceptions. He also lost a fumble.

Thomas has played in three games this season, with his only rushing attempts against Elon in the Aug. 31 season opener. He rushed five times for 53 yards and a touchdown, his longest run going 44 yards.

Thomas has not thrown a pass.




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Lee didn't play in a triple option offense in high school and isn't a natural at making the right read, but two QB's means the center exchange problems will be more pronounced and GT has been stung already this year by TO's costing them a winnable home game. Now's the time to pour the points on and not let up to try and save appearances because nobody's going to give UM credit for calling off the dogs.

45-14 canes

The O have to be hitting on ALL cylinders, and the D has to bring some stinging hits, and shut down plays to either QB, and the spread..

This may be a smoke screen, to disrupt the 'U's prep for this game, by looking at an alternative QB, and disrupting the plans or strategy in place for Vad.

It will not work.
The 'Canes are ready for the ACC.
Go 'Canes

Looking forward to this game. Just like the USF game, it helps show how much the team has improved overall. GT had 419 yards on us last year and 36 points. Can we reduce both those numbers?

(17-x) / (11+x) = 1

Here's your answer douche;

(17-x) = (11+x)

17 = 11 + 2x

6 = 2x

Can you finish the problem yet? Of course not, you're a loser.

3 = x

Go ahead and plus in any other variables you like diptard. The formula is mathmatics which is universal so it'll look like this;

(Wins - x) / (Losses + x) = 1

So, (w-x) / (l+x) = 1.

Everybody else is doing it wrong that you cited, just like yourself. Back to 7th grade again.

Five titles, stop referring to numbers, you're no good at it, or talking football either for that matter, in fact, just stop posting period.

Hush nerd, no one cares about your fake internet rivalry anymore.



AGAIN another 5 recruiting team for past several years sinking...

They were our arch rivals of the 90s and were merciless with us... remember "Catholics vs Convicts"

Elmer Fudd Holtz?

Suck eggs golden dommers...

Great post WestCoastCane!!!

Will the TARPS be out in force this Saturday???????????


21-16...laughing at you!!

Scoreboard baby!!

Canetrash thanks for posting that.

Makes my day to know how much you're feeling the
"pain of not being a cane" baby.

"If you can't beat em join em"

Hey guys, remember when "talk to me after Nov 2nd" was "talk to me after Sep 7th"? Notice that the sicko was nowhere to be found for almost a whole MONTH afterward?

Guess what, you no longer have a reason to be here. Your coward team is afraid of us, just like you are afraid to meet up with ANY of us in person.

If you choose to ruin this board again, then Gator Clause will experience the same treatment. Quit now, so that both actual fanbases can enjoy discussing their teams in peace.

"Yo chUmps I said right after The Game that U were the better team that day, what more U want."
Umm, no you didn't. You have not been on here for WEEKS, sicko. Now, see if you can beat THAT record, you disgusting troll.

"U aint playing no one before then"
Funny, you at least admitting that the gatrs were no one. Now, since you seem obsessed to the point that you cant even honor your own truce, I guess we can expect that folks that were leaving the Gator blog alone will be retaliating. Nice job ruining two blogs, you racist sicko. Gonna threaten to lynch Duke next, since you failed to "get" Randy and Jacory? In fact you have failed in ALLLLLL your efforts after that one win in your series over almost 25 years.

I will feel no pity for the actions that befall you and your team as karma kicks you again, sicko.

21-16, Still true, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


Hahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!! CaneTrash is back. One score for you loser. 21-16. I am laughing so hard I can't even type. Go Canes.

Strange how a bunch of hate-spewing "Canes" IDs have disappeared and canetrash returns. I am SURE it is just a coincidence.

That was good...thanks canetrash.

WestCoastCane, good point. ND disappears, the press keeps quiet. But when ND wins their next game, the slurping with restore to the same levels.


My response to you:

Game: 21-16 Canes

Series: 29-26 Canes

Titles: 5 vs 3 Canes

UF Top 5 Recruiting Classes x 6 years: RANKING 18

CANES recruiting with NCAA noose around necks: RANKING 14 and CLIMBING

UF's #1 QB is wearing a BOOT. 3rd REDSHIRT BACKUP is your QB NOW.


Miami 65 GT 14 F The bumbling bees and their goony goo goo offense which was good for 3 years and that was it. The one other time GT ever worried me was when they had that attacking D which blitzed on every down- Kyle wright paid the price with that with 9 sacks- Took Miami dowddown from a BCS # 3 that year

Go ahead and plus in any other variables you like diptard. The formula is mathmatics which is universal so it'll look like this;

(Wins - x) / (Losses + x) = 1

So, (w-x) / (l+x) = 1.

Posted by: Basic math needs no link imbecile | October 03, 2013 at 01:38 PM

I just tried to plus in other variables and it crashed the formula. What if I try a negative instead?

