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Kudos to Miami Hurricanes for impressive off-field accomplishments -- reason to be proud

Nice job off the field by the Miami Hurricanes. Here's the news, via UM.

Eight teams compiled perfect GSR marks of 100 percent

 CORAL GABLES, Fla. – The University of Miami recorded a Graduation Success Rate (GSR) of 92 percent, according to the rates released Thursday by the NCAA.

 For the second straight year, Miami’s department-wide GSR ranks fourth among ACC schools and eighth overall among FBS programs. UM has exceeded the NCAA average GSR in each of the last nine years. In 2012, Miami set a school-record with a 93 percent GSR, a year after establishing a then-record at 89 percent.

 “We set a high standard for our Hurricanes to achieve excellence in all academic and athletic pursuits,” said David Wyman, Associate AD for Academic Services. “The growth we have witnessed in our Graduation Success Rates is remarkable and we continue to produce tremendous results.  In less than 10 years, we have improved our rate by 15 percentage points and we are now a national leader in the most important academic performance measure.”

 Eight teams compiled GSR marks of 100 percent. Men’s diving and golf each posted their ninth consecutive perfect marks, while women’s tennis recorded its sixth straight GSR score of 100 percent. Baseball, women’s track & field / cross country, rowing, women’s swimming and volleyball also tallied perfect GSR scores. It was volleyball’s third straight year with a perfect GSR; rowing and women’s swimming posted perfect scores for the second straight year.

 “I am very proud of our student-athletes, coaches and staff, whose vigilance in academics lays the groundwork for graduation,” said Blake James, Miami AD. “One of our goals as a program is to graduate every student-athlete and I am proud that we are getting close.  By earning a degree from the University of Miami, our student-athletes are ready to achieve excellence in life.  Congratulations to our coaches, staff and especially our student-athletes.”

 Baseball had the largest jump of any UM program, improving by 20 points (80 to 100) and has improved by 40 points (60 to 100) since 2010.

 The NCAA Graduation Success Rate (GSR) was developed in response to college and university presidents who wanted graduation data that more accurately reflect the mobility among college students today. Both rates improve on the federally mandated graduation rate by including students who were omitted from the federal calculation.

 The GSR measures graduation rates at Division I institutions and includes students transferring into the institutions. The GSR also allows institutions to subtract student-athletes who leave their institutions prior to graduation as long as they would have been academically eligible to compete had they remained.

 The most recent Division I Graduation Success Rates are based on the four entering classes from 2003-2004 through 2006-07. More than 110,000 student-athletes are included in the most recent four classes using the GSR methodology, as compared to about 79,500 in the federal rate. The NCAA began compiling these figures with the entering freshmen class of 1995.


SPORT                                                                    SCORE

Baseball                                                                 100

Men’s Diving                                                         100

Women’s Track & Field / Cross Country          100

Rowing                                                                   100

Women’s Golf                                                       100

Women’s Swimming                                            100

Women’s Tennis                                                  100

Volleyball                                                               100

Women’s Basketball                                            93

Soccer                                                                    91

Men’s Track & Field / Cross Country                88

Football                                                                  86

Men’s Basketball                                                  85

Men’s Tennis                                                        75

Earlier this year, three Hurricanes teams received APR Public Recognition Awards for being among the top 10 percent in APR – men’s basketball, women’s cross country and women’s golf. Six teams scored 980 or better out of a possible 1,000 points – baseball (983), men’s basketball (990), men’s tennis (993), women’s cross country (1,000), women’s golf (1,000) and women’s swimming (989).



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I wonder the higher the Baseball Teams score goes, the longer they miss out on Omaha? Very goods for the players but for us fans we want WINS and OMAHA

Excellent performance in the classroom by these STUDENT Athletes.

Able to beat that factory school up north in the BCS, in US News and World Report, and in the GSR rankings.

Manny, they were also #1 in the state, followed by University of Central Florida and Stetson University. Who knows where that other school is, but one would figure they would be up there with such classes as Starcraft to help their "students" get passing grades.

StarCraft, Instagram, Vine and crumbling infrastructure with no money to fix it to go along with a drunk President who hits and runs.

Is it great, to be, a FloridUH Gatard?

Alex, good news, after years of having MLB raid our teams, and having us do their recruiting for them, just to swoop in to take our recruits before signing day, we got the #1 signing class this year.

