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Hurricanes coach Al Golden: "Seantrel is a grown man. ...I'm going to let Seantrel speak for Seantrel."

Al Golden just spoke to us on his weekly day-after-the-game teleconference, and he made it clear that he's not going to be making excuses for or talking about right offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson.

Henderson, who was suspended for the Georgia Tech game for an undisclosed team violation, can speak for himself, indicated Golden. Now a senior, Henderson has been suspended at least three times as a member of this team. Golden said he'll be back with the team "tomorrow morning" and "moving forward.''

  Here's exactly what Al said about Henderson:

   "As it relates to Seantrel, here’s all I’ll say: Seantrel is a grown man. He’s not a freshman  or sophomore. He’s not in here with a new coach or new athletic director anymore. I’m going to let Seantrel speak for Seantrel. I’m not going to answer these questions for Seantrel anymore.

   "I think he needs to address it next time we’re available to the media. I’m going to let you guys ask the questions and let him address it. I think it’s really important that he stands up and takes responsibility and let him communicate that to you guys.

   "Let me make it clear though, he’s back with us tomorrow and we’re moving forward. As it relates to Seantrel let him answer your guys’ questions, but as it relates to our team, tomorrow morning when we get back there he’ll be with us and moving forward."

   Golden raved about the play of the offensive line in UM's win against Georgia Tech, saying the line was "fantastic.''

   The coach also said it's important that quarterback Stephen Morris fully heals before North Carolina, and that if Morris is hurting, he needs to communicate it to coaches and staff members during the week. 

   Your thoughts on Henderson? This line is obviously special, and will excel with or without him. However, if Henderson can't get it together, the numbers are thin enough to be worrisome.




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In fact, even after his attack, I agreed with AAYCE and pointed out how Duke was running with both hands on the ball late in the game, and discussed Seantrel, the point of this article. Let's not twist this into some claim that I have only been dealing with the lies of some sicko troll.

It's not Monday unless Calvin is on here talking about how 'efficient' previous QB's were.

Pretty soon Cool Cat will be on here talking about Touchdown Teddy Bridgewater and how great he is.

Careful Canesjunkie, "Jax Cane" will accuse you of being mean for such comments. LOL!

21-9 before they gifted the first string QB a late TD.
70-0 before they gifted the running back a late TD.
49-7 before they gifted the defense a late second TD.
49-14 before they gifted the second string QB a last second TD.
45-23 before they gifted the third string QB a late TD.
That is 35 points of the 80 we have given up this year. I hope that the team gets rid of that late generosity.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | October 07, 2013 at 05:

Odd that U mention QB efficiency ratings and what not. Because Steve is currently NO. 9 in all of major college football regarding the Total QBR.

And dig this y'all Hurricane partisans. Morris' would be a couple of rungs higher if he wasn't yanked/injured in those two Double-Digit victories. dUh

See ESPN for complete Total QBR.

I am hoping the same thing. Where would we ranked in scoring defense if we hadn't given (gifted) up those 35 points?

Jax Cane is a bloody CHuMP!! Nothing more and nothing less.
Chit, I recall that jax cane ATTACKING me on a couple of past posts.
Heck, it seems that's the only time he posts, and what not, is to attack and or Chit on other Cane loyalists. hUh Go bloody figures.
But then again, that Jax ChUmp Cane is probably one of those canespace/eoth visitors.

I am hoping the same thing. Where would we ranked in scoring defense if we hadn't given (gifted) up those 35 points?

Posted by: Cane88 | October 07, 2013 at 05:16 PM

We are currently 12th, tied with VT.
We would be at 9 PPG instead of 16.
That would put us solidly in second behind Louisville's 6.8. Ahead of Oregon at 11.8. Funny that I don't think of Louisville and Oregon as top scoring defenses, but they are the top 2 currently.


D, more likely it is the same troll stealing a Canes' fan ID to try to give him "legitimacy" on here. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, cause I am a nice guy.

And I guess Jack Tabb of UNC, suspended for one half against Miami, for throwing a punch during the VT game and getting ejected, did something only half as bad as Seantrel for apparently missing a class.

Canes discipline is tougher than anyone elses in the NCAA, and still they are holding off on responding to the COI hearing. Lazy NCAA losers making innocent players, coaches, and fans suffer because of THEIR loss of face in their unfair investigation.

