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VIDEO: Golden, Hurricanes react to win over Wake Forest, NCAA sanctions


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Check Career wins, ints, yards per throw when it's all said and done. Jacory played 4 years to get his #s. your point about throwing punt-like interceptions, smh.... I dunno Calvin, I'm trying to stay with you...

Your argument is a contradiction and in the biggest moments Jacory didn't produce. I will check stats to back up my memory before we continue. I suggest you do the same.

Why are you talking about Jacory?? Who gives a rat a**!!! He is no longer here!!! If he was/is such a great qb as you profess why isn't he in the league? I rooted Jacory while he was at Miami now he's gone. I don't need to talk or hear about him everyday. By the way what hell did he win at da U?!?!

Not a damn thing 88. Calvin has a very strange fixation that EVERY game he compares Morris to JH as if it even matters, lol. Very weird dude.

Calvin, plz dude let jpick go. We get ur crush on him,but he was a pick machine. I was scared to watch him throw, why cuz it was going back for six the other way!! I do agree w some of ur analysts of 3 and 22. That was BS,the splits were so big that outside rush de was pointless. That kinda crap on d pissed me off. We are 7-0 and I'm OK w it. Go canes

Mike, How about Duke winning @VA TECH>? WE KEEP WINNING? I am a cane supporter? Why am I bad for the blog? FSU has beat NO ONE. Nevada, Beth Cookman etc. Miami beat UF at full strength which has the same ATHLETES or BETTER ON D than UF, Offense not as good, but our OFFENSE has faced an FSU TYPE D''FSU has not. Clemson almost lost at home to BC , and then got smacked by FSUAre we legit. YES, are we 1-2 years away from having Ala and FSU DEPTH, YES. Jimbo has had some better classes due to the looming sanctions, so FSU Should win. BUT, he also has had 5 years and DONE SQUAT with top 5 classes and all those NFL Players, not even making the title game.............We are close, but way ahead of schedule. LOOK AT USC?
Posted by: Dom | October 26, 2013 at 07:23 PM

there is a chance that Oregon loses to UCLA, chance........... and Mizzou can lose too. If Baylor lsoes we can move up to #4 or 5 a win is a win
Posted by: Dom | October 26, 2013 at 07:24 PM

I agree above. U bashers, COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS MOER BALANCED........5 top 10 teams lost last week, and mizzou, Oregon, Stanford, and Baylor have semi tuff games... don't ask me show Stanford with 1 Loss has 1 spot ahead of us. But, we r 7-0. B happy.FSU HAS NOT HAD TO WORRY ABOUT CLOSE GAMES. we know how to win, and that's why FSU always chokes. MIAMI KEEPS IT CLOSE, WE CAN WIN IT IN 4th QTR

Posted by: Dom | October 26, 2013 PM 7:27PM

Is it just me or did anybody else catch on that Dom replied to his own post with "I agree..." Did he mean to change his screen name BEFORE he posted? What a tool..



It's probably just you, and your 4-3 team that probably isn't going to a bowl unless they upset Vandy on homecoming.

At least the parade will be exciting, it'll have orange and a lot of blue in it. Oh, that will just be you, nevermind!

Finally, anyone that claims Wake Forest is not a good team at this point in the season simply doesn't understand what they watched today. For those with short term memory issues...Wake Forest beat FSU during the 2011 season. They are well coached, well schemed, smart and have drastically improved as this season has progressed.

Posted by: Ron Zook

It should be a requirement to wear boots when reading this blog because the chit is getting deep. So what that Wake beat FSU in 2011! That's TWO full years of guys graduating and new recruits coming in. Has no relevance to this year unless Chris Givens and Brendon Pendergrass are suiting up for Wake Forest some time soon.

I know it wasn't pretty today, but a win is a win and I'll take an ugly W over a Pretty L any day. I find that these two past close ugly games can be very beneficial to us especially going into this weekend. I don't for a minute believe that D'nofrio has shown all that this defense has especially with FSU and Va Tech coming up in the next two weeks. The offense although not blowing it up in the passing game, we are running the ball pretty well. The point is we have not been clicking offensively and put a whole game together all year, so next week is as good a time as any to get the thing together. I expect the guys to come out much like they did against Florida which incidentally was the last time that I have seen these guys jacked up and emotionally in the game. I might be wrong but I believe next weeks game is going to be a great competitive game.

It's probably just you, and your 4-3 team that probably isn't going to a bowl unless they upset Vandy on homecoming.At least the parade will be exciting, it'll have orange and a lot of blue in it. Oh, that will just be you, nevermind!

