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Only a few minor defensive changes on Canes' latest depth chart

There were only minor changes on the Hurricanes depth chart this week as they prepare for their big trip to Tallahassee. UM, by the way, remained 7th in the BCS standings. 

While the offensive depth chart remains unchanged, a few changes have been made on the defensive side.

> Senior Justin Renfrow is listed as the starter at defensive tackle after being a co-starter last week.

> Senior Tyrone Cornileus, who missed the tackle on Wake Forest's last touchdown Saturday, replaces Thurston Armbrister as one of the starters at outside linebacker. Armbrister moved to No. 2 behind Denzel Perryman at weakside linebacker.

> Junior Ladarius Gunter is now the starter at cornerback. He was previously a co-starter with freshman Artie Burns.

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Why does northern Florida white trash still think jorts are a good look?

It's a UFraud thang. You wouldn't understand.


We are 3 years away still. SteMo isn't the answer. Judging by Goldens comments about Olsen im guessing he is not the answer either. So the QB of the future is not on the roster yet. I like Williams but he is only going to get one year to play so he is not the future. Im hoping one of the young men in this years recruiting class is the answer and during his Redshirt Freshman year we are at fullspeed.

Free happiness tip---
skip all gallo posts. She is a moron.
Posted by: mountain cane | October 28, 2013 at 12:47 PM

True. That is why I have those on ignore.

dallas..thats the whole point....we have no one at QB.....there was so much hope for Morris but he failed....winston is a freshman with beef stew still in his pants and look whats hes done.....where is UM?

the QB wins championships......if you cant beat fsu...UM goes nowhere no matter what the fans think of golden/dnofrio.....who in todays game needs 5 years rebuilding?...like urban meyer says.....you got basically 2 yrs to turn things around.....

how can you keep golden here if that is the case after you fired a cane legacy in shannon.....

golden/dnofrio are weak...they are limited in what they know...they are not creative at all.....jedd was the reason UM had success last year...it wasn't golden or dnofrio


Ended up not mattering, but ACC refs including the replay refs tried their best to keep Miami from getting the go-ahead touchdown.

OBVIOUS that he is in bounds, knee not touching, and past the pylon. That is a touchdown in the eyes of everyone except for the Terry Porter refs.

yea and the ref's gave UM a BS face mask call on tracy howard with wake leading 21-17....kept drive alive with 4:02 left in game.....

dont blame the ref's.....campanaro had a field day

Five titles,

You have to be the whinest brat on this blog. Why would the ACC refs want us to lose? Aren't we in the ACC? Does it not bode well to have two undefeated "ACC" teams playing in primetime. Dude/Lady which ever you are stop with the whining. There were a couple of plays that were missed both ways, doesn't that happen every game. I'm sure you will go on a rant about how I'm a gator fan and blah blah blah, but you really pollute the blog with the crying. Al Golden's emotional BS has really worn off on our fan base. Now we are happy this guy wrote a love letter to a fan base that don't really buy into that emotional crap.

What we want to see is some disrespectful defense being played. Let's play some zero coverage a few times. How in the world is Stanford's defense more aggresive than the Miami Hurricanes. The He77 with some old refs. Hurricanes don't whine we give folks shat to whine about!!

"Oh USF was twisting my ankle under the pile" This crap is getting ridiculous. When will a team complain about us doing something to them.

Hey, real Jim Gallo, phuk you dirty maggot.

If the Canes upset FSU, I want you to kill yourself. I will buy the gun or cyanide or push you off a cliff or be the one that dumps you miles offshore with a raw bloody meat-suit.

Yawn. Can't dispute the photo evidence, attacks the messenger with a new ID.

"Gallospace Homers" ignored. Next ID?

Is praying for the Canes to lose...You must be one miserable person!!!!

He is 0-7 so far, but still spouts his lies despite being proven wrong. I suggest you skip him, he will just change his ID to Canespace Homers or Fact Check or one of his other favorites. He rotates them, claims it wasn't him, and then spews the same exact lies as the posts he claims he didn't write.

Ignore. He won't go away, but he will get hilarious as he gets frustrated, and starts whining even louder, like a child that had their pacifier taken away by a bigger kid.

