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Kudos to Miami Hurricanes for impressive off-field accomplishments -- reason to be proud

Nice job off the field by the Miami Hurricanes. Here's the news, via UM.

Eight teams compiled perfect GSR marks of 100 percent

 CORAL GABLES, Fla. – The University of Miami recorded a Graduation Success Rate (GSR) of 92 percent, according to the rates released Thursday by the NCAA.

 For the second straight year, Miami’s department-wide GSR ranks fourth among ACC schools and eighth overall among FBS programs. UM has exceeded the NCAA average GSR in each of the last nine years. In 2012, Miami set a school-record with a 93 percent GSR, a year after establishing a then-record at 89 percent.

 “We set a high standard for our Hurricanes to achieve excellence in all academic and athletic pursuits,” said David Wyman, Associate AD for Academic Services. “The growth we have witnessed in our Graduation Success Rates is remarkable and we continue to produce tremendous results.  In less than 10 years, we have improved our rate by 15 percentage points and we are now a national leader in the most important academic performance measure.”

 Eight teams compiled GSR marks of 100 percent. Men’s diving and golf each posted their ninth consecutive perfect marks, while women’s tennis recorded its sixth straight GSR score of 100 percent. Baseball, women’s track & field / cross country, rowing, women’s swimming and volleyball also tallied perfect GSR scores. It was volleyball’s third straight year with a perfect GSR; rowing and women’s swimming posted perfect scores for the second straight year.

 “I am very proud of our student-athletes, coaches and staff, whose vigilance in academics lays the groundwork for graduation,” said Blake James, Miami AD. “One of our goals as a program is to graduate every student-athlete and I am proud that we are getting close.  By earning a degree from the University of Miami, our student-athletes are ready to achieve excellence in life.  Congratulations to our coaches, staff and especially our student-athletes.”

 Baseball had the largest jump of any UM program, improving by 20 points (80 to 100) and has improved by 40 points (60 to 100) since 2010.

 The NCAA Graduation Success Rate (GSR) was developed in response to college and university presidents who wanted graduation data that more accurately reflect the mobility among college students today. Both rates improve on the federally mandated graduation rate by including students who were omitted from the federal calculation.

 The GSR measures graduation rates at Division I institutions and includes students transferring into the institutions. The GSR also allows institutions to subtract student-athletes who leave their institutions prior to graduation as long as they would have been academically eligible to compete had they remained.

 The most recent Division I Graduation Success Rates are based on the four entering classes from 2003-2004 through 2006-07. More than 110,000 student-athletes are included in the most recent four classes using the GSR methodology, as compared to about 79,500 in the federal rate. The NCAA began compiling these figures with the entering freshmen class of 1995.


SPORT                                                                    SCORE

Baseball                                                                 100

Men’s Diving                                                         100

Women’s Track & Field / Cross Country          100

Rowing                                                                   100

Women’s Golf                                                       100

Women’s Swimming                                            100

Women’s Tennis                                                  100

Volleyball                                                               100

Women’s Basketball                                            93

Soccer                                                                    91

Men’s Track & Field / Cross Country                88

Football                                                                  86

Men’s Basketball                                                  85

Men’s Tennis                                                        75

Earlier this year, three Hurricanes teams received APR Public Recognition Awards for being among the top 10 percent in APR – men’s basketball, women’s cross country and women’s golf. Six teams scored 980 or better out of a possible 1,000 points – baseball (983), men’s basketball (990), men’s tennis (993), women’s cross country (1,000), women’s golf (1,000) and women’s swimming (989).



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I'm not sure how you came to this conclusion, but what testaverde did is unheard of, go and find me anybody from any school who did what testaverde did in a national championship game with a team like ours. 5 picks and most of them phantom throws, dorsey threw a phantom pick in that ohigho fake game and got away with almost throwing at least 2 more. Something tells me the fiesta bowl is not a good place for overrated UM qb's to be.

