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Hurricanes release new depth chart before Wake Forest; Waters replaces injured Dorsett as starter

The Miami Hurricanes released a new depth chart Sunday night shortly after learning they've been ranked 7th in the first BCS standings of the year. Here are the changes:

> With the loss of receiver Phillip Dorsett for 4 to 6 weeks with a slight tear of his MCL, sophomore Herb Waters is listed as the starter at the slot receiver and the co-starter with freshman Stacy Coley at the second receiver spot.

> Senior Allen Hurns remains the listed starter at the No. 1 receiver position with sophomore Malcolm Lewis listed as his backup.

> On the defensive side, seniors Justin Renfrow and Curtis Porter are listed as co-starters at defensive tackle.

> Three sets of co-starters occupy Miami's secondary. Sophomores Tracy Howard and Antonio Crawford are co-starters at one cornerback spot, while junior Ladarius Gunter and freshman Artie Burns are co-starters at the other corner position.

The Hurricanes will look for their first 7-0 start since the 2003 season when they host Wake Forest (4-3, 2-2 ACC) at noon Oct. 26 on ESPNU. Fewer than 7,000 tickets remain for the game.

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I really think we beat fsu on November 2. Fsu will come in overconfident. Miami still hasn't played a full and complete game to their talent. I think that will happen November 2. Plus coley, as the former offensive coordinator for fsu, knows that team inside/out and their playbook and their players strengths/weaknesses. I feel very strongly we win November 2.

UM 7 first BCS
FSU 2 well deserved
Computers hate us. The polls not that much.

Keep winning
Take care of wake. 1 game at a time. Dont get ahead of yourselves!

Jesse palmer rece davis and chris folwer are tools. Real clowns

Herb Waters is about to show out, who cares about the polls like Golden says winning takes care of everything if you win you will rise up the polls. Lets take out wake forest and then take out the seminoles. THE GOLDEN ERA has begun

Calvin says we only win if we find some kind of eligibility for Jacory Harris.

I kinda like where we are in the polls at this point. Do I believe that we are a top 3 or top five team at this point? Maybe not, but I don't see Missouri being one either. It will all work itself out and as long as we handle our business everything will be fine. FSU will be a tough game and then we will see just how much we have grown up. We still haven't played a full game yet to show how good we are. One thing that we do need to take a look at is hitting some intermediate routes. The biggest way to beat FSU is to be able to run the ball and pass the ball with short intermediate routes and occasionally take shots down the field. That keeps their offense on the sideline and will frustrate Winston and the rest of their offense. Got hand it to FSU they looked like the best team in CFB last night.

Billing sly software glitch has us at 21, knocking us behind loser Stanford. They lost a game, that computer doesn't seem to know about that.

looking forward to seeing growth from the offense and a new disposition built on the run.

7,000 tix left? Let me make sure I got this straight, about 60,000 plus tix have been sold? Can we therefore assume about 50,000 will be in the stands instead of the usual 35-40K for a game like this? I really hope S.Fl can show up, support the team, and just have fun, but I'll believe it when I see it.

I flew down for UF, drove to UNC, driving to Duke and Pitt, so don't even go there.

I got a question for u guys. What exactly is the benefit of zone over man coverage? and second do certain type of athletes suit one style vs another? Any input would be appreciated

does anyone know where the fourth best team in the state landed?lmao bwahahahahahahaha! No for real , does any one know?

I'm not sure why it's being said Fsu has more talent than us, that's a lie. The score was 13 only 10 at the half in a game we should've been up by at least 3 touchdowns. People keep saying smo17 had his worst game thursday night, well i got news for you, he didn't do to good last year against Unc or Fsu either. He needs to play smart, what we can't have him do against Fsu is like he did last year, we got a 10 point lead, why are you scrambling and than losing the ball after instead of just throwing it away and punting and protecting the 10 point lead.

Than how many wide open guys did smo17 miss that game, duke streaking up the sidleine about 3 yards ahead of the linebacker, than you had davon johnson coming wide open if smo17 hits any of them in stride those are touchdowns. smo17 leaves to many plays out there on that field, he has to capitolize on the plays that will be there plain and simple.

That offense gumbo fisher runs fits perfectly with this soft zone scheme we run. First things first, we need to stop them from running which i think we should be able to do a better job this year.

