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BREAKING NEWS: NCAA to announce Miami Hurricanes' sanctions tomorrow

Hurricanes fans, brace yourself.

Your waiting is nearly over.

Tomorrow is the day the world will learn of the University of Miami's punishment in its NCAA case involving convicted felon and former Hurricanes booster Nevin Shapiro.

The NCAA just confirmed the Miami Herald report that on Tuesday it will publicly reveal UM's punishment. Shortly after the written report is released, protocol is that the NCAA will have a teleconference for the media only. 

All UM's sanctions will be listed on the written infractions report, with background on the case and a synopsis of why the punishments have been inflicted -- in other words, everything that the NCAA's Committee on Infractions says UM did wrong. 

The school is informed of its specific penalties on the same day the media/public receives the information, just earlier. But with all the information that has been leaked over the past couple of years in this case, maybe UM knows a bit -- or more than a bit -- of what's coming. 

No one outside of the NCAA and perhaps UM, and those who might get leaked the information, knows what's coming. UM could appeal all or part of its penalties. 

The Canes are expected to get scholarship sanctions, and possibly coaching and recruiting restrictions. Some coaches who have moved on to other programs are expected to get Show Cause penalties, meaning they effectively will be barred from coaching in college for a set amount of years.

Some are wondering if any of the former players who were involved with the scandal will be barred from campus or from attending games, or if any victories or records will be vacated. The Canes could also be hit with financial penalties

   "I mean, the school, they've done so much already to avoid a harsh penalty by punishing themselves, so hopefully [it's] not too bad,'' said Miami Dolphins defensive end Olivier Vernon, one of the former UM players suspended for accepting improper benefits from Shapiro.

   "It's kind of ridiculous in a way, Vernon said of the case taking so long to be decided, but I guess that's how the NCAA operates. You've got to let it take its course.'' 

  One way or the other, the waiting will be over, and UM can get on with its post-sanctions life.

The Hurricanes would have 15 days to submit in writing its intent to appeal any or all of the sanctions. If the Canes get another postseason ban (they already self-imposed bowl games after the 2011 and 2012 seasons, and the chance to play in the 2012 ACC title game), they could appeal it and pretty much ensure themselves the right to play in this postseason, as the appeals process takes several months.

Are you nervous? Relieved? 

Your thoughts on what will come tomorrow? 

Best realistic scenario? Worst scenario?



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I see myself being a douchebag for the foreseeable future. That is a guarantee.

I'll believe when I see it


I thought they would come out with this crap as soon as the U became bowl eligible. Holding my breath.

so they wait for us to get into the top 10 again to hand down the sancations. I am glad it is finally over. I hope Golden get this team to play with a big chip on their shoulders the rest of the way. Let JJ come give them the us against the world speech


Not nervous

Somewhat relieved

Very,very anxious

I'm cool. The program is going in the right direction...just need players in the book and on the field to do the right thing. All these kids want is an opportunity to represent The U...so we as fans and the administrators need to support them in their quest...no mater what the outcome is...

LOL...typo..."no matter what the outcome is..."

I need to get into the lockeroom right after practice during shower time.

I think they truly despise Nevin and will not be too harsh. Nevin must be miserable in jail with the Canes undefeated....COI will still give us penalties but no bowl bans....case closed....Nevin defeated by both in the end.

It's about time. In my humble opinion the U has suffered enough, The NCAA should be ashamed of itself. With all the crap the investigators pulled trying to hang the canes they should have closed the case a long time ago . What a total farce the NCAA thinks they are above the law and have power over everyone.

Glad to see it finally coming to an end, but quite ironic that they decide to finalize it a few days after the Canes break the top 10 in the first BCS rankings of the season. Keep fighting Canes and lets topple FSWho on the 2nd!!!! It's all about the []_[]

Just as we thought let Miami get rated in the top ten in the BCS and the God of the NCAA decides to let the hammer drop. anything but accepting what MIAMI has already imposed on itself is a travesty. the NCAA is a joke and should be renamed the National Communist Athletic Association Over step their bounce and go after the innocent.


If the sanctions are too hardcore, we may lose Golden...

