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Hurricanes ranked in AP Top-10 for first time since October 18, 2009 -- heading into enemy territory

The University of Miami football team, as of today, has entered the Top-10 AP rankings for the first time since Oct. 18, 2009.

The Canes (5-0) are now No. 10, per the rankings that were just released.

Miami rose three spots in the AP poll without having played, thanks to then-No. 12 Oklahoma, then-No. 7 Georgia and then No.-5 Stanford all losing yesterday. 

Per the Associated Press, the last time the Canes were ranked among the top-10 was the poll of Oct. 2009, when they were No. 8.

Also per the AP, the last time the ACC had three top-10 teams like it does now was the poll of Oct. 30, 2005 (Virginia Tech was ranked No. 3, Miami was No. 5 and FSU was No. 9).

So, in closing, is this a good thing going into a Thursday-night game at North Carolina, where the 1-4 Tar Heels will be totally psyched to pull off the upset? We've seen UM stunned before at UNC.

I know it's good for UM that it is rising in the polls, obviously, but just wondering if it affects the Canes' psyche. The national attention is coming for sure, and all eyes will be on UM Thursday.

Al Golden no doubt is hunkered down trying like heck to keep his players in the zone, disregarding the "external'' and staying within "the process.''

But the better and higher ranked they get, the more of a challenge that becomes.

After they were ranked 8th in 2009, the Hurricanes lost the next game in overtime against unranked Clemson.

Three games later, the Canes lost to guess who and guess where? Yup. At unranked North Carolina -- at Chapel Hill.

AP Top 10

1. Alabama 6-0

2. Oregon 6-0

3. Clemson 6-0

4. Ohio State 6-0

5. FSU 5-0

6. LSU 6-1

7. Texas A&M 5-1

8. Louisville 6-0

9. UCLA 5-0

10. Miami 5-0

11. South Carolina 5-1

12. Baylor 5-0

13. Stanford 5-1

14. Missouri 6-0

15. Georgia 4-2

16. Texas Tech 6-0

17. Fresno State 5-0

18. Oklahoma 5-1

19. Virginia Tech 6-1

20. Washington 4-2

21. Oklahoma State 4-1

22. Florida 4-2

23. Northern Illinois 6-0

24. Auburn 5-1

25. Wisconsin 4-2 




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Stay focused. Stay united. Keep playing hard. Keep improving. Practice full speed. Trust the coaches. Trust the system. F the NCAA. Us against the world. One game at a time.

Go 'Canes!

I definitely don't see this team being affected by a high ranking...lets go canes!

Way to turn a positive into a negative sue !! Great work !!

Breaking into the Top 10 is great news on many fronts...one of the most important being recruiting.

It is almost impossible to imagine that a team being unmercifully hammered by the NCAA for 3 years could even be in the Top 50, much less the Top 10.

Needless to say we have many challenges in front of us with North Carolina being the most immediate concern, but no one who is being honest can deny that Al Golden has performed miracles at the "U".

Al Golden is the best coach in all of college football!!

I was hoping LSU would lose as well. But can't have everything. LSU showed they are flawed though, we could beat them. And TAMU also showed they are overrated. We can move up three more next week as we pass the FSU Clemson loser and folks start to view these 1 loss teams with a more title-oriented eye.

This is outstanding from one aspect but very nerve racking from another. I love that we are back in the national spotlight but in doing so we now have a target on our backs. Chapel Hill has historically been a very hard place for our team to play at. Regardless of the team North Carolina has this year...they will give Miami every last ounce of effort. They will be determined to knock us off and salvage their disappointing season. I hope our record and rank doesn't start to go to the heads of our players.

We are far from invincible and cant afford to go half ass, or anybody could knock us off. However, I have confidence in AL Golden and believe he will keep our team level headed. All in all, congrats Miami, I can't wait for the game Thursday night. Go Canes!