I got a question, why is olsen pierre starting, this guy has turned into jalen grimble in his 3rd year, he hasn't done jack squat of notice all year. He needs to elevate his game he's the weak link on the d-line. We need d-linemen in the worst way come this next recruiting class. Particularly d-tackles.

It would definitely be good to see ermon lane and johnnie dixion become apart of this class.

I was hoping to see morris off the depth chart. Why is there no qb controversy he has not earned his spot with his play. Let Williams play vs wake to see what he has we've already seen what Morris/jacory/romo can do.

The one thing i can say about jameis winston is, he's the best qb they've had since charlie ward and when it's all said and done, he might be there best qb of all-time.

I've been watching em, he's accurate and he does something that as a redshirt freshman that smo17 hasn't learned as a senior and that's stay in the pocket til the last minute to allow his receivers to get open as well as he throws the ball before his receivers come out of their breaks, something j70 was good at.

Here's some good news though, when he takes off and run, he doesn't know how to slide yet and we maybe be able to introduce the president to em usF 2012 style.

Bro, just go cheer for fsu.

Posted by: jsy | October 20, 2013 at 10:25 PM

With zone you keep the play in front of you and are responsible for a certain amount of realestate on the field. Theoretically you can be beat easier and be more susceptible to "the big play" with man defense. For instance, if a wide receiver runs a drag play (from one side of the field directly across the line to the other), in zone you pass the player off to each defender in a zone as he comes into that area, whereas in man coverage you have one defender chasing the receiver across the field. Plus you can run the opposite receiver on a go pattern to clear out the side the player is dragging to and have an open field because the other corner would be responsible for his man all over the field.

Certain players, especially in today's game are more "suited" for say zone because they are poor at man. They created the term "cover-corner" for players who are really strong in man coverage. As far as i'm concerned all corners should be able to play man, but that's not the way the game is these days especially with the evolution of bigger corners in today's game.

Man also is more physically taxing.

Posted by: ohiocane | October 20, 2013 at 11:20 PM

It's his team and has been for some time now. He has currency and no losses this season. We all know he played poorly, but he made the clutch passes when it counted. He's tough and obviously not 100%, but as is, he gives us the best chance to win week in week out.

I got a question for u guys. What exactly is the benefit of zone over man coverage? and second do certain type of athletes suit one style vs another? Any input would be appreciated

Posted by: jsy | October 20, 2013 at 10:25 PM

jsy, here's the real deal, zone coverage comes from the fact that alot of teams didn't have the athlete's to play man, so in order to slow other teams down, they had to rely on getting pressure and sit back and hope that pressure forces the qb to be innaccurate and with the zone concept behind, that should lead to an interception. But all a qb has to do against man coverage is throw to a spot. Also with a primary zone, you don't have to rely on one guy being dominant. It's not hard to find guys to play zone but it is hard to find guys that can play press-man, but one you do, you'll be able to use the other 9 guys to wreck havoc.

If you can play press-man primarily, the advantages are that much greater for you to play defense and dominate opposing offenses.

With man coverage

Jsy- if u dont trust ur corners then u would try to get zone over man coverage as much as possible. It is when u have someone covering the deep zone behind a player playing man coverage. Also, it is a situation that can allow u to be more aggressive. Canes of the day usually played 2 high with guys like buchanan ect. man up under. Spread offenses try to cut the field so u have to committ at least 1 safety to man coverage. The kind of player u have just dictates how u take advantage or protect a weakness.

Did NC expose Miami's defense as that bad or just a bad night?Crossing underneath patterns were killing Miami

it's a scheme thing. read the zone breakdowns above.

Did u mean zone vs man? Stuff listed above is generally true. I think good teams do a good job at running both and a better job of disguising it.


It was both. The crossing routes mustbe jumped out on film, but our defense had no energy in the first half. Our seniors need to show the same leadership they did in week 2.

Yes cal zone is used to protect lesser athletes. To really play zone is to play man coverage in ur zone and not covering wasted space but also depends who has zone.

By looking at this depth chart the [|_|] should return to dominating college football by next year

Dont forget that the NC is a first round pick. That dude Ebron is a stud. Their QB isnt bad either so thats why they caughtour D flat footed in the first half. Donofrio has adjusted well. The other thing is our turn overs.
----- By the way 4 points for Monday:

1) Props to FSU for being #2. Deserved. But Jessie Palmer and Rece Davis can go stand in front of a train. What a bunchof pu55ie a55 biased idiots. They say things so one sided bc they hate the U. " DOnt deserve it" blah blah- what about the 2002 Ohio State team that beat everyone by 3 points before they got to thenat ch? What about the fact that Baylor has played Wofford, Iowa State, WVU and no one else?