I will say this about vinny, he was good at scrambling since he didn't know when to release the ball alot of times. He did a good job but we won alot of games back than simply because our defense barely let teams get across the 50 yard line and 3 & outs were normal, and alot of times we were surprised when a team actually got a first down.

Posted by: Calvin | October 24, 2013 at 05:36 PM


Well, well, well...imagine Calvin inferring he knows more about college football than all of the ex-Heisman winners who voted Vinny the best player in the land his senior year.

Without Vinny Miami would have never beat Oklahoma that year nor would they have qualified for the national championship game.

And then when it appears that you can't post anything more stupid than the Vinny comments you take a deep breath and start attacking Ken Dorsey.

Ken Dorsey is a two time national champion, led undefeated teams, demonstrated leadership that set the tone for the great Canes teams he played on and was a brilliant student of the game.

Yet, Calvin claims Ken was the most overrated QB in college football history.

Now I ask the 'REAL' Canes fans to answer this question. Do you think Gator fans make those claims about Tim Tebow and Danny Wuerffel??

And by the way...I would take Vinny and Ken over the Gators Tim and Danny every single time.

Calvin lectures us the Jacory was a great QB, but claims Vinny and Ken were terrible...this Calvin clown is a hater and is completely insane.

Ron Zook: U have reached a new low: McGahee, Reed, Portis, Johnson, McKinney, Joseph, just to name a few were on that team. They got drafted and U might want to start the Hall of Fame conversation right now about Reed and Johnson. Dorsey is not.

U are very dumb, Sir: Dorsey was one of the worst college QB's to ever play, forget football, college sports period. He got drafted in the 7th round by the 49ers and they took him because he's a native Californian and because they felt sorry for him.

Give me J12, Ryan Collins, Brock Berlin, who could play, Kenny Kelly, Walsh, who could not really throw the long ball, and, yes, Marve, any day over that horrible Dorsey.

Teblow and Wuerffel were placeholders. Tim was a system QB under Urban Crier. Vinny was not really that bad, he simply wasn't a "thinker" and we know that sports is mathematical and a thinking mans game. Why do U think some people succeed at sports and other don't, Sir?

Zook: Do us a favor and go back to knitting.

Cool Cat.. bro.. you are out of your mind if you would take Marve over Dorsey. I'll listen to what you have to say and try to understand your side but that Marve stuff is just stupid talk. no no no! Dorsey was a great game manager and got the ball to the play makers. Marve didn't do anything but suck.

Posted by: MovingZen | October 24, 2013 at 08:34 PM

It goes to show you 'Cool 'Cat really doesn't have a clue. We'll call him Uncool from now on.

You know what we can put to rest, even tho I like to see those 4 n 5 stars next to U players, but Driskell was the #1 qb in FL 2 yrs ago wasnt he? And now how does Jacoby BRiscoe feel that he left this summer , he could have been a sophmore starter at the U. He signed when UF signed Driskell knowing he was going to start, and then leaves........

my point is other than a Duke johnson , a difference maker, the difference between rivals #45 player and 255 is tiny , minoooote, and no one knows how they will develop.

Dorsey was a winner at the end of the day and his legacy speaks for itself. A no-nonsense QB that just won and never craved the spotlight. The epitome of QB[]_[].

I can't believe you all are comparing Hurricanes. That's not the []_[] way. We spread love. Lets talk WF Xs and Os. Lets move on from this division of family.

I'm not questioning your fan-hood, just whether you understand what the []_[] represents.

as much as I love Vinnie T, those were some great U teams, he actually did cost us that game. it was still 14-10 and we had the ball inside the 10 even with 4 picks, and dominating the game....

Just think. I know its what ifs, but we actually were there , if vinnie doesnt throw 5 pix, if in 1988 notre dame game we had instant replay there is no fumble, and the 03 fiesta flag doesnt get CALLEd. 3 plays counting vinnies' last interceptions, WE HAVE 8 n not 5 rings. 3 playes.
1 87 Fiesta bowl 5th interception in end zone
2. 88 notre dame touchdown called a fumble, lost by 1
3. 03 fiesta, GAME WAS OVER, refs call a flag.

