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Statements from Golden, Larranaga on NCAA news.

University of Miami Head Football Coach Al Golden:

“I want to sincerely thank our student-athletes and their families who, not only stood with the University of Miami during this unprecedented challenge, but subsequently volunteered for the mission. They shouldered the burden, exhibited class and exemplified perseverance for Hurricanes everywhere.

“Further, I would like to express heartfelt appreciation to our staff and families who did not subscribe to this challenge three years ago, yet courageously adopted it as their own. They have brought the utmost professionalism, resiliency and integrity to our program. More importantly, they continue to recruit and represent our world-class institution with class and dignity in unprecedented circumstance.

“Lastly, it is with gratitude and humility that I say thank you to our administration, U Family everywhere and the entire South Florida Community for their unyielding support of our young men and program over the last 28 months.”

University of Miami Head Basketball Coach Jim Larrañaga:

"I am a big believer that success is based on attitude. We continually remind our players that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

“We will continue to approach our work with a positive attitude as we march towards being the best we can be. I am grateful to our administration and counsel for leading us through this difficult journey and I want to thank everyone who loves this University and who has supported the young men who proudly wear the Miami uniform. We are excited about the upcoming season and we are all moving forward.”


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Pure Class from two Pure Class coaches! Go Canes!

I LOVE our coaches. These are the perfect leaders to mold young student athletes into great people. U Family is spot on. Thanks Coach Golden and Coach L for being true Canes. Full Speed Ahead! Great day for the one and only, The U. Go Canes!

We are a class organization BECAUSE we are accountable, humble yet assertive. Look where we are now. Full Speed Ahead Baby! []_[]

Time served, mostly!

Only going up from here!!!!!

Love these 2 gentlemen

Al Golden is the best coach in all of college football!!

There is a CAT 5 HURRICANE heading tours the panhandle in 2 weeks....WATCH out NOW!!!!!

Calvin think the NCAA would have increased our scholarships by 9 per year if Randy Shannon was coach and Jacory was still our QB.

It seems like only yesterday that Gallo was lecturing all of us as to how stupid Donna Shalala was for self-imposing. He also swore up and down that taking the self-imposed sanctions was all Al Golden's doing. All kidding aside even a broken clock is right twice a day, yet Gallo has NEVER been right about anything...a stunning record that will NEVER be broken. Please read on:

Conference USA commissioner Britton Banowsky, the chairman of the committee on infractions said:

"He said UM’s previous self-imposed penalties helped a LOT. “The committee accepted the significance of the penalties the institution imposed on its football program. These penalties were severe and the unprecedented access [provided by] the university were taken into account. The self imposed penalties represented an indication by the university that they were taking the case very seriously. It understood it needed to respond internally. For the university to step up to impose these bowl bans is a big deal – very big deal. The fact it also prevented an ACC championship game which potentially could have led to a BCS bowl game were very big decisions – the committee appreciated those decisions.”

Gallo predicated that the Gators would annihilate the Canes and is now predicting FSU will annihilate our Canes...based on the antithesis of Nostradamus (Gallo) I am starting to feel good about our chances against the Noles...keep those predictions coming Gallo...lol!!

Gallo is Nevin Shapiro.

This is the worst day of my life.

The Canes don't get hammered.

They're a top ten team and undefeated.

That gator loss still stings.

To top it off, my incontinence is out of control today from the rectal prolapse caused by all the cawlks I've take up my a..

More bad news for Gallo. The relatively minor scholarship hit will discredit the haters and the coaches with the anti-Cane recruiting pitch. The recruit and their parent(s) will know the coach was full of crap. If they read here, they'd know GalCalHar are full of crap too. And dumb.

Not 1 word in the NCAA document about their lack of institutional control and improper behavior.

Golden hinted in the past that UF was doing a lot of negative recruiting while UM was under the NCAA cloud. Now UF has its own problems. Karma is a beautiful thing. With an offense as boring and ineffective as UF currently has, they'll have their own challenge hanging on to offensive recruits this cycle.

Gallo et al: Bye Bye, go serve the rest of your prison term(s)What this School did was reflected on the field last thursday by the football team.

Virtue et Numine.

Thank you Coach Golden and Coach L. You 2 deserve a Gold Medal. Thank you for staying and seeing the U through this very difficult time.

Big Al is going to build a wall around the State of South Florida, that is unprecedented from the perspective of recruiting. You go Big Al...Canezzzzzzz

It's about time the NCAA got off it's dead ass and issued its finding. Miami has handled this with the proper humility and class! Good job by both their coaches and their players and administration!

The Canes are finally GOLDEN. Go get 'em Canes. Coach, you, your staff, the university, and especially the athletes have me proud. I've been a Cane since Jr. High School, and that was a looong time ago (George Mira was the QB) and I have never been more proud. Next National Championship is just 'round the corner.

woosh woosh

As a former player for the U 42 years ago, I want to thank Al Golden and his team for hanging in there during this difficult time. A Cane for Life.

I believe, I speak on behalf of a number of former players from Penn State 87-92 whi knew Al that can appreciate the commitment to excellence that Coach Golden has exemplified over these past few years with the Hurricanes. It should also be noted that defensive coordinator Mark D' Onofrio has played a significant part in developing a "now" solid defense. These were two of my roomates in college my senior year and admire them greatly for their achievements. As we get older, we still carry that burning desire to be an example for the next generation of players. It is evident that in a short amount of time Coach Golden started with a philosophy and an internal code of comduct for his players for their success. He first wants them to be great people then great players. I think you can ask some of the current players what I am talking about and they will agree.. A few more mountains to climb this year but looking forward to watching them play around New Years Day! Go Aldo & D' Nof..... BEST, HORDAC

Both you coaches deserve much credit, and makes me proud to be a cane. Al, I wear a white dress shirt and orange tie every time I watch a Hurricane football game. Like the Budlight commercial says, "whatever works"!

Became a Canes fan in 1957 when my dad took me to my first Hurricane game. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly! While we have had some steller coaches in my opinion, Schnelly and JJ my vote goes to Golden as the best we have ever had. I know what these others have done and their record while here but what he has accomplished under the most difficult of circumstances is amazing. Haters are going to hate and that's ok, in fact I relish it, lol! But Thug U was an unfair label and certainly has moved to Gainesville these days. Looking forward to what looks like A Golden Era of Miami football.(Calvin..keep it shut!) And to quote one Hurricane fan on another site after yet another negative article, "if you don't like it...shove it where the sun don't shine."

The Canes Football Players, Coaches, and Staff are moving on beyond what we as fans had ever felt that they would accomplish this year, even though we had great trust and faith. We were not the ones that have spent almost three years with a cloud over their heads. We are behind each of you in this quest. You can not look back now - only look forward to the next game one week at a time and the reward will be yours, because there is no GOING BACK! YOU ARE A UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI HURRICANE!

We are so proud of what you have given the Fans and to Yourselves. Thank You for the sacrifice you have given. Sharon Nowling Fan since 1969

Classy Canes! I am proud to be a Hurricane fan since my father took me to my first game in 1951, and became an alumnus in 1971. Now continue our wonderful season. Beat W.F.

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