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Hurricanes ranked in AP Top-10 for first time since October 18, 2009 -- heading into enemy territory

The University of Miami football team, as of today, has entered the Top-10 AP rankings for the first time since Oct. 18, 2009.

The Canes (5-0) are now No. 10, per the rankings that were just released.

Miami rose three spots in the AP poll without having played, thanks to then-No. 12 Oklahoma, then-No. 7 Georgia and then No.-5 Stanford all losing yesterday. 

Per the Associated Press, the last time the Canes were ranked among the top-10 was the poll of Oct. 2009, when they were No. 8.

Also per the AP, the last time the ACC had three top-10 teams like it does now was the poll of Oct. 30, 2005 (Virginia Tech was ranked No. 3, Miami was No. 5 and FSU was No. 9).

So, in closing, is this a good thing going into a Thursday-night game at North Carolina, where the 1-4 Tar Heels will be totally psyched to pull off the upset? We've seen UM stunned before at UNC.

I know it's good for UM that it is rising in the polls, obviously, but just wondering if it affects the Canes' psyche. The national attention is coming for sure, and all eyes will be on UM Thursday.

Al Golden no doubt is hunkered down trying like heck to keep his players in the zone, disregarding the "external'' and staying within "the process.''

But the better and higher ranked they get, the more of a challenge that becomes.

After they were ranked 8th in 2009, the Hurricanes lost the next game in overtime against unranked Clemson.

Three games later, the Canes lost to guess who and guess where? Yup. At unranked North Carolina -- at Chapel Hill.

AP Top 10

1. Alabama 6-0

2. Oregon 6-0

3. Clemson 6-0

4. Ohio State 6-0

5. FSU 5-0

6. LSU 6-1

7. Texas A&M 5-1

8. Louisville 6-0

9. UCLA 5-0

10. Miami 5-0

11. South Carolina 5-1

12. Baylor 5-0

13. Stanford 5-1

14. Missouri 6-0

15. Georgia 4-2

16. Texas Tech 6-0

17. Fresno State 5-0

18. Oklahoma 5-1

19. Virginia Tech 6-1

20. Washington 4-2

21. Oklahoma State 4-1

22. Florida 4-2

23. Northern Illinois 6-0

24. Auburn 5-1

25. Wisconsin 4-2 




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Coaches and kids have earned it. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Now, let's go beat a team we are simply better than.


I believe, beyond a shadow of a murky doubt, that both seniors Stevie and Green will keep the players HUMBLE, and what not, and focused on the task at hand.

And that's to fly back to upscale Coral Gables with another victory!! dUh




Total Team Defense:

No. 12 Miami, Florida

Total Team Offense:

No. 21 Miami, Florida

Yeah, yeah I totally understand Cane fan-dom don't give a crapola bout' stats and what not. hUh

UCF should be ranked higher than Florida.

The SEC is overrated overall and the gizz fest with themand the pollsters and ESPN continues. TAMU is soooo overblown it aint funny. So is U Socarolina. Clemson is ghonna put a beatdown on them like youwouldnt believe. You watch. ESPN bragging that a "record" 8 SEC teams are in the SEC. We know we know, its artifically that way. Bc you all wanted it that way.

#10- Aint nothing bad to say about it- except the Pulitzer prize winners from this scab news outlet have to bring on all the negatives. Yeah Susan, you!

This is good news. Something to be proud of. And to know UM history is to understand that EVERYONE. Including Savannah State comes here to wanna beat Miami. UNC is 1-4 and will grow and play like a 5-0 team when the canes come to town. Always been like that.

Gallo....haha....been awhile....loser. You truly are the most embarrassing thing on this blog...dude...I am embarrassed FOR YOU. All the time you put into your dinky little lists....and for what?


Our schedule is like every other team....plain and simple....don't here you screaming about LSU...did you know they have 8 home games this year??


But don't sweat it...playoff coming soon....so....every thing will even itself out. Except you of course.....you will still be an angry little elf.