Haha the NCAA is a joke. Miami goes from middle of the ACC with Harris at QB from 07-10 when the infractions allegedly occurred. We sit out of the ACC championship game last year as well as a bowl game the year before as self imposed penalties. Now Miami is Top 10 and a week away from possibly the biggest game for Miami since 2004 and they decide to announce the "findings". Its just perfect timing lol. The NCAA hates Miami and has been trying to convince the rest of the country that Miami is some thug payroll under the table sketchy program which we aren't. FSU and the entire SEC are like the Big 8 in the 70 and 80s Miami has a legit program and if they run the table will play in the National title game hopefully against alabama to shut up all the haters and re commence the State of Miami under Golden. Dynasty in the Making entering the Golden Era. Johnson for Heisman too lol Follow me on Twitter if your a real canes fan no haters aloud I follow back @B_Roker_1Up

Glad to see it finally coming to an end, but quite ironic that they decide to finalize it a few days after the Canes break the top 10 in the first BCS rankings of the season. Keep fighting Canes and lets topple FSWho on the 2nd!!!! It's all about the []_[]

Posted by: Shawn | October 21, 2013 at 03:03 PM



FWIW... because Miami is ranked No. 7 in the current final, B.C.S. poll, I absolutely thought that N.C.orrupt A.A. would announce the Canes major sanctions next week prior to a CRUCIAL game with MIGHT F.S.U. dUh

Nevertheless, the waiting is over and with the ethical, prestigious N.C.A.A., and it's covert AGENDA against Hurricane football, it's a crazy guessing game regarding the forthcoming sanctions.

The NCAA is definitely a joke, and has little credibility left. But that does not change the fact the there were major violations here. The school has imposed some penalties on itself, but nothing that is crippling. Self imposing bowl bans, in years that the school would most likely not have hold its ticket allocation, and would have ended up owing cash out of pocket to the bowl, don't impress me much. After past actions, anything short of repeat offender status would be a real victory for the school and its team of lawyers.

My guess is that the total sanctions will be 1) time served, 2) a slap on the wrist, and 3) a sidelong glance with a stern warning not to do it again "because this time we really, really, double-dog mean it *wink* *wink*"

The sanctions have to be all that Miami has self imposed. The university did more than what was called from, from the start.

Only one more day of the liar claiming we are getting the death penalty. We will get 3 scholarships or less, praise for all our cooperation and self-reporting, better be an apology in there as well for all the delays, illegal shenanigans, and for allowing Emmert to stick his heavy hand in this mess all for a couple games of bowling, ans steak dinner and a boat ride.

I guess this is a good time as any. I am glad this news didn't come out last Thursday. We have a few days to process the news and demolish WF.

"demolish WF"... better hope that they aren't 19 seconds better than UNC...

We have already self imposed two bowl bans and an ACCCG ban, recruiting restrictions, suspended players, and scholarship reductions. Man, if we get more on top of what we have already given ourselves prior to receiving any word from the NCAA's COI, I think the school should sue. We need to get off with time served. No other school has self imposed more punishment on itself without getting the verdict from the NCAA.

COI will still give us penalties but no bowl bans....case closed....Nevin defeated by both in the end.

Posted by: 21-16 | October 21, 2013 at 03:00 PM

Au contraire GuLLIBLE Cane zealot. The N.CORRUPT A.A. has already PROVEN that it's a DIRT DEALER when it comes to the University of Miami, Florida Hurricane football program.

So don't be bloody SHOCKED or SURPRISED when the Hurricanes finally know what DEGREE of severity the sanctions will be handed down on Miami football. hUh

Nevertheless, I give you kudo's for your optimism and what not.

However, I'm a bloody REALIST and I absolutely understand the SINISTER, SUBTLE agenda the N.C.A.A. when it comes to Cane football.

Chit, even that SUPERFICIAL, smirking N.C.A.A. henchmen said the DEATH PENALTY was an absolute option!!

I think there are two things that could happen..... The Hammer is dropped VERY HARD or the fact that coach Al Golden is well liked and respected, brings leniency......

@Brad I think there were some major violations as well, but the University TOLD the NCAA back in 2010. They fully cooperated AND penalized themselves...unlike Ohio St who lied about there misdeeds and USC who denied they had problems. I think The U should get time served along with 2 years probation. Keep their noses clean and keep doing what they have been doing. I also see championships in the future.