One game at a time ... canes are in top 10, this class as of today is #5 with a few more high quality kids in the mix , updated facility's , wow we might just be back !!! One game at a time... that ones for me lol

One play at a time. That's how every game happens.

The team has had time to heal and get stronger during their byweek. Regardless of where the U s ranked now, it (the ranking) is only worth something at the end of the season. That is when the real recruiting begins and ends. Everything now looks good on paper, but, that's just it, it isn't on the paper that counts. Go Canes.

Susan everyone tries to beat the U upset us when we are high or kick us when we are down its all good though .. " Its a cane thing I thought you would understand ?" Flip the coin on Thursday night and bring that house down statement time

I'd like to know what the criteria is for the rankings. Clemson is a good team, but not Top 10. UM hasn't really played anybody, including the UF game.

We got good players, but this UM team hasn't played anybody.

It's like U of Louisville: Bridgewater is in the Heisman running, but won't win. They don't have a competitive schedule. He's playing against himself and if he keeps breaking his own records, he'll win something but not the Heisman.

UNC ain't going to be easy. Trust me.

Five titles says "We can move up three more next week as we pass the FSU Clemson loser and folks start to view these 1 loss teams with a more title-oriented eye."

Whew!!! Pretty bold comment there! I mean really - big claim to UM's ranking here is the win over the gators. The gators are barely in the top 25 and likely wont be after next week Better start looking at the combined won / loss records of UM's opponents......it embarrassing. Lets see FAU 2-5, Savannah 1-6, South FLa 2-4, Georgia T 3-3 and just got whipped by BYU and Gators who r the team that got u in the poll and there all but out of it. In contrast look at the records of the team FSU have beat combined it like 19-4........I dont have a clue how U of M is in top 10.

You said it! You don't have a clue! Ignorance is bliss! Go Canes!

Jim Mcintosh:

I think I sorta get your point. We haven't played the best competition but we have play well and not lost a game. If you are going to use stats to make you point actually do some homework. FSU's combined opponent record is 19-10...not 19-4. UM's combined opponent is 12-20. The Gator win was a big boost to our rankings. It is up to this team to take advantage of that. UM hasn't gotten many breaks over the last couple of years...NCAA, schedule, recruiting...shall I keep going. This team needs to take advantage of every break they get. It's about time we get a break!

Ok, I am sorry but I have bring this up lol. I bet Alex Collin's mom is saying, "I told you Miami was the place to be". For my money, momma always knows best. He was worry about not playing in a bowl game lol. Well guess what Arkansas will be lucky to make a bowl this year. Also, others like Storm Johnson and Denver Kirkland fall into that category.

On another note, One game at time. I also don't think these Canes will get to high. They have be baptized by fire which should keep them grounded. We haven't done anything yet. FULL SPEED AHEAD

top 10...what a joke, al golden is a total loser for taking any credit for that ranking.....he is mimicking who he played at temple and the records that boosted his stock.....

as a loyal fan since 1974 this is the most embarrassing to the UM brand......

a senior offense that is STRUGGLING...tons of miscues....

fau...2-5 #90 offensive rank
fla...4-2 #93 offensive rank
sav state..1-6 no rank at all
sfla....2-4 #121 offensive rank
gt....3-3 #60 offensive rank

12-19 total record against teams that any high school team could beat.....

past UM teams would be throwing up at all of this......not 1 legacy commenting on UM this year.....they are too embarrassed.

stay focused and hungry. This is a payback game.

go canes

UNC ain't going to be easy. Trust me.

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | October 13, 2013 at 12:47 PM

Agreed. Nothing makes a team come at you harder than a number next to your name. Especially a 1-4 team in the division. We are going to be every team's measuring stick/bowl game. No game should be take lightly. I hope these kids develop a sense of ownership over this process and hold each other accountable. we'll needs leaders this week.


