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VIDEO: Golden, Hurricanes react to win over Wake Forest, NCAA sanctions


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i didnt write ooops and didnt agree to my posts, its from above and someone used my name TOOL. JACK ARSE


Norman, Teddy grew up a U fan and his entire team was from 08 was on the U....Jacory had 1 more year.

Fine, he did want to start as a true fresh, but Golden would have let him beat Jacory out. The coaching change and the up coming sanctions lead to teddy going to louisville.......Thats in the past though, I just said how good this team would b.

Finally, WINSTON HAS NOT BEEN IN 1 CLOSE GAME. OUR TEAM KNOWS HOW WITH 4 COUNTING THE UF GAME, and 3 in a row being down. 4 of our 7 wins were tight battles

When you get down, lets see how Winston reacts.

coley is a big disappointment....remember this is a SENIOR OFFENSE....Um should be killing these guys

Price 25/45 302 yrds 2 TD vs Morris 17/28 191 1 TD..
Campanaro 10/88 1 TD vs Waters 4/47 1 TD
Harris 6/95 vs Walford 4/33


not to mention the 3 right on target price throws that were dropped by both campanaro/harris....give me a break

and if you take away that lucky penalty UM got on that pass interference (no pull or tug on face mask) on Howard, UM would probably have stalled and not scored.....any real team would have put UM away.....

don't worry...fsu is gonna make a state championship statement....fisher will ram winston / Benjamin / freeman down UM's throat right up the the last whistle....

fsu make a recruiting statement...dnofrio is toast

FSU has a DC, four down def. linemen, tight pass coverage, aggressive defense.

Miami does not have a DC, only a sit back, cry, and wring hands, prevent the win zone coverage, blame the players moron.

Fsu has a premier passing game.
Miami has a throw the hail mary pass, hope for a miracle.

Fsu fills up its stadium.
Miami fans say: "What's the use? Canes should win but with D'O, he must be working for the other teams cause he sure ain't doing squat for the Canes cause he does not know squat about defense. The players have been carrying the Canes past d'o's mistakes all year.

fsu was up 42 points mid-way into the 2nd quarter....UM should playing like that if they were for real against these scrub teams and is barely winning.....

what does that tell you? If dnofrio couldn't stop camapnaro and harris for WF....how in the world will they stop fsu?...that's a complete impossibility....

duke will get crushed by fsu defense.....joyner is gonna be licking his chops waiting for morris to self destruct with his famous over throws......

Um gets crushed big time.....will be tremendous embarrassment....the fraud ends next week

Canes should just mail in the win for FSU if d'o tells them to line up in a three down linemen "(NO) defensive set" during any practice this week. Or the players should just pull a grambling and walk off the field instead of traveling all the way to Tallahassee to be embarrassed by dumbO.

FSU has Jimbo,
Canes have DumbO.

Zone coverage for Miami?? Are you kidding? Winston and FSU receivers are going to have a record setting game against Miami.

No disguised blitzes for Miami? Get out the fork and butter. Miami is toast. Stick a fork in the program.

LSU lit up their SEC doormat, the Florida Gators, from the get go and there was no doubt from the start who would win that game.

Miami lit up their doormat opponent, the Florida Gators, from the start and there was no doubt who would win that game.

Missouri lit up their doormat opponent, the Florida Gators, from the get go, and no doubt they would win.
FSU will lite up their doormat opponent, the Florida Gators, and leave no doubt they would win.
Georgia will lite up their bottom 20 opponent, the Florida Gators.

Then there is the #7 ranked UM who promptly demonstrated that they are a championship football team. Always fighting all game long with the game outcome undecided. Not until late in the 4th quarter in a great college football game were they able to pull away from a worthy opponent and won a game that the Florida Gators would have been slaughtered. Just like last week.

But all the delusional homers say that Fraud UF will have no problem beating FSU.

