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Miami Hurricanes get verbal commitment from 4-star All-American Braxton Berrios of Raleigh, N.C.

Al Golden must be beaming on this gorgeous South Florida day.

His 2014 signing class just keeps getting better.

Braxton Berrios, a 5-9, 180-pound Under Armour All-American who plays QB (but is slated as a slot receiver in college) at Leesville Road High in Raleigh, N.C., just orally committed to the Hurricanes in a ceremony at his high school.

He chose the Canes over Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina and Oregon.

Berrios, who is often compared to NFLer Wes Welker, is a four-year starter on offense and defense for the pride, and is said to be a great talent with speed and amazing athleticism.

When the Hurricanes offered him in July, he tweeted: "The Miami Hurricanes just offered me! My childhood team, and even though it's not a done deal dreams do come true. #blessed #THEU

Last season, Berrios scored 33 touchdowns with 740 yards as a receiver, 1,260 as a rusher and 389 as a passer.

He has been clocked at 4.48 in the 40 and preciously ran the 20-yard shuttle in "a nation's best" 3.81, according to USA Today. His vertical leap was measured earlier this year at 40.9 inches, amazing for a guy his size.

"It's all about the U, baby!" Braxton said, according to reports, at his announcement just after noon today.

Canes receiver coach Brennan Carroll posted a Welcome to the U tweet, without naming any names, after he committed.

Off to interviews with current Canes!






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Golden getting work done for Miami, gonna be a top 5 class, where those doubters at now?

Great pickup...good job Al! This team will just keep getting deeper and deeper each year when we recruit like this.


Good news! Excited to see what this kid can do.

Great job coaching staff bringing in a talented player that has had his dream come true.

On the field we are getting better. In recruiting we are getting better. What more can you ask? Great job Coach Golden, the future is bright!

Guys, If Randy Shannon was our coach Berrios would have committed one month sooner.

Just sayin!

Go Randy!

If Randy was still our coach we would have had 10 players from one school in Miami and 7 from another..with no expection of player development...

Just sayin'

Well, it's an absolute possibility that Miami will move UP a RUNG or two in both major polls after Saturday. hUh

Because Mizzou is currently bloody MOLESTING Georgia in Athens and Texas has a 14 point lead over Boomer Sooner as halftime nears. dUh

I pray to bUddha that I haven't give my usual Kiss of Death on the Tigers and or Longhorns. Get outta' here with that namby, bambi Hocus Pocus crap!! Eh. What say.

Al Golden is the best coach in all of college football!!

"Braxton has been clocked at 4.48 in the 40 and preciously ran the 20-yard shuttle in "a nation's best" 3.81. His vertical leap was measured earlier this year at 40.9 inches, amazing for a guy his size."

Wow! Wow! Wow!

PS; Gallo, put that on your list and then stick it up your...

FWIW... i-f Missouri does happen to get a win over Top 10 opponent Georgia, I don't SEE-r the Tigers passing the Canes in either poll. Missouri is ranked No.25 and that would be an IMMENSE 13/14 notch movement. But then again, I could be wrong. But I doubt it.

Oh, Florida plays L.S.U later this afternoon and I-F the MIGHTY Gators can upset the Ragin' Tigers in Death Valley, Miami will benefit in more ways than the polls.

Chit, Miami partisans STILL have an OBSESSION with one Randy Shannon!! Go bloody figures'.

Well, all I have to bloviate is GET OVER IT!! Coach Shannon has MOVED ON and what not.

Jax cane is brilliant. Al is working.


I believe your right. If Missouri holds on we will move up because Georgia lost but I don't think the polls will move Missouri ahead of us because even though they're winning...Georgia is playing severely banged up with so many offensive weapons out. So Missouri will get credit but not enough to jump that many spots.

In addition, if Oklahoma loses to Texas which i believe they will then Miami will move up another spot. I can't believe I'm saying this...but I hope the Gators win against LSU because Miami would then move up yet another spot and Florida wont jump Miami because we already beat them head to head. Also if Florida was to win...our win would look even more impressive against the Gators. What do you all think? GO Canes!

