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VIDEO: Golden, Hurricanes react to win over Wake Forest, NCAA sanctions


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Dom, as a Cane fan, I'm really really embarrassed that you are a fellow Cane fan.

Though every fan base has them, you are "that" guy for us Dom.

You simply offer no objective contribution to this blog other than pure nonsensical town foolery. And to the others trying to figure out how we can get into the National Championship game with all the different scenarios by jumping up to #2, just stop. Your all just embarrassing yourselfs.

FSU, that's it. If we're able to get the ball with 2 mins. to go like we have the last two weeks against garbage teams with just a chance to tie the game ? That would be a win in my book.

first half tanner price comp% was real high because of that soft zone concept, 2nd half, we started letting our athletes be athletes, those passes giving up by artie burns(56 yarder and the 4th & 5), he wasn't beat bad but he almost looks to big to be a corner, but any way, once we went man, it took away the quick reads by price and that's the same thing we need to do against winston otherwise it's going to be a long day.

We can't just run zone all game long against Fsu, we need to play press-man early and force him to have to make reads and be accurate, today was just another pathetic display of coaching, the talent eventually took over.

It was fun whoever blew that whistle, lol, it was time for somebody else to take over the refereeing, those bozo's out there today were pathetic. How was that not a touchdown by duke, and it made me laugh cause even jim grobe came out askign them basically "why wasn't that a touchdown, cause of course he needed the time too.
Posted by: Calvin | October 26, 2013 at 05:56 PM

Ayo - fix your Q&A blog, no one can read the answers, they stream off the page.

Also this game was tight because they had the wrong honorary captain at the game, don't 5 picks near our live games again.

One of the biggest plays of the game though was that reverse to stacy coley, wasn't the best call but coley made 2 guys miss and got thei 1st down, this is the guy who should've gotten the ball on that reverse with dorsett.

Also, if he gets a seam, he's going to house one, all this be the same guy every talk/attitude is not going to work this week, this is an emotional game, guys needs to start getting amped up if you don't get amped up for Fsu or if you're telling your players not to, to be the same guy, that individual definitely doesn't belong at Miami.

Does jacory harris have anymore eligibility left. People acting like smo17 is having bad games, it's easy to look all world when you play against garbage teams.

5:15 remaining

Please with Jacoby Harris been there done that didn't work!!!


It's amazing to me it took until the second half to figure out we have the better athletes. These kids are not being given a fair opportunity.

cmon VT, we need you to win this....just puked in my mouth a little. lloks like duke is gonna give us a heap of trouble again this year.

Fire Beamer & Bud Foster...the 4-3 defense couldn't stop the powerful Dukies!!!


It's amazing to me it took until the second half to figure out we have the better athletes. These kids are not being given a fair opportunity.

Posted by: True Cane | October 26, 2013 at 06:45 PM

It's sickening watching us play this penn disgrace big 10 style of defense with the athletes we have. Our defense is too predictable and oach 500's answer to trying to slow down wake forest in the 1st quarter was by using our defensive ends in coverage again. Seriously, what is luther robinson suppose to be able to do in coverage. In fact, here's the stupidity of it all, in the 3 years since they've been here, i think only olivier vernon was actually able to make a play in space, since than not one d-linemen has made a play in space so why do we keep doing it.

3rd & 22, we go to prevent defense and give up 13 yards that allows wake forest to goal for a fieldgoal attempt. Our prevent defense call is equilvalent to patrick nix calling for bubble screens when he didn't know what else to do.

How can you call yourself a defensive guy and you're not aggressive, so we go to a prevent defense look which signals to our guys to not be aggressive, why do that with defensive players. If we go to those stupid passing formations early against Fsu, they're going to force smo17 to either throw picks, get sacked or throw it out of bounds. We need to start our offense from under center, keep a back behind smo17, that way Fsu or no other teams knows if we're running or passing.

To many times on 3rd down, we got the back lined up next to smo17, it's an obvious passing down, even though it's 3rd & 5 or less.