Now I'll play devil's advocate and say the NCAA drops the hammer with an additional bowl ban. UM appeals and it only takes two weeks for the appeal to be heard. That would be the icing on the cake for the NCAA.

I HOPE THEY BAN THE F***K OUT OF THE FORMER COACHES....those guys should be punished the hardest...they outright broke the rules KNOWING THE RULES...

The Kids were Kids...

The School was scammed just like the other Shapiro $940million investors were...




I think there are two things that could happen..... The Hammer is dropped VERY HARD or the fact that coach Al Golden is well liked and respected, brings leniency......

Posted by: Jason Jackson | October 21, 2013 at 03:19 PM


Nice apology and what not, but one Albert Golden has nothing to do with how the N.C.A.A. views the University of Miami, Florida Hurricane football program.

Again, for GULLIBLE Green nd' Orange eyes only. Miami is the par excellance, PROGRAMA NON GRATA according to the ?? college educated ?? N.CORRUPT A.A. suits.

Heck, the STONEWALLING and DIRTY DEALING, TAINTED investigation by the prestigious N.C.A.A. should've have OPENED Cane fan-dom eyes by now. hUh


TELLING THE REST OF US ABOUT "Institutional Control"?????


I believe if the ncaa had waited until after the season, UM would have filed suits the other way. Not wanting to mess with a good season, they were waiting. It will be good to know, The program has been held hostage for a long time. Many thanks to Golden for staying, like Butch, he is a class act.
I know Wake is the most important game this week, the win is important. Then comes fsu, but VT is more important for the ACC than fsu. Lose to VT, and no ACC championship. GO CANES

I do my beset work in and around toilets. Ask any navy seal. I am known for my skills, green pea.

No matter how many bowls the "U" passed on or how many scholis the "U" cut, the National Corrupt As.hole Arrogance Association will beat their chest and say that's not enough. Hope I am wrong. But what in their disastrous history would make me feel otherwise. Go Canes.

If they get a bowl ba they better just take it this year because next yr is the yr we may actually be in contention! They lose the appeal then theyd get the ban NEXT yr...dumb!#ihatethewitchhuntcanehatingncaa

Back in the day, one Muhammad Ali was the MOST HATED sports personality since J. Johnson.

And since the Miami's 1st National Championship trophy, the Hurricane football program has been viewed as PROGRAM NON GRATA. Not only from the perspective of the ethical N.C.A.A., but in the minds of most, but not all, college football fan-dom and college football media-nexus personalities ( Of course, ESPN's Herbie is the bloody exception to the rule. hUh ).

So, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Miami is banned from a bowl game this season. But that's just the NEGATIVE, cynical side of my ego.

If the NCAA ever wants a school to cooperate with an investigation again, they had better give us a lesser penalty than they would have if we had snubbed them as did USC and Ohio State. Otherwise, schools will hide everything they can from them in the future since it wouldn't matter relative to the sanctions given.

Fire shalalalala, the AD, the directors of the u,
and anyone else involved with the criminal.

Why punish the present players or the students of the u who were not even here then?

And stop the hypocrisy of not playing players when in fact, college sports are ONLY about money and making the players future pro players by having them play in the college farm system.

This is totally BS and i hope things come out in favor for THE U.. The nation. Hates Miami.... This proves it all.... Go Canes!

In a J-U-S-T universe, the Hurricanes would be EXEMPTED from a bowl game this season and what not.

However, it's Miami vs. N.C.A.A. and there's no such notion of balanced, justice when it comes to the mentality of Emmert and his bloody Henchmen and or HenchWENCH's.

But then again, I seriously hope the N.C.A.A. makes a fool of me and what not, i.e., no bowl bans for the Hurricanes.

Do y'all loyal Hurricane partisans understand how much the N.C.A.A. loves to " stick-it-up " Miami's U-Know-What!! Seriously, fellas'.