Mizzou,I like them. I'm in Columbia,their offense w pinkel is no joke.I wouldn't tell anybody out here that, but there ganna make noise in the sec
Ill be at the Fla game,we will see how legit mizzou really is.People hate the U in this area. The last time Miami played at Faurot field, we ran the score up ..LOL..55-0 i believe. That God pinkel took Miami off the schedule a few yrs back,would not of been pretty. Mizzou would beat the brakes off Miami that year. I believe Shannon was the coach at the time. Anyways, good grab by golden,he almost has all of Shannon's trash out. Thank God,had enough of soft like tissue players. Henderson in particular ..what a waste of talent!

I sit down to pee.

Amazing what winning can get U..

Berrios is the Man....great decision. Welcome to The U.

Great job Golden and staff. Great job.

In Braxton Berrios Big Al lassoed his possession and more receiver...I agree with the Wes Welker comparison, although Braxton is faster!

Posted by: RJ | October 12, 2013 at 02:11 P

Well RJ, I do believe your Miami, Florida Hurricanes will absol U tely move up two rungs in both major polls, come Monday!!

Now, the coup de grace would be MIGHTY Florida sneaking away from Death Valley with an upset victory. dUh


A.P. No. 13

ESPN Coaches Poll No. 14

Both polls will have the Hurricanes moving up towards the Top 10 on Monday!!

Ex-Gator, Big Game Bob, just got blown out of another...big game! This go around, Big Game Bob, was demolished by a team that will lose at least 4 more games this season.

The problem when an SEC underdog beats an SEC favorite--there is never consideration that the favorite was over ranked to begin with (Georgia), thus the SEC voting block simply begins a love affair with the other SEC team.

Georgia was missing a lot on the O. That defense of Georgia reminds me of us last year,just too young!

Well, they don't call that Johnny Rebel conference the S.E.CORRUPT conference for nothing!!

Let's see, the Volunteers were ROBBED of a victory last Saturday.

And now, it looks like MIGHTY Florida will have to battle not only L.S.U., but ALSO the CORRUPT conference zebra's too. Go bloody figure!! Huh

Chit, that Tiger RG absolutely MOVED prior to the snap of the ball. No if's, but's or may be's!!

Posted by: Ron Zook | October 12, 2013 at 04:02 PM


Georgia should've LOST to Tenn. in O.T. last Saturday. However, thankfully for Richt's squad the CORRUPT conference officials BAILED OUT his team.

Thankfully, the major college football god's decided to take matters into their own preturnatural hands and had Missouri's BACKSIDE today. hUh

Great commitment for the U. You don't have to be 6'3 to be a great receiver. At 5'8 (5'9 is a stretch) he is always able to get open to pick up 10 yards and then his athletic ability adds more. He is just like Les Welker in getting open and with great hands except is is even faster and more elusive than Welker. A great get.

Polls don't matter for the moment. Just Win baby.

Just win

Great pick up though

Its all aboutthis MFing U!

Does Alex Collins now realize that he made a terrible decision? Perhaps his mother can now convince him to come back home. 52-7?

I learned what chin-nuts were last night and I have to say I love em.

One finger []_[]p:

I agree..."Just Win Baby"

But, polls do matter at this stage, because if the Canes win out they must find their way in the top 5 in the not too distant future.

Kid sounds like a very good athlete. Ugh, I'm actually cheering for the Gators here as a notch to the Canes. Clemson might be doing Miami and FSU a favor today today as well, well not so much FSU I guess.

Love College Football, GO CANES!

Alex Collins is a fool, just a selfish player. He was convinced that he can be the man and only the man. The U is all about togetherness, not selfeshness. on a nother note Florida will not win the game against LSU. however we will be at #11 come monday

by the time we meet fsu we will be #7 or #8 in the country which shouldake or a great showdown like the glory days against fsu, a game with national championship implications. Oh yes national championship, because bama and Orgeon will fall and will set the stage at the end the rematch Miami and Ohio state, this time the outcome will oot be a bogus call by the ref. GO CANES!!!

Please, whoever is doing Fake Calvin, please stop. It is just as bad as the guy that finally just left, let's have more class than that troll.