I agree...but add Matthew Thomas and Jay-nard Bostwick. I wish them well but they didn't have the courage to stay home and fight for Miami! They took what looked like the easy way out. Hopefully the 2014 class is looking and makes the right decision...Stand with the U!

Jim Mc,

You making claims that don't hold up. FSU opponents are 19-10. And the only ones with winning records are Maryland who is 5-1 and hasn't played anyone. And b Cookman who is 5-1. Sorry but when you argue with math you lose. FSU hasn't beaten anyone worth a dam. BC, Maryland, Nevada, Pitt and B Cookman. Those are all cupcakes. At least Miami beat a top 25 team.

Actually Gallo plenty of former players have come out and said that they love the job AL Golden is doing and are excited about the direction the team is going. You post a bunch of things hoping you can sway the casual reader who might not be a die heart of the team. You're like the media. Preying on the individuals who don't have the time to research your random so called "facts" that 90 percent of the time you pull out of thin air. You can fool some Gallo but die hards know you're just being ignorant


Go away no one likes you. First number that matters? That #10 next to the name. The second number that matters? That #0 in the loss column. I can run down the list of terrible offenses that FSU has played or Clemson has played but I don't need to because it doesn't matter, just like you don't matter.

Well, well... I was bloody wrong. Because I saw M-Y Hurricanes moving TWO rungs up the polls to No. 11/No.12.

Yet, with great surprise I see where Goldie's squad is a LEGITIMATE No. 10 in the latest A.P. poll.

Yeah, yeah the majority of Cane zealots DON'T give a Freak bout' the polls and what not. So what!!


I only left Thomas off because FSU is right with us. But I agree... Gotta Stand with the U.

Dang, I hadn't seen Gallo for a few weeks and all of the sudden he shows back up. He is like a bad disease where we just keep relapsing. Also, you comments about legacies not speaking up. Try Jimmy Johnson, the Play maker Irving, Ray Lewis for starters add in The Rock and you have all you need eho have all came out in support of Golden. So again, go away no one likes you.

Posted by: Jim Mcintosh | October 13, 2013 at 12:48 PM

Don't care. No team has earned their rankings yet. It's more projection at this stage. Not with Alabama playing the likes of Kentucky and what not, or that weak PAC 12 conference (see Stanford). The gator game was as physical as it gets and we more than answered that bell.

Miami has shown the ability to be physical and play with a high level of skill. What Miami lacks is consistency from an execution standpoint. We are not quite there yet in terms of having those playmakers who mentally and physically impose their will on opponents each week, but I believe we have a team that can beat anyone on any given Saturday.

Duke has not been as explosive since the concussions and Stephen needs to show better command of the offense by using all skill players and putting them in a position to catch the ball in stride. OC Coley needs to continue to evolve this offense.

Defensively we lack the consistent will imposers up front on the line with the exception of Mccord who only rushes the passer, and at the safety position we lack that consistent hammer/door-closing physical playmaker.

I want to see D'Onofrio find a way to get our defensive players to play on the other side of the ball a bit more but overall they have made progress.

Love our WR depth and LBs. Like we are playing youngsters (could have used Collins).

Unfortunately the game is such that you can't always play the toughest opponents every week. Why should we when Alabama plays powder-puffs. Tell me which team in the country is more physical and more skilled than Miami? None.

We have earned our ranking as much as anyone else in spite of the NCAA.


I been seeing where y'all Hurricane DISTRACTORS been bellowing how Miami AIN'T played nobody. And y'all know whom Ye Be!!

Chit, at least FIFTY PERCENT of Cane loyalists been SPOUTING the same bloody MANTRA of how their beloved Canes AIN'T been tested and what not.

Well, all I have to say is that there are numerous Top 15 teams which have played INFERIOR competition during the months of September and early Oktober-FEST. hUh ENTER Ohio St. as one MAJOR example!!

So, I suggest y'all Miami partisans bloody CEASE whinning and bytching about the SOS and ENJOY the Canes resurgence and what not!! Word o U t!

