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Only a few minor defensive changes on Canes' latest depth chart

There were only minor changes on the Hurricanes depth chart this week as they prepare for their big trip to Tallahassee. UM, by the way, remained 7th in the BCS standings. 

While the offensive depth chart remains unchanged, a few changes have been made on the defensive side.

> Senior Justin Renfrow is listed as the starter at defensive tackle after being a co-starter last week.

> Senior Tyrone Cornileus, who missed the tackle on Wake Forest's last touchdown Saturday, replaces Thurston Armbrister as one of the starters at outside linebacker. Armbrister moved to No. 2 behind Denzel Perryman at weakside linebacker.

> Junior Ladarius Gunter is now the starter at cornerback. He was previously a co-starter with freshman Artie Burns.

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I think we should be able to run the ball on FSU effectively and control the game from that standpoint. But Morris is going to have to drop his nuts and actually complete throws in the MIDDLE of the field!!! Thats his biggest weakness and it stands out on film. Defensively, our bend but dont break philosphy will not get the job done. If we do not send extra pressure up the middle on Winston and force the ball out, he will BREAK us.

I cant for the life of me understand why we dont blitz more when we have four quality cornerbacks and decent safeties. And when we do blitz, our linebackers are coming from about 6-8 yards off the ball...

What happened to Tyriq McCord? Wasn't he the one that was making great plays earlier in the season?

Miami may have trouble in first half, but will come back to make it close. FSU will be Tooooo overconfident. Dallas C and the Dukester both go over 100 yds. FSU can't stop our run game, Steven has best game of his life, our D pics Winston 3 times. Lets see if FSU can deal with adversity. Take Miami and the Pts
GO Canes!!!!!!!!!

If we do the same things we've been doing on defense all year, we are going to lose this game big. But, looking on the bright side, that will be two nationally televised games exposing the defensive coordinator. During the North Carolina game the commentators called him out a few times for not bringing pressure. I'm pretty sure Herbstreit and the gang calls him out if he does the same thing Saturday, forcing Golden to put his homeboy on the hot seat.

Conspiracy alert: Pollsters raise Oregon back to #2 for no APPARENT reason.
Posted by: IMAWriter | October 28, 2013 at 12:02 AM
Just pointing out, it wasn't the pollsters, who already had FSU at #3 and actually gave them more votes this week, but the "we don't look at margin of victory" computers that did them in.

See, Oregon struggling against UCLA isn't seen by the computers just like FSU coasting after a 35-0 start is not seen by the computers.

A REAL computer system would not do much take into account margin of victory (to prevent running up the score like Oregon did) and instead view WHEN the game was decided. FSU and Baylor were done in the middle of the first quarter, OSU needed a half, Oregon needed three quarters, and Stanford and Miami needed four.

Give me 21 points at whatever odds I'll take it. Miami has stayed with everyone that had a lead on them no one pulled away not even GA Tech.
Posted by: cane4ever | October 28, 2013 at 08:37 AM

I think that is the biggest difference folks are missing on comparing these teams.

Miami has shown they can come back from double digit deficits, while the teams FSU faced would cave in as soon as they fell behind by 10 points or more.

Duke ran for 168 yards and two touchdowns last week, Crawford ran for 137 yards and two touchdowns the week before that. That is the reason that the trolls are ignoring him and Crawford.

However, unlike a team like GT that only has a run game, we have a passing game that can still stretch the field. And after dealing with running QBs from GT and WF, it gives us experience in dealing with the scrambling ability of Winston.

So yes, we will likely do everything in our power on offense to run long ball control drives, keep our defense rested, and get the FSU offense nervous when they do not have the pushovers they have had the previous weeks.

Full Speed Ahead!

Somebody knew what they were doing:


Small wonder that Vegas has made our Canes a 3 TD underdog in Tally. No mistaking it, the Noles are a juggernaut heading to Charlotte. Our Canes have looked plucky, and admittedly a little bit lucky.