Great pick up !!! Welcome young man to the U ... unfortunately we do have some dumb ass no life's who still live with there mommy's after loosing there ass in some ponzi scandal that will post stupid stats or opions to try and get other people to " talk to them " because mommy took the car and went out all night to get some so don't wait up troll at least she has a life !!! now go post on your gator site they like U are losers GO CANES

Posted by: Ron Zook | October 12, 2013 at 05:47 PM

Chief, u can't control the polls. I just want this team to play at a high level and keep getting better every week. I want to see the confidence and swagger that comes from knowing no one has worked harder or competed against better competition that []_[] in practice. Not concerned about polls at all. I remember in like '04 we were 3rd in the nation then lost. Just like stanford did tonight. So let's just focus on []_[]s!

"Coach goldie talking about morris not being a good teammate because he needs to let them know when he's injured."

Posted by: Calvin | October 12, 2013 at 01:26 AM


Calvie, your latest lie (see above) is causing me to worry that you may be running out of lies, because the sheer stupidity of your comment reeks of desperation. Quick, go to your Gallo alias and post one of your dumb lie filled lists.

One finger []_[]p,

Bunkie--never did I say or even hint that I could control the polls...those are your comments not mine!

Repeating the point I made earlier--the Canes need to soon push their way into the top 5 or playing for a national championship, even if we win out, will not happen.

Moving on, with the Stanford loss, Oklahoma loss and Georgia loss the Canes may sneak into the top 10, which is a huge step in their hopes for a shot at the National Championship.

The cherry on the whip cream was watching the Gators get drilled. I believe that had the Gators beat LSU today the pollsters would have jumped them over the Canes in the upcoming polls, because the pollsters would have been armed with the whining that Florida gave the game to the Canes (a bunch of BS!), they played LSU away and the Gators play a SEC schedule.

He doesn't look very fast but he sure can change direction quickly. Not sure when he ran a 4.48 but he ran a 4.52 at that Nike scouting combine called The Opening this summer. Looked very good and I remember reading that he hit it off with Brad Kaaya at that event. He was listed a 3 star wr during that scouting combine but obviously finishing 5 there raised his stock.

We need to take care of business and one game at a time. Go 'Canes beat the 'Heels

I thought they said Florida was better now?

If we run the table, the rankings will take care of themselves. I'm fine with us at 14, I'd rather not have the team thinking about rankings. Do you really want to depend on the media to tell us how good we are?

Jim-For you to say today's game should have been no more than a tune-up daylights your total lack of understanding of college football in general and more precisely, Georgia Tech Football. And your other absurd comments are great comedy, but the sad part is you were serious.

You have to be...Jim Gallo...right?
Posted by: Ron Zook | October 05, 2013 at 08:08 PM

10 minutes to go in the 4th quarter and GT has 144 yards rushing against BYU and is down 31-13... so much for that lack of knowledge of college football and more precisely, Georgia Tech football... LMAO

"D" is JLO from the gator board, now take your sorry arss off the Miami board.

Guys, If Randy Shannon was our coach Berrios would have committed one month sooner.

Just sayin!

Go Randy!

Posted by: Calvin | October 12, 2013 at 01:20 PM

If Shannon was still our coach we would have quit against GT like we did in 2008. I'm assuming you remember the 476 in '08?

10 minutes to go in the 4th quarter and GT has 144 yards rushing against BYU and is down 31-13... so much for that lack of knowledge of college football and more precisely, Georgia Tech football... LMAO

Posted by: Jim | October 12, 2013 at 10:06 PM



Once again you daylight your lack of football knowledge. Georgia Tech fresh off of a brutal major ACC away game getting beat up by an undefeated, physical Miami team turned around and had to travel to the other side of the country to play an always physical BYU team...and you are surprised by the way the game turned out.

By the way dummy--Georgia Tech had 400 yards of total offense and BYU is a good team having beat Texas (15th ranked at the time) who beat Oklahoma (ranked 12th) today and lost to Utah by a touchdown who beat Stanford (ranked 5th) today.

Seriously Jimmy, you have to be Gallo--how about you fire off one of your infamous lists...I could use a good laugh!

Ermon Lane,,take your butt to the Gators,,Alex Collins, enjoy your time at Arkansas, loser, Travis Rudolph,,take your butt to Ohio State,,come on Johnie Dixon and Berrios...but back to Alex Collins, ur stupid butt.

Those lists were hilarious. I'm going to make my point by citing flunkies and weed heads who no longer play here.

GO HEELS 38-17 heels knock off the canes bet on it

If Randy Shannon was coach, we would have 7 rings now. No support from white Miami ruined his chances.

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