2) Devin Hester. Props ANytime. #23 has just tied Deion Sanders for all time in returns for TD. First ballot HOF.

3) I think UM will HAVE to play zone against FSU. But difference is Clemson allowed too many YACs and couldnt tackle in space. Our lbs (Perryman in particular) has to have dominate. Time of possession and NO TURNOVERS will give Um a good chance to pull the stunner in Tally and shut the a55hoel commentators from ESPN up!

4) RIP DON James. His UW team broke the OB home winning streak. Dont forget that

Bottom line is Miami is not playing like the 7th best team in the nation. They had better grow up, and grow up fast. Cut out the senseless turnovers, start attacking on defense, and make some special plays on special teams.

Don James was also a Cane. Played QB.

Funny how they remember our ugly win vs NC but forget that Stanford lost to I ranked Utah. We should be #6 legit. I know we're not playing well but from here on out it's all about winning

If you let any D1 QB sit in the pocket and feel comfortable they will pick you apart at times even if there talent at wide out is not that good ... last year everyone looked like a first round pick against us because of this Thursday night if happened again "Why !!! " coach D has to come up with some pressure packages and use them we can't get pressure rushing 4 I know we would all love to see it but against good teams it won't happen and I am talking about a hot wake team here..... GO CANES!!!

Thanks guys for the inputs. Based on you guys knowledge it clears things up. Dno learned defense in the big ten and then further at temple so he obviously never had superior athletes so his their defincies with zone coverages. He needs to wake up and see that he now has the athletes to just let them play. It's like buying a Ferrari with a automatic and never going over 50.

All I want to say is Thank you Tyronne Corneleus for winning the game and saving the season for us. Very similiar to an Ed Reed interception against BC in 01.
The UNC Receiver caught the ball on the hail mary and Tyrone knocked it out. Doesnt get much pub as everybody was too drunk with happiness and otherwise, but if you watch the replay you will see it clear as day. A saving tackle, and for that we are #7 in BCS.

Thanks Tyronne!!

I got a question for u guys. What exactly is the benefit of zone over man coverage? and second do certain type of athletes suit one style vs another? Any input would be appreciated

Posted by: jsy | October 20, 2013 at 10:25 PM

Also what i meant to say was, alot of coaches who run primarily zone, run it because they're not use to being around a bunch of elite athletes on the same team at the same time. So they're conservative by nature because they lack the confidence to run zone and than if a big play does happen those type of coaches lose confidence whereas guys who are use to coaching those type of athletes will keep forcing another team to prove they can beat there press-man.

Why, because it forces a qb to have to be accurate and throw the ball into certain spots otherwise, could be six the other way. The ideal defense is to have 2 db's who can play man and don't really need safety help, that way you can use your safeties closer to the line and help to shut down the run or shorter passing game.

For instance, if you got 2 good db's, all you have to do is let your linebackers play down hill for most of the game, so 9 times out of 10, the other teams running game is going to be null & void. If that team goes play-action, your linebackers don't have to worry about a tight-end getting behind them because the safety will already be close enuff to cover him, so a team with a good 4 man pass rush, along with a qb having to try and figure out if the db's are going to get safety help or not makes it a long night for alot of qb's.

Than when you have safties like SEAN TAYLOR & ed reed who got range and you never know where they'll be, good luck offenses! So at the end of the day, this is why the most dominant defenses come out of a 4-3 scheme/principles over a 3-4 scheme. Because in a 3-4 scheme, that run primarily zone, offenses know they're going to be plays to be made out on that field. Whereas against press-man, you don't know if your receiver is going to be able to get off of the press and be able to get to where he's suppose to be and press-man normally wears receivers down.

Glad Canes are ranked 6th or 7th.I don t feel they deserve quite that rank based on their performance.They re not dominating on both sides of the ball as the old Cane standard.Yes they re getting better and improving but not back yet for sure as Golden says.Will they/can they compete with FSU.....if they get past Wake this weekend?It s a rivalry game and it s possible.THAT would for sure be their coming out party.Miami may be closer to FSU s talent level but chemistry wise.....they have yet to put it all TOGETHER as a TEAM.(Unlike FSU).If both Fla. schools are undefeated in 2 weeks..........they ll be alot of buzz and I expect Miami will play them well up in Tally.GO CANES.