Our own 5 O'clock Charlie, Gallo, has weighed in on our undefeated, 10th ranked Miami Hurricanes:

"Top 10...what a joke, Al Golden is a total loser for taking any credit for that ranking...he is mimicking who he played at temple and the records that boosted his stock...as a loyal fan since 1974 this is the most embarrassing to the UM brand...a senior offense that is STRUGGLING...tons of miscues...total record against teams that any high school team could beat...past UM teams would be throwing up at all of this...not 1 legacy commenting on UM this year...they are too embarrassed."

Gallo also ridiculed Michael Phelps for only winning 18 Gold Medals in his Olympic career, saying; "Phelps should not take credit for the Gold medals he won and he has embarrassed America and only swam against other weak swimmers that high school kids could beat and not one legacy swimmer--not even Mark Spitz's believed he did anything special"

Finally, Gallo refers to himself as a "loyal fan"...it is hard to imagine what the "disloyal" fans think and say of the program. As the ole saying goes; "With friends like Gallo--we don't need enemies!!"

NCAA strength of scheduled 2013 ranking.....

#11 fsu - .706
#37 Clemson - .571
#54 UM - .526

even lowly temple has a harder schedule than Um at #47 - .548

We have earned our ranking as much as anyone else in spite of the NCAA.


Posted by: One finger []_[]p | October 13, 2013 at 01:33 PM


Again, Miami, Florida ISN'T the only Top 15 team which has played a LAME non-conference schedule and what not.

Nevertheless, it STILL ceases to amaze me how Hurricane bUbba's ( eoth/Canespace. ),be the MOST whining and complaining fan-dom in the entire country!! And I'm being very SERIOUS, and what not., with my SAGACIOUS opinion.

So again, STOP y'all's moaning and complaining! Because Miami is back in the Top 10, again.

And M-A-Y possibly be ranked No. 7/No.6 entering their CRUCIAL game with mighty F.S.U in two weeks.

st Thomas Aquinas HS would have the same record of 5-0 against UM opponents....

a complete joke......barely winning against gt.....holding their breath against Florida in the final minutes....please.....

diskel blows up lsu loss as well....gators suck....UM has done noting so far and in fact still has problems.....how could an experience offense be so dysfunctional against these opponents?

its the COACHING.....golden/dnofrio are weak....

Posted by: Jim gallo | October 13, 2013 at 01:50 PM

I suggest you see your PSYCHIATRIC/MENTAL THERAPIST, again. Or maybe you should increast YOUR medications dosage.

Because jimbo ( Who ever you be. ), you have some major MENTAL issues!! Seriously dUde.

Al may want to confer with Coach Larranaga regarding how Coach L kept his team focused on playing well, not on press clippings while highly ranked. Winning the ACC Tourney is evidence that Coach L knew how to handle that sort of situation.

Gee Gallo--you never tire of making a complete horses arse of yourself.



10th ranked team in the land!!

And Al Golden, the best coach in all of college football!!

This is not to say I have any lack of faith in Al Golden's ability to rally his team. Events have shown he has ZERO tolerance for those not on the same page with him.
ZERO. Tolerance.
I expect the Canes to go out and do their job, score quickly, force UNC into mistakes, and be up by 17 at half time. We just have to hope that Morris comes out better in the 3rd period than he's historically done.
Stephen has had a tremendous year, injuries notwithstanding. Right now, the MVP.

Posted by: Jim gallo | October 13, 2013 at 01:50 PM

: )

You sir, are a hoot. Listen, YOU were the one who said Florida would put []_[]s in our rightful place and show []_[]s what we really are, but now YOU say UF sucks! How were u so woefully wrong about UF and the outcome? You obviously don't understand the game well. That said what credence should be put to what you think now?

All you're doing is playing the result.

