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Official announcement from NCAA: 9 scholarships over 3 years for football, no more post-season bans

The news is officially out from the NCAA on UM -- and it's better than anticipated. LINK TO COMPLETE REPORT


> Public reprimand and censure.

> Three years of probation from October 22, 2013, through October 21, 2016.

> Former assistant football coach B (Clint Hurtt) penalties: A two-year show-cause order from October 22, 2013 through October 21, 2015. The public report contains further details. The committee also adopted penalties imposed by the coach’s current employing university, which are detailed in the public report.

> Former assistant football coach C (Aubrey Hill) penalties: A two-year show-cause order from October 22, 2013, through October 21, 2015. The public report contains further details.

> Former head men’s basketball coach Frank Haith penalties: A suspension for the first five regular-season games of the 2013-14 season. Attendance at one NCAA Regional Rules seminar at the conclusion of the 2013-14 academic year.

> Former assistant men’s basketball coach B (Jorge Fernandez) penalties: A two-year show-cause order from October 22, 2013, through October 21, 2015. The public report contains further details.

Football program penalties

> Reduction of football scholarship by a combined total of nine during the 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons.

> Miami may only provide a prospect on unofficial visits complementary tickets for one home game during the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons.

Self-imposed by the university

> Two year bowl ban following the 2011 and 2012 seasons, including the 2012 ACC Championship game.

> Reduction of official paid visits for 2012-13 by 20 percent to a total of 36 visits.

> Reduction of fall evaluations in 2012-13 by six (from 42 to 36).

> Reduction of available contact days during the 2012-13 contact period by 20 percent.

Men’s basketball program penalties

> Reduction in the number of men’s basketball scholarships by one during the each of the 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons.

> Additional penalties: For all sports, any staff member who sends an impermissible text to a prospect will be fined a minimum of $100 per message, and coaches will be suspended from all recruiting activities for seven days.

> Further penalties resulting from impermissible texts and phone calls are detailed in the public report.


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OK!!! The nightmare is over and UM receives a neglible set of sanctions. Great news for the university. Congrats to UM for putting up a fight.

Unlike what happened under Shannon, Haith et al, I do not beieve we will see this kind of stuff with Golden, Larranage and their staffs.

So Canes, crank it up and go after the gold. It's yours for the taking. Yah!



Eat it Charles Robinson, your Pulitzer article and Nevin Shapiro are both flushed away.

All the death penalty predictors will need to change IDs (again).

Could we hear something awful from Jim Gallo please?

gallo is gonna cry, this is great news. 9 scholorships is nothing. Goes to show usc should of coorperated and not fought back. Miami is past the worst of this. Golden can keep building without the ncaa over his shoulder. All those lies about bowl bans coming will come back to bite those using them now. Woot.

Think they should have just given UM time served but I guess they had to justify the 2 1/2 draconian investigation with some type of censure. Time to put this travesty behind us and take down the Noles!!

LMAO at the haters.....slap on the wrist....full steam ahead! Beat wake and go to Tallahassee with attitudes!

Another bitter pill for Gallo!
Go Canes!!

Jim gallo is busy washing jock straps in Gainsville and will not be able to post negative BS until further notice.

Funny last bit of BS from the NCAA. Look at the link above:


Notice that they TITLED the document "lacked institutional control", when the document itself never SAYS that. Looks like they originally wanted to hammer us, but as they went through their allegations, none of them were worthy of LOIC, but they FORGOT to fix the title of the article.

NCAA got pushed into a corner, but they still gave a little pinch there. They fight like, well, like curse piggy, from hiding and without the guts to stand by their sick comments.

2 bowl bans, ACC champ game given up...the damage has already been done but we are FREE AT LAST! Pound Wake and whoop FSU. CAnES!!!!

People who said UM should have taken a bowl game last year were very shortsighted. There'd be no bowl game this year if they had gone last year. UM did all the right things during this process, painful as they may have been. UM got heavily criticized for taking these actions. How would you folks like it if this team had to sit out a bowl game after last year's team went to the podunk bowl game?

WOW, the U is back to all you haters out there,,,now what in the world will opposing college coaches say now? Miami has upgraded thier facilties, (modest compare to OU and Oregon) but no one can aruge with the word "NEW and Shining" vs old and rusty. No more NCAA cloud,,not watch the recruits come in fold or better yet, this 2014 class may be done unless Golden dump some of those 2 Star Players.

9 scholarships too many if you ask me

Manny and Susan the "Link to Complete Report" in the first paragraph is not working, or the actual report is not yet posted there by the NCAA.

Can y'all double check that please? I for one want to read the actual complete report and not just the press release.

The wait is over and we go full speed ahead.We will be better,much better and the glory days are just around the corner.Go Canes!!!

I was innocent too.

Are you proud of your history of NCAA sanctions! Since you cant draw anybody to the stadium,always have to resort to other shady methods(rogue boosters PELL Grants,unethical coaches-schnelly,jimmy and DUI Dennis,let any thug in(Willie Williams and many others)Lead the NCAA in number of arrests and off the field issues in the past 35 years.

