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Golden credits defense for bending, not breaking against UNC

UM coach Al Golden spoke with WQAM broadcaster Don Bailey Jr. after Thursday night's thrilling 27-23 come-from-behind win at North Carolina.

Golden called the victory "a gutsy win" and lamented UM's four turnovers. But he also praised the overall defensive effort, the MVP performance from Dallas Crawford, the blocked field goal by freshman Artie Burns and the guts Miami showed on its game-winning drive late.

The Hurricanes (6-0, 2-0 in ACC play) lost running back Duke Johnson (head), safety Kacy Rodgers (ankle) and receiver Phillip Dorsett (knee) to injuries. Golden told ESPN he thought Johnson would be okay, but didn't discuss the other injuries.

Crawford, Thursday night's hero, said of his game-winning TD run: "Four yards out, I just knew I can't be denied. It's what you work out for, what you live for -- situations like that. I just knew I couldn't be denied."

The Hurricanes won despite a lot of ugliness. This was the third straight game UM turned the ball over four times. Stephen Morris threw four interceptions and simply looked off his game, finishing 19 of 35 for 322 yards, but nearly costing UM the game.

"Again, we got to take care of the football," Golden said. "We have to improve by taking care of the turnovers. But really gutsy by the defense to overcome four turnovers. 23 points on 80 plays and four turnovers. What does that say about the defense? Again, I know we have to fix some things. We let [North Carolina tight end Eric] Ebron get into the secondary too much. I know all that. At the end of the day they only scored 23 points on 80 plays and you give them four turnovers -- it says a lot about how tough they finish drives. Every time they intercepted or held them to a field goal that kept us in the game. If any of those go to 14 or 17 that thing is running away from us."

Golden praised Crawford not only for his running, but his blocked punt as well. Burns had the blocked field goal that led to UM's first touchdown.

"Artie Burns -- what can you say?," Golden said. "He shaved the outside leg, laid up, not out. I'm just proud of him man. We needed that. That takes away one of the interceptions when you score on defense. Just proud of the effort we gave."

As for Crawford, UM's hero with two late touchdowns and a career-high 137 yards on 33 carries, Golden said the team put the game on his back.

"And he wanted it," Golden said. "He never got cautious with the football. He continued to see the same reads, made the same cuts with confidence. I'm real proud of him and real proud of OT [Eduardo Clements], who came in when he got tired there and made a couple big runs."

Miami marched 90 yards on 13 plays for the game-winning drive.

"Are you kidding me? To do that on the road you got something in your bowels, you got a foundation to work off of," Golden said. "I'm proud of those guys."

Miami's defense gave up 500 yards including 395 through the air, but came up with two huge turnovers.

"Is it pretty? Do you want to walk out of here with 500 yards or whatever? No," Golden said. "[But] think of it in terms of possessions because of the turnovers. To end up holding them to 23 [points] says a lot about red zone defense and our stamina and conditioning. To hang in there, not let them in. Look, we'll fix a lot of things when we get back to Coral Gables. But make no mistake this is a big win for the Miami Hurricanes."

Cornerback Tracy Howard came in with one career interception. He had two Thursday including a huge one in the fourth quarter to stop a UNC drive at the UM 10.

"Tracy's got a good sense for football, a good football mind," Golden said. "We're just going to keep coaching him on just making sure he's playing the defense. I know he missed the tackle on Ebron on the big one [71-yard touchdown]. We'll get him coached him up on that. Again, give them credit. They were hyped. They were ready. That was a turkey shoot for awhile there. But you're going to have this during the year. If you want to be a good team you got to maybe not play your best or not execute your best and find a way to win. We found a way to win."

What is Golden most proud of leaving Chapel Hill?

"What I said. We played until four zeroes [showed on the clock] and we had every opportunity along the way to say 'Well, it's not our night' or not have the courage to finish. They chose to deserve victory," Golden said. "That's what they chose. They chose to win, stay together, fight, stand their ground until the end and because of that they gave themselves an opportunity to win the game."

