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Only a few minor defensive changes on Canes' latest depth chart

There were only minor changes on the Hurricanes depth chart this week as they prepare for their big trip to Tallahassee. UM, by the way, remained 7th in the BCS standings. 

While the offensive depth chart remains unchanged, a few changes have been made on the defensive side.

> Senior Justin Renfrow is listed as the starter at defensive tackle after being a co-starter last week.

> Senior Tyrone Cornileus, who missed the tackle on Wake Forest's last touchdown Saturday, replaces Thurston Armbrister as one of the starters at outside linebacker. Armbrister moved to No. 2 behind Denzel Perryman at weakside linebacker.

> Junior Ladarius Gunter is now the starter at cornerback. He was previously a co-starter with freshman Artie Burns.

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AL GOLDEN SAID, "I'll be here a long time..."







CALVIN: "Hey sexy older uncle, i know how hard you get when you make lists, and i loves me hard ones in my mouth....here's an idea uncle... how about you tell them how much Al Golden stinks and needs to leave forever and ever and never come back to Miami in....forevah!!!"

JIM GALLO: "Damn you hot little black chocolate punk, i'm getting hard just thinking about that BIG ASSS LIST i'm gonna write!!!! BE ready when i'm done, because i'm gonna have a 4 incher ready for you boy!"

CALVIN: "Wow uncle Gallo, you lasted a whole 5 seconds that time!!! That's a record for you! I can't wait to read you list... And then i'm gonna write a big ass post of my own about my DREAM MAN JACORY!! OMG OMG I can still remember when that tall skinny hunk of man looked at ME when i was sitting up at the top section of Sunlife... I jizzed my brand new "JACORY IS DREAMY" undies! OOOOHHHH JACORY YOU ARE MY MANLY MANS!!!"


Are you in the fifth grade or the sixth grade?

CALVIN" "and don't get me started on RANDY "Randy" SHANNON!!! I might just faint....!!!!OMG OMG OMG!!!"

With respect to those wanting more aggressive Defensive scheme..

We have trouble playing TE with LBs 5 yrds off the ball and we have tackling issues (DP aside). Those two things need to be cleaned up before we get more aggressive. We need to generate pressure and push up front with 4 down linemen also. If you don't get pressure you'll get owned in press-man.

Let's perfect what we are doing before we get more aggressive. The defense as is has keep us in games.

fsu....+21 says it all.....

another golden cane record after being the worst defense in cane history.....

al golden will not be at UM like he thinks he will.....

randy shannon at this time in 2010:

2795 offense and 2119 defense yards / 27 TD's
his team already played FSU - Ohio state and Clemson

al golden current:

3390 and 2396 defense yards / 31 TD's.......10 TD's were from Savannah state game alone......who did golden play....Fau - SFla - Savannah state

this team after 3 years is no better than the 2010 team which I'll argue was better....

but we fire a cane legacy that was 4 years as a player and 16 years as a coach and was fired immediately after the SFla loss......

if Um was a real #7 teams we wouldn't be 21 point underdogs to not only a #3 team but an in-state rival.....

Its all a fraud.....

FSU 35 UM 0

FSU wins the ACC until winston graduates....UM falls to waste side....golden will be then gone

mIami always wins when it matters......fsu will choke as usual

+21 is and should be a huge motivator for this team. Downright disrespectful for the line to be that wide between 2 top 10 teams and in state rivals to boot. Canes will be ready!

Our coaches know the strengths and weaknesses of our players than any one else. We certainly can win in Tally, if we play Miami football.

Posted by: Football | October 27, 2013 at 08:59 PM

If they did we wouldn't play as much zone as we have the last 3 years, or playing all of these 3 man fronts. Maybe i missed something, was luther robinson put on the jim thorpe awards watch list, maybe i need glasses cause i thought i kept seeing him in coverage!

Posted by: Calvin | October 27, 2013 at 09:17 PM

your in dreamland......UM is just an OK team.....FSU is a exceptional team.....

UM struggles against scrub teams.....we are gonna get crushed by FSU......

Will another team ever come in and higher coach no D away

WInston hasnt played speed like Miamiss. U 27 FSU 24

Posted by: Dom | October 27, 2013 at 08:27 PM

What UM games have you been watching, you're making blank statements like alot of these commentators now who commentate the game based off of what they know of UM histroy instead of what's actually happening.

How many times have you heard the commentators say: "so & so are running outside now to get away from the inside power that Miami has". in other words, your best bet to get yards is to get to the outside, trying to run it inside is where we have the advantage, speed, most teams get there yards on the outside of our defense now, it's been that way for the last 2 1/2 years. We don't use speed no more we're a power based defense, this is why when coach goldie and his minion came in talking that "think players not plays" it was all talk, they couldn't wait to put weight on these guys.

This just in, in year 3 of the shannon rebuild, he beat Fsu!
Posted by: Calvin | October 27, 2013 at 09:52 PM

ATL...thats because UM is not a #7 team.....you have NEVER seen more than a few points spread within top 5 BCS ranking......