Our Canes have a lot more in them than what most think and they could still look like a beast before this season ends. My pick 3 combination to unlock the beast in this team is: 17, 49, 8. Morris is the key.

To reach Charlotte on Dec 7, our QB must play like he knows the way. His inner confidence looks shaky: I wish he could spend the week with Dr. Rotella. Jameis doesn't need more self-confidence. Morris has to show us morr..is. All I want is to leave Tally on Sunday confident that #17 will find Charlotte.

Calvin and his ' well RS beat them twice when he was coaching, duhhhh' Yes Weird Harold, he did, FSU also was NOWHERE NEAR the team they are now, and we were mediocre at best, and also LOST games we should've won. Unlike this year, we're winning the games we should win, ugly yes, close calls, yes, but STILL finding ways to win. Under RS this team would've folded tent and we'd be 4-3 easy. Your manlove for RS is quite gross dude.

Posted by: CampbellvilleCane | October 28, 2013 at 09:06 AM

I think the difference is that Morris has had his confidence tested these past two years, and that is why he has led us to so many fourth quarter comebacks.

Meanwhile, Winston has yet to face that level of adversity. Let's see how a rattled Winston does against Miami, rather than a relaxed Winston did against teams like NC State.

I also like that Miami faced that raucous crowd in North Carolina, with the full blackout and the late drive against full crowd noise. It helps prepare us for the FSU crowd noise.

Also, did anyone else notice that the Canes Walk got moved back a bit, where the fans could no longer greet the players? I wonder if there was a threat against them by some weirdo and so they had to keep them out of arm'[s reach.

dirtyred, Morris makes the throws to the middle when they are deep post patterns, where his receivers can compensate for an overthrow. His problem is the short throw. They worked on his velocity, and I think it removed his ability on the touch passes. Even the quick passes to wideouts at the line of scrimmage were bullets that meant the receivers had to stop their motion for full concentration on the ball. Even when caught, that delay cost us a couple of yards each time.

This might be a perfect time to bring shannon back, he was undefeated in trailerhassee:



GAllo- Um is a fraud? Your daddy is a fraud after he impregnated yo momma with his boyfriends DNA

Yeah Weird Harold, let's ba bring ba Shannon-ba back-ba.

These rankings are a fraud
ESPN and the world hate the U. Thats OK. We like it like that. Theyre alll pissed that UM got off with only 9 scholie losses. Eat sh*T Jesse Palmer and Danny Kannel!

Baylor: Wofford, Iowa State, WVA, Louisiana Monroe. Really? I know they put 70 on them. But Golden would have had the walk ons playing by 55.

No way a 1 loss Stanford should be ahead of Miami and no way Baylor should be ahead of Miami. Last week I was Ok with Mizzou jumping Miami bc they had beaten UGA and UF back to back. Howd that turn out?

This is a mafia. Only the coaches poll has some common sense (some).

How does Miami beat FSU?

MUST tackle inspace. period. end of story.
No turnovers (That includes you Morris)
MUST control the clock with the running game. Limit the 3 and outs but its OK to punt!

Dont give away the big play.

MUST Score when in the redzone. NO exceptions!

First turnover of the Wake game sealed the game. I hope Miami gets the first turnover of the FSU game to seal that game, too.

21 point spread better fire up these Canes. I don't expect them to win but 21 points is insulting. I expected a 10-14 point spread.

Morris must play better if the Canes are to compete. His mechanics have been very poor. His throws are all arm. I'm guessing his ankle is still bothering him. If he is ineffective they cannot hesitate to remove him. I'm not sure why they waited until the last two drives the past two weeks to pound the ball. Why not do this all game? If the other team can't stop it keep running it. That will also open up the passing game. The incomplete passes are killing drives. Still not using the TEs enough.