Saw lots of empty Colt 45 bottles at Septic Tank Stadium in Hillbilly Heaven-Gainesville. Guess "Felon" day payouts did not work.

You won't read about FSU paying felons to go to their games, or any other respectable program.
For the VaTech game I suggest Golden Shalala receive a standing ovation.

BTW Georgia turns out to be another typical SEC weak team; they will be unranked by the time Fraud UF plays them. Your weak SOS just got a lot weaker. Get ready for the playoffs next year you will be watching from the outside until you schedule some better teams. Gator Cowards.

Ummm, Gallober where are we ranked under Golden? That would be 7th in the AP poll, 6th in the coaches poll, and 7th in the BCS as of last week, which is higher than we ever were under the prior regime with Harris at QB. Now I agree the offense has not impressed under Coley but the defense has not been the problem. We will just see what happens this weekend.

You 3 guys talk to yourselves, and then (here's the funny part) ANSWER yourselves, lol. Yeah we should just end our season now, because SYBIL says so, we're done Canes, it was a nice ride, lol. Get back on your wittle yellow bus SYBIL, mommy is calling.

mail in, lol...thats a good one....

why even get on the airplane......doak stadium is gonna be rocking, I have been there....like florida field.......f...cking hostile......

fsu is gonna bate UM.....if coley keeps it to the sidelines short.....UM offense will get worn down from the pass rush.....if he goes vertical joyner and company will have a field day...no way morris can handle that at this point and based upon his performance so far.....

typo bait

lmao.....last 3 games defense is giving up an average of 420 yards....wtf are you talking about fool....

green peas that are too young to recognize what a real cane team looks like.....st Thomas Aquinas could have the same record as UM so far....

its a laugh-er.....Morris self destructs on his own home field.....a team like WF putting the wood to you...fans holding their hands over their mouth after the late TD by WF.....freaking out that UM will lose.....

stadium completely empty.....the whole day was an embarrassment as an old time cane fan and alumni....

Gallo...didnt we giv e up 500 yards to us ? And they scored.....what......16 points....yardage doesnt matter in the end ,points do...ask ufelons!

500 to uf

Dom, stop polluting this blog. Your incessant blind homerism has become beyond tiresome to even the diehardest Cane fans.

"The Canes played UNC and Wake close on purpose because they've been holding back offensive plays and defensive schemes for FSU"

It's so obvious that you've been nothing more than just a misinformed fan your entire life and never played the game.

Your an embarrassment for Canes fans that objectively get it.

FSU a 21 point favorite at home. I said 13.5 so I'm kind if shocked. It is a rivalry game which tends to be a lil closer. Who knows?? You'd think Morris wouldn't want to be shown up by a freshman but he's played terrible all year...


I guarantee that FSU is going to pour it on the Canes for all their frustrations and losses and wide rights and wide lefts over the year.

If goldie and dumbo stick with their three, or even four man pass rush which will NEVA get to winston, and with the defense that FSU has, the score could easily be:
FSU 100
Miama 10

Dumbo constantly embarrasses this team and its great players and then whines the players were out of position. Someone needs to check dumbo's telephone records to see if he is communicating with vegas oddsmakers and bookies.

Canes are 7-0 and it's driving Gallo and the rest of the CLOWNS crazy!!! It's hilarious reading their rants hahaha!!

A couple of mistakes you made c88,

One, it is dumbo's NO defense driving me crazy and giving up hundreds of yards per game by playing a prevent the win, NO rush, NO run stopping, NO pass coverage with a zone, guard empty pastureland NO defense.

Two, The wins you and cane coaches are claiming were more like miracles than wins, playing against savannah state??? you really want to claim that as a win?? 5 turnovers by UFraud?? A win or a gift? Two miracles the last two games "WON!!!!" in the last minutes of those games??? Are you nuts??