Seantrell missed a class? Got to hand it to Golden, he walks the walk on discipline.

Gotta give the OC plenty of praise. Cooley is cool.

Jax Cane:

Blow it out your arse!!

Five Titles post more facts and interesting comments than any other poster and most all reporters. Because, he posts facts about the Canes it drives the trolls nuts and they attack him on a regular basis. He also corrects their lies, which also puts them on full tilt.

If anyone is wearing a mini-pad it's...YOU!

I haven't had any time to post, but just wanted to applaud Duke for the way he rebounded after his fumble issues. I saw that he was holding the ball differently in the second half - two hands, wrapped up tight. The GA Tech defense is supposed to be a good unit - at least that is what people thought coming into the game. Huge day for Duke. Seantrel is running out of chances, and the o-line performed just fine without him. If he had worked hard and focused during his college career he would have been a top 5 pick in the NFL Draft. He'll still be drafted, but it likely won't be until the third round. I hope the fun he has had at UM was worth it because it cost him millions.

Another example why Coach Al Golden is the best coach in all of college football...California QB Brad Kaaya was on nobody's radar screen and Coach Golden offered Brad a full ride to play football at the "U".

In recent days, UCLA and USC finally offered Brad a scholarship and are on their hands and knees begging him to join their programs...keep in mind these teams are a short cab ride to Brad's school.

Once this purposely and seemingly never ending NCAA persecution ends Al Golden will lead the Canes to numerous National Championships. And who knows...after the "U" he may join the Dolphins and tack on a few Super Bowl wins.

Actually, under coach goldie and jedd, we ended up with dewey, crow, ryan williams and coach goldie chased as hard as he could after a gaytor at heart who couldn't beat out jeff driskell in jacoby brisset who i said att he time was overrated and let him be a gaytor quit begging him. It's obvious once james coley got here, the quality of our qb committs immediately went up, jedd didn't know how to recruit highschool qb talent and coach is suspect when it comes to recruiting qb's. Although tyler murphy doesn't seem to be doing to bad. But as long as james coley is here, we'll be ok with the quality of qb's that are going to be brought in.

If yall want to throw in olsen go head, i'm not impressed with him, he's a tweener, could be solid, but already you here coach goldie talking bout fleet foot tipsy hasn't owned the process yet.

Calvin you are a tweener

Tween a no nothing and a doosh moron

That's right Calvie and after being coached up by Al Golden and his staff, Golden recruit Ryan Williams has demonstrated he can play QB at the highest level of college football.

And had Brisset listened to his mother he would have become a Cane and Coach Golden would have also developed that kid into a great QB.

Additionally, people who do know college football believe that under coach Golden Crow could also develop into a topflight QB.

Prior to Coley making the move to the Canes Coach Golden was recruiting Brad Kaaya, so there's more of your bullsheet down the toilet.

Finally, for 6 months or longer you blathered on day and night how terrible Coach D is and the 2013 Canes defense was going to be worse than last year. Of course you have been slapped in the mouth and proven wrong on that dung of a prediction.

And now you've started attacking Stephen Morris with stunningly idiotic observations, which proves that just when we believe you can't post anything dumber--you prove us all wrong!

The Hurricanes Defense rising to the Occasion!! The Defense this!! The Defense that!!! just wait til D'Onofrio gets a real test like FSU--just close your mouths Herald Print Media homers. Not a single unbiased article about one of the weakest schedules in College Football. This defense has yet to be tested and every true analyst and fan knows it!! To be the man, you've got to beat the man, and so far UM hasn't played or beat anybody. Florida? So what!

You mad bruh?!?!

Weekly Recruiting Wrap 5-17-2013

-West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade High School quarterback Brad Kaaya (6’4/217) made it official Monday morning giving his pledge to Miami’s offensive coordinator, James Coley.

On his commitment: “I came to the conclusion yesterday (Sunday) that Miami is the place for me,” Kaaya said. “I slept on it, I prayed on it. I just woke up and I knew I had to call Coach Coley and Coach Golden … He (James Coley) happened to be in a staff meeting, and they all just got up and started clapping. I talked to the whole staff on the phone, it was just nice to hear from the whole entire staff about my commitment.”

How is Ohio St ranked ahead of FSU?


Love the intensity. Bring on the hate.