Can't dispute the evidence, attacks the messenger

hey pot meet kettle,

cry baby - check
full of excuses - check

Gallo doesn't even know who our players are. Really, Howard was the recipient of a face mask penalty. When did he join the O?

for Those of you who feel that WF Offense is easy to stop. line up 15 yards form and angle and keep running to the center of that angle and see how long u can keep that up, then factor in an offensive lineman. I wonder if a lot of you ever played football. WF ran the wes welker special no one in the NFL has stopped it yet and PM17 killed the redskins with it yesterday and moving the line backers out in a blitz creates that much more space. Crossing routes are the hardest to defend period. Bubble zones two high is the best way to defind it, but u need a middle linebacker with range to defend middle high and montior a TE that leaks high middle.

To those who feel we play a week Schedule. Gt, was undefeated when we won, UNC and WF took there bumps and bruises, but have come on strong. UNC Blew out BC, something FSU and Clemson could not do. Vt played Bama on first game I chalked that up to first game gitters and no duke is playing tough. Clemson is the only team FSU blew out. NCSU played a better game as did little Bethune Cookman. The SEC is in turmoil this year and have the luxury of having 2 loss teams ranked above 0-1 loss teams. They are favorites. The ACC as a whole is balling right now.

Well said cane4ever!


You stop that crap by lining up in press man and disrupt the receiver off the line. If it was so hard to stop why is it against the Canes that he set a individual record. Why didn't Louisiana Monroe have trouble stopping it. Why did they struggle in the 2nd half. What would it take for you guys to say this sissy scheme is garbage? It doesn't make you any lesser of a Cane fan. You don't have to like everything to consider yourself a fan.

And stop with the we played a tough schedule talk. We haven't played anybody but a gators team at full strength and YES regardless of their current record, that was a BIG win. Yes we can say the same thing about quite a few teams but who cares about them. We are trying to get a true sense of our team and this bum schedule has been tougher then it should have been.

Just to show the difference in the level of class from the two teams. Jimmy and Bobby have mutual respect, the fans and the players have mutual respect, and they keep the games classy, and the fans of FSU don't troll, even on Canes boards.

Meanwhile, that other school, in the midst of a freefall and about to play what is supposed to be their biggest game of the year, still has their trolls on here 24-7.

Ask yourself which fanbase you would want to be associated with, it sure wouldn't be that of the trolls on here, that's for sure.

Go Canes! Making trolls wrong nine times in a row can't be wrong.

Next three weeks of schedule.

7-0 FSU
6-2 VT with losses only to #1 alabama and our next opponent:
6-2 Duke

Two classic rivals since before we joined the ACC, and a highly improved Duke football team that would love to beat a ranked Miami at home to go with their road win over a ranked VT.

Yet the trolls will claim we have a weak schedule. Just watch.

I am sorry but, could someone please explain to me how any decent fan, unsatisfied or bot with the teams performance or the coach does not even once....just one time say "I hope we win" or "I was ecstatic with that play, win....whatever" actually enjoy the game the say they live and know so much and the team the profess their alligience to.
How is that possible???

Yuri, they are not actually a fan of our team. They are a fan of the team from Gainesville. It is actually one guy, but with alot of IDs and alot of time on his hands.

Just ignore him. He will be attacking you soon, but keep your cool and accept that Canes fans do not think that way, just a bitter fan of a team that is afraid to schedule us, afraid to admit 5 > 3, and afraid to accept that 21 > 16.

Hilarious that the troll is so obsessed with the canes that he ADVERTISES Canes websites.

You would never see a Canes fan post under a Warchant ID. Classier all around, that is the Miami Hurricanes, their coaches, and their fans.

Accept it and move on.

Coach Al on WQAM

"That's a good Wake Forest team, they are going to win a lot of games"

Who is this guy trying to fool? Tell Lousiana Monroe that crap.

I remember he said that about Boston College last year, they only went on to go 2-9.

Posted by: Canespace Homers | October 28, 2013 at 10:31 AM

This is what you call an independent thinker, this guy is not going to fall for the banana in the tail pipe.

He understands full well goldie tatics, i've said it before, i really don't think coach goldie knows what a good team is and his idea of a good team is going to continue to bottle this program up.

Last year he tried to tell us how good boston college was, they ended up 2 & 10.