UM is all a fraud.....just look at our performance and the team we played.....a QB that's a head case and a SENIOR team giving fans heart attacks right to the last 2 minutes....

real cane teams would have put these guys down by the end of the second quarter.....

If UM was in the top 5 your comment might make sense but as usual you showed your stupidity.

UM is not fast......wake forest receivers had their day against UM defense...just look at the stats.....

FSU can easily run to the outside against UM line.....and if dnodrio commits like that you are gonna have Benjamin all 6'5" streaking down the sidelines....or Oleary coming over the middle.....easy pickins for winston....

UM is doomed

dude the money totally disrespect UM.....top 10 whatever......no team worth its weight is a 21 point underdog, I have never seen that in football when 2 teams are within 3/4 places....

Your a P(_)$$Y Gallo and a C0w@rd!

Here's what i do know, for some i keep get this feeling that coach goldie is the perfect coach to reverse fortune and i can see it now, we have to trout that dweeb out who's been missing these weak 40 yard fieldgoals for us and the next thing you know Fsu wins on a wide-right by him.

shannon beat Fsu 2 times while he was the headcoach, came in and beat them from the get go in 2007 than came back and got them in 2009, so shannon understood what time it was, right now, coach goldie is 0 & 2 against Fsu, might he be the chris rix of headcoaches in this series.

dude the money totally disrespect UM.....top 10 whatever......no team worth its weight is a 21 point underdog, I have never seen that in football when 2 teams are within 3/4 places....

Posted by: Jim Gallo | October 27, 2013 at 10:10 PM

vegas not fooled by coach goldie & the 500 club, they have no faith in them either. If goldie plans on being here for a long time, he better plan on winning this week, if not, he better start cueing up his other plans.

Wow..Gallo and Calvin are Hilarious and delusional.FACTS..7pts after halftime, no turnovers,defense is getting better period,Coley is a stud,Duke can tote the rock.Only thing we need to do is play a good game, and see what happens when the clocks strike zeros.We will come to play.

of course calvin....today odds makers have all kinds of algorithms and software....its not an absolute but its a science for sure.....

UM stands no chance of winning.


you are right...when the clock hits zero you are gonna witness the worst beatdown in state rivalry history....

it will be worse than when fsu beat florida for the state championship in 1988 52-17

Does anyone else have stinky nuts?

Jim - FSU beat UM 47-0 in 1997. UM won't lose by 47 on Sat.

How long before coach mike london gets his pink slip, you know the coach coach goldie is 0 & 2 against!

The last 16 games between the Seminoles and the Hurricanes:
Wins: Florida State 8, Miami 8.
Average score: Florida State 25, Miami 24.
Average yards: Florida State 359, Miami 356.
Average first downs: Florida State 19, Miami 18.
Touchdown passes: Miami 22, Florida State 18.
Interceptions thrown: Miami 24, Florida State 20.
Yards per play: Florida State 5.147, Miami 5.134.
Total plays: Florida State 1,116, Miami 1,109.
Total turnovers: Florida State 42, Miami 42.
Penalty yards: Miami 1,131, Florida State 1,126.


From a betting standpoint, Noles have beaten Canes in Doak Campbell by more than 21 points only twice - in 1995 and 1997 during Pell Grant years. Canes last two wins over Noles were at Doak Campbell. Miami hasn't beaten FSU in Miami since 2004.

Talent disparity between Canes and Noles in '90s is much greater than now. Canes will cover on Sat.

Don't tell me Curtis " I've been through utough 3 years" porter is now behind some guy that rode the bench from Virginia. I guess Curtis should've shown more in coverage. What are these coaches developing? I remember hearing he was in the best shape of his life physically and mentally and playing with a quiet mind. Lmao. Captain cliche has you fools fooled. Let's pray the headset to Coach no d is unplugged until after halftime Saturday night.

Shannon beat fsu...and lost to usf.

Golden is going to be here until he decides to leave. The guy should be up for coach of the year.

Two shags in love w two shags ..that's all these two pathetic fools have

Two shags in love w two shags ..that's all these two pathetic fools have

Galloinda, there is no such thing as the waste side. It is the wayside. God are you dumb.

Golden will be around for a long time. Think about how long Mom has had you locked in the basement. that's the kind of long time we are talking about.

Have you or men's weight obsessed Calvina gotten 1 prediction right this year? Your recent WF prediction joins your others in the no good pile. Big pile.

Conspiracy alert: Pollsters raise Oregon back to #2 for no APPARENT reason.
Their hidden agenda is to motivate FSU even more than they already are so they will attempt to put up 70 on the Canes. (Shut up Calvin/Gallo)

Yes, FSU will score plenty without the help of the pollsters, but I believe UM will acquit itself honorably and will fight to the final gun.
The haters voting, and the computer geeks like Billingsley ranking UM 21st will, sooner than they like have to deal with UM busting a move on their faves.
Maybe not THIS year, but with this upcoming recruiting class, and the next and next, it WILL happen.