RichmondCane: Yes, winning in Chapel Hill will take some doing. The Heels don't want to be a 1-5 team. Hokies got lucky when Renner went down. I don't care how our Canes win, but they will. This is the biggest game for the Canes since they joined the ACC. It's a game our Canes have to win. The Hokies have already beaten two common opponents (the Heels and Pitt) and except for the game in SunLife, they don't have any games remaining on their schedule where they won't be the favorite.

I don't care about a top 10 ranking. Get the job done against UNC.

This is a get-back game for us, show out and be physical. Let espn sort out who they think is good.

Nice to see us back in the top 10 again, but we need to focus solely on UNC. Come out strong, take the crowd out and play like we know how to play and everything will take care of itself.

lets hope the Clemson FSU losers, since both are top 10, don't slide 3-4 spots only. Then that effs us up. Hope for a blowout, 1 way or the other, so the loser falls. We don't play Clemson this year, but would play them in acc title game, so maybe we actually hope FSU wins? so when we knock em off it will be a top 3 win
ON OUR WAY..........wait till this top 3 class that is coming in adds even more depth . In the words of Seinfelds father. Im back baby THE U

Remember Fellow U fans. some of those UNC teams were butch davis teams. who brought in 5 star kids and had a loaded roster, and the coach had his recruits 2 plus yrs after he was gone. NOW, its a typical UNC team without Butch the guy can recruit

With that said. Miami 45-14. on the road, lay the points. Time for us to put a show on

Not jumpin the gun, but the pac efffin 12 is weak, and Oregon will go 12-0 . 2. UCLA is overrated. My point, NO PLAYOFFS TILL NEXT SEASON

IF ala and ore wins out. WERE FLOCKED unless acc champ game win and go 13-0 gets us the points in computer because of schedule strength. We will have played 2 top 5 teams in Clemson(Acc title game) and FSU. plus va tech............we might pass OREGON in BCS because of weak schedule

We are #9 in points for and our D is #9 in points against us. Where are the D bashers?

1 thing I did not. VA TECH guys, they got spanked by Alabama, but have WEAK SISTER SCHEDULE AND r 3-0 in CONF AND DONT PLAY CLEMSON OR FSU................. THAT GAME IS IN MIAMI THIS YEAR THANK GOD< they do have #97 offense in ppg..............but still.

But they have a weak schedule.

WHY DID URBAN MEYER LEAVE UF? Becaue Oh state almost every yr gets 8 home games, psu was getting the hammer, and Michigan was down. NO SEC SCHEDULE. Actually a smart move. BUT BIG 10 (TIME TO CHANGE THE NAME) is weak

Big 10 had 11 teams since the early 90s and that idiot Delany never changed it..............Traction my arse. Pac 10 went to pac 12 right away. THATS WHY THEY SUCK

Does anyone have that eary feeling the ncaa is waiting to make their announcement on us pending how season turns out.
Can you imagine Mark the president waiting till we were 12-0, playing Fsu or Clem in acc title game, and them ANNOUNCING OUR SANCTIONS that weak.

I can see them flocking us like that

Gallo......I ve read your negative remarks as a supposed fan of Miami.I just look for your name and skip reading your post.Know you re likely bashing them but No 1 in 5 years at least shows progress.Personally,I ll take that as Im intelligent enough to know that as Golden said...."We haven t won anything yet".Can t get more real than that.GO CANES.

I am proud of you... which makes me even more proud to be a native of Miami, Florida U.S.A.

Go Hurricanes!!!

All I do is win, win, win... no matter what, what what... Put your hands up... for the U!


What team is first in the ACC with four top 100 recruits? Miami.

Third in the nation in top 100 recruits? Miami.

Thirteenth in average stars per player? Miami.

Second in number of commits with 25 commits already? Miami.

What team CONTINUES to prove trolls like Gallo wrong? Miami.


I am fan but this team is ranked WAY too high. They beat one ranked team, and only because Florida turned the ball over 5 times. There is a lot of talent there but this is not the 10th best team in the country...yet.

Luckily we play F$U right after they play Clemson.

Stephen Morris will be healthier come Thurs, and Canes roll.

Kembrell Thompkins caught the winning pass from brady. No. Not kendall. Kembrell. Both from miami nw. One went to cinci, one to miami. One was coached by shannon. One wasnt.

