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Hurricanes coach Al Golden after the Wake Forest win: "Now we can breathe and move forward."

Here are the postgame quotes from UM coach Al Golden after Saturday's 24-21 come-from-behind win over Wake Forest.
On an eventful week leading up to Saturday’s game... 
“Clearly emotional. I’m not going to lie to you. Just an emotional week. Now we can breathe and move forward. I was more worried than ever this week, just because nobody was really talking about Wake. Everybody was talking about the NCAA and obviously future scheduling. I just tried to keep them going all week. I was hoping we would have enough in the tank, just because of how emotional it was to have that ordeal over. We didn’t really address it, but you guys gave it ample play, and I’m sure they were listening to you guys all week. I’m just glad we had a chance to come out here and find a way to win.”

On the distractions of the week taking a toll on his team...
“Again, I give Wake Forest a lot of credit. It sounds like you’re downplaying the effort the Wake Forest kids and coaches did. I think they did a great job. That’s one of the best coaches around - period. It wasn’t like we were sloppy with the football. We just didn’t convert when we needed to convert, we didn’t stop them enough on third down. But we finished. We’re learning how to finish, and that’s something I’m really proud of – the mental toughness. I was just worried about how much we had in the tank. I can sit up here and say we were focused all week. I promise you I have never worked harder in my life the last 72 hours to get them focused for a game. Obviously we have a chance to regroup tonight and move forward.”

On the stress related to NCAA investigation closure as it relates to on-field performance...
“I was looking for the Athletic Director [Blake James] Tuesday morning. To me, they’re all one-game deals. The other ones, we had a lot of turnovers and in many respects we were fortunate to be in that position. I didn’t feel that way about this one – we weren’t sloppy with the football. They made some plays, we didn’t make some plays. Give them a lot of credit - they played tough. Our kids responded. At midnight tonight, this one is over. There is no carry-over. We all know who we’re playing next week, and it’s time to get ready for that.”

On the performance of sophomore running back Duke Johnson...
“Man, oh man. He ran with a purpose and an anger that we haven’t seen from him. His stiff arm was awesome all day. He ran with his pads down, protected the ball. He was clearly on a mission. How about his conditioning? What tremendous conditioning. He gets knocked out of the game last week, and this week he is lowering the pads all day, second and third effort...what can you say about the effort that he gave? Was he at 35 yards or something at the half? It wasn’t much more than that. That’s a heck of a
second half, and certainly heck of a fourth quarter.”

On his concerns about slow starts...
“It’s all a concern. It’s just one big [concern]. They’re all just one-game weeks. They’re just one-game seasons. Every game is its own chess board, and you have to make adjustments. I thought we made adjustments, but obviously we were disappointed in the tackling on the long play. I thought the defensive staff and defense made adjustments. It was a long period before they scored after they scored early in the game. We certainly found some surfaces to run the ball on late in the game, so I was proud of that. We all know what this week is about coming up. We’ll regroup here tonight, tomorrow get healed up and get ready to go. I don’t think there will be any carry-over.”

On the performance of senior quarterback Stephen Morris...
“I thought he did a good job with protecting the football. I thought he did a good job with his decisions. To be honest with you, this is the best he has looked physically. Is there an element in that still? No. We’re blessed to have a 12 o’clock game, it’s not like we’re on the road and we’re going to get back at 2 o’clock or 3 o’clock in the morning. And we really don’t have to practice him again until Tuesday. I’m really hoping that will be the last little 10 percent or whatever we need to get him over the hump. He came out of it good, came out of it healthy. Obviously another two-minute drive at the end of the game speaks a lot about his leadership and the belief they have in him. I think we’ll make progress here over the next 72 hours with him.

“He’s had to alter his mechanics, I don’t think there is any question. We have to get him back to center, and we will. I thought he was better. He threw a great long ball to Stacy [Coley] – not the one he made the magnificent catch on, but the other – that was a ball he could have down with. There were a lot of throws he did make. I really believe and I’m hopeful that he’ll make that last little step this week. I really believe he’ll do that over the next 72 hours.”

On hearing from Athletic Director Blake James about the NCAA sanctions...
“Obviously he got done with the President and informed me, and then came down to address the team at 9:05 a.m. Obviously the kids were thrilled. That journey ended - but 10 minutes later you have to go prepare for Wake Forest. You want to talk about an emotional rollercoaster. For all of us, we didn’t talk about it all week. I know they’re excited about it now in there, thrilled that it’s over. We found a way to scratch and claw and win our seventh [game]. You can’t take any of the previous wins with you to Tallahassee next week. That’s over, we have to get better at the things we need to get better at, and we need some kids to step up.”