The only chance miami has is if morris gets knocked out early. Still waiting for the depth chart that has him as back up.

Ohio, don't hold your breath. Next year he won't be the starter, but will be until then.

7-0, NCAA is gone, top 5 recruiting class... How can any of these trolls speak. Seriously? Also, Baylor jumped UM but they will lose two of their next three games and won't be in the top 15.

Also, saw a stupid comment about randy Shannon beating FSU in his 3rd year. That game was at Miami. If this game on the 2nd was at Miami, I'd actually say Miami should win but on the road Miami will need some breaks. In the end though, Miami is on the rise. Next year, talent infusion is coming and we get FSU in our house.

If UM was to lose to FSU, which will likey be a far stiffer challenge than the odds makers will make it, as long as they handle their business against Va Tech and Duke they will play FSU again at a neutral site for the ACC Championship. Furthermore, IF Stephen Morris can find himself and drive through his throws UM is going to be in great shape to pull off the upset. The greatest benefit to having Coach Coley will be in this weeks game planning, he knows FSU in and out. And the past two games have helped UM defense prepare for a spread attack in which FSU doesn't really run zone read stuff. Defense need pressure up the middle from D-line and containment outside Winston extends plays by having great pocket presence. The two Qb's Miami faced the past two weeks have been pretty good so I think the D will be ok, its usual bend but don't break self. Its on the OFFENSE mainly MORRIS to come to play. Can't run the ball exclusively in this game.....

We should offer the body of Tyrone Moss as a sacrifice for this game.

On second thought...let him live like the coward he is...forever.

IF SHANNON WAS SUCH A GREAT COACH, HOW IS IT THAT NOBODY WANTS HIM AND THE BEST HE CAN DO IS GO BACK TO BEING A DC? Prior to Arkansas calling, for almost two years, he was out of work. The only reason he got the Arkansas job was their hope he would help in recruiting SF.

That scares the hell out of me! I coach linebackers, and #31 was the WORST on the field Saturday! MISTACKLE, MISTACKLE, MISTACKLE! Let's give them an extra 3 yards per carry!

Folks, this is FSU week. The trolls are going to be at their worst, as we have already seen. I will be ignoring them, and I suggest the remainder do the same.

I keep telling you that FSU struggles against the run and every one they face aside form Boston College ran the ball with a pass mix, If they had one more WR they beat FSU. Now both Clemson and Florida State won by less than 14, Tarheels blowed BC out, what does that tell you about Miami, alot if you no football. FSU blowed out MD, Clemson did not, that tells me Clemson is an overated team, but had they got under center and ran the football they would'nt have gotten embarrased. Read option does not work against a push up the middle and out side rush, Boyd had no time to through. Going under center changes that, if the d brings outside heat they risk off tackle gashes, and they cant afford to sit back in man cause SM17 can put the ball down field, despite everyone thinking PD4 is the only deep threat. CLive will be big this game if used. Use the Te deep up the middle to control the safeties,

7-0, NCAA is gone, top 5 recruiting class... How can any of these trolls speak. Seriously? Also, Baylor jumped UM but they will lose two of their next three games and won't be in the top 15.
Posted by: DMac09 | October 28, 2013 at 01:33 AM

DMac09, they speak because they are not answerable for their words. As seen, when confronted directly, they change IDs. When offered to meet up, they disappear. When called out for their team losing, they just change teams. Overall, they actually do not believe the garbage they spew on here, they just want to ruin the conversations that go on here.

But you are right.
7-0 is better than expected.
NCAA penalties were better than expected.
Ranking is better than expected.

They can't accept that, so they attack folks that point that out.

Unfortunately, FSU is better than expected, too. They will be a far tougher challenge than any team we have faced this year.

For those that claim losing to FSU should lead to the coaches being fired, etc. is a perfect example of trolling. That would not be said by a Canes fan, but by a frustrated troll whose other lines have been proven false over this great year.

If FSU wins, they are the better team, just like we proved to be the better team than the seven we have beaten so far. But NONE of those seven teams fired their coaches for losing to us, and we will not fire our coaches for losing to FSU in Tallahassee on a year when they are putting up Oregon-like numbers on everyone.

That scares the hell out of me! I coach linebackers, and #31 was the WORST on the field Saturday! MISTACKLE, MISTACKLE, MISTACKLE! Let's give them an extra 3 yards per carry!
Posted by: Tampa Cane | October 28, 2013 at 08:00 AM
If it was due to injury, like when Nolan Carroll went in for the Dolphins just to get burned, I could understand that. But Armbrister might get that starting spot back during practices. Maybe this is just a poke with a stick to remind him and the others that their jobs are not automatic.

They didn't put up those numbers on a running team. Vegas wants you to take FSU by 21, they Know the long shot and will cash in if the score is say 21-7 FSU loose as far as a gambling stand point. Give me 21 points at whatever odds I'll take it. Miami has stayed with everyone that had a lead on them no one pulled away not even GA Tech.

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