Posted by: Hi guise! Where's the bowl streak at? | October 26, 2013 at 10:11 PM

Who's team is 4-3? My Hurricanes may play like they should be 4-3 but they're currently 7-0.

Sit on....,

you have to excuse that person. They're the crazy uncle sitting in the corner. His name should tell you everything you need to know. The same Wake Forest team that lost at home to Louisiana Monroe.

The moment of truth is upon us. D'Onofrio if you believe for a second there will be a fourth quarter comeback next week, think again!!! Next week---like last year--I will be calling for your job. The Hurricane defense is not up to snuff---and you've had almost three years now---As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow--FSU will take no prisoners next Saturday----as a die hard----I am not a fan of the close score comeback and would like to see someone else get your opportunity.

I don't for a minute believe that D'nofrio has shown all that this defense has especially with FSU and Va Tech coming up in the next two weeks


Really? So we have back to back nail biters and we are holding back on defense. We give up 500 yards to UNC but was holding back something on defense? I don't think you guys are that naïve.

I'll sign autographs for everybody if the fans can get the media to start hyping a Miami/Texas A&M bowl game! I really think that I can shatter David Klinger's Single Game Total Yards record of 732 yards if I get UM's defense on the same field as me.

True cane,

I think they're just delusional because nobody is that naive! We definitely need our guys to come out and START the game like its the end of the game. We need another effort out of players like the Florida game or this be FSU/CLEMSON 2.0

Mizz - S Carolina going OT!!

We need Michael Sam.

Cardiac Canes. A win s a win survive and move on. The defense played well enough. Offense has to score and keep scoring against FSU.The championship series starts now. Any team can be beat. Anytime Anywhere. Miami team of destiny. NC is your birth right.The majical season continues. 14 and 0. 2013 national champions

Wow! Mizz loses!!

This team has heart. The defense is much better then people give them credit for. This was a trap game and we won it. This team wasn't suppose to be more then a 9 win team. Most people thought we would be lucky to get that. This team will win 10 at least. They may lose to fsu because fsu has more talent right now but it wont be because they don't have heart.

well put mainecane

Great post Mainecane!

Oregon St up 3 early. UM needs Stanford and Mizz to lose if they are to move up in the BCS this week. I'm sure Baylor will move past UM tomorrow.

Agreed Sarasota'cane

Sarasota, BCS ranking means nothing until Nov. 3rd, Miami's current ranking has 0 relevance until after the FSU game. The FSU game will let all of us know where Miami stands. Now looking forward to Nov. 2nd and enjoying the fact Miami is an undefeated 7-0 going into the Doak.

Next week throw out every passing play we have but the BOMB,RUN RUN BOMB RUN RUN RUN BOMB RUN RUN BOMB RUN RUN BOMB RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN BOMB. Why U ask cuz Morris cant hit the broad side of a barn, the only thing he can do is the deep pass.....HARRIS MADE ALL OVER MAYBE WORSE......

Posted by: Russell | October 26, 2013 at 11:34 PM

Totally agree, I was just throwing out my opinion of where UM will be ranked tomorrow. In reality it really doesn't matter until after the ACC CG.

I'm here in Columbia
,Mo...not a peep. Everyone is still in dis-belief. LOL.go canes!

Posted by: cane crazy | October 26, 2013 at 11:55 PM

I love it! Throw out a few, "you'll get em next time!" quotes! Be real insincere and smile a lot! I've been doing it to a few VT fan friends of mine for years!

Steven Morris is a great kid. What a leader. The gut check difference between this team and the team Al took over is tremendous. Enjoy the game people. These are good times and big steps our boys are making. Enjoy the journey. I am happy and proud of and for these kids win or lose. And bring on FSU. We have the speed and toughness on both sides of the ball to win this game. And even if we don't, our team will be there with all they have. What else can a fan ask for? This was a great win. And I will enjoy next week no matter what happens. That said, HIDE AND WATCH FSU!

We'll just have to see, want we? I know this we weren't suppose to play them as close as we did the last two years and we did so who knows. Either way next weeks game although important is not the end all be all of the season. The following week is the one that really matters as far as our goals for this season.

The Canes are coming to visit, and you aint gonna be happy in Tally!

We don't have to wait and see anything. A true Cane fan already knows we have perpetrated fraud all season long. UM is not a top 7 program this year. It's all hype and Golden and FSU knows it. FSU will remove Cinderella's slipper come Saturday by ripping her foot off. We have a northern idiot running our defense so get ready to give up at least 500 yards to the Seminoles. If UM pulls off the miracle it would be by winning, I'll be here ready to pucker up. It ain't gonna happen boys!!