Great point about Stanford's loss costing them less that us winning ugly.

And full respect to Don James. That game was a ripoff when the Pac 10 refs chose to pretend to misunderstand the meaning of our coin flip, giving the ball to Washington first in both halves, and helping them every step of the way in their comeback, but he was classy in victory, and classy in defeat, it wasn't like he paid off the refs himself. And unlike some schools, he was willing to risk his title chances against us when we were at our best.

We can pull an upset against fswho..Lets get these boys pumped up and support...come out to the reamining games. lets be focus.. right now is the ACC we want.

I said that UFraud would beat us by 30. I am a douche and I was wrong.

I am now claiming FSU will blow us out by 60. I am a double-douchebag.

If someone came to you and said this was what he thought the rankings should be, how quick would you call for the men in the white coats to take him away?

RK Team
1 Alabama
2 Oregon
3 Ohio State
4 Stanford
!5 Florida State
6 Missouri
7 Clemson
!8 Oklahoma
!9 LSU
10 Northern Illinois
11 Baylor
12 Notre Dame
13 Central Florida
14 Texas Tech
!15 Louisville
!16 UCLA
17 Auburn
!18 Texas A&M
!19 South Carolina
!20 Michigan
!21 Miami (Fla.)
22 Oregon State
23 Brigham Young
24 Texas
!25 Georgia
26 Arizona State
27 Oklahoma State
28 Wisconsin
29 Mississippi
30 Washington
31 Michigan State
32 Florida
!33 Virginia Tech

That 1 computer ranking killed us. And how does a 1 loss Stanford team, losing to unranked Utah, go 1 spot ahead of us in the BCS? our schedule gets better w/FSU and Va Tech, so we control our destiny

If we win AT FSU, that can jump us to 2 or 3.....on the road win in Tallahassee vs #2 bcs team........its up to us

I know some folks on here, strong Canes fans, that cannot tell the difference between Gallo and Calvin. However, they are VERY different.

Calvin is a Canes fan, says positives about the current team, players, and even coaches in the midst of his negatives. He has stuck with the team even when they were 5-7. Does he focus on the negatives alot more than some would like? Yes. But he is a Canes fan that is hoping for them to get better, and can admit when he is wrong.

Gallo is NOT a Canes fan, NEVER says positives about the current team, players, fans, and coaches. He showed up as soon as they started playing well, the year we were playing his team, to try to rip them and convince folks that this coaching staff should be fired. Does he focus on the negatives alot more than some would like? Yes. But that is ALL he does, while also NEVER admitting that he was wrong, and claiming that each win was actually a loss. Look back at his comments after FAU, UF, USF, GT, and UNC. Heck, he even found a way to rip the coaches after Savannah State.

So you might not like or agree with Calvin (I have disagreed with him plenty myself), but he brings discussion rather than insults, so I ask the others here to TRY to discuss back. The conversation above about zone versus man was great in part because of the different slants folks took on it, including Calvin's.

Meanwhile, put Gallo on ignore, there is obviously no talking to the gatr in drag, he is just trying to insult and attack without bringing facts.

Just giving my opinion, feel free to give yours.

So Dom, you recognized where the poll came from. BUt you are wrong on one thing, I don't believe it is actually a computer poll.

FSU beats his #3 by 37, gets ranked behind a Stanford tean that LOST to unranked Utah, and finishes only two spots ahead of Clemson?

LSU, with two losses to unranked teams, is ahead of FOUR unbeatens, Northern Illinois, Baylor, Texas Tech, and Miami.

Central Florida is only two spots ahead of Louisville, despite have a much tougher schedule, and beating them head to head.

UCLA was #17, LOST, and moved UP to 16th, which of course then helped Stanford's SOS.

Undefeated Miami is behind FOUR two loss teams, LSU (losses to two unranked teams), Notre Dame (double digit losses to Michigan and Oklahoma), Texas A&M, and South Carolina (losses to two unranked teams).

Virginia Tech is all the way down to 33rd, for a season opening loss to #1 Alabama, behind three loss teams like Florida, Washington, Mississippi, and Georgia.