Golden had told the team in Wednesday night's meetings the Hurricanes were going to have to fight until the very end to beat North Carolina (1-5).

"If they weren't believers before I told them just now in the locker room by the time you land you'll be a believer," Golden said. "We knew what we were going to face here tonight. This was a circle the wagons game tonight for them. This was all the energy you can absorb and then try to fight back. So it was a good win for our guys."

Here is what offensive lineman Jonathan Feliciano said after the win on Twitter...


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I bet those idiots aren't questioning the facts you posted about Morris now, lol. We'll win this game but the fact remain he struggles with the intermediate throws period point blank.

Posted by: True Cane | October 17, 2013 at 08:27 PM

LOL, i'm not going to dog smo17, i expected this type of performance from em, TrueCane, not trying to pat myself on the back but you gone like this, check me out from the 15th(and this is for that sissy who always wants to act like i say stuff after the fact) what i said, especially on t.h.:

itch davis is not there and since he left, the talent level has slowly been eroding, he was on the verge of having that team playing for a national title. The only reason saban and bama and the boys look like they do is because itch davis is not with some college team, especially back home. One things for sure, smo17 didnt look good last year against unc when he was 100% healthy, so now going into that game less than 100%, we'll see what happens.
So much for alex figs, thurston armbrister said he not giving up his spot no time soon to the young one. tracy howard needs to go ahead and get a pick or 2 soon, cause artie burns is on his arse fo real. Once we get deon bush back in the fold, that'll definitely be an upgrade over where-see rodgers!
Posted by: Calvin | October 15, 2013 at 01:29 PM

Posted by: Calvin | October 18, 2013 at 12:16 AM

You will not be at your best every game and you have to find a way to win and that's what our Canes did tonight. We had to overcome a lot of adversity losing our best running back, rarest receiver, Morris struggling BIG time, and a desperate team playing with confidence. We will become a better team because of tonight's game.

Posted by: Cane88 | October 18, 2013 at 12:07 AM

True, but smo17 will only be at his best when he's playing against defenses that were just about as worst as ours last year. He can only throw the majority of outside passes and bombs, everything else, tight-ends in the middle of the field, fo-gat-about-it! People saying smo17 was one of the hottest qb's in the country because of the way he played last year at the end of the season didn't factor in who he was playing against.

I'm glad we're getting ready to play real teams every week now, that way our guys can get back to knowing full well what level they need to be at and what they need to bring every week. I hope coach coley starts understanding better how to call plays based on the talent level he has. I'm not going to blame coach coley for dorsett getting hurt, but why are we calling that type of play and flipping it to our receiver who has the least amount of moves probably on the whole team. if anything, have dorsett flippin it to stacy coley, he knows where to go. And that young man did a real solid job on special teams tonight as well, real good job coley.

No matter what, we're a more physical running team when my boy jared wheeler is on that field, i like shane and what he brings to the field mentally, but physically, where is way better than him and mentally. We need to stop it wit hall these finess running plays and just go straight power.

Shouts out to dallas crawford taking the advice from clinton portis when he asked the team basically "who in here is a back-up" and once alot of guys raised there hands, portis droped his head and told em, "now that's a problem, if somebody asked me that question when i wasn't starting, you couldn't get me to raise my hand, that mntality has to change" well dallas crawford let it be known tonight, he's the real deal and let the Truth be told, crawford has more moves than duke in the hole, but you can win with either one of them, but crawford will make the first guy miss immediately, where as duke often times runs more like a 1 cut guy.

At the end of the day, we got the win is all that matters.

Posted by: Calvin | October 18, 2013 at 12:28 AM

well said Calvin

Key road comeback by UM tonight against a poor team.

HarrietTubmanCane, Calvin, D and all others who are tired of scrolling through the troll haven that is the comments section;

This is Jimmy Carr.