That would be 8 titles in 30 yrs counting THE DOWN YRS thats dominance

The Solution

Fortunately, Stephen Morris is an excellent QB with great form and all the physical tools needed to be great. A few minor adjustments can help fix this:

1.Leave a tight end in to block. This will give Morris more time to throw. With the weapons the Canes have at receiver, they will be able to work open.

2.Mix up the play calling. All eight of Morris’ Interceptions have come on third down or 2nd and long, situations where the defense can pin their ears back if they aren’t willing to run on those downs. The Canes have actually been running on 2nd and medium, but perhaps throwing on first down to loosen up the defense will both build up Morris’ confidence and put them in positive run/pass situations. Also, on 3rd and medium/long, I know it might be seen as a give-up play, but the Canes can mix in some draw plays to slow the pass rush.

3.Learn to take sacks. Last year, Morris was sacked 17 times. This year, he has only been sacked three times (on pace for six). Part of that is improved offensive line play. But part of it is also because on plays where Morris would take sacks last year, he is trying to make plays. Discretion might be the better part of valor.

Stephen Morris has always been a bit streaky, but he is capable of playing much better than he has been lately. One of the reasons that his interceptions have come in bunches the last two games is that teams are becoming aware that the only way to disrupt Miami’s passing game is to pressure Morris. Their receivers are almost impossible to cover. With time, Morris throws a perfect ball. Now Miami must respond to the way teams are defending them by varying tendencies, staying out of obvious passing situations, and being willing to settle for some negative plays in order to avoid the catastrophic ones. The good news is the talent is there to do it, and that the adjustments needed are minor.

Al Golden recognized the issue after the North Carolina game, saying Morris was just trying to do too much. He also said they would get it corrected. Now we’ll wait and see. The trajectory of the Canes’ season will likely be determined by that, because they can’t continue to survive four-turnover performances.

Vishnu Parasuraman is a consultant in the Washington, D.C., Metro Area and an editor of the Sebastian’s Pub blog. His work has also been seen on Grantland. He is a graduate of the University of Miami with an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

Zook: Do us a favor and go back to knitting.

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | October 24, 2013 at 07:51 PM


No problem sweetheart...send me your bra size and I'll knit you one up.

I see trap games and upsets this week. Don't take the cheese!

Hey Zook, just the last statement by Cool Cat proves that he is just as big an idiot as Gallober and Calvina. They are not even worth a rebuttal.

Dorsey was a great game mgr. Steve Walsh believe it or not was great. Didnt have the rocket arm, but U can always count on him bringing us back. The 87 FSU game down 19-3 on the road at tally, 88 Michigan game at Michigan miami was down 18 or 20 in 4th qtr at the 100k people stadium and we won. Even that 88 Notre Dame game we got down big and missed 2pt conversion for the win.

I would take Walsh as our best game mgr, Kosar and Vinnie for talent , Erickson and Morris had rocket arms.

I say we lay a beatdown this week on Wake and a statement game.............Hope Fsu doesnt lose to NC STATE,. NC state has beaten them like 4-5 times in last 7 or 8 yrs FYI. As then coming home they would b pissed off. SO I am hoping we are both undefeated when we go up to tally

2. Winston is do for a freshman game. IF you take out clemson as being overrated since they were down at home to BC in 4th qtr, he really hasnt played anyone yet? The won 48-34 vs BC, thats it

Honestly, who's ever overrated Dorsey...?

There's a damn good reason why he was drafted in the 5th or 6th, or whatever round...

Dude was an efficient, game-manager...Period.

I was gonna say over-valued, but can you really over-value a guy who went out and did his job, 90% of the time??

No nfl team drafts players because they feel bad for them. If anything, they draft kids they probably wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley just bc thwy can play.