“I’m not a mathematician,” Billingsley said. “I’m not even a highly educated man, to tell you the truth. I don’t even have a degree. I have a high school education. I never had calculus. I don’t even remember much about algebra. I think everyone questions everything I do. Why is he doing that? Does he know what he’s doing, a crazy kook in Oklahoma?”

Ahh, so he has a "secret formula" that is somehow placing 1 loss Oklahoma at 8th, ahead of undefeated Northern Illinois, Baylor, Texas Tech, and Miami, and 16 spots AHEAD of the team that beat them, Texas.

I think I see the "secret formula". Did this tam embarrass Oklahoma in the past? Then rank them low. Otherwise, rank them based on which team he would want to see Oklahoma face for the title, unless it would be TOO obvious to drop them, like Alabama or Oregon.

There is NO Billingsly computer program, there IS a Billingsly random number generator to get his ratings once they are set up the way he wants them. That way he can say VT got a 252.752, and dropped four spots on a bye week when there were a ton of upsets above them, while Michigan State, who has beaten NOBODY, is a 253.145.

He hides his "formula", because there IS NO formula.

Last year of Billingsly's fake computer formula, so I guess he is going to go out with all his biases in full force. What are they going to do, fire him?

fsu will man up on UM WR's....cant go short passes and joyner is back there if UM goes vertical (which wont happen since qb/wr are totally out of sync)

kelvin Benjamin is unstoppable.....Um will not be able to cover green and him then you add O'leary and UM gets crushed......

prepare for a bloodbath and golden/dnofrio exposure....finally the truth comes out about these 2.......

jimbo fisher.....38 running plays and 35 passing plays....same game plan as with clemson....fsu defense is way too strong for UM.....morris is too incosistant at this point in the season.....put ryan in and will blow it all up....

duke will have a bad games as he always has had against ANY team with a winning record....will be held to under 100 yards....

clemson has the best 3rd down conversion defense and fsu was 8/12....UM is #67.....fsu makes every 3rd down....

that will crush UM and kill dnofrio's defense......Um gave up 500 yards against a 1-4 team.....will probably be over 600 yards against fsu....

Gallo here. Your favorite Navy Seal. Maggot to the stars.

How proud must my commanding officer be that one of his seals is a chronic poster on a Miami blog repeating the same garbage over and over.

But that is my life. Special Agent Orange Navy Seal Jim "the Pig" Gallo, over and out.

I've been watching em, he's accurate and he does something that as a redshirt freshman that smo17 hasn't learned as a senior and that's stay in the pocket til the last minute to allow his receivers to get open as well as he throws the ball before his receivers come out of their breaks, something j70 was good at.

That's the stuff I be talkin about...

It's just creepy, Jack...

Gallo, where is that casualty list with the gators at the bottom?

guys come on lets get real, this team will not beat fsu, we are just not at that level yet, stephen morris can bring his #1 draft pick A game and he still won't be better than jameis winston. i just hope this team plays hard all game and gives the noles a fight.

Where is Tariq in depth chart?

I got a question for u guys. What exactly is the benefit of zone over man coverage? and second do certain type of athletes suit one style vs another? Any input would be appreciated. Posted by: jsy

There is NO benefit of zone over man to man pass coverage. The only benefit of zone coverage is to the other team's passing game because a receiver just goes and sits and waits in the middle of two backs playing zone and waits for the completed pass.

The huge advantage of man to man coverage is it buys a few very valuable seconds for a FOUR man defensive line pass rush plus a blitzer to get to the passer, interrupt his concentration and get a sack or an interception or even a fumble by hitting him when the QB is not expecting to be hit.

When d'o uses a four man def. line, the Cane defense stops the other team's run and pass game and stops the end runs. Then, on third and long, when idiot d'o goes to a three man rush and zone, the other team converts to a first in ten and drives down the field until they get a score. Thank you morons goldie and d'o for bringing your crap concepts of NO defense to Miami.

The best defense is four down linemen, two over the offensive guards and two DEs outside either the tackle or DE in the box to stop the end run, and LBs within 3 yards of the line of scrimmage to stop the run up the middle or to blitz.

Defensive backs can play about three yards off of a receiver and are close enough to close that gap if he ball comes in their direction.

And two free safeties can play a deep zone and backup in case a man coverage back slips up and loses his coverage.

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