Jimmy goes by the name Sarasota Cane and has a crippling addiction to steroids and offering money for illicit favors to women 18-25 as you can see in the link previously posted. He's homophobic and a racist who changes blog ID's like most of us change pairs of socks because he thinks it's his 'job' to patrol blogs and 'correct' 'untruths' posted there lest they influence 'recruits' and their 'parents' from making decisions based on said posts. It's pretty pathetic of a story all around but he forgot the first rule of being anonymous on the internet, use different account ID's at every site you frequent. Now the gig's up after all these years for him though, what's little Jimmy to do now?

When Randy Shannon was the head coach, a young Stephen Morris threw some of the best footballs in college football. Like the game winner to Leonard Hankerson against Maryland. What additional skills have that young man developed under Al Golden? This is with, on paper, the most talented Miami team since 2001.

Champ, he's had three different OC's just like Harris did in his time at UM, but Steven's the guy driving the car this year for better or worse until he can't take the field, so I hope he plays better and up to his abilities the rest of the season. He's never been healthy for a full season either which is a huge problem for a player's development at that position but your point is valid I think.

Despite Morris' shaky performance, he seems to excel when the clock is running out. He's lucky the defense gave him another chance. You can rip the Canes all you want, but winning games like this are not always easy. Just look around at all the Conferences and these types of games happen all the time. It's a great win no matter how it was accomplished. This game saved UM's season in my estimation. They now have a chance at 10 regular season wins.

Morris is still injured. He should sit next week. Give Williams a chance.

Morris looks like he's regressing this year. I have to think it's Coley's fault.

Coley is a bad play caller. Stop running plays to the outside, we have a big offensive line!!!! Can we get Fisch back?

Well, at least we didnt give up like RS's teams did....or like muschamps team does.6-0 beat wake and start studying fsu. Pull for fsu to win. If we beat them after they beat clemson we will be top 5 and still have 3 teams in the top 10. Also.....goooooo UCF. Uf looses and ucf wins then the new big three will alll be ranked

Why are you all up on my page?

Nothi.g the haters can say to take away that W....lol.....butthey will try! Goodnight canes....beat wake!

Where are all the UUUUUU fans that said Morris is a top pick, I am a Cane fan of 30 + yrs, Morris can not run a ball control offense, HE IS NO BETTER THEN HARRIS...I said this team will go undefeated in ACC play and if they don't it will be because they have NOOOOOOOOOOOOO QB...THANK GOD FOR THIS TEAM BEING TOUGH AND NO QUIT....Randy's kids THANK GOD THIS IS IT>>>>>>AMEN

U all keep paying attention to the NFL experts and not me, MORRIS CAN NOT RUN A BALL CONTROL TEAM, THIS DUDE LEFT A PERFECT POCKET AND RAN TO THE OUTSIDE. Morris does only one thing good and that is the deep ball just like WHO>>>>>HARRIS. Al Golden is letting Morris start because he is the last QB left out of Randy's selfish kids...THANK GOD THEY TOOK THE BALL OUT OF HIS HANDS AGAINST FLORIDA....MORRIS ONLY DOES GOOD AGAINST VERY BAD TEAMS, BUT NC PLAYED HIM PERFECT, TAKE AWAY THE DEEP BALL AND HE IS LOST....RYAN WILLIAMS SHOULD BE STARTING>>>>FACT

All the uuuuuuuu fans that said Morris is a first round pick>>>>>>>>WHERE ARE UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Good win for Miami, but here's a fact, S.Morris will hurt Miami if he doesn't fix his ankle problem it showed big time he couldn't push off on his leg all night and should have been pull #2 Duke Johnson want last long because ever time he throws a block he leads with his head Its just a matter of time so enjoy him!!!27-23 Miami...

Morris is the weak link to this team....LAST OF RANDY'S kids THANK GOD








What does this kid have against the 5-15 yrd throws???

Everything has to be a freaking bomb, every time????

And in 4 years of playing, he's never heard of "throw the ball away if there's nothing there"?