Dang Cool what did KD ever do to you man, steal your girlfriend? Here's the thing when I talk or hear greatest Cane and what not, I think College Football only. KD was a great CF QB, his some gaudy number of wins and 2 losses (never lost a home game) speaks for themself.

And by the way, I consider Tommie Frazier to be the greatest College Football player I ever saw play.

Good cool cat you can put J12 on your team and be a loser.
Where japicky at now? What stellar tem is he starting at?

The thing that made Dorsey "Great" was that he almost never played outside of himself.

Never tried to be a superhero, or throw away the map...Stayed in his lane, and made sure all the talent around him was in position to do what they did.

The question is... if KD DID have a huge arm, and/or mobility...would he have approached the game the same way...particularly if he still had all that talent around him.

CAREER: The latest in a long line of outstanding University of Miami quarterbacks...has distinguished himself from his predecessors at UM by breaking several career school records and setting a new standard of winning for a Miami QB...an excellent student who is a three-time BIG EAST All-Academic Team member (2000, 2001, 2002)...the 2002 BIG EAST Offensive Player of the Year who shared the award with teammate Willis McGahee...holds BIG EAST career records for touchdown passes, passing yards, pass completions and pass attempts...prominently mentioned in the Miami record books for career completion percentage (4th at 57.9%), touchdown passes thrown (1st with 86), passing yards (1st with 9,565) and total offense (1st with 9,165 yards)...compiled a remarkable touchdowns-to-interceptions ratio of 86 TDs/28 INTs in his career...owns four of the highest single-season completion percentage totals in UM history, having completed 57.9 percent in 2001, 58.4 percent in 2000 (11th in UM history) and 61.7 percent in 1999 (3rd) and 56.5 percent in 2002...has compiled an astounding 38-2 record as a starting quarterback at Miami, the best winning percentage in UM history...is the winningest quarterback in Miami history with 38 victories, a total that also ranks among the best in the history of college football...holds school career records for career touchdown passes, passing yards, pass attempts, pass completions, victories...has been named BIG EAST Offensive Player of the Week seven times during his career (three times in 2002), the most ever by a Miami Hurricane...particularly effective in clutch situations, completing 205 of 333 (61.6%) attempts for 2,531 yards, 25 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions on third down passes during his career and 91 of 158 (57.6%) attempts for 1,359 yards, 11 touchdowns, and only 1 interception in fourth quarters of games during his Miami career.

Hey Zook, just the last statement by Cool Cat proves that he is just as big an idiot as Gallober and Calvina. They are not even worth a rebuttal.

Posted by: championships is all that matters | October 24, 2013 at 09:17 PM


You are right my man...Cool Cat, Calvin and Gallo live to slam former and current UM players. Their comments demonstrate that they have no idea about the game and spend their Saturday's at the Pee-Wee games trying to convince the Mom's they are football experts.

Go Canes!!

Cool Cat,

Only you would bench to hiesman winners and one maxwell winner for jacory. You gonna wear a pimp suit on the sidelines?

Cool Cat,

Who is your rb on the all bust team? I'm guessing you'd go with that snitch Tyrone Moss.

Alll bust team.

Jacory Harris
Tyrone Moss

Who else?

Lance Legget, Marcus Forsten, Ian Symonette.

Aldarius 'brick hands' Johnson.


That 88 Michigan game was the FIRST TIME i really watched college football and it was my first semester at UM...


Went over to see what was up and that game was on...






It's CRICKETS over there....


Moving zen- cool cat has some weird racist obsession against Ken Dorsey. Marve over Dorsey- That says it all. I will address that stupidity: Marve had not one buttwo chances to prove his worth- bytransferring to a spread option offense (Purdue) more suited to his high school style. Guess what- he failed miserably

Did Marve end up in the pros? No
DId Jacorry get drafted? No
Did Kyle Wright, Kirby Freeman? No

Only Brock berlin and Ken Dorsey out of these ever made it to teh NFL and played. Dont matter how they did (e.g Tim Tebow)

Therefore, Cool cat, you know nothing racist please sit your chump a55 down and shut up

I said this yesterday, and I'll say it today, Dorsey was 39-2, and the 'Field General', one of the top 3 qb's EVER at the U. Vinny won the Heisman, oh yeah, he was terrible. Once AGAIN Calvin shows his STUPIDITY!!!