On the performance of Stacy Coley...
“He did a great job, and he makes really good decision. He’s doing a good job on his returns. He’s a very mature kid. When you sit in the meetings with Stacy, and they ask him questions, he has the right answers. He knows football. He studies it. Great start for him. Obviously a catch for the ages there. Tremendous catch.”

On if his team is prepared for media frenzy regarding Miami-Florida State rivalry...

“With all due respect, there has been more national exposure over the last 28 months than any of us can handle. If it’s about football, we’re all in. We’re all in.”


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It would be great if we could read an entire sentence.

Golden needs to win rivalry games because November is where great coaches separate themselves from merely good or fraudulently competent ones in college football.

Things need to be fixed for the big next week game, if not we will have a long night .

Posted by: Calvin | October 26, 2013 at 04:44 PM


Keeping it 100% there Calvin, couldn't agree more.

Guess the line for next week.

I say FSU -8.5

Wake, UNC and G-Tech would ALL be Top 5 teams in the S.E.C.

7 & 0 Canes...undefeated!! Fantastic!!

As Lee Corso predicted: "Wake Forest is a drastically improved team with a very good coach and today's game is going to be very close--I Guarantee it!"

The biggest take-away from the game is the composure of Miami's offense. That final drive for a touchdown was extraordinary. Morris was very cool, Duke was nothing short of spectacular and our offensive line bowed their necks and got mean.

It was obvious that with the NCAA coming out on Monday and saying they would announce their sanctions on Tuesday that the kids were, understandably so, not focused. Then factor in FSU looming and it was the perfect storm. Even with all that the Canes prevailed...Fantastic!!

Again...the Canes are undefeated and looking for an ACC Championship game and BCS Bowl game.

It is great to be a Miami Hurricane!!

Ugly wins build character. Miracles can happen occasionally... like next week maybe! You never know...

Guess the line for next week.

I say FSU -8.5

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | October 26, 2013 at 05:02 PM


How bloody STuPID can some EOTH moron be! Well look no further than that lame arse Sarasota Cane. hUh

And the MIGHTY Seminoles will be a DOUBLE-DIGIT home chalk. That I can surely bet on. dUh

The 7th-ranked Hurricanes are on a 9 game winning streak, tied for fifth longest current streaks among FBS programs behind Ohio State, Alabama, Baylor and Oregon.

The win today ties the Hurricanes with their best start since 2003.


Ugly wins build character. Miracles can happen occasionally... like next week maybe! You never know...

Posted by: elgrancane | October 26, 2013 at 05:11 PM


Yeah, and NOBODY gave Rocky a shot against Apollo Creed and what not.

And there was the MIRACLE Mets of 1969 and what not.

Goldie's squad just has to have the NEAR PERFECT game of the season up to now and MIGHTY F.S.U. has to have one of their worst games of the season, up to now.

Yea I'd say FSU will be favored by 13.5

If your still around CANEZ1 ( eoth GOON. ), U still eat the long, fat Di##!

That canez1 said THE DUKE was " soft and what not. " Eh. What say.

Morris holding us back. High throws for weeks now.

Yea I'd say FSU will be favored by 13.5

Posted by: Truth | October 26, 2013 at 05:17 PM

Voila... I was mumbling to myself earlier, that F.S.U would be about a - 14 1/2 or - 13 1/2 home favorite.

Nevertheless, all I ask from Goldie's squad is to NOT GET SHAMED on national telly!!

To the haters, The 2002 Ohio State team kept beating teams by less than touchdowns, trailed in the 4th qtr, but kept winning. Made it to play 03 fiesta bowl loaded with NFL players, and the rest is history.

IF we are on, we can win........A W IS A W

What would a blog post on here be without at least two little Jimmy Carr posts under different blog aliases within the first half hour?

The answer is; marginally, in this case, more readable, of course.

Would love to see a pair of 'upsets' later tonight to set up a top 5 showdown with throwback parallels to the early 90's next weekend. Looking at the new SEC tigers, the ducks on the coast and the bucks that suck here for that help but not expecting it to play out just yet.

Did I see Duke beating Va tech ? 3rd qtr though. WE NEED VA TECH TO LOSE 1 CONF GAME As IT WOULD HELP

Va Techs offense was already like #90 something, and they have 0 AT HOME VS DUKE IN 3rd qtr,

I like our chances to play in acc chanp game

Depends on how much you're worried about strength of schedule in a three or more undefeated team scenario is going to factor in Dom, if you think it will be key, you want them to only have one loss against Alabama as winning seven conference games with one loss next week will still punch a ticket to Charlotte anyway and UM needs all the help it can get in the BCS rankings as the computers are killing them so far in the positioning there.