NO TOUCH ON THE BALL AT ALL-- he can only throw bombs and laser-balls even when our guy is dragging across 10 FEET in front of him. He over-zipped a ball to a receiver 10 feet from him that bounced off the guy's chest while he was trying to avoid getting his head taken off. Morris could have helped his receiver a bit by just taking some speed off the ball and let him catch it in stride.

NO. He has to insisted on throwing everything at 100MPH regardless of the sitation.

IF that fails "just the throw the f***ing thing up in the air and see what happens"



C A N E S !!!!
How proud we should all be as Cane fans, 4 turnovers, losing Duke and Dorsett, our boys played their hearts out and I am proud to be a Hurricane. I am so tired of all the haters, wish they would all pack up and head North. It is obvious that Morris has not been the same since his injury. Even though there was no physical sign of him limping tonight, he was still throwing with his arm only. If he cant step forward why not let him rest and give Williams a try?
Anyways to all a good night and Go Canes!!!!

and don't forget to
Trust the Tie
The Golden era has just begun and he is the man to lead us to the promise land. It might not be today, or tomorrow, but it is coming. The players know, the recruits know, and so will the rest of the world including the Haters
Bleeding Orange and Green

Why would anyone not enjoy this win seven top twenty five teams last weekend could not find a way who cares what sm did when he needed to lead the troops with four minutes left and the ball at our ten he did it that is all that matters huge defensive stops when they mattered 12 months ago we never win this game

Let's not kid ourselves. Miami is not a Top 10 team, period!!! D'Onofrio is the fraud I always thought he was. His sit back and allow an Offense to take their time and drive up and down the field is a big problem. Much love to Dallas Crawford---kid is a baller!! No excuse for Stephen Morris to play so poorly. The team's performance in my opinion----if we're going anywhere in January---was unacceptable. FSU or Clemson even Va Tech would destroy UNC.

Finally, we exorcised the UNC demons. UNC is not even a good D to say the least and losing Duke clearly hurt us in the game.

Guys, lay off Morris. He is our starting QB for better or for worse. The coaches know more than us armchair analysts. Sure, Morris made a few dumb decisions, but at least on one of those interceptions where he hit Seantrel, that was a bit of a bad luck. Looked to me as though Seantrel jumped a bit at the wrong time. Even Dorsey had a tough time at BC in 2001 (and the VT game in 2002) and we barely pulled out a W. So, all QBs have their bad moments. But, our O should be a bit more patient.

It didn't help that UNC made this their statement game and planned for this a long time. However, we came out and won. We do keep missing tackles at critical times on D and this needs to be fixed.

I say it the stupid Offensive coordinator. Duke runs 3 straight runs to open the game and he is in a zone and he starts making MOrris throw these stupid passes on second down. Bam. he gets sacked. 3rd and long.

Play calling with Coley is terrible except for the genius calls at the end tor run it down thier throats. risky but genius.

I have to agree with Calvin about Morris lack of touch. Buit he goes and makes 1 NFL throw like some of the sideline slants, and then he will lob it up for an int the next throw. He is very inconsistent and is terrible when pressured. Definitely has regressed this year and it makes me doubt that he will even be drafted after last nights performance in front of something like 30 NFL scouts!

This was like Jacorry Harris 2.0

Heart won this game/ This team has heart. It hasnt had it in about 7 years or longer- since that loss in the OB's last game.


Now can we please get a consistent QB? IS that too much to ask?

All of you local newspaper guys are printing comments from ESPN's Davis and Palmer on the fact that the 'Canes are over ranked (with Davis saying we should be ranked only around 18) without any critical analysis. Although I am with Coach Golden that the ranking at this point does not matter, the hypocrisy of ESPN needs also to be questioned. Almost all teams in the top 10 have padded their schedules with cup cakes. What have Louisville/ UCLA done? LSU lost to UGA. We are ranked correctly if one can justify the rankings of teams ahead of us.