FYI, guess who is the Carolina Panthers quarterback coach...Our very own Ken Dorsey!!!!

I agree on the recruiting line up and the openings we now have to select future 'Canes. The confirmation now is that CG has the trump card to play if needed in his back pocket.

One of the most positive things to come out of the NCAA fiasco is that players now see that "all of a class will not enter the NFL."
Therefore to say as a Recruit "I need a school with a good academic record" becomes very important, and shows the priorities of the 'U' to it's prospective athletes in ALL Sports.

I have stated many times that my degree from the 'U' opened many doors and started relationships in the business world that last to this day.

Education is what College is all about. Sports yes, but the tool to use to buy your groceries, and that will keep you alive, and successful in the future, is that Degree, long after Football is a memory.

I will continue to enter into the Vinny debate, ( my thoughts have been on record here) but I will say that in answer to Dom, speculation and the whole "woulda, coulda, shoulda, after the fact can be applied to anything".

Reality we have 5 rings. Fact . Period.

We can also spend all day talking about how many rings we could have had. Reality is looking at you my friend. 5.

To blame any player for a loss does not do justice or respect the work and performance of ALL the players on that team. How many 'Canes were on that field?. Who called the play? Did everyone run the correct route?.
We don't know so to call out Vin is ludicrous.

Dom let us know if a player who played 21 years in the bigs was not that good because he threw an INT. at the wrong time, and therefore does not deserve the Hall?.

We need to be analytic in our thinking and not let raw first impulse emotion run away with our opinion.
You don't get a Heisman at the 'U' every time you strap up as the QB( except for Gino). The name on the Heisman also denotes something others did not achieve.

Vin is well deserved of this accolade and you could never meet a nicer humble guy.
Quiet with no Rah, Rah B*******. Vin prefers to be under the radar, and family oriented, never pushing or forcing himself into the limelight.

Give him these moments to enjoy the 'U' for a good piece of work as our QB "back in the day".

Give the guy the moment to enjoy..
Go 'Canes

Linda robertson is a horrible writer. need to fire her asap

One Hurricanes player said Al Golden got emotional talking to the team after the NCAA saga concluded Tuesday.

ROFL, now i have to prove i can actually coach & recruit now, waaahhhhh, it's going to be real hard to cover for my boy in the 500 club, waaahhh.

Is coach goldie (with his minions) a championship caliber headcoach, this question, which is the only question will be answered shortly.

Instead of crying and caressing injured players, it's time to use that fuel to actually build an intimidating defense again. As long as we have this soft scheme, nobody will fear our defense again. Nobody fears a zone defense, to many wholes & plays to be made. If a team has some real good tackles, you hang up the 3-4 being effective because the d-tackles are not being asked to get up field and push the pocket immediately.

F@%K []_[] Cool Cat. You're an idiot and no real fan of The []_[] if that is the way you refer to former 'Canes players. Dorsey left it all out on the field and damn near won this program 2 National Championships. The years he piloted this team were amongst the most exciting in Canes history so go suck on Randy's dong bubs.

please....the fraud will be exposed on golden/dnofrio.....just watch ass highlights of nc game......

this team is just OK....nowhere near old time cane teams.....shannon did a better job.....morris at this point and the team as a whole should be killing these teams....

1-5 last place coastal division team gets 500 yards on this team?...give me a break....

10:09 is 1st and Morris under-throws for INT...thats no injury....hagens wide open on nc 8 yrd line and the ball sails over his head with not 1 nc player anywhere near him......

UM's defensive line su...ks...plain and simple. No penetration most of the game.....

fsu would have shut UM out 56-0 that day......this is all the coaches fault....the game plans both offensively/defensively are basic vanilla stuff....

