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Georgia Tech spokesman: Vad Lee, NOT redshirt freshman QB Justin Thomas, to start against Canes.

I just called Georgia Tech to inquire about some Twitter speculation that Yellow Jackets redshirt freshman quarterback Justin Thomas will start against the Hurricanes -- and that usual starter Vad Lee is hurt.

"That's wrong,'' said Dean Buchan, Georgia Tech's assistant athletic director for media relations. "Vad Lee hasn't even been sidelined. He's not hurt. 

"I don't even know where that came from. It's not remotely true. Vad Lee will start Saturday.''

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Wednesday that Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson told reporters after practice that Thomas will "more than likely" play against the Hurricanes. But Johnson did not mention Thomas starting.

"That's because Justin has been playing well in practice,'' Buchan said of Thomas getting playing time. 

However, just because Thomas is not starting doesn't mean he won't see significant playing time. If Thomas comes in and moves the chains, and if Lee has a game like last week, then we could see a lot of Thomas.

Lee had a bad game last week in the Yellow Jacket's first loss of the season, a 17-10 defeat to Virginia Tech in Atlanta. In that game, Lee completed 7 of 24 passes for 144 yards, with two interceptions. He also lost a fumble.

Thomas has played in three games this season, with his only rushing attempts against Elon in the Aug. 31 season opener. He rushed five times for 53 yards and a touchdown, his longest run going 44 yards.

Thomas has not thrown a pass.




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We are the Canes; the rest of them just can't understand!

Posted by: Kermdog66 | October 04, 2013 at 12:36 AM

You see. Listen up pal. The Cane players past and present are the Canes. You are John Q. public that sits in the stands but mostly on your couch at home that not not one of them real Canes cares one bit about you or any other fan period. That's what the real Cane Thang is and you will never understand.

After Cane day or what ever it's called. Other than the hot girls and little kids, after watching thousands of grown 18+ year old men standing in line decked out in Cane gear to get autographs, these players just shake their heads, laugh and marvel at just how pathetic it must be to you. That goes for any College.

But once again, what you really are is Paul Aufiero in the movie Big Fan, but you would never understand.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | October 04, 2013 at 01:07 AM

Up playing NCAA and blogging ?

Who are the your "Canes" or "Gators" playing now on your x-box ?

Nope, just laughing at you.

Changes IDs, changes form of attack, but still comes on a Canes blog to insult Canes fans. Yep, same old Curse Piggy in drag again.

So now it is mandatory to have Played in front of thousands of fans to comment on a blog? Looks like you just disqualified YOURSELF, hypocrite.

You don't like what you read here, like discussion of Alabama swept under the rug while Miami still waits for the NCAA to write a PDF, well then add your own content or leave. Attacking Canes fans on a Canes blog for talking Canes sports is obviously all you know though. Go ahead and attack my math skills again, you know you were wrong, troll, just accept it and move along to where you belong, you great football star, you. Wait, is this Timmy? Why are you here ripping Canes fans when you could be working on how to throw a football? Nah, it isn't Timmy, it is just the same old Costo security troll using his wifi to attack people from behind the safety of his keyboard at 1am.

We have moved on, you should really do the same, troll.

Oh and speaking of those Canes players that have an NFL touchdown streak going, Travis Benjamin was the #1 play in ESPNs top 10. eSPN might hate the school, but they know our players can play awesome! Check out the run back, I don't see Timmy doing that in the NFL after all his hype.

canes in theNFL

"old man" Willie McGahee slowly getting his NFL legs back. TD and key runs. 1 minute after his TD, TB runs back a punt for TD and has 179 yds of total punt returns.

U wouldn't understand.

It's an MFingcane thang

What are your thoughts on the mighty Alabama and all their news? And has anyone heard a peep about the Flucker thing since it first broke?
Posted by: Rowdy Rowdy Canesville | October 03, 2013 at 11:11 PM

Stuns me that Alabama imperiously said "We will look into it and TELL the NCAA if they need to accept any sanctions Alabama deigns to take." I want the NCAA to comb the prisons of Alabama, looking for a former booster with lies and an axe to grind who wants fifteen minutes of fame and a free phone. I want them to put an Auburn grad still bitter about a 41-16 home loss in charge of the investigation. And I want them to send a letter to every former Alabama player that they will believe every accusation of them unless they come in to report all their violations. Just asking for fairness.

BTW, missed in all this hate for the readers of this blog from an obsessed victim, good job Susan for digging into the rumors and showing them to be false!

Although I was not really worried about this Vad guy either. 7 for 24, two interceptions, and a fumble? After what we have done to QBs this year, (ask Driskell) our defense must be really looking forward to this GT QB, plus they get to POUND him to the ground if he has the guts to carry the ball.

I guess that is an advantage of having size, strength, speed, and experience.

