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Golden declines comment on impending NCAA sanctions

Hurricane coach Al Golden, who has dealt with the NCAA investigation since his first fall practice, declined to address Tuesday impending announcement after participating in his weekly radio segment Monday night in Coconut Grove.

Al Golden“I’m not going to get into it, guys. I apologize. I haven’t talked to the president or the AD," said Golden, when approached by a throng of reporters outside of Sandbar Grill, site of Hurricane Hotline.

Asked what he said to his players, Golden didn't budge.

“Guys, I’ve been respectful as you can be for 28 months," Golden said. "I don't know anything that you guys don’t know and I haven’t talked to either of my superiors. So in deference to that, I’m not going to comment on anything."


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50 Schollies over 5 years, 1 more bowl ban and a significant 7 figure fine for gross lack of institutional control and it's OVER.

The NCAA wants to drill us with Scholarships and probably will. That means instead of 25-28 recruits a year, we'll get 15-18 the next 5 years on average. It also means we must hit on kids or end up depth challenged like USC is now. It's doable.

And appeal the Bowl ban and play for the ACC Title this year.

Serve it next year.

No way the penalty is that harsh. Public scrutiny too intense on NCAA. I predict time served and a fine. Plus timing is terrible. They had 8 weeks after the June hearing to set the punishment which could have been done before the season. Waiting another 10 weeks to deliver it now that we are in Top 10 would reflect very bad on NCAA. But maybe the don't care???

I'm guessing 15 schollies, a fine, and contact restrictions. The NCAA has been no better than UM in many respects and that has to be factored in.

As per the NCAA's past decisions, I have absolutely no idea.

If the ncaa jerks were asking about scholarships and games to be played, it looks like schol penalties and loss of TV coverage and bowl bans.

Thanks a lot, jerks. Take it out on Miami fans and players and students here now instead of demanding the firing of shalalalala who schmoozed with the criminal and firing the directors and AD and anyone involved with the criminal.

And D'O should just STFU about the defensive players who he forced to freelance because they knew d'o was a jerk in where d'o positioned them to guard empty pastureland and d'o allowed UNC to go 75 yards in 16 seconds to almost win the game because, AS USUAL, d'o is constantly helping the other teams move against the Cane defense because neither he nor goldie know a GD thing about tough, brick wall defense.

NCAA does not have the support it once had. Time served enough said!!!!!!!

Dumbass, the AD is gone and Shalala had nothing to do with Nevin Shapiro.

She's the president of the university, she doesn't deal with the football program or some pissant booster who gave tens of thousands of dollars to the program.

MR. Darwin, that is a worse penalty than PSU got. Not gonna happen. Steak dinners are NOT the same as what Paterno and the PSU cops hid from the public until he broke the wins record.

Cane7...the inquiry into scholarships and t.v. games isn't as grim as it sounds. That is boilerplate language that the NCAA includes in all of their requests in the penalty phase. I was worried at first when I saw it too, but a national sports writer (can't remember the name) tweeted out the info that it's part of standard procedure.

the way oregon got off easy and penn state just getting a lot of their scholarships back it better not be to severe.

cane7 aka CAlvin- STFU you idiot knownothing punk

If the NCAA bars me from the locker rooms, I will be really upset. That is the only way I can survive in this ugly world. Me need man-meat, green pea.

3 post season game already, players were suspended and paid restituition, and 3 yrs probation in recruiting is enuff. 5 schollies per yr for 2 yrs, goldie has enuff depth to deal with that . we are young and loaded

The NCAA is corrupt and should be disbanded.

Its a shame it has taken so long. I really hope that it is not too severe considering none of the current coaches and players took part in any wrongdoing. Paying for the crimes of their older brothers.

The NCAA is readying their publicity to handle the blow- back on any decisions regarding Miami.

The comparison of their actions in handling Penn State and the reversal of the imposed sanctions , mean that they are in a corner, and in order to survive will take the path of least negativity.

A Fine of $100,00. Coaches involved 3 year Suspensions, and 15 Scholies over 3 years, with Self Imposition on time served acknowledged.

Enough to be heard, but not creating a stir to draw attention to themselves.

Emmert is no dummy they DO NOT want the spotlight on themselves.

The 'Canes will continue to do well.

Thanks to our team, and all at the 'U', for hanging in there and finally we can see light at the end of this long tortuous tunnel.
Go 'Canes

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