What is this BS about us not having impact players? No one knew about Vilma until his big hit during the national championship game in 2002. It is clear ESPN wants to promote big public universities, but the least they could do is not be overly biased. It will also be helpful for our local news media to point out this bias in light of the facts.

No one is more disappointed with Morris' performance last night than him, but he'll learn from his mistakes and the team will be better off for it. The result on the scoreboard from last night's game however cannot be erased or corrected. Canes won 27-23. The Miami Hurricanes are a much-better football team this morning: hardened steel.

Sorry - I do not trust Morris. He is not playing within the system and I've been hearing about how he is "fixing his footwork" for what seems like 5 years now. Big arm - whatever - QB is played between the ears. I'll take a Dorsey, Walsh, or Kosar anytime who put the ball where it should be. I truly believe the back-up is a more competent QB who can methodically drive the U down the field and score.

Miami's (NO defense) Dumb'O did his best to make Miami lose.

After Miami's unbelievable (and LUCKY) last minute drive to go ahead, the galactically stupid Miami DC Dumb'O puts in his NO rush, NO blitz, zone PREVENT (the win) concept of football that allowed UNC to drive the length of the football field in 16 (SIXTEEN) SECONDS!!!!!!

And it was only by a miracle that Miami did not lose on the scoreboard as well as in losing huge in being pushed all over the field on defense thanks to D'O doing his best to help UNC win.

In case you missed it as you were doing your high fives, your chest bumps and spraining your arms patting yourselves on the back, the UNC receiver in the end zone had both of his hands on the ball for the winning score.

goldie has to get rid of D'O because he is a retard about defense with his three down linemen, zone (NO) pass rush, NO pass coverage.

If goldie or Miami's AD does not get rid of D'O, then goldie and the AD need to be fired. Winning against Savannah State and 1-5 UNC and getting an early christmas gift from UF does NOT make Miami a winning team. It means they are a LUCKY team and it means that D'O is a moron helping other teams push Miami's NO defense all over the field instead of 3 and out or holding other teams on their end of the field.

Morris shouldnt play hurt , cant throw off back foot, cant scramble very fast. He should by now know to throw ball away not interceptions, leaves pocket early afraid to get hit!!!The coachs cant let him play if not 100 percent come on have a idea. You might have Morris checked for drugs, sometimes not even in the game in his mind. Offense play calling is terrible and OL is telegraphing the play before it happened, at least 3 times, just terrible play by Morris play Williams.

Posted by: E | October 18, 2013 at 07:23 AM

Can you tell me who the QB is below?

On defense, coach xx employed a four-man rush instead of the usual blitzing schemes the Eagles have used for most of the season.The change baffled the QB, who threw two interceptions in the first quarter and two more in the third - doubling his total to eight interceptions this season.

Passes Comp-Att-Int-Total 20-41-4-222

Did anyone here the commentator mocking No'D?? When he was like, "Wow the Hurricanes actually brought pressure on third down?" Until our defensive coordinator understands that you have to pressure quarterbacks, not just from the outside but inside blitzes as well, we will not beat good passing teams.

There is no excuse for how Morris played. He had almost two full weeks to prepare for this game. Why is a senior quarterback dropping back and only making one read? Watch him drop back and you will notice he only looks to one side of the field on passing plays. How do you throw an INT on a screen pass, a SCREEN PASS!!!

the truth is finally coming out.....golden/dnofrio suck

this team is nowhere like golden said......duke as I have always said is not a 250/300 carry guy or feature back......

barely beating teams that are at the bottom of the barrel...this exactly what golden did when he had his best year at temple.....win against pathetic teams.....just look at the stats....

this team is not good at all.....real cane teams would have decimated a 1-5 last place team.....

This is not a team that is accustomed to winning. But, this game versus UNC on the road is a major lesson on how to become a team that is accustomed to winning. At the beginning of the season I would have been happy to know that the Canes would be 6-0. This team is learning on the job. Even Dorsey had ugly wins. Go Canes!