The way FSU has played this year, they're the most impressive team in the nation, so whatever the line gets set at, it's going to get bigger as the week goes on most likely.

i still think we need a D1 DC i see the po 10 in the players but this guy (DO) does not know how to make adjustments. that's why as a coach u don't hire you family or your friends because it's hard to fire them. we will not take that next step unitl we get 1. def. wins c ships.

AAHHH VA TECH MISSED 4th and 1. Duke ball. They are ugly.


3. Maybe, Just maybe we are holding back? WE ARE NOT SHOWING ANYTHING ON OFFENSE? Have U guys noticed? No Stacey coley post routes, no slants. WATCH OUT NEXT WEEK. WE ARE LULLING FLA ST TO SLEEP



2, Not jumpin ahead, GUYS---If, and its IF, we beat FSU, ON THE ROAD, do pollsters move us to #2 or #3?

We DO JUMP OHIO ST U AGREE??? I say Pollsters if we win in TALLY put us #2 over Oregon. That would deserve it.

Posted by: Bring on the third place team in the national championship count in Florida | October 26, 2013 at 05:28 PM

Who else am I supposed to be Chris Alexander?

DUKE TD......12-0 pending ex point, late 3rd, at blacksburg

Tech sucks!

Canes aren't super talented, but they play with a lot of heart to the final whistle. Golden is a Paterno product and his team plays like Joe Pa's teams. If Morris is going to keep throwing off of his back foot, or the wrong foot, UM will have no chance next week. If he's not healthy let Williams play. You can't keep playing conservatively because you're afraid to turn you QB loose. You're not going to have any 12 consecutive running play drives against Fla. State. Anyway, Go Canes!

I just hope Williams or Olsen is better than Morris who has been horrific! Went from a 2nd round pick to possibly undrafted this season. What player in college football has fallen more than Morris??

I personally think since we played a 1-4 uNC team and wake, WE PLAYED BASIC OFFENSE.

We haven't see any of the great passing game in weeks 1-4/5 even vs UF. Nothing......

I think we played Vanilla offense and Defense for FSU...SHOW THEM NOTHING

Canes are who they are. Who thought they would be 7-0 with a shot at undefeated FSU in week 9?
Their defense is 1-2 recruiting classes away from national domination.
UM can lose to FSU and still meet all realistic goals for the year.

Posted by: Truth | October 26, 2013 at 05:44 PM

How much is new OC, how much is ankle?

Tech turnover. They look horrible!

Sarasota, pNo it's Morris, he's made horrible decisions in the NC game. And this game Coley made him into a game manager. He throws a beautiful deep ball but that's about it. Does Morris even utilize the middle if the field?? I haven't seen it..

I hear ya Truth but his ankle/footwork is gone. When was the last time he pulled the ball down and ran with it? He looks timid in the pocket as well which is no thanks to his line. They are "not as advertised" this season.

Umm Haters---UNC Blowing out BC 27-7 , BC was beating Clemson in 4th and played FSU TUFF

2. Clemson only up 16-13 vs crappy Maryland. CLEMSON WAS OVEDRRATED

Miami is going up there and WINNING THE GAME

I thought that Duke would be an easy game for UM. Duke is actually whipping VT by a score of 13-0. Outside of FSU the ACC is really bad this year. Only one top team this year.

I think Golden is a great recruiter. He now has a level playing field for recruiting. We'll see what type of players UM can bring in the next few years.

first half tanner price comp% was real high because of that soft zone concept, 2nd half, we started letting our athletes be athletes, those passes giving up by artie burns(56 yarder and the 4th & 5), he wasn't beat bad but he almost looks to big to be a corner, but any way, once we went man, it took away the quick reads by price and that's the same thing we need to do against winston otherwise it's going to be a long day.

We can't just run zone all game long against Fsu, we need to play press-man early and force him to have to make reads and be accurate, today was just another pathetic display of coaching, the talent eventually took over.

It was fun whoever blew that whistle, lol, it was time for somebody else to take over the refereeing, those bozo's out there today were pathetic. How was that not a touchdown by duke, and it made me laugh cause even jim grobe came out askign them basically "why wasn't that a touchdown, cause of course he needed the time too.

I agree with Sarasota that we are 1-2 classes prob behind Dumbo at FSU, but we have enuff talent to win.

Sorry FSU FANs< but Clemson is overrated and WINSTON HAS NOT PLAYED ANYONE THIS YEAR. BC,Clemson, NC ST. e
Morris and UM did play UF's Defense which is on par with FSU, but FSU has not played Miamis speed.