Guessing game is the vest description I've seen. They could do anythibg from another bowl ban and huge scholarship losses and etc... or the NCAA could realize just how ridiculous this investigation has been and how cooperative Miami has been and just give light scholarship reductions and that be the end of it. I for one expect the worst from the NCAA and until they show me anything different, I think they try to hit us hard, knowing we will appeal and probably win our appeal. The NCAA has never shown Miami and respect or consideration so I don't expect that to change.

As a Miami Hurricane fan if you didn't see this coming something is wrong with you the NCAA all ready made there decision years ago they just wanted to wait until football program gets into position to play in a BCS title game or at least the ACC championship game. I saw this coming not saying what Nevin did was ok if you going punish the program it's wrong to do it when a team is in the position complete for the national champion two wrong doesn't make it right I will be praying for you.

Let me just say, I hope I am wrong though.

Also, I am glad that it is almost over. What ever the outcome (save the death penalty) I am happy to have this behind us.

A few Golden tidbits of the Green nd' Orange sort.

THE DUKE has been medically cleared to play this HIGH NOON against a surging Wake Forest team.

FWIW... the Hurricanes are a solid - 21 point chalk against the Deacons. Ouch.

And finally, President Shalala announced today that Miami's case has been MISHANDLED and BUNGLED by the ethical N.C.A.A. and the Hurricanes self-imposed bowl bans and A.C.C. championship appearance should suffice for any present bowl ban or future. hUh

Just listen to Coach AL on WQAM. According to him we will always get positive results if the players do what they are taught. Artie's fg block, Tracy's int etc....
Can someone tell him he already has the job he's not interviewing anymore(just kidding) But seriously since when did it become that simple? Isn't it possible the other coach outscheme our coaches? So what happens if the players on the other team "do exactly what they're taught as well?" No one would win that battle? What happen to our guys using instincts? Is that what he call freelancing?
I understand technique and once it's ptoperly taught you can rely on that much more then not. But this attitude that when the kid is successful it's because he did what he was coached to do and when he's not it's because he freelanced don't quite cut it.
Posted by: True Cane | October 21, 2013 at 02:42 PM


True Cane,

It's funny that you say this here's some quotes from D'No's presser to day.

"We didn't have good vision on the quarterback," D'Onofrio said. "We got turned too much. You have to see the quarterback in zone coverage or else you can't play zone coverage."

Looking back , D'Onofrio said he blames freelancing for some of the big plays on Thursday night.

"We can't have that," D'onofrio said. "The sudden change defense was tremendous, red zone was awesome, third down was really good, 33 percent. ... There were a lot of positives. Our guys fought. But it didn't have to get to that situation if we executed better on first and second down and guys did what they were supposed to do."

So what he's trying to imply is that what we saw happened to pur defense Thursday night had nothing to do with our scheme/play calls? We gave up 500 yards because guys didn't do what they were supposed to do?This is not championship mentality. Someone needs to let him know that.

Relieved it is over and of course nervous that the 3rd reich will hit us for another bowl game and scholarships. Why wait until you knew they were bowl eligible otherwise there is no rationale explanation for the long delayed announcement.

Offering my "guess"...I suspect this will end up being litigated as Emmert wants to be remembered as the person who brought the Canes down much to the satisfaction of those who the Canes dominated for over 30 years.

Although, they may make the sanctions just bad enough to make litigation a tough call.

Echoing others...I hope I am wrong!

Tim Reynolds ‏@ByTimReynolds 12m
Forgot this. With a week to spare, the Miami decision's arrival beats Derrick Rose's official return. But that was close. #laughpeople
Now that is some funny stuff right there. Even the NCAA is faster than Derrick Rose's promised "Return".

If this is anymore than a few scholarships the university of Miami and the ACC will file suits against the NCAA .they need to be real careful with this one ..the major conferences in college football are real close to saying goodbye to the NCAA in favor of a new league

Here's where the gutless get exposed. The one's that post under the guise of a Hurricane fan.

Here we go fellas, we've heard rumblings around 3 years ago.

The wait is over. Tomorrow is it.

Miami is being given fifteen days to file any appeal. This deadline comes after the FSU game. Unfortunately, I see one more bowl ban coming. Even if Miami beats FSU, they are caught between a rock and a hard place, since the division deciding Virginia Tech game falls outside the appeal deadline. The timing by the NCAA is diabolically well planned.

fsu, they are bet

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