Than he tried to tell us how good Georgia tech was with al groh and his garbage defense that we've inherited from his protege's, they ended up 7 & 6 regular season. Than he tried to tell us how good NC St. and they ended up around 7 & 6. Than ultimately he tried to tell us how good uVA was and they ended up 4 & 8 and we lost to them. So i said it last year and this man is saying the same thing, so the question still remains, does coach goldie actually knows what a good/dominant teams is suppose to look like?

We keep hearing coach goldie say, we'll get things cleaned up and yet game after game, we keep seeing the same results, the gdt crew will continue to tell us how good coach goldie is and how lucky they think we are to have him and how no coach wanted to come here, and how goldie stuck with us, hell, shannon would've still been here, and mike leach definitely wanted the job, we wouldn't be seeing this garbage offense we have now or defense.

Miami falls behind by 11 to 4-4 Wake, and a late INT seals the game:

"Oh they are terrible, that should never happen if you are a top team." blah blah blah.

FSU falls behind by 14 to (currently) 3-4 BC, and a late INT seals the game:

"Oh what an epic comeback and defensive effort by Florida State!"

Double standard. Don't fall for the hype, all teams have down games, we just have to look forward to the Hurricanes not having a down game on Saturday night.

Some sports bUbba's say the IMPOSSIBLE is IMPOSSIBLE. Well, tell that to Broadway Joey's Jet team. And bellow that to Villanova's 1985 men's basketball squad.

Chit, there was the 69' MIRACLE Met's and what not. The absolute WORST major league hardball team during the Hippie and Flower Child 60's. hUh Get outta here with that BOGUS sizzy, liberal 60's crap, Outsider!!

Need more. Go on the sandy South Beaches and holler that to SEA BISCUIT ( His spirit is somewhere beyond the vast, expanding universe. ). A thoroughbred which was seconds away from being CHIT-CANNED to Pony heaven. Or was that seconds away from becoming dog chow. Eh. What say.

Then there's Rocky.

Rocky. All I wanna' do is go the distance with Creed.

Rocky. Nobody has ever gone the distance with Apollo.

Rocky. And if I'm still standing whens' the bell rings (15th round.) Then I's knows' I wasn't just another bUm from the neighborhood ( M.A.C. ). LOL

Will Goldie's squad come away with a narrow victory against MIGHTY F.S.U. Probably not! Yet, there's always that boxing ring bum's, sluger's T.K.O. punch.

thats right u dumb f...ck, lol......howard did not have his face mask held......there was no pull or hold....a finger grazed the bottom...even the announcer said it was BS......that kept the drive alive and ended up a score for UM....


That's all I'm saying. It's a sad day that this sissyfication has worn off on our fan base. Most of these women started following the Cane after 2001 so I know they know little about legacy. When in a million years would it be cool for real Canes to be ok with all this crying and emotional crap. I know just like you and the rest of these females Wake forest had no business on the field with us. Instead of acknowledging or admitting yeah, "we probably shouldv'e played better or started more agressive on defense" all these girls can say is Wake is a good team, it's hard to stop a 5'8 slot receiver from setting a career high" Steven's ankle is hurt, the ref was cheating. This shat is ridiculous.

We are 3 years away still. SteMo isn't the answer. Judging by Goldens comments about Olsen im guessing he is not the answer either. So the QB of the future is not on the roster yet. I like Williams but he is only going to get one year to play so he is not the future. Im hoping one of the young men in this years recruiting class is the answer and during his Redshirt Freshman year we are at fullspeed.

Posted by: DallasCane | October 28, 2013 at 01:20 PM

The kid's name is Kayla. Some surfer dude from So Cali. Chit, don't his surname sound like some kind of " different kind of china-men's, name. " hUh

WF 42 Stephen Morris pass incomplete to Tracy Howard, PENALTY WF pass interference (Janvion, R) X18
15 yards to the WF27, 1ST DOWN UM, NO PLAY

pay attention green pea

BC ran for 200 yards against FSU, and that was including the fact that they didn't run much in the fourth when they fell behind.

The double whammy of Duke Johnson and Dallas Crawford is better than anything that FSU has faced, the closest being Andre Williams of BC.

Duke and Dallas (Miami): 189 carries for 1114 yards, (5.9 average), and 15 TDs, plus 9 catches for 121 yards and 1 TD.
Williams (BC): 183 1010 8 TDs 0 catches.

Miami also has wide receivers that can catch, like Hurns, Waters, Walford, and Coley, that FSU did not have to worry about when facing BC.