That means that more players like World Series performaer Jon Jay will be at Mark Light, and take us all the way to Omaha again.

Jim, can you picture the reaction from the sicko if Donna Shalala were to have gotten drunk and endangered human life like that?

Thank God we have a President that has better self-control. But after seeing the product they are putting out there against high school teams for their home fans, I can understand why he would want to get tanked. I just wish he had called a cab before doing so much damage to property and then running from justice like that, reminds me of a certain sicko troll that runs from justice.

curse matchen, is that you behind the wheel?

Ill take 80% and some national Titles................U 27 FSU 24. They always choke fellas....

Really impressive accomplishment. I am proud of my school. For those football players who don't make it in the NFL, they have a degree they can be proud of and that will help them begin a different career. I hope parents of recruits are paying attention.

How many Science, Business or Engineering degrees are among these totals? one? Two tops?---Cut the crap! Basket weaving, psychology, and Sports information degrees are absolutely worthless. Hey Manny! Do a poll on how many of these former student athletes received opportunities based on their educations or their connections? These are worthless statistics used to make a few administrators feel good about themselves and the blatant hypocrisy they represent.

as we can all see...UFraud has no one to report their pathetic graduation rates. Poor ole Jesse Simonton has to keep reporting on that retired battleship known as UFraud football. Oh yeah RABBLEROUSER, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE U!!!

One bad game doesn't mean that Vinny doesn't belong in the hall of fame. He's one of the most iconic players, Heisman trophy winner, and went on to have a good pro career. You could argue he's the best qb ever to play at miami.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | October 24, 2013 at 08:54 AM

You can argue it on your own if you like, but the proof is in the unecessary & ridiculous L. That old saying "one man didn't loose a game" didn't hold up that night, cause it was one man and one man alone that cost us that game.

I'm not sure why you threw psychology in there, but I'm guessing it is because you have a psychology degree and aren't doing to well. I have one, as do many of my colleagues, and we seem to be doing just fine.

Many former Miami players have gone on to successful careers outside of football. Would you rather have these players go into a minor league system and, when they don't make it, they are left with no education or degree and will never be admitted into a college? That is the alternative to the system currently in place. The system has its flaws but many of these kids are given an opportunity to earn a degree that they would not otherwise have.

Part of the problem for miami baseball has been losing most of there recruits to mlb draft. That didn't happen this year. They kept most of there top targets. Baseball should be better team this year then last.

This could be Morris' last stand. Another disappointing season and he should hang it up.

Florida State freshman linebacker Matthew Thomas will have season-ending shoulder surgery according to coach Jimbo Fisher.

Rabblerouser, you weak coward namechanging gatr troll, basketweaving is a Gainesville major, not a Miami one.

You take shots from compete ignorance, while players like Matt Pipho earn a Bachelor's of Science in Biology and go on to Medical School.

Rabblerouser, you dialup IP changing troll, Starcraft is a Gainesville major, not a Miami one.

You take shots from compete ignorance, while players like Joaquin Gonzalez earn the national Draddy Award also known as the Academic Heisman, the highest honor bestowed upon football scholar-athlete.

Rabblerouser, you storm-chased trailer troll, Agriculture is a Gainesville major, not a Miami one.

You take shots from compete ignorance, while players like Matt Walters and Jonathan Vilma are both named to the Verizon Academic All-America First Team.

You claim these are worthless statistics, yet YOUR school, with all their easier classes, somehow cannot even achieve those "worthless" levels that Miami is able to? Did you SEE the list of schools at the top of the list? Places like Duke, Harvard, Cornell, Miami, Stanford, Notre Dame, and Dartmouth do not give "worthless" diplomas, they AWARD life-changing diplomas to those that EARN them.

Don't worry, you have that token Vanderbilt score to keep your conference from getting shut out from the top. SEC! SEC! SEC!

Loser cannot attack our performance against his gatrs on the field, tries to attack our academics, and completely falls flat on his face, again.