Defensively we can get better and the coaches should have make quicker adjustements. A college TE should not be allowed to take over the game like that even though it was only for a half that he did so. Offensively, Morris need more "eye training, and schooling of the game to sharpen his mind" but a win is a win. Is this a top 5 team, maybe not, but who cares, a game is all about match-ups, and it not telling how we would match up against an LSU, or a Standford,,we may just blow them out of the water!

I agree with you DC-Cane. This was a very gutsy win. Much respect to Crawford and the O-Line for putting the team on their back and getting after it in the fourth quarter. Also good job by Coley to have the sense to put the game in their hands and not lot Morris continue to throw it away. Good teams find a way to win when they play bad.

Gallo you're an IDIOT AGAIN. Real Cane teams? You mean the 01 squad who should've lost to VT, but pulled out a 2pt win, or against BC when we luckily got a pick in the red zone as they were about to put the game away?

Games like this MAKE great teams, and also shows the IGNORANCE of supposed football intelligence you think u have.

Just because a team is 1-4 does NOT mean they can't play good, and it's a CONFERENCE game, they know us, and they played inspirational ball, and reached deep. We did NOT, until late in the game, and no that isn't good, but it shows HEART, and that's something we have NOT had in a looong time.

Morris needs to stick to short to med passes until we have a good lead, and we need to run more off tackle and we'll be fine.

dirtyred, that pick off the screen came when he threw it and it hit Sentreal in the back of his head, and bounced in the air.

Last night had nothing to do with Morris' ankle, he just made very poor decisions. The cross field throw on an out route is proof he can set his feet and deliver the ball. Morris needs to learn how to climb the pocket.

this guy above me is an idiot. hey randy, why are you using three name Gallo? that horrible Florida offense put up 30 on your beloved Arkansas defense... pathetic

Agree with cola cane......N Carolina is not as bad as their record shows. Butch davis recruited those kids,so U know they have some talent. No muschamp bashing when teams like bowling green and rajin cajuns almost beat them AT HOME?

gutsy character win but very ugly Morris is a problem the defense got shredded we have a lot of work to do... st Morris play Williams beat Wake and prepare for Florida State that is going to be a juggernaut!!

6-0, bowl eligible.

Eat a fat d*ck Gallo, this team ain't for you.


Morris is a good QB IFFFF his receiver is open like he proved on the last drive.

ANY QB will stink if he tries to throw into double coverage or throws an interception like Morris did on his last interception instead of throwing the ball out of bounds.

Statistics prove that throwing an interception is like giving the other team 60 yards of offense because you were not able to punt the ball. - Bud Wilkenson - big time winning coach at Oklahoma.

This sort of game reminded me of the those "off games" we played during the season - still winning National Champions. In particular, the BC game when Ed Reed took the ball from a d-lineman and ran it back for a TD to seal the deal. This was as ugly as it gets; Morris must get his act together. Instead of getting on skates and scrambling to one side of the field, limiting his opportunities to throw down field, he needs to step up in the pocket and use the entire field. Last night was the first time I thought that Morris should have been pulled; we cannot throw four picks against any team and expect to win. As for the D, we have the players now to win; but to have one player (a TE) nearly beat us, is horrible. The TE ran free off the line all night long; where was the re-direction or chipping from the line? It doesn't take a genius to make that adjustment, even before the half. We have FSU in two weeks, in Tally, and Morris better take off those skates and play.

Start williams

Those of you calling for Williams now are crazy. You can't ask Williams to start the toughest string of games this season. Morris had a bad game, he needs to be coached up. Asking Williams to start Wake, FSU, and VT is not fair to him. You could destroy his confidence forever.

Defense wins championships.

Does anyone in their right mind honestly believe that Miami will beat FSU, VT, and the other division leader and a January bowl game by using stupid'Os three down linemen, LBs 5 yards off the line of scrimmage, No blitzes, zone (NO) pass coverage, letting the other teams have 500 yards of offense????????

If so, I can sell you a genuine deed for a bridge going over to Brooklyn, NY.

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