Goldie's squad WON'T overlook Carolina Blue this Thursday. So, y'all can CEASE worrying about the Canes occuring an upset lost and what not.

Matter of fact, Miami's Senior class and RS-juniors have a SPECIAL THING going and they, and the rest of the team, want to Keep on Keeping On!!

One game at a time. Go 'Canes beat the 'Heels

According to today's Vegas college football line. Miami, Florida is currently a... - 7 1/2 road chalk. dUh

The point spread OPENED with the Hurricanes as a... - 9 1/2 road favorite, but a syndicate of Wise Guys laid some " heavy dollars " on Carolina Blue. Go bloody figures'.

Stephen Morris is currently ranked the 9th QB in the country. If not for his injury he would possibly be in the Top 5 of all college QB's.

Don't get cocky Canes...one game at a time...rank does not matter until the end of the year. PS...to all those folks talking about RS....Randy Shannon was a great Cane but as a head coach he could make John L. Smith look like Nick Saban. We have a great head coach...let the past go. ICE

FWIW... your Miami Hurricanes are ranked NO. 11 in the latest USATODAY Coaches poll.

And after the Hurricanes defeat Carolina Blue this Thursday. Goldie's squad will be officially ranked in the TOP 10 in both major college football polls.

Golden will keep the team focused. Thursday night games have not been nice to road favorites over the years. Carolina's season is on the line and they will come at UM with everything. They still have many good athletes, including two first round draft picks in the next draft. This will not be an easy game. We'll see just how good the defense is progressing and how mature this team really is.

Does anyone on here actually believe I am a Canes fan?

Does anyone on here actually believe I am a Canes fan?

I am surprised by the negative take put out our own herald beat writers on a positive story. As history would show, any team can lose or win any day (Stanford yesterday for example).

I would like to think the 2009 team is very different than this team. We were completely unprepared for VT going up there to play in the rain (the story was our equipment folks did not even have proper equipment - cleats with appropriate spikes to play in the rain like the VT players had and we had many slipping and falling during the game). The loss to Clemson was due to a combination of things and we were very impatient and thoroughly unprepared at UNC with lots of forced throws. Our CBs were terrible with DVD getting 100% beaten that time. The one major difference I see with this team is maturity although there was some impatience on the offense during the GT game. Take the 4 ypc if the run game is working, so adjustments can be made on the D.

Clearly, Golden and the coaches above all know we cannot overlook any one. We have not shown the consistency needed for taking any game easy. Take every game as "the" elimination game, because it is. That is the only way to get to the ACC CG. Win each game that is ahead.

The UNC game will be very difficult. UM always plays poorly at UNC. UM has only won once ('11) and that was by the skin of their teeth. I'll be at that game along with a sold out UM section. 'Canes fan always travel strong to UNC. This is the classic trap game. You have a down UNC, needing to break out at home, and a highly ranked UM team, perhaps cocky. IF, and I mean, IF this team can stay focused then UM should win. If...

I do enjoy a good Rusty Trombone from time to time, if you know what I mean.

st Thomas Aquinas HS would have the same record of 5-0 against UM opponents....

a complete joke......barely winning against gt.....holding their breath against Florida in the final minutes....please.....

diskel blows up lsu loss as well....gators suck....UM has done noting so far and in fact still has problems.....how could an experience offense be so dysfunctional against these opponents?


A high school team would beat a ranked college team? And driskell did not even PLAY LSU. You list was already did proven point by point. Now you are just bing more desperate. Weak trolling, indeed.

Gallo now that we have U back ....can U give us that Golden casualty list with the gators on the bottom? Or will U disappear for a couple more weeks now that i asked?

Absolutely NO coaches or Hurricane players are OVERLOOKING any conference team remaining on the schedule!!

So y'all loyal Hurricane zealots can put to bed any NOTIONS of the sort. hUh

Again, Goldie's team has something very SPECIAL going their way this season and his staff and the players know it.

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