Get a grip on reality, mentally challenged retard.

in 1988 Preseason #1 FSU loaded with NFL study n deoin played miami who lost a ton of players. U spanked em

1991 game. U had a new QB Torretta n FSU was #1. At tally, U won..........Fsu was supposed to win big

1992, #2/3 game I think U won
2000 #1 FSU IN BCS vs year b4 9-4 miami team, U with Dorsey to Shcokey late won 27-24
2001 at tally blew em out
2002 both ranked high U WON
2003 BOTH Ranked. U new QB bROCK BERLIN, beet fsu 2 times that yr

THE ONLY 2 TITLES FSU WON WAS IN MID -LATE 90s WHEN U was on 12/15 scholarship probation SO ALL U KIDS went up to FSU and UF(spurries good teams. )

CHOKE--thats a fact and thats why UF/FSU were good mid to late 90s, all canes players couldnt sign with U

FSU is our little brother, and every once in awhile U have to beat your little brother UP. THEY ARE U OF MIAMI WANNABEES (Go watch what the U players think of FSU on the U doc).

Let noles fans talk smack all week, and winston has NEVER been in a close game. The kid will choke

WEll, has anyone looked at FSU's schedule?? besides clemson who is overrated, (was down in 4th qtr at home to BC), played NEVADA, BETHUNE COOKMAN,PTT,NCST,CLEM/MARYLAND

I dont see world beaters on that schedule? Miami played UF FULL STRENGTH.,

fau 2-6
fla 4-3
ss 1-8
usf 2-5
gt 5-3
nc 2-5
wf 4-4

not one ranked team. wow

21 points...there you have it, proof that UM has a winning record because of scrubs.....no way rivalry game would have fsu +21 if UM was any good...

Dom, explain to us all how the Dolphins will win the Super Bowl.

Show us FSU's victories blogtard

Stanford past us in the AP poll with 1 loss. We stayed at 7............What about Win and move on???


When was the last time a Top-10 team trailed 3 unranked teams (GT-UNC-WF) at halftime and then were a 21 pt. underdog in the same season ?

Vegas knows, U too will soon.

fau 2-6
fla 4-3
ss 1-8
usf 2-5
gt 5-3
nc 2-5
wf 4-4

Dom, FSU wins against week opponents by several scores. Their games were never in doubt.

In contrast, Miami had to have miracles in the last minute of the last two games and 5 turnover gifts from UF to "win."

Morris is injured, duke has problems. And the Canes are stuck with "I KNOW NOTHING!! Colonel Hogan" Sgt Dumbo and his NO defense sets.

I have plumb wore out my prayer rug praying for miracles for the Canes. Da U ain't Notre Dame who has touchdown jesus, the hail mary passes and referees who help them win at home.


Any truth to the rumor that UM is trying to schedule Don Bosco in place of Florida Atlantic University going further?

21 point underdog...that is embarrassing but true.....UM is weak.....

I think it will be 5 TD's spread.....sooner or later you have to prove you are for real against a real team....golden/dnofrio have been BS the fans with their fraud.....

blaming everything under the sink to excuse their failures.....

not crazy here at all....stats always tell the truth in the end.....


We barely beat Wake. We're lucky to stay at 7.

I guess everybody including BCS are calling them wins dumbass (which ever alias you use Gallo, 72, 27, 7). It must be MISERABLE being you (hilarious)

no not don bosco.....coral park sr instead, lol

U better hope U are right Gallober because if U are not U may never return to this blog. It took 4 weeks for U to come back after U predicted that Florida was going to run it down our throat and we all know how that worked out for U. Either way win or lose, this coming game is a win win for us. How do U ask, well it's quite simple the game with VT is the big one as our goals realistically this year is to make it to the ACC title game and possibly win it. A loss to FSU doesn't damage our goals. A win against VT is what really counts. We have accomplished more this year than the experts expected us to at this point because everyone had us penciled in as a loss to Florida and we won that, so even if we lose this game and win the remainder of our games then we have done more than real experts predicted we would. No matter what Al Golden has accomplished more than his predecessors did and we are a hot team on the recruiting trail, so no matter the outcome we are sitting pretty.