Nobody here is saying FSU is not a good team, just saying that we can see where Miami has weapons on the ground and in the air that FSU has not seen this year. Just like we have to worry about Winston, they will have to worry about Duke and Crawford and our wide receiving corps.

Posted by: Canespace Homers | October 28, 2013 at 03:26 PM

I'm guessing your that CANEZ1 from that eoth putrid, dark DEN of minions.

FWIW.... that CANEZ1 had the AUDACITY to say THE DUKE is " soft nd' weak! "

c.h./CANEZ1... go suck on a fat, long DI@!. Or, is that E.A.D., canez1!!

Ok, here's a challenge, if we beat Fsu this weekend with both teams finishing the games with the players they want playing, than me, gallo, cool cat, rabblerouser, True Cane, homers and the rest of the crew Can't point out any weaknesses in coach goldie & the 500 club for the next 4 games, and we'll also have to say what the president of the gdtc's say when he says "so & so is the best coach in college football".

But if we do lose, especially if we lose by that spread, than all the certified gdtc card carrying memebers, need to STFU and than say, the 500 club must go along with coach goldie and his mediocre mentality. He might plan on being here for a while, but we don't plan on seeing mediocrity here like they're use to at penn disgrace, not when you're sitting in the heart of the epitome of college football recruits.

Again, this is coach goldie's 3rd year, shannon beat Fsu in his 1 & 3rd year, right now, coach goldie is working on being the chris rix of the coaches!

Just like we have to worry about Winston, they will have to worry about Duke and Crawford and our wide receiving corps.

Posted by: Five Titles | October 28, 2013 at 03:34 PM

Don't sell short MIGHTY F.S.U.'s corps of fleet, speedy wide-outs.

The Semioles lead the nation in gaining first downs ( 52% ) on their " 1st down and ten. "

Hate to break to all my Cane peeps but...we will suffer our first loss this weekend. FSU is on another level then us right now. Esp the way we played the last two weeks. No one thought we would be 7-0 at this point in the game....we should be very proud of this team and Golden & Co. Sanctions are behind us....our focus should be winning the Coastal and playing FSU on a NEUTRAL field for the ACC Championship....IT'S THAT game I feel we will beat them and go to The Orange Bowl.

And that is why folks ignore Gallo. Wrong again.

Guess, the UNC team we faced was very different from the one of the previous two weeks. They gave their all against us.

The GT team and Wake team also were on overdrive against us.

All we need to do is give our best shot against FSU as well. Might not win, but we will at least perform better than anyone else on their schedule, and that will help show we are a better team than we were last year.

11-1 and in the ACCCG is still very good. We could be some scrub 4-3 team hoping to stay above .500 in their conference, but we instead have the inside track on that Neutral Field game for the ACC title. Would be a great 2013 to win the ACC title in basketball and football the same year.

winning the coastal is an embarrassment......everyone said UM would be no less than 10-2 at the beginning of the year......sanctions had nothing to do with this team...

that's a golden excuse....please explain who sanctions would affect a players performance in college...a student has football - classes - personal life.....not 1 kid at UM could care less about sanctions on a wednesday, lol

" oh my, I couldn't perform in class or on the field because of imminent sanctions coming down from NCAA" lol...I cant go to Brickle or CG, I am too worried....no wait, I cant go to class....I cant concentrate...."

funny a player said in the herald that everyone all week was thinking about Wake Forest.....somebody must be lying?


did that Canez1 guy screw your girlfriend or something? You've been on his case for the past couple of days.

I think we were preaching the same sermon here, Coach no D and that sissy "don't stop get it get it" until we get in the redzone scheme is not the answer for Miami football. I have no quarrels with any kid wearing a Cane uniform, I know they want to unleash the beast but they have the park breaks on with coach no D. They even accused Duke of "freelancing" and "missing his landmarks" early in the season. They want big 10 robots but it don't work like that down here.
What do you think would have happen to Ed Reed today if he would spike the ball after a touchdown the way he did against Boston College?

That's what I want to see, a guy show some swagger, like Spence slid down the goal post at the spring game a couple years ago.


I'm cool with that. 100%

And FWIW... at least bloody CHIT-CAN that zone for 70% of the time in pass coverage!

He!!, the kid from F.S.U. will eat that " puzzy zone " up!! Y'all Cane bubba's feeling me.

