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VIDEO: Golden, D'Onofrio, Coley talk FSU


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And we are suppossed to have an advantage with Coley because he should know about fsu offensive personel and more importantly have more insight on jimbo. What makes him uncomfortable as a coach? What are his tendencies and why? He should know what he likes to do in certain situations and why? Dissect his philosophy. We still might not have the horses to win this race but we could see them again for all the marbles. Wisnston will also throw at least one pick to you for trying to squezz pases into the tightest of windows. We just have to capitalize on his one mistake. I sayy we sit back and pound them win they catch the ball because we difiinitlely cant cover them. Tyriq, cornellius and mohammed need to contribut in some kind of way to get a sack or two ob winston. We have to enforce our will and hit their colective azzes.

James, just a suggestion. You could probably get twice the offensive teaching philosophy instilled if you'd eliminate the "you knows" from your conversation. After awhile they become hypnotic and you find yourself waiting for the next one which is about every other word.Go Canes!!!

Gallo is officially on his knees in front of Winston, with his mouth open. Zero courage.

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