Pass rush has taken a step back the last two weeks. Where is McCord and AQM? You can't allow the QB all day to throw. They must hit Winston and put him on the ground even if they give up an occasional big play. He can't feel comfortable back there. Send a safety blitz or CB blitz occasionally. Keep him guessing. At some point you have to trust that the secondary can cover the opposing WRs man to man.

Those ACC refs were horrible with the doing everything they could for Wake.

Repeated first quarter calls of first down with no measurement after third and longs where we stopped Wake short. It got to the point of ludicrous when their player bounced on the ground for three yards and they gave him the result of the bounce.

Then when we have the ball, driving, we get a bad spot on 3rd and 4 where we ran for a first down, followed by an ignored replay on fourth and 1, giving the ball to Wake.

Obvious safety turned off by the refs only AFTER we went to tackle the punter. If he had run for a first down, they would have counted that play, and if we had tackled their punter hard, they would have claimed a late hit after a play was whistled dead.

But we once again overcame the ACC refs. They will likely do everything in their power to help FSU again, like they did last year, so we will need to be ready for that as well. I have to admit that Al Golden has handled to poor officiating very well.

Pat O'Donnell is an unsung hero for this team, too.

44 yard punt average, with one caught at the 3 (that's air), another goes out at the 9 (actually the 6, but ACC refs gonna ACC ref), one at the 25, and one at the 30. Wake only had 1 yard of returns in the four punts.

All kickoffs were touchbacks except for one, which was taken at the 2 and only got to the 21.

Nice transfer pickup by the staff.

Its 21 point spread because VEGAS sets it. Not some corrupt poll of Biased friggin writers. If we played at Bama on saturday it wouldnt be that high.

FSU is the best team in the country right now period. Thats why!!!!

Coach Al on WQAM

"That's a good Wake Forest team, they are going to win a lot of games"

Who is this guy trying to fool? Tell Lousiana Monroe that crap.

I remember he said that about Boston College last year, they only went on to go 2-9.

it's going to be tough its going to be a long night but if we fight for four quarters we do have a chance... Morris really needs to play his best game as a college QB in order for us to win... they are going to shut down and make us beat them with the pass.... and on offense they're going to shove it down our throat and then go deep

Miami plays Better against FSU.. This will not be a blowout. FSU will choke and miami wins by 10...FSU can't handle the run...Lets support our boys..

golden is okay managing the time outs and special teams and recruiting.

He has a good OC and a good conditioning coach.

But his loyalty to d'o, his idiot dc is insane.
d'o is a jerk who does not know defense.

Miami has a chance to beat FSU, but not with d'os NO defense, prevent (the win) zone covering empty pastureland.

Miami needs:
Four down linemen, DEs to prevent the end run and to attack the rollout passer.

LBs moved to within three yards of the LOS to stop the run or QB escape.

blitz the gaps or from the end on every play, do not over run the depth of the QB, grab his numbers on his jersey and hang on.

man to man pass coverage underneath, two free safeties for deep coverage.

ALL our pass coverage needs to do is cover for three lousy seconds every pass play to give time for our def. linemen and blitzer to get to the QB.

On offense, receivers need to go past the first and ten sticks!! Make the first downs!!!!

The more Miami offense is on the field, the less the high powered FSU defense is on the field.

So simple, even a caveman could understand.

IF the Canes played their best game ever they could beat the Dolphins because the Dolphins always choke in big games.

72 I agree with most of your post, but I think we need to open up our short passing game a little more, and not necessarily be 1st downs each time, but to where we get 5 or 6 yds a pop, and set up a 2nd and five or four, and making our 3rd downs much more manageable. On D, you're right, we need to disguise some blitzes, and put pressure on Winston, and NOT let him feel comfortable. NO ONE has done that yet this year.

Last two clutch drives, Morris was a perfect 2 for 2.

17-28 for 191 yards, a TD and ZERO turnovers. threw for 44 and 35 yards when needed, kept it safe and short otherwise.

And the defense held Wake to 59 yards rushing. For all the talk of Price getting yards in the air, we kept him to under 1 yard per carry on the ground (12 yards on 13 carries), and FORCED them to go to the air with plenty of third and long situations.