How good is Denzel Perryman now. Golden and Dino are doing a great job coaching up that defense. Gunter is a really good playern lays hits, makes plays.

Clemson will get to punch Winston in the face before we do. That's going to be a great game.

If you're going to call someone a liar at least know what you're talking about. Everybody knows I that called cAlvin and Gallo out when they posted BS so expect the same if you want to throw sheet out there just hoping it sticks to something. Coley was hired in January and we didn't recruit Kaaya until March and he committed in May to Coley. Coley was his main recruiter so there goes your bullsheet down the toilet.



Non of U have noticed that Morris should have sat out the USF game, I was telling everybody that week to start Williams and let Morris heal, instead it sounds like Morris was not being a team player and lied about his leg, Al took up for him after the USF game and said he did not hurt it anymore then what it was..NOT TRUE.... THE USF GAME HE CAME OUT NOT LIMPING, THE GT GAME HE CAME OUT AND IT WAS SOOOOO OBVIOUS HE WAS LIMPING BAD....Another one of Randy's kids looking out to pad his stats and not be a team player, Thank god for Williams at least he showed Morris that this team does have a TE on the field,TE starting being used after Williams played>>> FACT How many times did Al preach last year we have to use TE more...Williams played this year and maybe might have more completions to the TE then Morris and Morris has played more...


Your done watching D, time to bend over. Calvin your on deck buddy. I'm saving the best for last.
PS Calvin I'm going to make it hurt.

"This defense has yet to be tested and every true analyst and fan knows it!! To be the man, you've got to beat the man, and so far UM hasn't played or beat anybody. Florida? So what!"

We are 13th in the country. Who have the top 12 beaten that were "the man"? Or at least were better than Florida?
Alabama versus Virginia Tech??
Oregon versus Tennessee?
Clemson versus Georgia?
Ohio State versus Northwestern?
Stanford versus Washington?
Florida Stateversus Pitt?
Georgia versus South Carolina?
Louisville cough cough.
Texas A&M versus Rice?

I think you are letting you hate cloud your common sense. We have beaten as tough an opponent and tougher defenses than any of those teams, so why aren't you on their boards ripping them?

I agree five titles- Alabama also played Georgia State this past weekend. The rabble rouser morons forget (or dontwant to take their heads out of the ground)- that for example, Clemson plays Citadel, and SC state in their schedule. Difference only being that Miami has played their chumps right off the bat. I don't believe Florida is as bad as some here say. Um beat a good UF team. Um beat them at their own game which was running the ball by stuffing their run and making Driskel drop back to pass. Furthermore, as has been pointed out manytimes here, UF had better offensive stats than Miami, not theleast due to their stout defene, yet Miami stuffed them inthe redzone and won the turnover battle.
All teams play chumps. The only program that I say week in week out plays tough oppnonets gag! I dare say is Notre Dame.

9>5>2, you are right, Notre Dame does play tough opponents, the same way we used to when we were independent. But they are a special case. Conference teams rely on their conference to provide equivalent opponents.

Funny how when GT, UNC, VT, FSU, and UVA were beating us it was fine, but as soon as we can beat them, we are playing too weak of a schedule. I guess Florida's game with Miami was not tough enough for them because we won. Yet they spent all summer claiming they were going to destroy us because they are SEC and we are not.

The best part about yesterdays' obsessive troll by Curse Piggy was that he obviously read each of the 8 comments I had written, filtered through them to find one comment that might indirectly reflect negatively on his school, and turned it into his main attack.

Nonfact 1: I gave a positive comment about the ACC player of the week, showing how he helped knock GT out of the Top 15 in every major category, and he turned it into an attack on Duke. When multiple people called him out on it, he tried to backtrack, but far too late. Duke got ACC honors, the troll got roasted. He never explained why the Top 15 GT defense was a bad defense (his "fact"), he just attacked and claimed to be bringing facts, when he brought NONE.

Nonfact 2: I gave three reasons the Dolphins lost, he saw... one. Did he defend Tannehill, the TAMU guy? Nope. Did he defend the defense that gave up 20 points in the second half? Nope. I mentioned neither the player's name or his school, and in fact mentioned FSU, but he bit down hard on that hook anyway, and then got upset when he was reeled in and left gasping on the beach. Poor little fishy too the bait hook, line, and sinker.