Can you bet on the yardage in a game? My buddy said Vegas is going to set FSU's over/under total yardage at 650 yards.

First, UM at 7-0 against no bodies and barely "winning", while FSU has run over teams including #3Clemson.

Second, Calvin is correct. There is simply NO WAY Miami can keep from being embarrassed and humiliated as long as D'O is DC and continues to use a three down linemen NO defense, No pressure on the other QB the whole game or on crucial third and longs and allowing a team like FSU to convert or score.

When Miami needs a strong pass rush, d'o goes to a three man NO rush against 6 blockers with a zone defense. It is a gimmee conversion to first and ten.

Someone needs to have the power to tell arrogant sociopaths goldie and d'o that they stink and order them to use a four down defensive linemen set with man to man pass coverage and a blitz on every play to get to the FSU QB in less than three seconds.

That is the ONLY way Miami has a chance against FSU.

Otherwise, like all the other games FSU has played, the score against Miami will be something like
FSU 42, Miami 10.

No hope for Miami to beat FSU with d'o as DC.

Great defense wins tough games and championships.
But Miami has "won" all of its games, if you can call the ugly way of Canes "winning," with a precarious offense that has been forced to "win" the last two games in the last minute of the games.

I would not call Miami's scores winning. I would call them miracles.

exactly cane72:.....nail bitters against the bottom of the barrel teams.....

fau 2-6
fla 4-3
ss 1-8
usf 2-5
gt 5-3
nc 2-5
wf 4-4

20-34.....any high school team can be undefeated against those teams.....defense is averaging 420 yards last 3 games vs 486 average last year with the worst defense in NCAA...

UM is getting worse against scrub teams.....morris is a joke and no way is he better than jacory....even with his broken thumb JH was far better....and the stats prove it.....morris is a head case

Well, at least the game was exciting! And no comments on the great catches, great runs, great hits, and game-clinching INT?

The troll calls anyone that praises a play a homer. oh no, we root for the home team! And on there own newspaper blog, too! Shocking!

We won, and the oddest part is watching the same folks that last year PRAISED the gatrs for winning ugly against teams like Louisiana Lafayette or Monroe or whichever was a victim they played that week, is now on here 24-7 calling Miami a fraud for daring to pull out late wins while teams like Missouri, Virginia tech, and Texas a&am fail to do so.

I have yet to see any "homer" claim we were going to blow out FSU, but people are acting like we did. Get you facts right, get your mind right, and read the folks that are saying we will need our best effort AND hope that FSU has a bad game, just to barely win.

Thank you Coley and Crawford for ESPN Top 10 worthy plays. And Thank you to the U for returning to being a Top 10 team.

this is a SENIOR team playing like freshman...that coaching, golden/dnofrio are weak.......

"an emotional week?"...wtf would that to do with getting your team ready?.....excuse after excuse after excuse........its always something, never his or dnofrio's fault.....

you have a nobody WF QB go 24/45 and 302 yards 2TD's vs the bloggers early pick for a Heisman Morris at 17/28 and 191 yards 1 TD.......WF campanaro/harris for WF had their way with UM defense.....

oh, it was all the sanctions talk the last few days.....what a loser....golden is the best seminar guy....thats what he should do the rest of his life

J: I can tell you for certain that I haven't heard the name ‘FSU' in the locker room all week. We know that this Wake Forest team has talent and we've been focused on this (and only this) game since Sunday morning. With the ACC championship as one of our team goals for the year, it makes this in-conference game all the more important. While we are confident in our preparation, we do not expect WF to back down from the challenge of facing another Top 10 team this season.

interview of cane player......so somebody is lying....

FSU lit up their ACC doormat opponent from the get go and there was no doubt from the start who would win that game.
Baylor lit up their doormat opponent from the start and there was no doubt who would win that game.
Alabama lit up their doormat opponent from the get go, no doubt they would win.
Ohio State lit up their doormat opponent and left no doubt they would win.
Oregon lit up a top 20 opponent.

Then there is the #7 ranked fraud UM who promptly fell behind their doormat opponent as usual. Struggled all game long with the game outcome undecided. Not until late in the 4th quarter were they able to pull away from a much weaker opponent and barely win by a measly 3 points. Just like last week.
But all the delusional homers say that Fraud UM will have no problem beating FSU.