If Duke beats Va Tech it really hurts all Top ACC teams SOS. And if Va. Tech somehow wins in a miracle, it would be no more impressive as our last two wins over UNC and Wake in reality.

Even the dumbest of idiots understand that V-Tech defense balled out. Thomas might be the only quarterback in the conference Morris will outplay. I take that back, against this garbage defense Thomas will have a career day.

we don't have a guaranteed win left this year - lol.

You would think we are 3-4 not 7-0. Who predicted us to undefeated in ranked#7 in the country?!?! VT just lost to Duke, Nebraska was upset today, last week 5 top 10 teams were upset and we have still still bit**** and moaning on here!!! Are we struggling, yes! Can we get better, yes! Are we playing hard, yes!
We all would love to win by 20+ but that is not realistic!! Enjoy the ride and support the "U"


All the prognosticating based on who fared well against who doesn't matter. What UF was supposed to do against []_[]s but couldn't, doesn't matter. What Kirk says and what mascot Lee emulates doesn't matter. FSU spanked NCSt. and Clemson? Don't matter.

Next Sunday night two teams will play and the team that plays best that night will likely win. Talent is relatively equal. All u people that feel the need to predict a loss to cushion your own disappointment sound weak, and i bet you all said UF would rock []_[]s too.

Nobody gave the []_[] anything this year. We have been playing against ourselves and I have yet to see anyone beat []_[]s playing our best game as we beat UNC and WF at their best. They completely dictated those games and when push came to shove we executed and took it.

Do we have to play better? Of course! But we are undefeated for a reason and no team will blow []_[]s out if we bring it. Believing Miami has a good chance to win is not being optimistic, it's "why they play the game!"

Stop jock sniffing.

Mike, How about Duke winning @VA TECH>? WE KEEP WINNING? I am a cane supporter? Why am I bad for the blog? FSU has beat NO ONE. Nevada, Beth Cookman etc. Miami beat UF at full strength which has the same ATHLETES or BETTER ON D than UF, Offense not as good, but our OFFENSE has faced an FSU TYPE D''

FSU has not. Clemson almost lost at home to BC , and then got smacked by FSU

Are we legit. YES, are we 1-2 years away from having Ala and FSU DEPTH, YES. Jimbo has had some better classes due to the looming sanctions, so FSU Should win. BUT, he also has had 5 years and DONE SQUAT with top 5 classes and all those NFL Players, not even making the title game.............

We are close, but way ahead of schedule. LOOK AT USC?

there is a chance that Oregon loses to UCLA, chance........... and Mizzou can lose too. If Baylor lsoes we can move up to #4 or 5 a win is a win

I agree above. U bashers, COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS MOER BALANCED........5 top 10 teams lost last week, and mizzou, Oregon, Stanford, and Baylor have semi tuff games... don't ask me show Stanford with 1 Loss has 1 spot ahead of us. But, we r 7-0. B happy.

FSU HAS NOT HAD TO WORRY ABOUT CLOSE GAMES. we know how to win, and that's why FSU always chokes. MIAMI KEEPS IT CLOSE, WE CAN WIN IT IN 4th QTR

You know what I liked seeing today, because morris is gone soon anyway as a SR. Kevin Olsen, not Ryan Williams, called in the signals today. Gregs little brother, top 5 qb recruit last year and #1 qb in the NE, he might beat out Ryan Williams. '

We need a game manager that wont make mistakes. A young freshman loaded with playmakers who all the fans were like WHO IS THAT, by the name of Ken Dorsey took over midway thru his freshman season, and became a 4 year starter.

I know we have this CAlifornia kid sensation Kaaya coming up in next class, but if Olsen is the real deal, then we are in good hands


How cool would that b if both teams are top 5. we need Mizzou and ORE to lose, but we can pass Stanford soon based on the computer rankings in BCS. so even if Oregon wins, if mizzouri loses, there is a chance we move to #5 in BCS ahead of 1 loss Stanford......