Oh, and the cheap shot at psychology? Likely his headshrinker keeps telling him he doesn't need the meds, that he just needs a toothbrush, a bar of soap, and some laundry detergent. They sell that new-fangled detergent stuff in them new-fangled laudromats. It will take the sweat stains right out of those wife-beaters, Gallorouser.

congrats...but don't we have a game this week? Conference game? trap game?...U know darn well, Wake would love to play spoiler...they are playing better football...week after week...
some may say its only Wake; but I say do not take anyone for granted...we are not there...yet.
Manny/Susan - how about a breakdown of this game?
later, God Bless ya'

Hi MARK, in the comments, I gave a breakdown and so did Sunny Dee. I know we are not journalists, but it does give you some information about our upcoming opponent, who BTW dominated the formerly ranked Maryland Terrapins while we were struggling with UNC. I am sure nobody here has taken that game for granted.

In fact, I think that is why it is so close to selling out, because so many folks have seen how exciting our games have been so far and they want to be there live.

Why go to Harvard or Yale???

But in summary, their QB Price is our biggest worry. Their scoring defense is our second worry, and their wide receiver is our third worry, but he is tied to how well the QB ends up doing.

Three touchdown spread, because Vegas still doesn't know that we gift late TDs when we have a big lead.

Sunny D has a 21 point spread, I but it at about two TDs worth, but that is due to us now having Crawford running it in in place of settling for FGs.

MH, to marry a smart rich girl, of course!

Sunny Dee, UGoCane, WestCoastCane, and others, what do you think of this idea?

We went through three years of lies of a death penalty and negative recruiting out of Gainesville, leading to the loss of players like Andre Debose, Quinton Dunbar, and Jay-Nard Bostwick. After seeing how their gatr careers have gone, I bet all three are regretting that move now. But now the cloud of the NCAA is gone, the rankings are in our pocket and not theirs, and suddenly the prospect of joining the fourth team in the state must look like a bad idea for some of our local high school seniors. So maybe it is time for a little justified retaliation and spreading some TRUTH to these recurits instead of the agriculture fertilizer tossed from the trailers up north.

The gatrs have an atrocious offense, and their offensive side recruits are logically starting to panic. However, should the Canes make any effort at going after some of the State of Miami four star players, with the two remaining spots we have now that we know there are only 3 slots removed per year on average?

Dalvin Cook RB - Nah, we already have a better one in Joseph Yearby.
Will Grier QB - Nah, we already have a better one in Brad Kaaya.
Nolan Kelleher OL - Nah, we already have FOUR better ones in Trevor Darling, Reilly Gibbons, Nick Linder, and Kc McDermott.

Ermon Lane WR - Yes, let's focus on this one. He will have Williams and Kaaya throwing to him, or he can stick with (snicker) Driskell.

The gatrs have an exhausted defense, and their defensive side four star recruits are logically starting to panic, too. However, should the Canes make any effort at going after any of them?

Duke Dawson, J.C. Jackson, Chris Lammons, and Quincy Wilson DB - Nah. Our DBs are doing so well these guys would never see the field, with the exception of Wilson, who we have not offered because of his academic standing.

Khairi Clark DT - Yes, let's focus on this one. Muschamp has been feeding him the same line he gave Bryan Cox Jr and Jaynard Bostwick, that he would start immediately. But if he looks at both rosters, he will see that UF is loaded with freshmen defensive linemen, and so he would be stuck on the bench until all of those players graduate, while Miami is very senior-laden, so he would have the chance to step up immediately. We will even let him call himself "Tiger Two".

So, if Golden robs those two from the sinking ship, they will not only help Miami, they will be grateful.

Ermon and Khairi:

Ask Bostwick, Purifoy, and Morrison what it is like to have their coach throw them under the bus instead of support them.
Ask Driskell what it was like to have to go out there with a porus line and an injury the week before from the Canes, and end up being knocked out for the year.
Ask Dubose and Easley what it is like to get no comfort after their injury as they sit on the sidelines as their team tanks thanks to their poor conditioning program.

Then ask Malcolm Lewis who was the first person to comfort him after his injury, and who was the first person to set up a play for him the the spring game to celebrate his return in style.
Ask Duke Johnson about how the coaches cared more for his well-being than in just winning the game when they pulled him from the North Carolina game.
Ask Scott and Porter how their conditioning and rehab with UTough and Swasey have helped them return to their positions on the team.

Then think again about which school will give you the better education as this article shows, the better ranking as the polls show, and the better future as the NFL rosters show.

The choice is clear Mr. Lane and Mr. Clark, go to a place where players like Riley Cooper actively hate blacks, or come to Miami, where they hire blacks all the way up to head coach, where they can succeed or fail on their merits, not just picking good old white boys from Texas when a top opening appears.