D, not selling anyone on FSU short, just saying that the FSU side might be selling us short, ignoring that we have a great running game, special teams, and a much improved defense from the one that they scored 33 on last year.

Look at it this way though. Just taking a step back and using a little perspective.
Last year, we lost to a #14 FSU at home and that made us 4-4.

This year, even if we lose to #3 FSU, we will still be 7-1.

That is improvement, no matter how the ankle biter troll tries to twist it.

Taking into consideration ALL the tangible/intangibles going into Saturday nite's game with MIGHTY F.S.U.

Goldie's squad will absolutely have to play THE PERFECT game in all three phases of the game.

And, and that's a immense I-F, the Seminoles will have to play one of their WORST games of the season, up to now.

Because if MIGHTY F.S.U. comes with a C-plus/B game, that good ol' boy Jimbo's squad will be victorious.

Posted by: Five Titles | October 28, 2013 at 03:54 PM


I hear ya, 5 titles. And yes, a 7-1 record wasn't expected from the majority of Hurricane loyalists. At least from moi.

And there's an excellent opportunity for Miami to finish 11-1 and meet the Seminoles again in Charlotte. Or is that Tampa.

Again, if Goldie's squad doesn't play on " it's heels " in the early slate and gains and holds on to MOMENTUM ( Very, very, very CRUCIAL intangible!! ) . It could be a very, very interesting game going into the fourth quarter.

One area we have an advantage is in the backup QB.

Ryan Williams for Miami would be a starter in most schools, and some folks want him to be the starter here.

Jacob Coker for FSU is not someone anyone is afraid of. Winston better stay out of the running game on Saturday...

So, for all the attacks on Miami's lack of depth (because we are short 11 scholarships in preparation of NCAA sanctions) it looks like Mimai had depth at QB, RB, and WR when they were needed.

Saturday night is the opportune time for Goldie and Marky Mark and the rest of the Hurricane assistants, to show Cane partisans " what their all about. " That includes Stevie, too. Yeah, yeah I know it's his ankle and what not. hUh


Let me ask you this. Are we going to hear that guys are freelancing after every game? Do you recall since you began following the Canes ever hearing this as much? It amazing to me that these idiots don't see what's happening.

in his presser today coach No D

D'Onofrio said a key in the game will be for his defenders to stop freelancing and to tackle better.

Ok, I'm with him tackling has to be better but this freelancing thing GTFOH. Coach no D I know how to solve the freelancing. Play man to man. Our guy cover their guy I gurantee you there won't be any freelancing. Apparently the players don't believe in this crap you are running if you have to same the same thing game in and game out.

Yep, I agree D, Winston is not a QB that you try this bend but not break defense against. It works against mistake-prone QBs, but he hasn't shown himself to be that.

And an area Miami has had an advantage in the past few weeks is special teams. We don't have that advantage this week, their team speed, kickers, and returners are just as good as ours. In fact, their kicker is a perfect 48 for 48 XP and 10 for 10 in FGs.

Looking forward to the game to measure where we are compared to last year, but I don't see a win without something big happening in the game, like our blocked kick for a TD in UNC, to help us along the way.

FWIW... all of major college football will have it's creepy, PEEPER's on the Seminole's vs. Miami, Florida

Because both Roll Tide and Oregon have a bye this weekend and who ( Not moi. ) gives a crap about the SUCKeye's!

One area we have an advantage is in the backup QB.


What kind of shizzle is this. I done heard it all.

FIVE TITLES, the blitzkrieg won't work against QB Winston. And playing a soft zone won't do against the kid signal-caller.

So what's an opposing team suppose to do! If Marky Mark and the defensive staff find the answer to the Golden Riddle ( No pun intended. ), then the Hurricanes will have the T.K.O. punch opportunity going into the 4th quarter.

D, Morris had a bad ankle last year against FSU, too. That 33-20 score does not tell the full story of how badly Morris played in that game thanks to a late TD similar to the ones Miami has been giving to teams like USF, UF, GT, and Wake.

He got outplayed by EJ Manuel. Yep.

25-43 for 223 yards, 1 very costly INT in FG range, and 1 far too late TD is not enough to win this game, he had BETTER get out of this funk.

Not asking for 500 yards, but 350 sure would be a nice change of pace from what we have been seeing lately.

So, was I wrong? I guess not.

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