Posted by: Calvin | October 26, 2013 at 06:39 PM

My man, I respect that you try to keep it real and you have been consistent in your criticism. But let's end the J12 talk. He had better anticipation because his arm/mechanics were weak. He needed better anticipation to get to the college level and have any measure of success. Does SMo17 trust his arm a little too much, maybe, but he is a superior QB that can make superior plays. Lost in all this is the kid has a new OC. He was humming at the end of last season and if Fisch were still here he would be playing better. It's not fair to compare him to J12 form manny reasons.

You go on to illustrate this point in your critique above where you talk about the predictability of the play-call on 3rd down. Other than Manziel and Winston, I don't know manny QBs at the college level that defy the laws of football on a regular basis. J12 didn't do that either, as he was a pick 6 waiting to happen (and I liked the kid as a QB saying he always gave the receiver an opportunity to make the play).

We can run the quick strike k-gun style of 90s FSU with duke and Dallas from the shotty, or we can do 2 TE and PA them to death. Bottom line all of our plays take too long to develop. 3rd and 5, 7 step drop. We need a quicker-striking play-action based offense. We need to let playmakers run with the ball.

These New offenses are horrible. UCLA has a 4th and 1 like earlier todays game, and they open in a shotgun with the read option. its 4th and 1. People get so cute, they forget football is still smash mouth. LIne it up, and win,.

Posted by: Next Man[]_[]p | October 26, 2013 at 07:40 PM

All the good qb's can anticpate a route coming open. The new oc is no excuse either, jacory had the same amount of oc's as smo17 has had in his career, 3(j70 nix, nipple & fisch, smo17, nipple, fisch & coley)but j70 still came out an balled. People keep confusing smo17's stats against all those weak defenses he went up against last year as him being good. Every time coach goldie would try and put a plug in for smo17 as being one of the best qb's in the nation, i kept countering with the fact that we've played defenses that were ranked about as bad as our's.

j70 elevated his game with the competition, people try and pin/label j70 as an interception machine when in fact all the qb's threw a high number of picks under coach nipple, it was the system, even his own son couldn't run that garbage offense. in fact, the offense that nipple tried to run was his first time ever trying to run it anywhere, so even his was new to it.

The word superior and morris name keeps being mentioned in the same sentence and i don't understand why. No matter how strong your arm is, if you not throwing completion, or throwing catchable balls to your receivers, it means nothing. When j70 was on fire there was no one better in the country. He could drive the offense against any team. Was a play-maker behind center, smo17 is not a playmaker back there, unless we become a primaryly running team, this and only this philosophy will make smo17 more effective, trying to run the offense thru him is a disaster waiting to happen.

Had we turned the ball over today, we would've hada loss for sure. With smo17 behind center, no coach/oc trust him throwing balls over the middle of the field, that one handed catch by clive is the main reason why, he has no touch and doesn't throw the right kind of passes on the intermediate routes.

F$U is looking passed us, thinking of playing Bama or the Ducks..

Watching those videos and seeing the composure, focus, maturity and class of our players speaks to why those guys don't get rattled when the game is on the line...that my friends is all about high caliber coaching!

As hard as the media people tried to get our players to say something that would be bulletin board material for FSU not one of them would take the bait and kept lecturing the press that they are going to enjoy today's win and start focusing on FSU tomorrow--Tracy Coley kept echoing Al Golden's words of wisdom...we are going to get in the bunker and focus.

Finally, anyone that claims Wake Forest is not a good team at this point in the season simply doesn't understand what they watched today. For those with short term memory issues...Wake Forest beat FSU during the 2011 season. They are well coached, well schemed, smart and have drastically improved as this season has progressed.

well, Winston hasn't been tested in a close game. as a freshman, his team did blow out Clemson, but they had 2-3 TO's early and game got ugly.