College baseball recruiting is very tricky. Target too high and the $ is too much to resist and they go pro.

Any Cane recruits better than the 8th round have always gone pro.

So, you need to target good, up and coming players. Not easy to do.

I agree with other posters, though. It is time for Morris to have a great year, or hang up the ole spikes.

FIVE TITLES (you'll need to change that to SIX TITLES in 1-2 years):

I'm on board 100% with what you said....

WE know CoACG G And staff have been on their phones to all the 4-5Stars since the NCAA story broke....

WE ARE GONNA KILL IT in recruiting this year...

The 4-5STARS all over the country are gonna be banging in the door to get onto The U TRAIN.... full speed ahead b*tches!!!!!

IN FACT i expect a number of transfer requests when the season ends...Don't be surprised if we get a GATOR or NOLE to ask to join THE U....


Mike James will be starting for the Bucs tonight...NFL "U"!!!

Thanks, WestCoastCane!

Gallo, can you make a casualty list for gators (which after five minutes became this humongous list of failures) like
C Johnson,
Van Aman,
K Johnson,

and add this latest one to your list?

Kelvin Taylor - Burned his redshirt year for 172 yards of non-impact running and a wasted touchdown against Missouri.

After all, fair is fair, if you can have a list that includes a player that was delayed three days by the NCAA Clearinghouse, then we can include players that were kicked off the team or abandoned the team at the first sign of trouble, right?

GatorKillerCane, and of course another problem is that baseball does not get full scholarships, so going to a high quality expensive private school like Miami at 50% is still far more than going to some low class state diploma mill at half the price.

I agree with the rest that Morris needs to produce this year or step aside. He can do like Ron Frasier and move upward in the system, but he needs to give a smooth transfer to the next generation of coaches that can combat the negative techniques of people like Martin and Sullivan and their dirty tricks ilk. Martin goes around telling people that Morris is the wrong religion to manage baseball, and Sullivan had those SEC umpires working overtime for him lately in games against the Canes.

JD has gotten some improvement in the team in his first year back, but maybe a small school coach might be a better choice, trained on how to deal with less, but then given the riches that is our Miami Hurricanes tradition of Championships and a high class facility like Mark Light Stadium.

The real Jim Gallo, who is no doubt reading this, is semi-retired like the cowardly douchebag he is.

He will, however, appear should the Canes lose to FSU. He will provide lists, attacks, "I told you so's" and pleny of "lol" and "green pea."

He is a classic Gatr maggot.


Great pump-up video just posted on the left side there in the twitter feed. Great to see the players having fun, like the Heat players did with their Harlem Shake video.

4653 seats left, I got my five a long time ago, the rest will have to take care of their own seats.

Best part will be seeing the Canes Walk for the first time since the NCAA backed off.

And of course another Canes win.

Good Jim,

Are you suggesting that juggalo is an unemployed loser, living off a government subsistence because he is too lazy and too odorous to be hired by any company, and that even when he goes in for his welfare checks, the staff hands out clothespins as noseplugs?

You are right.


Looks like he is a real catch, good thing she got away from him.

Posted by: Five Titles | October 24, 2013 at 03:29 PM

Five Titles, we need Dalvin Cook in this class. He seemed to have really developed this year. I don't know where I read this, but it is one of the websites.

I'd like to see the Canes make a huge push for Cook. I think he has the potential to flip to join his teammate, especially in light of the Gator's offensive troubles. I also think Pease will be fired at the end of the season. I agree they should go after Lane and Clark too. I think these players were all influenced by the looming sanctions.

Miami Hurricanes Football It's Called Swagger


GREAT Pump up video of the Canes, to get you ready for Saturday.

Gentlemen, if we get Cook, I won't be upset, but we only have two spots left.

I would rather get Lane and Clark over Cook, since we already have Yearby.

And I am uncomfortable with overloading from one school the way we did with the Northwestern 8. I want them to know that they are in a new school with new responsibilities, and having new people around them that push them to be better is an improvement over a group of guys that think you were just fine in high school.