Nonfact 3: And then of course, he had the direct personal attack, calling me blind (I saw Duke run for 184 yards, so he was wrong there), stupid (I showed that I was smarter than he ever will be, when his "facts" have no links, no facts, and no truth), and delusional (showed that he was the same troll as before, using his favorite word, without knowing what it means. No delusions in my posts, just truth.).

Best part? When he was proven wrong, he goes to a different ID and complains that I started it. Funny, he attacked first, he attacked directly, and he attacked personally, yet thinks Canes fans aresupposed to roll over and play dead for his sick lies and personal attacks. What a hypocrite Curse Piggy is.

Travis Benjamin, with a highlight reel return and Top 10 play, was a big part of the reason his team WON.
Willis McGahee, with clutch running after all his injuries, was a big part of the reason his team WON. Reggie Wayne, with a clutch two point conversion, was a big part of the reason his team WON.
Frank Gore, with a TD and tough running, was a big part of the reason his team WON.
And last night, Kellen Winslow Jr., with the Jets' last TD and solid blocking all night, was a big part of the reason his team WON.

The Dolphins kicker lost the game for his team when the pressure was on, these guys were helping their team win when the pressure was on. Big difference.


I commented that Morris shouldve sat out against USF. Golden has to trust Ryan Williams if Morris is injured. A high ankle sprain is tough to get over. Hopefully Morris is 100 percent for UNC.

If you're going to call someone a liar at least know what you're talking about. Everybody knows I that called cAlvin and Gallo out when they posted BS so expect the same if you want to throw sheet out there just hoping it sticks to something. Coley was hired in January and we didn't recruit Kaaya until March and he committed in May to Coley. Coley was his main recruiter so there goes your bullsheet down the toilet.


Here we go again, another day and the gator infatuation begins.

Five, please cut the crap. Everyone that doesn't agree with your non-stop rambling is not Curse piggy or whoever you continue to post at. What will it take for you just let it go. Ok you win, everything you type is correct and everything they type is wrong. The curse piggy is a troll, hell call me a troll, just stop cluttering the blog with that bs. We finally get to talk hurricane football then you keep posting about shat from yesteryear. Between you and the other clown stalker claiming to be a Cane fan using a ex-gator coach as his screen name, you guys are worst then the gator trolls.

"Wrong again", it would help if you told folks here who you were talking to. And it likely would help for you to stay with one ID, because nobody under the ID of "Wrong again" can claim "Everybody knows I that called cAlvin and Gallo out when they posted BS". Are you Jim? That is just a guess.

Are you attempting to say that Al Golden had no input on the recruitment of Brad Kaaya? As you say, many players have a "main recruiter", but it still is a signing under the leadership of Al Golden.

If Randy Shannon gets credit for all the players on here that were signed under his time as Head Coach, then Al Golden gets credit for all the players signed while he is Head Coach. Fair enough?


What's going on man, see you still here educating folks on the game of football. LOL

Been away for a minute but when I left you were stumping on that 3-4 defense. I'm glad to see that 5-0 next to the Canes with my Steelers stuck in neutral. Anyway the defense is about where I expected it to be right now a little above average. Forcing turnovers but giving up too many rushing yards. This defense is built to STOP the run and 172 per game is too many especially against the opponents we faced. But I think we are getting there. I know you still craving for the days of those attacking d-lineman but according to Al those days are over. I heard last week he said it's no secret we're moving towards being a 3-4 team. Like I've said before i think this 3-4 can work but Deon will be the key. I think he has more range and can defend the slot better than Kacy. But we'll see.

On another note, it looks like Pruitt is transitioning FSU to the 3-4 as well. So unfortunately all the high rated d- lineman who want to play where they can attack may be headed up north to trailerville or leaving the state. We will be recruiting gap holders from here on out. As long as we keep a good crop of linebackers and rangy safeties we should be fine. The game against FSU will be very interesting because our styles of defense are similar. Both teams are relying on linebackers to make plays and DZP and the crew is balling. Back in the days these games were based on who could stop the run and pressuring with 4. Neither one of us are good at that yet. Quan and McCord looks like monsters on the speed rush but they only playing on 3rd down. The days of TFL's by defensive lineman are long gone for both teams.