WE know how Miami plays. I had full confidence today. They are gonna throw so much at that kid, U WILL WIN IT LATE and Dumbo will choke as usual

SSomebody tell kirk herbstreit to STFU like he knows Miami football, trying to lump luke and the snitch in the same category. kirk, stop trying to act like you know or ever knew the UM culture down here and talk about your own school. Trying to cast a shadow over UM with your own personal opinion GTFOH, you know nothing of UM football and the culture around it in the 80's or 90's, you should go and talk to luke yourself and others before blabbin off at the mouF.

Everybody running these defenses where the linebackers are lined up over widereceivers are finding out that they all are running the same routes against those linebackers, run a 5 yard in-route and reverse pivot back out to the sidelines and it's wide open everytime, if the qb makes a basic throw it's a completion of 5 to 8 yards, a first down or even more.

We need to get back to basic football, running and stopping the run and having db's covering wide-outs not linebackers way out in space.

They are gonna throw so much at that kid, U WILL WIN IT LATE and Dumbo will choke as usual

Posted by: Dom | October 26, 2013 at 08:10 PM

It's one thing to have confidence, it's another thing to be delusional. What team have we ever thrown alot at defensively. The mantra from goldie is "be the same guy everyday" this includes scheme to, it's actually real embarassing for people who know football to see how our linebackers are being used on alot of plays, rushing the qb 3 to 4 seconds after the ball is snapped from about 7 yards out, seriously, how are they suppose to get to the qb, just wasted guys on defense.

well UCLA 14-14 with ORE right b4 half time.

Canes 27 , FSU 24. Winston has NOT Played IN a close game. All we have to do is keep it close, let the freshman make some mistakes

Here's what i do know, don't lose to duke this year, "NO EXCUSES"!

As for Calvin's continuing insistence that Jacory Harris was better than Stephen Morris...he's the same guy that predicted this season was going to be a disaster. He's the same guy that swears up and down that Randy Shannon was a better coach than Al Golden (tee-hee!)

Calvin attends the pee-wee games in and around Miami trying to convince the mom's he's a football expert...and even the mom's tell Calvin to take a hike!

Here's the deal...and this does not take a Nick Saban or Bear Bryant to figure this out...Stephen's ankle has been very sore and it has forced him to change his throwing mechanics, which helps explain the high throws, etc. This also bleeds into practices and impacts his timing with his receivers. And before Calvina drops a duce while whining that Al Golden has said Stephen is okay--that's what you say so opposing teams don't build a game plan around that injury.

"j70 elevated his game with the competition, people try and pin/label j70 as an interception machine when in fact all the qb's threw a high number of picks under coach nipple, it was the system, even his own son couldn't run that garbage offense. in fact, the offense that nipple tried to run was his first time ever trying to run it anywhere, so even his was new to it."


in your attempt to be flippant you again contradict yourself and make my point.
You say OCs don't matter on one hand (which is ridiculous) and then blame "nipple" for J12s interceptions.

You act like Jacory never made questionable throws. Jacory's int were on deep balls directly to defenders with no pressure trying to be all-world. They defied logic at times. Stephen's were mechanical errors secondary to injury while under pressure like the one he over-threw to Waters by a about one foot. Different type of pick.

Look at Stephen's int/TD ratio in the last several games last season. If you look at his body of work under Fisch he gained mastery of the offense. these last several games since his injury have been an anomaly, whereas J12 is known for the unnecessary int.

If J12 was our QB I would be lauding his timing, accuracy and playmaking against rabid haters just like you. I support the kid to this day and would never compare him to anyone. Would never disparage his performance because he couldn't be Gino Toretta. He is the past and has no business in the conversation. Apples and Oranges.

Posted by: Dom | October 26, 2013 at 08:24 PM


Musburger just said it . THIS IS THE FIRST TIME OREGONS IN A CLOSE GAME THIS YR(Oh and there playing #12, a ranked team)< LETS SEE WINSTON IN A CLOSE GAME

HE HAS NO CLOSE GAMES UNDER HIS BELT, and we live or die in close games. I LIKE OUR CHANCES



What I want to know is what kind of D-end's are we going to recruit? Since we are transitioning to a 3-4 team what is Quan or McCord going to do? Chad Thomas will be asked to come in here next year and take on two blockers every down? After you gained your ranking by attacking and disrupting the offensive back field.I wish one of these AD's are in love with Al and throw a chunk of money at him. His no D coach is holding him back. These slurpers constantly talking about the direction of the program, don't see that brick wall posing as a D coach up in the booth.