Miami 42, GT 7.

u guys are like strings on a badly tuned guitar

Well twang, why don't you meet up with one of us and help get us "in tune", since you are such an expert.

Or is it that you don't actually have anything to say on here other than insulting us and then running away?

9 > 5 > 2, our current TD streak is at 16 games, the equivalent to a full season, thanks to yesterday's result.

50 TDs from Canes in the past 16 games. Stunning that trolls still lie by saying we don't produce NFL talent. Our TEs catch TDs. THEIR TEs catch, well, what is it they catch in Prison, STDs?


And make sure we never schedule Texas. My God the refs were gifting Texas that game badly. Very nice effort by ISU though, they deserved better than to have the Texas coach choose what flags will be thrown and when. Remeber when we played Texas in the Cotton Bowl, the refs treid to do all they could to help Texas, and we STILL trounced them. What was it, first and 40 and we still converted? Awesome.

When they say "Don't mess with Texas", I guess that means because of the refs.

"Zook, the fact that that's your ID says enough, but to constantly say Golden is the Greatest College Football Coach is just plain dumb. You sound like a little teen girl explaining how Justin Beiber is the great entertainer ever."

Posted by: U are gators and Turds are Turds - Two of a kind | October 04, 2013 at 01:00 AM


21 - 16!!

Laughing at Y-O-U!!


Scoreboard Jethro...scoreboard!!

PS: You gator girls quit the series...AGAIN!!

Is it too much to ask that they send this out to all the Alabama players on Auburn letterhead?

"The purpose of this letter is to apprise you that the NCAA enforcement staff is requesting to schedule an interview with your clients regarding their knowledge of or involvement in possible NCAA violations concerning the University of Alabama football program.
Interviewing your clients is important in order for the enforcement staff to conduct a thorough investigation, and both the staff and the institution request you and your clients’ cooperation in this matter. This letter serves as a formal and final request by the NCAA enforcement staff for interviews with your client to be completed by Nov. 23, 2013.

If we do not hear back from you or your clients by that time, the staff will consider the non-response as your client’s admission of involvement in NCAA violations. You may contact me at 555-LOL-LMAO in order to arrange this interview. Your assistance in this matter is appreciated.


Molly Richman, former Gator, Go Gators!
Assistant Director of Enforcement until I get caught in the act.

Great post Five Titles!

Molly Richman's un-American, Gestapo letter should have been to have closed this case many months ago.

Let me try again...

Great post Five Titles!

Molly Richman's un-American, Gestapo letter should have been enough to have closed this case many months ago.

Why a student from a rival school gets placed in ANY position to cause harm to that rival makes no sense. Get a Pac 10 person to do the ACC and SEC, not a UF person to do their hated rival. Then have teams that were caught with sanctions pay the salary of the investigator while they are on probation. Then Ohio State would have someone there that knows what a violation is, USC would have someone there to keep an eager eye on the SEC, Penn State could watch the Pac 10 for any misdeeds, and EVERYONE would be more careful in the future, not just the few hated rivals of the special no-punishment or light punishment status teams like Alabama, Auburn, Texas A&M, Florida, and Oregon.



Where's the ncaa with our slap on the wrist. Seriously, how many days now?

780 days since yahoo story. Ncaa is a bunch of idiots.


Gators Suck, and Gators Smell - Two of a kind! Get a life and go back to trailerville and hit the gayturd blog.

Hurricane college football beat scribe, MATTY PORTER, has gone on record, and has stated that YOUR Canes will NOT defeat F.S.U. hUh

Nevertheless, I give Mr. Porter for his SNIDE opinion and what not.

Matty covers the Hurricanes for that P.B.POST. dUh

Posted by: No excuses...you had a full team!! | October 04, 2013 at 11:10 AM

That's NFL-U, bubba!

Cane tidbits of the Orange nd' Green sort.

The Bumbling Wreck have lost SIX STRAIGHT games to ranked opponents.

Even though Johnson and the Fumbling, Bumbling Bee players WON'T admit it. They all want bloody REVENGE for last season's lost in the A-T-L. hUh

Nonetheless, I do give Mr. Porter KUDO's for his SNIDE opinion on the outcome of the quickly approaching Hurricane vs. F.S.U. game.

Who did Mr. Porter say would win the UF versus UM game? It is too early to pick a winner anyway, as by then UM's offense and defense might be better or worse, and FSU's offense might be better or worse. Sure, there are games you can call before the season, Alabama-Georgia State, Miami-Savannah State, etc. but when it is a rivalry and conference game, you have to be closer to the date, know the injuries, and see how the teams have performed up till then, before pickig a winner. That is why Vegas doesn't set up spreads before the week of the game.

If many of us were wrong 50% o fthe time in our jobs we'd be fired. Repoprters who are wrong intheir stupid predictions (they are wrong half the time as well), should be suspended without pay for the rest of the season. f them and their stupid predictions.