500 defensive yards.....pathetic

Guys, there can be more than 2 spots left. 1. there is always 3-5 kids that leave due to knowing they wont see the field, bad issues.

2. 2-4 kids usually go to prep school

3. So we can take 32=34 in this class, 6-7 more I would bet. There are too many studs left uncommtted to pass them up

FSU gave up 34 points a few weeks back to bC, clemson gave up 10..........so FSU/CLEM game was just a bad game.


Tyriq mccord is going to knock Winston out of the game.

Is Linda Robertson pretending to be a controversial journalist. or is she just clueless?

The self imposed sanctions plus the NCAA imposed sanctions PLUS the cloud of uncertainty we lived under for 3 years was excessive punishment. Manzel "case" decided on a weekend with no witnesses called who claim he took $ and we get 3 years of torture.

Linda, go write in some podunk SEC home town weekly newspaper.

Calvin is the most overrated poster in NCAA blog history.

morris confidence is shaken....a SENIOR cant connect with his receivers consistently....there is no excuse for that at this point in the season....were talking a senior team here.....

winston is 1000 times better than morris....you don't go into death valley at almost 80% win ratio for Clemson there and take apart those guys like he did....that was no fluke....

fsu defense will shut UM out....thats a given.....all this cane bravado is all against loser teams....

golden/dnofrio and im afraid to say coley who has been a disapointment....(he is respnsible for morris play) are gonna get exposed big time.....no more sanction excuses......3 years to build the team....has his "U tough" lol program.....no more weak teams left after wake with the exception of duke...

vt wins coastal.....i don't see UM winning it, sorry

Gee wiz what a shock that Cool Cat thinks every black QB at UM didn't get a chance. Shall we next dance about his greatest coach in history RS. For Cool Cats poor memory Kenny Kelly was an erratic streaky thrower. I still remember him over throwing Bubba Franks!!! And many others. That is why he was replaced not his race!! How can anyone do that. please take your racist act elsewhere besides this blog please!!!!!

Zook, hate to correct you, because your posts are generally spot on (your Dorsey synopsis of Dorsey's 3rd and 4th qtr performance was superb), but CAT/CAL/GAL have all been banned from pee wee games and for all the right reasons.

Sure, Calvina, we have too many wholes (sic) in our defense. Your judgement skewed by the holes in your head.


It's CRICKETS over there....


Posted by: WestCoastCane "

Why do you keep bringing up the Gators here girlie man?
I mean, you are undefeated, over ranked at #7 and having such a "great" year, who cares about the Gators?
Let's see how many Gator related names we got here........GatorKillerCane and Ron Zook just on this story, many more on others.
What's up with all the Gator envy? Why can't you dames let it go?
Five idiots, are you going to spend all night again searching for some 1970s post to rationalize your Gator obsession?
Worry about the next "trap" game. You know Mighty Wake Forest is sooooooooo dangerous. Right.
You don't want to be called delusional yet you imbeciles claim Clemson was over rated, and you are so much better than them that you will take care of FSU.
Gator envy and delusional thoughts, no way to go through life ladies.

According to Galloinda the clueless, the NOles will shut us out-- "that's a given". When we score I just wish it were a given you'd go away. Permanently, and not just from this blog.

Why are the Tennis players so stupid ?

Fake, fake gallo.

1. it is still 21-16
2. Louisville driving again
3. Muskrat trying to explain he has an offense
4. Recruits running away, except the ones who live nowhere and think Gainseville looks attractive.

scUM.....U screwed...



Posted by: WestCoastCane filled with Gator envy

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gator_clause/2013/10/searching-for-solutions-.html#storylink=cpy

Since Miami has 2 solid-on-down runners in THE DUKE and Crawford, I would like to see the Canes pound the ball against a surging Wake Forest team.

Because everyone knows that Stevie has been in a spinning down cycle and establishing the running game will make it easier on both Morris and the fleet corp of Hurricane wide-outs. dUh

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