Take FSU even with the 21 point spread. Maybe Coley should go up to the press box with Donofrio.

I don't know why anybody would have thought we would move up anyway. Baylor hasn't done anything not to be pushed up ahead of us and Stanford just beat two top25 teams so I am pretty happy to be at 7. The rankings are meaningless at this point and do more harm than good to a team that is young by putting more pressure mentally on them. What matters is winning games and then the rankings should take care of themselves.

I believe that it would benefit Coley to be in the box because you can see better what the other teams are doing and just relay the calls down to the field.

How could Miami be a 21 point underdog when if so and so loses and so and so hasn't played anybody yet, we are a Top 5 team? A top 5 team a 21 point underdog is unreal. I can't see FSU winning by 3 touchdowns because my homer glasses are spray painted black!

bs.....NEVER has a cane team been more than 2 points either way.......being a 21 point underdog is the 2nd most embarrassing record that golden/dnofrio has laid on us after the worst defense in cane history at #116.....

randy shannon still has a better record at UM that golden...what are you talking about?

golden has had almost 3 full years here so far.....fsu has lost jim coley, mark stoops and ej manuel in the same time and are 21 point favorites?

golden will never lead this team to a national championship let alone a acc championship...you will all see

Know what's funny? Every time I post my information is already filled in. Why is it canefan72 keeps messing up his information? You changing it to something else and then changing it back? looooooooosssseeeerrr!!!!

So help me understand. FSU might be the est team in the nation. If we lose to FSU, that means we stink?

Gallo 72, and Calvin were expecting us to win the BCS?

What about Florida, are they the super-program you told us about all summer or are they nobody?

a freshman QB vs a 4 year senior.....you are on drugs

and if you think olsen or williams are the answer, then you should just renew your crack subscription with your local drug dealer.....winston holds UM down till graduation.....UM goes nowhere

winston will end up if not injured being the best QB in florida college ball in its history.....

no one is going to touch him...ask bobby bowden, thinks ward was a child compared to winston....

why am i the new Gallo of the blog? I never said Dophins are making Super bowl Idiot. Yes I have played HS football in SO FLA, and U does have a good shot at FSU. Why, Well, Fsu has not been tested. If they get in a close game no one knows how they respond.

2. UF was loaded #12 at the time., they lost 8 starters now.

3. FSU has beaten 1 ranked team also? Clemson, wheres their worldbeater schedule?

4. We have blown out 3-4 teams.....

5. FSU ALways Chokes in Big games.

6. If its close, we have a great shot as a Freshman thats never been tested is exactly what we want.

7. Most likely, we will play FSU again in the ACC TITLE Game. .


Doesn't matter how you win. Just win . Everything else will take care of itself. FSU has had it easy up to this point. Some of you guys just don't get it. This is the best case scenario. College game day will be their. 21pt spread.a top 5 ranking. This is why you play the game.Statement game.Us against the world.Miami knocks off FSU relevant once again.

Well, my bad to be the messager of BAD NEWS and what not. But MIGHTY F.S.U. is a solid, double-digit home chalk.

So read it and continue to reamin ANGRY y'all Cane loyalists.

F.S.U. - 21 point home favorite!!

Chit, Goldie's squad even make the trek to Talla-TRASH-que, because the MIGHTY Seminole's intend to get a bushel, or more, of Green nd' Orange SCALPS. hUh

Canesjunkie, baylor beat buffalo, kansas,wofford, should i keep going on? And Stanford has 1 loss.

We did beat a healthy #12 UF with a much deeper roster,. and now GA tech is spewing off wins, and UNC just hammerred Bos College who played Clem and FSU tight.

MEDIA STUCK IT TO UM FOR THE SANCTIONS. They could have slid Miami to #5 and made it a top 5 game........


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