UM 27
FSU 22

Mark this on your calendars and then give me props when I am proven right

Will the TARPS be out in force this Saturday???????????

Posted by: CANEHATER | October 03, 2013 at 02:36 PM

It don't matter who's in the stands. No fans at Greentree either and that's where the game is really won. It never was about that for d []_[]Hurricanes.

Question. How many of you are Fantasy Football "coaches" ?

I rest my case.

Posted by: U are U and Turds are Turds - Two of a kind | October 04, 2013 at 01:00 AM

I think you're projecting. Stop projecting on the blog.

Posted by: U are U and Turds are Turds - Two of a kind | October 04, 2013 at 01:13 AM

Wrong again, chief!

Classic projection...You are just what you claim others to be and that's evidenced by your unwanted participation in this forum. If this is beneath you, then maybe you shouldn't be here. I would never go to the psych ward and rant at the mentally ill; Their behavior defines them and speaks for itself. What does your behavior say about you.

I think you should get the life you are claiming no one else here has.

Will the TARPS be out in force this Saturday???????????

Posted by: CANEHATER | October 03, 2013 at 02:36 PM

We graduate 10k yearly, so it's never gonna be about mindless strength in numbers. We never cared where or who was there. Ask yourself this; why does a school with such a small fan base have the ability to be such a talent and professional powerhouse?

We know who we are. How about []_[]!

Posted by: Five Titles | October 04, 2013 at 01:01 PM


What a nice day, totally free, and able to discuss the game, the NCAA, and even remember some former games without getting attacked by the name-changing troll.

Yep, Al Golden will have this team ready to face Paul Johnson's schemes. He is 2-0 against it even when his teams were 7-5. This years' team should have it even easier. Is it true that GT has never won in Miami, and they are still licking their wounds from last week?

D is the old mac jones that used to post here... must be easier to type a D than his actual name. Saw one of his fumbling bumbling speach pattern posts on a yahoo blog. be yourself mac!

Five Titles- no not true. GT has beaten Miami at home thjis decade. MIami has struggled against GT recently. Pre PJ, they whooped us in Miami behind about 200 yds rushing from Tashard Choice- about 7 years ago. In atlanta they put about 500 yd of offense on us when Dwyer and Nesbitt were still here (about 5 yrs ago). And remember the debacle in 2004-5 when they sacked Kyle Wright 9 times in MIami. That year Miami went into the game raked #3 in the BCS. Their D was scary- they were known for blitzing constantly. Non stop. Kyle Wright had a chance to win the game but threw a pick in the end zone on the final drive.

Seems to me that the NCAA is waiting on the opportune time to announce our sanctions but some of the bell cow schools keep on surfacing in the media with reports of violations. They can't come out and hammer us about lack of institutional control when Alabama has had sanctions in the past can be lumped in with the U with their past transgressions. By waiting they are still punishing us so why hurry? This has to be an advantage for us seeing as how the the landscape of college football is changing so much in respects to paying these college atheletes.

Ahh, that was in the orange bowl though. They are winless in Sun Life stadium. The nfl quality of the stadium intimidates them.


Wait, I thought Booker T Washington was a casualty of Al Golden?

I guess that information was wrong, roman, wrong.

No they beat us with Tashard Choice at Sun life/J Robbie/ Dolphin Stadium/ Landshark stadium


I keep seeing folks saying we have never lost to them in Sun Life.

But still, it is great to disagree with other folks like this without trolling.

The Tashard choice game was in 2005. We started in Sun life in 2008.

Watched the Booker T/Gorman game last night on ESPN-U. The announcers mentioned the Canes recruits throughout the night--it was great!

I suspect Coach Golden and company are recruiting Gorman as they have a high school football factory.

Although Booker T won (the final score is misleading) most all of Gorman's offensive linemen will start as freshmen at the college level. They have a middle linebacker, Chris Lalli, who is small, but can flat-out play (U-Tough). And Randall Cunningham II plays for them at QB, who is the son of former NFL quarterback Randall Cunningham.

The Fertitta family (casinos, Ultimate Fighting Championship, etc.) has donated millions of dollars to Gorman's athletic programs that has their campus looking to be a college campus with all types of high-end facilities, not the least of which is an on campus stadium that is to say the least--impressive!

Again, they have a football factory and is a target rich recruiting area for the Canes.

Nice update Ron! I wonder if more of our teams going out of state and beating teams in Georgia, New York, or North Carolina help recruit for the Canes. And of course NFL Canes going to their local high schools must be a great help, too.

Hello Five Titles,

Yes, I believe our local high school teams traveling around the country with numerous Canes commits is very helpful concerning the national recruiting scene.

The Booker T kids were flashing the "U" during last nights game on national TV. We need to get some of the Gorman, etc. kids also flashing the "U".

Let's beat Georgia Tech...Go Canes!

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