Look, U have to admit we have looked vanilla on offense and Defense the last 2 weeks. I think on purpose, accept the games became too close for compfort.

I don't think they wanted to show FSU anything, and WE KEEP IT CLOSE, and WIN IN 4TH QTR., WInston wont know what to do, and I Bet we see TEARS!!! next week, that kid will be crying he lost the nat title and Heisman to Miami.

The block and subsequent hit on Miller in the PSU/OSU game were awesome!

Posted by: Dom | October 26, 2013 at 08:38 PM

Dom they threw the whole toolbox at Wake today. They threw the whole toolbox at UNC last week. It's who they are.

Furman hanging with LSU! What a joke!

UM 27 FSU 24, Winston throws at least 2 picks, and we are gonna unload a different D

We haven't shown much Tyriq or Quan, we haven't shown any trick plays, we haven't shown any passing game accept the deep ball. I mean, we are setting them up.......

We are missing Jedd Fisch...bigtime.

Baylor has 4 tuff games coming up and have played a high school schedule, Mizzou will lose, Oregon will lose 1, and we control our destiny.......1 game at a time


No offense to steve morris, but how good would our offense B, with our athletes, if Clint Hurtt didn't steal TEddy Bridgewater from our recruit class.......that's another due to sanctions

True Cane,

Get off your knees, zip up Calvin's jorts, use a Kleenex and shut-up!!

You have never seen a Calvin post where he's belittling the Canes that you don't swoon over and profess your love for. If someone is saying something negative about the Canes you immediately jump in with an attaboy. You've never had an original thought or made a point other than your vomit inducing affection for Calvin, Gallo, Cane72, et al.

I would like to believe you are a 50 year old women going through menopause, but I know that can't be true as even a 50 year old menopausal woman is more masculine that you.

next man up, my point about the oc's is clear, j70 was productive no matter who the oc was because his talent shined thru, smo17 not being productive because he has a new oc is not and excuse, his missign throws where guys are wide open, has nothing to do with his ankle, he's been doing that before he had a bad ankle, that's who he is, always trying to drill passes and he's over-throwing guys.

I'm not saying j70 never threw a bad interception, but alot of j70's picks that were on him were more like punts anyway, smo17 had a history of throwing picks to linebackers which means more to a qb not understanding the game or being able to identify defenses. Many times jacory made the right reads but did have the arm strength to put the ball where it needed to be. But you don't become 2nd all time at UM with 3 different oc's without having some smarts and talent.

I told people last year and before this year smo17 was not that good, that's not a knock on him, that's a knock on the coaching staff for trying to put the games in smo17'shands, a qb who has proven time and time again he's not a feared qb. We need to just line-up and run the ball for real 3 straight times next game, so what if we don't get a 1st down, stay patient with the running game.

Come the next series, the same thing, run, run, run, than start going play-action from there. We need to establish the physicality of our o-line. Also, we need to stop being so obvious we're passing with the line-men hand taps, makes it easy for d-co's, they don't have to find our keys we give them to them.








Calvin your main malfunction is you simply will NOT let the past go. I mean for the LOVE OF GOD, would your FUKKKING let Jacory, and Shannon go. They're gone, they had there moment in Cane lore and they're fukkking gone. This is 2013 and this team is doing something we have NOT done in 10 years, and that's knocking on the BIG door. Yeah we have problems, ALL past Cane teams have had problems, but at least we're 7-0. JH or RS never touched that. You're like an old lady who just won't let (the way things used to be) go.

SUPPORT what we have now, and hope they figure out to stop FSU. Jeez man, your beeeetchin gets REALLY tiresome.

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