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Kudos to Miami Hurricanes for impressive off-field accomplishments -- reason to be proud

Nice job off the field by the Miami Hurricanes. Here's the news, via UM.

Eight teams compiled perfect GSR marks of 100 percent

 CORAL GABLES, Fla. – The University of Miami recorded a Graduation Success Rate (GSR) of 92 percent, according to the rates released Thursday by the NCAA.

 For the second straight year, Miami’s department-wide GSR ranks fourth among ACC schools and eighth overall among FBS programs. UM has exceeded the NCAA average GSR in each of the last nine years. In 2012, Miami set a school-record with a 93 percent GSR, a year after establishing a then-record at 89 percent.

 “We set a high standard for our Hurricanes to achieve excellence in all academic and athletic pursuits,” said David Wyman, Associate AD for Academic Services. “The growth we have witnessed in our Graduation Success Rates is remarkable and we continue to produce tremendous results.  In less than 10 years, we have improved our rate by 15 percentage points and we are now a national leader in the most important academic performance measure.”

 Eight teams compiled GSR marks of 100 percent. Men’s diving and golf each posted their ninth consecutive perfect marks, while women’s tennis recorded its sixth straight GSR score of 100 percent. Baseball, women’s track & field / cross country, rowing, women’s swimming and volleyball also tallied perfect GSR scores. It was volleyball’s third straight year with a perfect GSR; rowing and women’s swimming posted perfect scores for the second straight year.

 “I am very proud of our student-athletes, coaches and staff, whose vigilance in academics lays the groundwork for graduation,” said Blake James, Miami AD. “One of our goals as a program is to graduate every student-athlete and I am proud that we are getting close.  By earning a degree from the University of Miami, our student-athletes are ready to achieve excellence in life.  Congratulations to our coaches, staff and especially our student-athletes.”

 Baseball had the largest jump of any UM program, improving by 20 points (80 to 100) and has improved by 40 points (60 to 100) since 2010.

 The NCAA Graduation Success Rate (GSR) was developed in response to college and university presidents who wanted graduation data that more accurately reflect the mobility among college students today. Both rates improve on the federally mandated graduation rate by including students who were omitted from the federal calculation.

 The GSR measures graduation rates at Division I institutions and includes students transferring into the institutions. The GSR also allows institutions to subtract student-athletes who leave their institutions prior to graduation as long as they would have been academically eligible to compete had they remained.

 The most recent Division I Graduation Success Rates are based on the four entering classes from 2003-2004 through 2006-07. More than 110,000 student-athletes are included in the most recent four classes using the GSR methodology, as compared to about 79,500 in the federal rate. The NCAA began compiling these figures with the entering freshmen class of 1995.


SPORT                                                                    SCORE

Baseball                                                                 100

Men’s Diving                                                         100

Women’s Track & Field / Cross Country          100

Rowing                                                                   100

Women’s Golf                                                       100

Women’s Swimming                                            100

Women’s Tennis                                                  100

Volleyball                                                               100

Women’s Basketball                                            93

Soccer                                                                    91

Men’s Track & Field / Cross Country                88

Football                                                                  86

Men’s Basketball                                                  85

Men’s Tennis                                                        75

Earlier this year, three Hurricanes teams received APR Public Recognition Awards for being among the top 10 percent in APR – men’s basketball, women’s cross country and women’s golf. Six teams scored 980 or better out of a possible 1,000 points – baseball (983), men’s basketball (990), men’s tennis (993), women’s cross country (1,000), women’s golf (1,000) and women’s swimming (989).



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Miami is currently a ... - 23 1/2 point home favorite.

Nevertheless, CAVEAT EMPTOR y'all Cane degenerates. Eh. What say.

Because I SEE-r a comfortable DOUBLE-DIGIT victory by Goldie's squad on Saturday, yet Miami is prone to giving up a LATE cheap touchdown and what not.

Again, CAVEAT EMPTOR gambling bUms.

Vishnu Parasuraman is a consultant in the Washington, D.C., Metro Area and an editor of the Sebastian’s Pub blog. His work has also been seen on Grantland. He is a graduate of the University of Miami with an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

Posted by: Ron Zook | October 24, 2013 at 09:07 PM


Vishnu is one of the few BRIGHT Hurricane college football analysts in the cyberspace and what not.

Chit, Vishnu bloody well TRUMPS the vast majority of eoth/canespace touters and what not!! hUh

By the way, he has some very interesting, insightful opinions during the recent University of Miami, Florida Hurricane ordeal.

Oh, Carnegie Mellon ain't to shabby of a business college either.

Fake gallo....i have never cut and pasted anyting...not exactly sure how to do that....jlo poasts as me sometimes maybe its him. As far as calvin goes. Vinny deserves it. How many gator qbs lost a game? Answer....everyone of them. U have some people fooled ,but U sir are no Cane!

D is the guy who said bet the farm on Alabama in the A&M game. Anybody who listened to him then and acted on it no longer has a farm so now no need to pay attention.

Posted by: GatorKillerCane | October 25, 2013 at 12:58 PM


Voila! Now you can WEASEL your way back to that canespace/eoth. hUh

Posted by: GatorKillerCane | October 25, 2013 at 12:58 PM


I'm also the grand touter who said wager on U.C.L.A. vs Go BIGot REDneck.

There was also the moment I gave away a FREEBIE and said to bet on Roll Tide Roll vs. Beamer Ball.

And what about my gift to y'all Cane partisans. When I said wager the bloody UNDERS in the MIGHTY Gator vs. Miami, Florida game.

Oh wait, what about this one. I whispered to lay downs the cash on MIGHTY Wisconsin vs. Arizona St. A game which the hairy Badgers was ROBBED!!

And finally, the COUP DE GRACE was the late Saturday afternoon when I said B.Y.U. would win comfortably against Tejas!!

Again, WEASEL your way back to either eoth/canespace!!

I can't wait to see a NEAR CAPACITY Hurricane fan-dom in attendance at SLS at HIGH NOON tomorrow. dUh

Because to view 68,000 + Miami, Florida loyalists would be a breath of fresh air.

And Goldie's program absolutely deserves to be shown some bloody L-O-V-E after all the Hurricane A.D. and football program most of all, the players have gone through for 3 years. Give or take several weeks. dUh

Three day's and counting since we've had one article on the Herald sports page talking about our game with Wake Forest, in case you forgot we're playing them tomorrow. Oh, also what you won't have read about in the Herald is that we picked up another fine recruit, a 6"4, 324 lb tackle named Michael Wyche. I sure hope we don't lose to the Deacon Demons because we were looking ahead to the Noles.

D, any dope who listens to you lost it all on Alabama so rest is fluff.

Bob, good points. No wonder they are going under. Plenty of staff $ to pay Linda R to write nonsense in our home town about the Canes. Clueless.

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