Va. Tech is playing some of the best defense in the country in my opinion. I know they had a hiccup against Marshall but I bet Saban and crew will tell you that's a top defense. Bud has them playing that old school attacking Hurricane style. I think we can wear them down because they really aren't deep on the d-line. And although their playing better lately Va. Tech offense is junk.

Jax Cane, I think you have a little selective reading going on. Perhaps you are just doing a word search for the word "gator" and missing the rest of what is written on here? Someone directly and personally attacked a Canes fan on a Canes blog, but you have no problem with that, just in my daring to defend myself from it?

I noted that UNC, our next opponent, not from "yesteryear", is suspending one of their players for one half, twice the length of Seantrel's suspension. No mention of the gators there.

I disagreed politely with rabblerouser. Listed every single team ranked above us. No mention of the gators there other than that they were a current and quality opponent, heck that was even a compliment, and not about "yesteryear", but in response to a claim that we have played noone yet.

I noted the Canes players in the NFL that had a positive impact in the past week, not from "yesteryear", but from the past week. I then compared their performance to the Dolphins kicker. No mention of the gators there, even if he did go to that school.

I disagreed politely with "Wrong again". No mention of the gators there. Yes, it was right after your comment, but I did not see yours when I was writing to him. That is why they are only two minutes apart.

Did you not see those posts? Do I need to post them again? Or are you only going to show up to defend those trolls that attack Canes fans like you have done in your past two comments directed at me.

You claim "We finally get to talk hurricane football then you keep posting about shat from yesteryear." Other than your direct attacks at me, WHAT Hurricanes football discussion have YOU provided in these past two days? Two Weeks? Two Months? Two Years? Yeah, I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but you really have shown that you are not here to talk Canes football, but to defend trolls.

Let's make two things clear, Jax Cane.
1. You can skip my posts. You already do skip all the ones that don't mention that school up north, so it should be easy for you.
2. You can post hurricane discussion anytime you want, I and nobody else is stopping you, in fact, you have shown you can post two paragraphs ripping me unprovoked, how about you write a couple about Duke, or Morris, or Hurns, or Al Golden, or even the guy that gets to let loose the smoke when the team comes onto the field, rather than just using all your effort attacking me.

And just to be clear, that is directed toward Jax Cane, not the gentleman actually discussing sports in J'Ville Cane.

JVille Cane, I am just grateful that we are an above average defense. Last year's defense would have a loss and possibly two on it. Will they be able to stop an elusive QB that can also throw downfield accurately, that has targets as good as OLeary getting open? I still have my doubts. But the fact that we are that much closer to being a Top defense is a step in the right direction.

Oh and looking up, I saw that I discussed the Canes' scoring defense ranking if not for those five TDs gifted late, in direct response to Cane88. Used links, facts, and no insults. And even played the peacemaker when D called you out, but you missed that one, too JaxCane.

Gallo....is #77 on the casualty list or no? Can we get a revised one please jackass?

Golden is 18-11....only getting better folks.

Gallo = fool
Calvin = fool
Canetrash = fool x infinity


You won.


Glad to see another Jacksonville Cane fan here, Duuuuuuuval. LOL.

I notice the same thing about Va. Tech's defense. At one point in that Alabama game Bama had only 89 yards but 21 points. I think they gave up a punt return and a interception return. And this was without their best db Exum. I must say that staff really have an eye for db's. They have really recruited and coached up that secondary. Everybody raves about the gaytors secondary but the Fuller boys hold it down with the best of them. I think that game is going to be more of a challenge on our offense than the FSwhoo game.

Atlanta sports teams had themselves a really bad couple of days.
GT loses to Miami
Hawks lose to Miami
Braves lose.
Falcons lose.
Even their WNBA team lost to Minnesota.

Has any city had that bad of a weekend, ever?

All 7 Florida D-1 schools won over the weekend!!!

Meanwhile, all seven NCAA football teams won this weekend, 7-0, again showing that this state has some of the best players in the country. Did any other state do that well this weekend? Has any other state EVER gone 7-0 or better?


LOL Cane88, both reading the same article?

James Coley was announced as Miami’s offensive coordinator on January 24th, 2013…the initial recruitment of Brad Kaaya started in 2012.

And yes, Calvin is a liar!

The Jordan Denion story on the UM page is awesome. It's nice to see Denzel honoring a fan that way. Also nice of Golden to take out the time to write the family.

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