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Hurricanes release new depth chart before Wake Forest; Waters replaces injured Dorsett as starter

The Miami Hurricanes released a new depth chart Sunday night shortly after learning they've been ranked 7th in the first BCS standings of the year. Here are the changes:

> With the loss of receiver Phillip Dorsett for 4 to 6 weeks with a slight tear of his MCL, sophomore Herb Waters is listed as the starter at the slot receiver and the co-starter with freshman Stacy Coley at the second receiver spot.

> Senior Allen Hurns remains the listed starter at the No. 1 receiver position with sophomore Malcolm Lewis listed as his backup.

> On the defensive side, seniors Justin Renfrow and Curtis Porter are listed as co-starters at defensive tackle.

> Three sets of co-starters occupy Miami's secondary. Sophomores Tracy Howard and Antonio Crawford are co-starters at one cornerback spot, while junior Ladarius Gunter and freshman Artie Burns are co-starters at the other corner position.

The Hurricanes will look for their first 7-0 start since the 2003 season when they host Wake Forest (4-3, 2-2 ACC) at noon Oct. 26 on ESPNU. Fewer than 7,000 tickets remain for the game.

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Remember the pick on Driskell? That was in zone coverage, when Driskell was thinking it was man. He led the ball for his reciever, did not know that we could jump the route.

Essentially, zone benefits you against dumb quarterbacks, but smart ones will tear it apart.

FSU 38 runs, 35 passes, considered to be a perfect mix.

Miami before their last drive?
35 runs to 32 passes. Same ratio as FSU.

Last drive, while running out the clock and securing the win?
10 runs to 3 passes.
An unbalanced mixture that led to the win, but supposedly considered to be horrible and worthy of firing the coaches.

No real Canes fan thinks that, just an obsessed troll. Not even worth further worry or discussion. And he likes the abuse, so it is not worth giving him more abuse, either.

Don't mind me. I am a stupid moron.

I was booted from the Navy Seals for trolling the latrines.

Cane 7 joins the ranks of the clueless.

Calvin living in the past. Most dominant defenses today play a 3-4 in order to disguise their pass rush schemes, and contend with modern offenses, not 1980s offenses.

Most teams also play a combination of zone and man and try to disguise what they are in. Superior QBs move folks around before the snap to determine what the D is actually doing.

So, no Calvin you are wrong as usual. More teams play 3-4 than 4-3 and almost all play some man and some zone.

FSU played a monster of a game against Clemson. Since the game is at Doak Campbell Stadium Canes have to have the perfect storm; the perfect game. Morris has to be on a lazer and no turnovers.Duke has to run and run some more. Defense has to get a few turnovers and special teams have to come up big. I expect Miami to loose but desperately want them to win.

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