No one compares to the Gatr Trash in terms of arrests.

At least you are the gold standard in one thing. Well, that and white-trash couture.

No way Miami leads the NCAA in arrests in the past 35 years.

Miami needs to immediately sign Al Golden to a new 20 year deal and park a truckload of money in front of his house. The guy needs to be locked up for a long, long time b/c if Miami does not do it, someone else will. He is the best thing to come along to this university since JJ and people need to understand this and Miami needs to be proactive about it and give that guy $4M/year. He deserves every single penny!




great news...the U showed CLASS in the FACE of adversity...Golden stood tall, and continued on his quest to get respectability back to the U. He took something on he had no knowledge of; but strived forward. We have a good coach guys...he could be great...I for one old time Cane fan...am proud of this team...and hope for continued upward success...Mr Morris..please throw to the right color uniforms...D'NO...please put your defense in the right place...reprimand and teach them when they are not and give up damaging plays...let's go "D-Squared", with Duke and Dallas...and let's see Gus get some touches along with Clements...GOD Bless all of my Canes!!

"I got away with it."


Willy "Bagman" Muscrap
Jeff "Aggravated Assault - Get Ready to Die, b----" Demps
Cam Newton
Aaron Hernandez
Too many Gatr maggots to list here

Guys the 9 scholllies is not 1 shot. ITs 3 per yr -we are not at 85 now, so technically its less. Remember he kicked off Dyron Dye and a few others.

All this means is 82 schollies instead of 85. not 9 in 1 shot. THATS NOTHING

We have the top 5 class coming in with STUDS and now more FSU/UF commits will swap.

To VOS: He is the best thing to happen to UM in a long time. You're correct that other schools will be coming after him. This will happen immediately. UM needs to pay him well and they will. He's been a closet UM fan for many years and he's not about to leave this job anytime soon just for $$. He'll be offered more than UM can pay, but $$ is not everything to Golden. He knows how well he can do at UM.



Go 'Canes, demolish WF

Now, wake up and play a complete game on Saturday. Go CANES.

Miami has outscored it's opponents 253 to 103 for margin of victory average of 25 points a game ...that is exactly what a top ten team should do with a socalled weak schedule

Al Golden has already self imposed several scholarships over the past 2 years, so Miami may not have to reduce scholarships the next 3 years. The scholarships could be appealed.


The football team hedged and won!

Can U say ...tack hammer?

The biggest punishment for the Canes is having d'o as DC helping the other teams like he helped UNC move 75 yards in 16 seconds to almost win the game.

Gee, I wonder how the d'o NO defense will fare against fsu and vt.

Oh well, d'o can always blame the players instead of his NO defensive line No defense, prevent the win, guard empty pastureland between the LOS and the Cane endzone.




October 22, 2103, the day the University of Miami, Florida Hurricane football program was FREED from being held under HOSTAGE by the N.corrupt A.A.

Now, Goldie's squad absolutely must take care of business against a SURGING Wake Forest team at HIGH NOON Saturday!!

Miami, Florida is still a ... - 21 point home chalk.

Marky Mark's unit has to have a stronger game against the Deacons and build on a very good showing entering the week of 11-02-13.

The 9 scholarship losses are for the NEXT 3 years so what we are at now is irrelevant in terms of the next 9 that we are losing. I'm sure the NCAA took our self imposed scholarship reductions in account when they handed down the 9 more over 3 years. Great outcome for The U :)

If you are presently at the full 85 total scholarships allowed by the NCAA, then it affects you moving forward because you feel the reduction (be it ever so slightly because 3 per year ain't sh#t). When you are already operating 10 below at approx. 75, you don't feel the impact because you've already planned for it.

It's as if the University already accounted for this punishment and is presently operating under the sanctioned amount.

It's called hedging Jimmy.

That ethical body of college educated men AKA N.corrupt A.A. was under intense scrutiny by not only the major college football media-nexus, but also the millions of college football fan-dom.

So intense was this fair-minded scrutiny that that prestigious N.C.A.A. had to serve justice well and what not. Albeit the suits within the N.CORRUPT A.A. surely bit their collective tongues and collectively became M-A-D, when they realized they couldn't STICK IT UP Miami's U-Know-What. hUh

The bottom line is there still is JUSTICE in the grand, expanding universe. And here I thought there was no such notion and what not. I guess I'm just as Looney as those conniving, unethical college educated suits within the N.C.A.A. Albeit I'm N-O bloody Republican!!!

Notice that the NCAA didn't include Miami's scholarship reductions in their official list of self-imposed sanctions within the report. So they are assuming we are operating at the full 85. But the football team is not at 85, they are 75 scholarships or less.

Break even. Duh.

Miami didnt give up any scholarships ...golden said it himself on wqam....sure they let scholarship players go , but it wasn't in anticipation of ncaa sanctions. Thats why it wasnt listed.

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