The more Miami offense is on the field, the less the high powered FSU defense is on the field.

So simple, even a caveman could understand.
Posted by: Cane72 | October 28, 2013 at 10:40 AM

Repeating a lie does not make it true.
So simple, even Nevin Shapiro could understand.

five titles,

I will take a TD anytime, anyway Morris and the offense want to dish it up.

But most of the time, long passes are just a wasted down. I would much rather see a long steady drive each time Miami has the ball, keep the clock moving, work the play clock down to 5 seconds each offensive play before snapping it. Short, safe passes to tight ends, let Duke run wide and when tackled, stay in bounds.

There is NO way Miami is going to out condition or out speed FSU. So forget the hurry up offense.

The best game is when at the end of the game, the Cane offensive players are exhausted, and the defensive players are fresh as daisies from three and outs. goldie needs to keep putting in fresh Cane receivers and on defense, keep putting in fresh Cane blitzers.

I don't think Miami will "out condition" FSU, but I must say that I am very impressed with the Canes conditioning this season. The last three games they have clearly been fresher at the end. The O-Line has dominated the ends of all three games. Nobody looks tired on either side of the ball.

al golden/dnofrio are just mediocre mac coaches...nothing more.

this team has not improved at all since 2010 and the stats prove it.....offensive yards are a joke since over 1500 comes from sfla - ss - fau....you got 10 TD's alone from the SS game....give me a break, that's why UM has NO RESPECT.....golden is embarrassing the brand, making fools of the team.

after 7 games:


2795 offense and 2119 defense yards / 27 TD's
played FSU (12-2) - Ohio state (12-1) and Clemson (6-7) at death valley


3390 and 2396 defense yards / 31 TD's played....Fau - SFla - Savannah state

look at JH in 2010 after playing top teams 7 games in:

JH - 113/196 1376 yards and 14 TD's
SM - 94/157 1463 yards and 10 TD's

its all a fraud.....this is not cane football and golden is responsible....this is a SENIOR team and also FSU is younger....UM should be killing all these scrubs.....NO EXCUSE....

conditioning?, that's a joke...UM secondary was getting beat all over the place.....

Jim Gallo:

There are only two possibilities here.

Either you are only pretending to be a UM fan, in which case you waste a ton of time being a miserable internet troll.

Or else you are an actual UM fan, in which case you are an insanely sad person who wastes a ton of time crying about a 7-0 team and sounding like a complete idiot.

Either way, you, personally, are a huge loser and you need to find something better to do with your time.

Nothing you can say about Al Golden or UM football will make UM fans forget that we beat UF and are 7-0 going into the FSU game. Nothing you can say about Donna Shalala or the university will make UM fans forget that we smoked the NCAA and got off with as light a punishment as possible. Nothing you can say about Randy Shannon will make UM fans forget the gutless teams he put out on the field to get blown out by UVA in the last game at the Orange Bowl or the top ranked south Florida talent that he let waste away for four years until they got to the NFL and actual coaches were able to develop them.

In short, there's no point. There is no reason for you to sit around all day googling Randy Shannon and Al Goldens' records and statistics. There's no reason for you to be sh*tting on UM all day every day.

There's no purpose beyond confirming to everyone that you are an insanely sad person with no life.

see green peas...when you play scrubs...the team gets weaker....

this cane team does not have the work ethic or desire like to old cane teams did where they challenged each other in practice with intense battles (no ice or water I might add)....

add if you look at those players you will see that in the end they were really no better.....Randell hill or alfredo roberts were not great....but those guys and others relished putting the wood to the opposition....

"we looked for guys that were MIAMI guys"......al golden has changed all of that....now were wear ties and suits with emblems on the pocket.....Foote finally got what he wanted in the end...