Miami 27-24. Jacory pulled off that win in 09 at FSU

Dom, as a Cane fan, I'm really really embarrassed that you are a fellow Cane fan.

Though every fan base has them, you are "that" guy for us Dom.

You simply offer no objective contribution to this blog other than pure nonsensical town foolery. And to the others trying to figure out how we can get into the National Championship game with all the different scenarios by jumping up to #2, just stop. Your all just embarrassing yourselfs.

FSU, that's it. If we're able to get the ball with 2 mins. to go like we have the last two weeks against garbage teams with just a chance to tie the game ? That would be a win in my book.


Clemson almost lost to BC and having Maryland troubles

who else has tested FSU?? Miami has played UF HEALTHY which has same athletes as FSU if not better.

FSU hasn't been tested yet and they are in for rude awakening

Umm Haters---UNC Blowing out BC 27-7 , BC was beating Clemson in 4th and played FSU TUFF

Posted by: Dom | October 26, 2013 at 05:55 PM

I'm seeing the same thing. We all know what CAN happen either way, but no one knows what will happen.

If your still around CANEZ1 ( eoth GOON. ), U still eat the long, fat Di##!

That canez1 said THE DUKE was " soft and what not. " Eh. What say.

Posted by: D | October 26, 2013 at 05:19 PM

That guy has been sniffin to much glue!

We need to bring in a top rated QB and bring back the old UM defenses. You look at some of those names that played here and all I can do is SMH. We just don't have those types of players anymore. We were QB U, LB U, DT U, WR U, etc. DTs: Cortez Kennedy, Jerome Brown, Russell Maryland, Warren Sap. All those great names: Michal Irvin, Jim Kelly, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Jimmy Graham, etc. It is all about bringing back top talent to the U. Right now we are behind FSU and UF in recruiting.

We are not there yet. We just don't have the talent but I think that we are headed in the right direction. Win the Coastal division, 12-2 record, and win a bowl game and I am satisfied for this year.

thx Mike, Umm, 2002 ohio state barely won every game late, but they won...... Win is a win. FSU HAS HAD A SOFT SCHEDULE -that's a fact........
I am a cane supporter and I am bad for the blog? Ur an FSU FAN and UR SCARED.....FSU ALWAYS CHOKES IN BIG GAMES. its in their DNA. its a fact. Even if they win ,. we will win the ACC Champ.........

Mike Garbage teams? UNC is beating BC 27-7 which lead Clemson in 4th qtr at Clemson 14-10(Clemson won), and wake was 4-3 and even Lee Corso and OTHERS said Wake is a tuff team(5th yr Sr qb), decent D.........and the sanctions week...........

A win is a win. n FSU has not played anyone like Miami yet


I admire your optimism but we have to be honest. FSU crushed Clemson in Clemson. UM has not played anyone this year and have come close to losing at least 3 games against scrubs.

Mike and I are preparing ourselves for the beat down next week. I figure that if I go into the game with 0 expectations I will not feel too bad after we get thrashed. I think that if we can keep the deficit inside 28 points we will be lucky. There will be better times for the canes. The talent level just does not match up with FSU at this point. All you have to do is look at the QBs: Winston vs. Morris. Enough said!

Tech needs to score right now,

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | October 26, 2013 at 06:23 PM

Orlando we all know FSU will be favored, but don't "crown" em till they play! UM's chances may be low, but it wouldn't be a miracle if they beat FSU.
I do agree with Mike that any talk of a UM National Title is absurd.

This year reminds of 1994. FSU was rolling and while we were good no one gave us a chance to win. I am not predicting a W but anything can happen in this rivalry game. If I was betting I would put my money on FSU. They should win. But we still get to play and upsets do happen. Go Canes and just don't get blown out.

Bowden looks worse than ever but sounds as good as he's ever been. His old team however just keeps chugging along virtually without a hiccup. The talent discrepancy isn't that pronounced this year between them and Miami, it wasn't last year, UM just has to play a turnover free game, run the ball, and generate some pressure with the front four and they can have a chance to win in the fourth. Duke is now the toughest game left on the schedule after next week and VT is just as bad last year.

How many games above .500 is a coach who's 47-45 for his career? I'll make it really easy for you, it's not two little Jimmy. 18-25 year old women could probably do the math right if you gave them 92 dollars of your money to count with and get the right answer, for nothing more than companionship, of course, it goes without saying. You're farther wide off the mark on both your timestamps and identity guesses than your garbage nephew is on make-able field goals these days doofus but keep putting whoever that is over, it puts money in the guy's pocket, which keeps him from going anywhere near bankrupt, like you totally did last year, so I'm sure he appreciates the bottom line boost!

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