Attendance predictions anyone??? I say 45,000 with many TARPS in place!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I will leave U alone for a while now fools"
"I will change to another of my IDs for a while now fools"

Go away. In all your IDs. Permanently.

You are claiming that is universal mathematics. Yes, mathematics is universal, but your math problem is NOT what the issue is. Show a reputable sports location using your version of "x games over 500" to be 1/2 of what all the other folks use. We will wait. I bet it will be a long wait.


Hush nerd, no one cares about your fake internet rivalry.

It seems to me that one area that has great upside is our offensive line.

Pass protection has been good, but I don't think we've come close to reaching our full potential concerning run blocking.

Once our run blocking becomes more physical our offense is going to be flat-out dominant.

And here we go again. More than half the posts here, most from you 5 Titles, are all about the Gaturds. Why do you continue to bring up a team over and over and over and over that is no longer even our rival. If you have some form of OCD it's understandable, but try to get some meds to control it. Let's talk all things Canes and ignore the occasional troll from time to time. We Won the Battles as well as the War.

Again 5- Titles and others, why can't you just stop and move on like people that have been there before ? You know, like us Canes the last 30 years. It's because the Gaturd trolls, that act like 3rd. graders do it so not only do you do it back, you cannot control yourself and simply have to is your reasoning it take it. Man, why do you obsess so much over someone and something that is below the Canes ?

They're gone for the most part and will be long gone come the end of the year. Just stop with the petulant childish routine.

Go Canes, Canes only. It's Ga. Tech and no one else.

What is the reason you need this Canes area to remind everyone that you are so angry? Is your life so pathetic that the only way you can feel good is to try and cause problems for other who simply are try to enjoy the accomplishments of their favorite team? Are you related to Calvin and Gallo?

Mike B.,

Five Titles stands-up to the Gator trolls and their lies.

Over the last number of years I have read seemingly hundreds of pleas like yours where a poster is admonishing others to ignore the trolls and they will go away, but they don't go away.

Florida will always be a rival due to our history and the fact they will always recruit the same players we are after...that is a rivalry my friend!

Finally, Five Titles refutes the lies by trolls about all aspects of our world-class program that left unchallenged are accepted to be fact by recruits and their parents that visit and read this Miami blog and others.

Keep punching Five Titles...it's the Canes way!

Gallo...where is your updated " Golden casualty list" with the gators at the bottom? LMAO!

Mike b, my first comment on here was about the gt game. Another was about the nd rankings, and then the return of the sicko where he called me out with lies directly was rebutted. The herald removed his sick comments, so you are only seeing the responses by me and by many others. You can feel free to skip over my comments though, if you think I only talk about the gators.

Change of id repeatedly in the sarasota part of the state because you can't do math and got put on blast like the simpleton you are. Too funny. Keep asking for more links to prove what's already been shown to you that you know nothing about because you want to give the coach a hand(y) so very, very badly and don't know how to deal with your deviance.

Again, go troll the gator blogs, it's all you're good for and all you ever were half way decent at.

I'm hoping their Cut blocks do not cause injuries,

"Finally, Five Titles refutes the lies . . . that left unchallenged are accepted to be fact by recruits and their parents that visit and read this Miami blog and others.

Posted by: Ron Zook | October 03, 2013 at 08:11 PM"

How do you know what is and isn't accepted by recruits and their parents as fact? You area a parent to ever single recruit that visit and read this blog?

Stop posting moron, none of your comments are readable no matter what ID you use or what blog you're on. You can't even hit the equivalent of a chip shot field goal of a coherent comment, kind of like the kicker UM puts out there now in a lot of ways. You must be related huh?

Poor waddle troll got his feelings hutt, gonna whine all night.

You were wrong, can't admit it, can't stick with one ID or one IP address, and keep trying to prevent Canes fans from posting on a Canes blog.

Btw, I have never trolled the Gator blogs, and you know it, you are just trying to justify your sick comments on here for the past five years.

21-16, and you can't stand it. Georgia Tech has a better chance of beating us than the gators do, you are not on the schedule, so there is no longer a reason for your hate speech on here. Actually, there never WAS a reason for it, other than your misguided pain over 31-4, 41-16, and now 21-16.

Oops, your house just got a flat tire, you better call AAA, after you are done with AA.

And when some that writes "you area a parent to ever single recruit" calls someone else incoherent, it shows just how lost that poor troll is. Zook is coherent, you just have reading, math, logic, and hygiene issues that prevent you from comprehending that.

Goodbye, troll. You will not be missed.


Alabama gets caught giving a 'loan' to another player, NCAA will finish this investigation after a ten minute coffee break with satan, and Alabama will get no penalties yet again. Investigation will be done before they finish the witch-hunt on Miami.