Tnere you go calgallod

Kenbrell Thompkins is on my fantasy team...that kid has some heart.

Wow 8 SEC teams in the top 25.. Two teams with one loss ranked ahead of us.. smh.. Thats that sh*t I don't like.


It's so obvious this Gallo guy is Shapiro, why hasn't the herald blocked him yet?

Alabama non-conference schedule this season:

1. V-Tech (game one)
2. Colorado St.
3. Georgia St.
4. Chattanooga (Remaining)

Championship worthy NCS? Me thinks not!

Bama also plays powerhouses
Miss st
and Tennessee
LMAO who wouldnt be going undefeated with a schedule like that?

Offense needs to execute at a higher level moving forward. I'd like to see ball control to go with home-run chunk plays. Good teams don't give up that chunk play. Need to work on getting ball to the TE/RB on check downs to keep drives going and maintain rhythm/tempo. TE/RB screens would be nice.

We need to win both lines of scrimmage.

Alabama has a powder-puff schedule.

Roll Tide!

I am fan but this team is ranked WAY too high. They beat one ranked team, and only because Florida turned the ball over 5 times. There is a lot of talent there but this is not the 10th best team in the country...yet.

Posted by: Pete | October 13, 2013 at 07:51 PM

It's how we beat them that bodes well. They don't turn the ball over 5x every week. We knocked the stuffing out of those turkeys.

We earned our current ranking as much as anyone else.

UNC ain't going to be easy. Trust me.

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | October 13, 2013 at 12:47 PM

Agreed. Nothing makes a team come at you harder than a number next to your name. Especially a 1-4 team in the division. We are going to be every team's measuring stick/bowl game. No game should be take lightly. I hope these kids develop a sense of ownership over this process and hold each other accountable. we'll needs leaders this week.

Posted by: One finger []_[]p | October 13, 2013 at 01:14 P

Also, nothing makes a team come at you harder when the team that's coming in, was told to celebrate a coastal division title that they didn't actually win out-right and lost to the team that without restrictions who beat the imposter coastal division champs. Coach goldie should've used that opportunity last year to say "look guys, they're calling us the coastal division champs, and i understand why, but we lost to unc, and had they not been on punishment, they would've been the True coastal division champs, so we don't want it like that, so next year, we're going to come back, smarter, more physical, more disciplined and win the thing out-right the way it's suppose to be and leave no doubt".

Instead, he dissappointedly tried to celebrate something that wasn't earned, that was a weak moment for sure, but this year, go and get it for real.

For those soeaking about strength of schedule up there and who even have the nerve to put the ranking, Alabama plays the 66th most difficult dchedule in the country. They are in the BOTTOM half of difficult comp

So now we know Gallo is a liar in addition to being a fool. He wrote that he was gone for good; I suspect his miserable life got worse and needs to demean others to feel a little bit better. IF he was normal, he would be commenting about UF, on their section of this paper.

I am a liar, a fool, and I love the KAK.

Look how good we are ranked #10 without even playing
Tough game coming up against powerhouse UNC
better be careful those heels have beaten one team already
in 5 tries
but what if it rains
You know we are better than Alabama
why are they ranked ahead of us
We could easily beat Bama and Oregon
we will have to settle with powerhouses Wake and Duke instead
what a terrible gaunlet of a schedule we play

The UFraud will play a depleted Georgia, then Georgia Southern, will have played the worst UK and UT teams in decades, plus a 3 -3 Toledo yet that SEC schedule is tough. Whew, watch-out.

When they get pounded by FSU, they will go back to their SEC! SEC! SEC! loser-talk. Ignorant 'necks.

The Only thing that keep the GT game close was our Turnovers 2 picks and 2 Fumbles all except the muffued punt was in scoring position. Cut down the turn overs and the gimme touchdowns we will blow out UNC. I well be in the building for the game. Go Canes

Big deal.

Tell the players let's see where they are after they play all their regular season games, especially after FSU and VT.

And where will they be after losing to UNC because they have fat heads, Canes are not in good cardiovascular condition, and after goldie and d'o throw away the games by using 3 down linemen NO defense, LBs five yards off the line of scrimmage and giving up run yardage and NO pressure on opposing QBs and allowing them to pick apart d'os zone NO pass coverage.