I am not sure I can post it here, but the following is from Pete Ariz (http://www.canesinsight.com/content/2103-The-Work-10-24)

"There is talk that Miami’s chances of flipping either Sony Michel or Dalvin Cook are steadily increasing. In all honesty, don’t read into any of the comments Dalvin Cook makes to reporters because he tells people what they want to hear. I know that his brother (DeAndre Burnett – freshman guard on Miami’s basketball team) is still on him hard to make the switch and the local pressure is building up as well. With Michel, there is now talk that he will visit Miami in the coming months and the fact that his brother Marken has yet to enroll at Georgia has left the door open for Miami to pull off a power move (for now, Marken is scheduled to enroll at UGA in January). For those asking why Miami would still recruit Michel/Cook with Joseph Yearby and Brandon Powell committed…. Powell is a versatile football player who is open to playing multiple positions and Miami’s running back talent is simply not where it should be. Anytime you have the chance to add a 5-star talent, you do it."

aaaAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH, says the angry five douches the h-mo. "we'll get your best recruits yet, you darned gators . AAAAaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh."
" we have a trap game with the great forest demons who are very good, more of the same type of opponent we struggle against, the ACC-few wins-lots of losses-no good teams" AAAAaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh."

BWWWHAHHHAHAH. What a douchebag.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | October 24, 2013 at 04:12 PM

lmao at that....

Posted by: Timmy Tebow's CFL contract | October 24, 2013 at 04:15

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gator_clause/2013/10/searching-for-solutions-.html#storylink=cpy


So Vinny had a bad night...it doesn't negate his significance in Miami history. You can't hate the players that lose and love the ones who win.

Looks like jlo the h-mo got his tail burned and is back to cut and paste. Him or some other Gatr Trash.

Sucks to suck, Gatr Trash. It's going to be a loooooooooooooong decade of mediocrity.

No Teblow = No success for the Gatr Trash.

Muscrap will leave. Pease will be fired. Recruits will abandon ship. This is going to be fun.

CanesJunkie: Physically, VT had it all. But could not think on two feet.

Best ever out of UM: Jim Kelly

Kosar: Very smart.
Walsh: Smart, but couldn't throw.
Collins: Never got a chance, and U know why.
Kelly: Was good, but never got in games long enough to form an opinion.
Dorsey: Slow at moving away from the ball; played on a stacked team; the most overrated QB ever to play college football.
Costa: Good, just seems like he could have been better.
Toretta: One of the greatest leaders ever at UM. Definitely the best leader of this bunch.
Erickson: An also ran.
Berlin: Was good, still never really got a chance.
Marve: A whiner. Mentally not tough. J12 flat out took his job and he cried about it.


So Vinny had a bad night...it doesn't negate his significance in Miami history. You can't hate the players that lose and love the ones who win.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | October 24, 2013 at 05:05 PM

I'm not sure how you came to this conclusion, but what testaverde did is unheard of, go and find me anybody from any school who did what testaverde did in a national championship game with a team like ours. 5 picks and most of them phantom throws, dorsey threw a phantom pick in that ohigho fake game and got away with almost throwing at least 2 more. Something tells me the fiesta bowl is not a good place for overrated UM qb's to be.

I will say this about vinny, he was good at scrambling since he didn't know when to release the ball alot of times. He did a good job but we won alot of games back than simply because our defense barely let teams get across the 50 yard line and 3 & outs were normal, and alot of times we were surprised when a team actually got a first down.

Thanks, Football! That was a great bit of info, showing that I am not the only one hoping these players reconsider after they were tricked early on by some false negative recruiting.

Posted by: Five TItles | October 24, 2013 at 03:29 PM

Nice job, bro.

Thanks IMAWriter!

Keep Writing, Man!


I am letting the latest unprovoked attack on me above slide, let's see if he backs off or escalates.

Call it a science experiment. If he leaves me alone, I do the same, I am always a man of peace.

Otherwise, self-defense is legal in the State of Florida.

Well Calvina if Vinnie just cost us that game then answer me this, just how many games did Jacory Harris Cost us. That would be just about everyone he played in, U freakin idiot.

Oh and J12: Three OC's and played most of the time hurt and injured. Was poorly coached, but he's on my team all day long.

Good, cause that ain't a team that would concern anybody.

Looks like sidcane the h-mo got his tail burned and is back to cut and paste. Him or some other scUM.

Sucks to suck, cane Trash. It's going to be a loooooooooooooong decade of mediocrity.

Goldencrap will remain mediocre. Onofrio will be fired. Recruits will abandon ship.
Wait until we play a real team, it's gonna get ugly but this is going to be fun.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | October 24, 2013 at 05:10 PM

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