Saw lots of empty orange seats at No Life Stadium. Guess "employee" day payouts did not work.
You won't read about FSU paying fans to go to their games, or any other respectable program.
For the VaTech game I suggest Golden Shalala sell the tickets for $1 and give a $100 stadium credit, free parking and a Duke Johnson jersey and then maybe you will get a little better attendance.
BTW VaTech turns out to be another typical ACC sorry team dropping a home game to Mighty Duke, they will be unranked by the time Fraud UM plays them. Your weak SOS just got a lot weaker. Get ready for the playoffs next year you will be watching from the outside until you schedule some better teams. Cowards.

Dom.Clint Hurtt never stole someone who wasn't ours. Teddy decommitted from us and opened up his recruitment 2-3 months prior to Shannon being fired. I don't argue with facts and always have them. As far as Calvin goes, outside of bring up Jacory, some of the things he is saying are on point because Morris isn't superior. He can't read a defense, he doesn't use the flats, he doesn't know what is a touch pass and he eyes every receiver down which causes a defender to know where the ball is going prior to ball releases from his hands. He does have a superior arm, but he doesn't have intangible which needs to be superior which is sitting right between his 2 ears. As far as are d coord, he always eventually adjust in the second half, but we don't have to wait until the second half if he's aware that he's not coaching does scrubs at Temple anymore. He's coaching superior athletes now which means we need to be playing man press or man off no more than 5 yards off. Also, if you are not an aggressive d coord, you shouldn't be coaching at The U. I love Al Golden, but I'm only concerned about his boy. The U!

Not does. It should be those in my last comment. Lol

Talk about using multiple alias's, you guys think you're fooling anyone? You dudes r really sick, and must just wait for ANY little negative about Miami, lol. Very very weird you guys are, lol. It's a sickness, and sorry to rain on your parade, but we WON all those games, doesn't matter if it's ONE point, or 40, we WON. Not saying it'll happen, and it probably won't, but lets just say we ran the table, and finished the season 13-0, are you going to say we DON'T deserve that either? THey barely won those games, they shouldn't be 13-0, I mean listen to how stoopid you guys sound.

Gallo. Coach Golden isn't the problem. Now, if you want to have a discussion about our d coord, we can talk. Most of our issues comes from Stephen Morris on offense and our defensive schemes on defense which is specifically on 3rd downs and that falls on our d coord. This is Morris' last year and we will have 6 scholarship qbs next yr competing including 1 senior qb in Ryan Williams. I'm confident we'll be fine moving forward on the offensive side of the ball. I really need to see some aggression from our d coord by the end of this season. The U!

7-0 Undefeated!!!!

U can complain about anything u want, it doesn't matterrrrrrrrrr.


Hey it's great to be 7 - 0. It would be nice to smash good teams by big scores, but that is not this team.

FSU is a monster football team. Winston is a great player, and they have a strong supporting cast. They will have their fans, College Gameday and the whole aura of a huge game against a major rival.

Our guys will be big underdogs. They must come out on fire, unlike the last two weeks. The coaches need to get these guys ready big time, not only in execution, but emotionally as well.

They must play ball control and Morris has to have his best game. The defense must be atacking, and D'Onofrio has to quit this sit back and get beat underneath crap. The O LIne has to assert itself in terms of dominant play up front and a power game. Smash mouth time...

By the way, did you catch Jesse Palmer, Gator 2nd stringer, bashing Miami on Sportscenter? He couldn't even let the Canes enjoy a win on the same day without putting us down.

Screw you Jesssie. How them Gators doin'?

Uphill battle against FSU and the Canes must play the game of their lives.


Sorry fellas, but in a way I agree with Calvin about Morris. I think he's above average at best. I sure hope his ankle is what's holding him back but I saw the first game when he wasn't hurt against a sorry defense. He got hurt in the third game? If teams play to stop the run I think this offense is in a lot of trouble because I don't think Morris can carry the team this year. A top ten team shouldn't be struggling to beat average teams at home. Tackling was poor yesterday. Defense needs to play more press man.. I hate seeing corners 10 yards off the ball.

Some of you guys, if you keep drinking this much coolaid, you're gonna make yourself sick when a real balanced team shows up. Right now I'm hoping FSU doesn't drop a Clemson on the Canes.

of course hes the problem...golden is captain of the ship and is committed to dnofrio under any conditions.....that's a failure of leadership....the offense is pathetic....virtually no vertical play from coley.....WF receivers almost doubled their performance vs UM.....

Well, If somehow the computer jumps up, with UNC winning, wake a 4-3 team when we won, we should past stanford 1 loss and MIZZOU lost putting us at #5 BCS. making it a top 5 game

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