I see....no wonder the stadium was full during the WF game after UM paid for the spectators....

don't worry green pea.....when UM goes without an ACC title now and in the future because of FSU and winston.....your boys will be gone......

our coaches cant compete.....FSU will hold UM down until winston graduates.....we have no QB going forward so far.....UM gets hit hard after graduation....

after the beating we get from FSU, who knows who will de-committ...after all FSU will earn the state championship and will be a recruiting bonanza for them....

lucky for UM kirby smart and mark stoops are gone.....imagine if they were still there, lol?

Yeah whatever Gallo says, he's the man. He knows everything.

Morris must play better if the Canes are to compete. His mechanics have been very poor. His throws are all arm. I'm guessing his ankle is still bothering him. If he is ineffective they cannot hesitate to remove him.
Posted by: Sunny Dee | October 28, 2013 at 09:53 AM

sm017 vs FAU
Comp/Attpts Yds Comp% Td's Int's Qb rating
15-27 160 55.6 1 1 110.1

smo17 vs gaytors
Comp/Attpts Yds Comp% Td's Int's Qb rating
12-25 162 48.0 2 1 120.8

Morris must play better if the Canes are to compete. His mechanics have been very poor. His throws are all arm. I'm guessing his ankle is still bothering him. If he is ineffective they cannot hesitate to remove him.
Posted by: Sunny Dee | October 28, 2013 at 09:53 AM

sm017 vs FAU
Comp/Attpts Yds Comp% Td's Int's Qb rating
15-27 160 55.6 1 1 110.1

smo17 vs gaytors
Comp/Attpts Yds Comp% Td's Int's Qb rating
12-25 162 48.0 2 1 120.8

Now let's imagine what his stats would've been if he had a bad ankle!

Let's see now: GA TECH - Gadget offense with a new wrinkle, but we had seen the offense before.

UNC - chalk it up to adrenalin(probably didn't spell that right). I have seen weaker teams play well against a stronger team when hyped up and they get off to a fast start.

WAKE - a combination of both of the above, but we hadn't seen their gadget offense before.

I hope we can get off to a fast start against FSU and if can't get hyped about this game....IT'S FSU! GO CANES!

Unless Morris greatly improves his play, UM will lose decisively to FSU. They are more talented and deeper at most positions on the field, especially defense. They ought to be with UM's long lasting NCAA mess and Shannon's last recruiting class. It will take 2 more recruiting classes for Golden to catch up. He will because he's as good a recruiter as you will find. He's overachieved with this team because they are not as talented as Cane fans like to think. He's really a good coach.

your in dream world.....UM couldn't pressure Price at Wake forest.....their receivers all had good days...UM secondary was getting beat...no including the 3 dropped balls by WF.....

question....how do you think UM pressures winston?...they got to bring in more people and that's when UM gets carved up....there will be a double team on Benjamin plus a guy on winston....prepare yourself of an FSU Aeriel show

I would write something intelligent here, but I don't want to be out of place. Go Canes.

Free happiness tip---

skip all gallo posts. She is a moron.

Cane72, why dont u just say, "we should run goal line D all day"? It is much shorter.

Here is my prediction, 4 seconds left, UM - FSU tied at 27, FSU has the ball at UM's 25, it's 4th down, kicker comes in and..........

What is the clown Sarasota Cane doing posting stats from the past 16 years? Why not talk about wide right and all the great UM victories? Bottom line morons---Vegas knows what it's doing--This UM team has not played any decent competition----FSU throttled us last year after UM held up briefly during the first half----We have a very average and vanilla defense, coached by a very average and vanilla DC---I'm sorry UM fans--nobody loves UM more than I do, but reality and truth are unavoidable here. FSU will give us a good beat down Saturday and get us prepared for our second tier bowl game. Shannon had a better defensive team than this going into Tallahassee and Golden better realize soon that longevity here at Miami must include victories over FSU. Not gonna happen this year!!!

Oh! Cinderella
Oh! Cinderella
It's midnight, time to return those slippers. FSU rolls and every great Canes fan knows it.

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