Kinda sucks how The U was on upset alert last week and this week. No respect. Kinda sucks that The U is STILL waiting on the NCAA while the DJ Flucker thing has been swept under the rug and HaHa Clinton-Dix will be suspended for one game vs Georgia State and all will be forgiven.
Now for my prediction. I don't see GT scoring with the exception of a blown assignment big play TD. I do see The U moving the ball both through the air and now with a little motivation from Coach Kehoe on the ground as well.
Final Score: Miami 49 GT 10

I like it Rowdy, but Al Golden has been generous to teams late by putting in our backups, and easy defense like in the end of week 2, 4, and 5. Final score on all three of those games were a Td closer than they shoul have been. Still, 49-17 would be a great start to ACC play!

I hear you Five, I just don't see the gimmick offense working anymore. I do agree with you about The U's offense. If they keep the pedal down then 63 points are possible.
What are your thoughts on the mighty Alabama and all their news? And has anyone heard a peep about the Flucker thing since it first broke?

Old guys like me know of all the default trash talk. You guys know what I'm talking about. After they're beaten they default to the attendance thing, the "thug" thing, "no one goes there" thing, etc.

Everything except for on-the-field football results. Everything except for 21-16. They always were kind of amusing. It's getting to the point of being laughable.

Now back to football talk.
I'm still a little leery. I want to believe in a 30 point thumping but I need a little more convincing in this team. I think the line of 4-6 points is way low. My heart wants 41-10 but my fragile psyche the last few years says 27-17.


Alabama gets caught giving a 'loan' to another player, NCAA will finish this investigation after a ten minute coffee break with satan, and Alabama will get no penalties yet again. Investigation will be done before they finish the witch-hunt on Miami.

Posted by: Five Titles | October 03, 2013 at 10:08 PM


This crap is so freaking obvious, we're actually getting support from the media and other CFB fans!

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley just called and wants to know who the %#@! you think you are saying his team can't get all the best coaches, all the best players, break whatever the %#@! rules it wants and win every game every year.

Also, he wants to rename the National Collegiate Athletic Association the National College in Alabama Association. He said it should be no problem because it's spelled the same.

This is what kills me. Miami reported to the NCAA in 2010 and heard nothing. The story comes out in yahoo and then the NCAA says it has been investigating for 3-4 months. Penn State allegations came out well after the Miami investigation. The punishment has already been REDUCED because of the steps Penn St has made. Meanwhile, Miami has cooperated with the NCAA, had a 2 year bowl ban(didn't USC get the same thing even though they didn't cooperate?), hired new head coaches in both football and basketball as well as a new AD, and still waiting. Now Mr Robinson does an article about Alabama and it gets about 15 minutes of talk. The evidence looks a lot more damaging for him than some receipts from the bowling alley.




Can't believe nothing will happen to Alabama regarding these recent allegations! Oh wait; never mind now that I think it over I can. It has always been them against "us"; the NCAA I am speaking of. That, and other fans of other teams simply looking down on Miami while throwing their trolls on to our blog sites armed with stupidity and nonsense to do nothing more than argue. As so we just need to realize that it's going to always be "US" vs the rest of college football. And that my Canes family is something I hold my head up proudly about; no matter how long you try to screw us with investigations that should've been resolved eons ago, no matter how many Gayturd fans come out here spitting their crazy rhetoric; no matter how bad they think they can knock us down....THEY CANT! We are the Canes; the rest of them just can't understand!

The really sad thing here is that there is not one person on this blog, turd trolls included, that played any Football above sitting on the bench in High School. If you guys knew a fraction of what you thought you knew, you might be halfway dangerous and be able to carry on a civil intelligent football conversation. Five, your a grown man that thinks and reacts like a child. Zook, the fact that that's your ID says enough, but to constantly say Golden is the Greatest College Football Coach is just plain dumb. You sound like a little teen girl explaining how Justin Beiber is the great entertainer ever. Gave some perspective and reality people.

So I read these blogs from time to time for the laughs at the utter complete lack of Football knowledge scribbled here. Gators fans this, Cane fans that. That's what you all are. Fans, nothing more, never were players. And typical uninformed and overly opinionated just like any group of homer, don't get it, never played it fans of any and all programs in the Country. You guys are a disgrace at how absurd you all sound clamouring on about 18-22 year old kids that play College Football for a School that you never attented. It's like a really bad reality show. It wouldn't be so comical if it weren't so tragic that so many of you are that guy that shows up with faces painted and a jersey on sitting in the stands that has never even stepped on the field with nore than 500 people in attendence.

Everyone here, for the vast majority, are nothing more than a 20-30 hours a week of Jersey wearing, teenager worshiping and autograph seeking Madden and NCAA Football Players sitting in a chair mashing their thumbs into a gamepad like most young teens do for hours upon hours at a time. Now tell me I'm lying.

Question. How many of you are Fantasy Football "coaches" ?

I rest my case.

21-16 has really affected you. None of you ever played football....lol.

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