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Seantrel Henderson suspended for Saturday's game vs. Georgia Tech game

The Miami Hurricanes have suspended starting right tackle Seantrel Henderson for Saturday's game against Georgia Tech for violation of team rules. The announcement was made about 45 minutes prior to kickoff.

Left guard Jonathan Feliciano will start at right tackle in place of Henderson. Malcolm Bunche, meanwhile, will start at left guard.

Henderson, who has been disciplined by UM in the past, was seen practicing with the scout team earlier this week. When asked by reporters on Tuesday how Henderson was doing, UM offensive coordinator James Coley and offensive line coach Art Kehoe did not indicate Henderson was in any trouble.

"I think Seantrel has shown a lot of enthusiasm," Coley said. "I've never seen a better conditioned athlete move the way he moves. He played a lot of positions this past week."

Henderson came to UM from St. Paul, Minn., in 2010 as the reigning USA Today High School Offensive Player of the Year. Since then, he has battled various situations, including a suspension (spring 2012), homesickness, back surgery, a car accident and the deaths of a family member and close friend.

He cut off his dreadlocks at the start of fall camp as a fresh start at UM.

“He’s in a good place right now,’’ UM coach Al Golden said then, minutes before the third day of fall camp began. “We’re starting to get all of Seantrel. In other words, a total commitment.

“… I can tell you this: we haven’t seen the best of him yet."

Golden is expected to address the issue after the game.


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Henderson has only this year to get a big NFL contract. The disappointment continues for this guy. Tech has a great defensive end so we'll see what happens without him.

Seantrel can never get his act together..From Day 1

Henderson was working with the scout squad the ENTIRE week. So his FAUX PAS was severe and troublesome for a Senior.

Wasted talent and it had to weigh on the team. How does someone get suspended 45 minutes before the game?

Seantrell continues to find ways to disappoint.

Seantrel still has a lot of potentialand may still show that he is an elite lineman. His problems come from between the ears and not in his ability. Unfortunately, it may take the loss of several millions of dollars for him to realize the importance of being commited.


No doubt Henderson has some growing up to do but he's a college student and it's not like he was selling weed, driving drunk, assaulting some one or stealing laptops. To say that he is a cancer and should be let go before whatever he was suspended for this week is even made public is extreme.

I think he should be benched for the next game. Then he'll understand this team can consistently win without him. That'll put his butt in check.


Guess you see how it feels to have a different opinion than the majority on this board. Lol. I don't think you are stupid, crazy or a troll just someone who viewed that game different than most.

I do see a few of the points you're trying to make however.
Didn't like to see Morris limp back there to hand off the ball, his ankle all but took a lot of the play action opportunities. I think sitting Morris for this one wouldn't have hurt. Defensively I though we could've played better. A few times guys were in the correct spot but didn't make the play. Game shouldn't have been as close in my opinion either but I have no problem with being 5-0.

Posted by: True Cane | October 05, 2013 at 08:28 PM

Basically the way this game started off was a direct reflection of us playing to many cupcake teams, so it took a minute for the defense to catch up to the physicality of Georgia techs offense but eventually we did. But i don't care who you are, it never looks good or is a good sign when an option team comes out passing the ball on you knowing full well your db's are sprinting back, it was actually comical to me to see an option team opening up with the pass like they did.

Either way, we won though and i'm glad the soft games are over now guys will have to bring their physical games every week. It's going to be real interesting when we play Fsu, i'm curious to see how our/this pass defense concept affects winston or will he torch us, always good to see our defense getting/forcing turn-overs too.

smo17, good ankle or bad ankle, i'l say it again, he can't throw over the middle of the field consistently because he doesn't pick up the linebackers well and as far as the tight-ends go, smo17 doesn't have the touch to get them the ball in the middle of the field between the linebacker and safety, that's been a weakness of his since he's gotten here, this is why our tight-ends have only been productive mainly with the flat routes. ryan williams actually sees the field better than smo17 in that regard and is more accurate as well.

Henderson has been a problem since he got here. Coach Golden has given him every break and worked with him. This was not severe enough. Glad to see discipline on this team.
Hendersons problem is between his ears. He has probably lost 1st round status. Looks like 3-5 now.

I disagree with 90% of you posters. The fact that Al Golden does not have players with a hair style natural to the type of hair those players possess. That is an indictment on Golden. Henderson, and others with one of the best methods to use your natural hair during strenuous exercise, are looking more like targets. Not the trouble makers that over 90% of posters state. The problem is being misidentified. Hair styles are not the cause of these problems. There is something lacking from the coach that would have so few dread wearers in the hottest climate in all of college football.


Sorry to disappoint but Seantrel's dreads has nothing to do with his actions, nor his Coaches.
It is Seantrel's DISREGARD for said Coaches, and their rules and regs, that are in place for ALL PLAYERS.

Neither do the Coaches target players who are real team players. They need each one to play hard to WIN.

Your argument does not make sense and is an indictment on you not on Coach G.

Coaches don't care how you look, they care how you PLAY, and if you are worthy to be a part of a select group. A participant in representing the 'U'.
That is the value, not the length of your hair..
Over and out.
Go 'Canes

"I can tell you this: we haven’t seen the best of him yet."

And from all accounts, you, we never will. This is a joke to keep propping this guy up. Anybody whose too stupid to see the future he could have carved out for himself by working hard and keeping his nose clean is just not worthy to be a Miami Hurricane.

Unless he gets his s*it together, and soon, my guess is he winds up in the hood with his homies living off their phony fawning adulation.

Coaches don't care how you look, they care how you PLAY, and if you are worthy to be a part of a select group. A participant in representing the 'U'.
That is the value, not the length of your hair.

Those statements are an indication of a lack of knowledge of the hair style. Locking Black hair does not equate to long hair. Nor do you understand that the majority of those players that Al Golden has had transfer, have had dreads. While the players that did not transfer, have cut the dreads out of their hair. That sheds clear insight into the mindset of Al Golden and the over 90% of posters that have a problem with the hair style.

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