"Canes are not in good cardiovascular condition"

here comes the Gallo twin, Canes72, with more garbage. How would you know what shape they are in? Always hoping for a loss, you maggot. Same as you have always been. A maggot.

But guess what? Canes are 5 - 0 and the Gatr Trash is 4 - 2 with more losses to come.

You still suuuuuuuuck, Gatr Trash.

ugator is a stupid redneck for sure.

How can you tell when football players are not in shape, you GD moron?
1) They have their hands on their hips sucking in air like you suck gator turds,
2) They make stupid mistakes and penalties,
3) The linemen have rolls of fat hanging over their belt like a bunch of moron rednecks.

I see the sicko is back. New ID, same lies. Heck, a cut and paste of his pregame taunts, ignoring his gatrs got another beatdown.

Here are his latest lies thrown back at him.
Look how good we are ranked #22 without even beating anyone other than 3-3 Toledo at home! How many two loss teams are ranked over undefeated teams we gotta keep losing because it's awesome! Good thing it looks like three more losses are coming soon. We will be ranked #1 by the end of it.

Tough game when we actually left the state to play LSU. Oh wait, they are still waiting for us to find the end zone there. How DO they hide that end zone, it must be magic!

We better be careful those tigers have lost to one team already in 5 tries.

I wish it had rained so I could use that excuse.

You know we are better than Miami, until we have to play them.

Why are they ranked ahead of us, just because they beat us soundly while we had all our star players?

We could easily beat Bama and Oregon, if this was 2008.

We will have to settle with powerhouses Kentucky and Vanderbilt instead
What a terrible gauntlet of a OOC schedule we play, good thing we will never schedule Miami again. Or Toledo. 3-3, that is too tough for us!

Posted by: sicko logic | October 14, 2013 at 09:33 AM

21-16, 17-6, 4-2. Nothing your lies can do to change that.

So, CaneFan72, you are batting Miami loses to UNC?

What happens when you are wrong, yet again? Will you admit it, or blame the refs?

So they are poor shape, even though objective measures of their conditioning have shown them to have IMPROVED over the past three years?

A defense that was on the field for over 40 minutes was still outplaying and outrunning and outmaneuvering a fresh and top offense?

So if our conditioning is so poor, does that mean your gatrs are in even worse shape?

UTough works, and you can't stand that.

"Posted by: Canes72 | October 14, 2013 at 10:30 AM "

"Hands on their hips." Show me one athlete that does not do that. Sh#t, even Usain Bolt does it after his 100 M. Does that mean he is not in shape.

"The linemen have rolls of fat hanging" Show me one 300 + pound college lineman that doesn't have that. Are all linemen then out of shape?

CaneFan72, you are neither a canefan nor class of 72. Rather, you are the same old miserable maggot. What pisses you off most is that the Canes are in the top 10 and 5 - 0.

I fart in your general direction.

So, CaneFan72, you are batting Miami loses to UNC?
What happens when you are wrong, yet again? Will you admit it, or blame the refs?
Posted by: Five Titles | October 14, 2013 at 10:36 AM
UNC should be a walk in the park for Miami, but not:
IFFFF the Canes have a fat head like losing to Penn State a couple of time.
IFFFF second stringers like Morris' back up can not complete a pass. Morris should be rested until he is 100% or he will be lost for the rest of the season.
IFFFFF d'o will admit he is an idiot and put his 3 down linemen, zone NO pass coverage in the trash can and not let other offenses march up and down the field. His arrogance is going to bite him in the butt soon.

I hope Miami is undefeated after FSU and VT, but I will be amazed if they are with d'o as DC and goldie does not get the players in much better cardiovascular conditioning.

Notice Canes72's lack of proper spelling of the plural. This is exactly how ol' Jim "the KAK-man" Gallo writes. He cannot even keep his post name the same.

Aww, Gallo, you suck you miserable piece of garbage. "Losing to Penn State a couple of time?" (Notice lack of plural).

The last two times they played Penn State they are 1 - 1. Are you actually going back 27 years to the Fiesta Bowl?

That is how much of a stretch this maggot has to make.

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