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Vinny Testaverde will be honorary captain Saturday for Canes vs. Wake Forest


Testaverde will be 10th Miami Hurricane inducted into College Football HOF

IRVING, Texas – Miami Hurricanes great and 1986 Heisman Trophy winning QB Vinny Testaverde will be honored during Saturday’s game with a National Football Foundation Hall of Fame On-Campus Salute. Testaverde will also be the honorary captain for the Miami Hurricanes game vs. Wake Forest. Kickoff is set for noon ET on ESPNU.


 The NFF Hall of Fame On-Campus Salute program is a hallowed tradition that began with the inaugural class in 1951, and to this day the salutes remain the first of numerous activities in each inductee’s Hall of Fame experience. During the NFF Hall of Fame On-Campus Salutes, each inductee returns to his alma mater to accept a Hall of Fame plaque that will remain on permanent display at the institution. The events take place on the field during a home game, and many inductees cite the experience as the ultimate capstone to their careers, providing them one more chance to take the field and hear the crowd roar their name.

 One of the greatest quarterbacks in school history, Testaverde was Miami’s first Heisman Trophy winner in 1986, while also winning the Walter Camp Player of the Year Award, Maxwell Award and Davey O’Brien Trophy. He led the Hurricanes to three bowl berths, including the 1987 Fiesta Bowl, which determined the national champion. Testaverde, who was a redshirt on Miami’s 1983 national championship team, went 23-3 as a starter playing for legendary coaches Howard Schnellenberger and Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson.

 Tampa Bay selected Testaverde as the No. 1 overall selection in the 1987 NFL Draft, and his pro career spanned 21 seasons with seven different teams. The 1998 All-Pro and two-time Pro Bowl selection finished his NFL career seventh all-time in passing yards (46,233) and eighth in touchdowns (275).

 The Elmont, N.Y., native currently resides in Florida where he plays an active role with the Children’s Cancer Center of Tampa. Testaverde remains among only four Hurricanes to have their jerseys retired at Miami.

 Testaverde will become seventh Miami Hurricane player and 10th overall to be enshrined into the College Football Hall of Fame – Bennie Blades (2006), Don Bosseler (1990), Andy Gustafson (1985), Jack Harding (1980), Ted Hendricks (1987), Jimmy Johnson (2012), Russell Maryland (2011), Gino Torretta (2009) and Arnold Tucker (2008)


The 2013 College Football Hall of Fame FBS Class will be inducted Dec. 10, 2013, at the 56th NFF Annual Awards Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. They will be honored guests Jan. 2, 2014, at the National Hall of Fame Salute in New Orleans at the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

 The Hurricanes will look for their first 7-0 start since the 2003 season when they host Wake Forest (4-3, 2-2 ACC) on Saturday. Fewer than 5,600 tickets remain for Miami’s Oct. 26 home game vs. Wake Forest, which is also UM Employee Day.  To purchase tickets, fans can order online at www.canestix.com, visit the UM Ticket Office at BankUnited Center (M-F, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.) or call 1-800-GO-CANES.



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Congrats to Vinny.

"Testaverde will become seventh Miami Hurricane player and 10th overall to be enshrined into the College Football Hall of Fame"

I had to read that a couple times before it became clear that the other three are coaches.

I am surprised that Gino Torretta got in four years before Vinnie Testaverde. I guess winning a title DOES make a difference.

Don't let him get near the football unless you want him to throw interceptions to Wake.

Can we get some details on Wake ? They manhandled MD last week ! This feels like another trap game ....

That 86 team would be considered one of, if not the, greatest team in college football history had they won the title that year. But Vinny threw 5 picks and lost. Cannot be considered the greatest unless you win the title.

Testaverde became a pretty competent QB despite having epic INT problems in important games at the U. Hopefully, he can pass along some good advice to SM. I didn't care for the commentators for the UNC game but they did say that the U's inability of take e care of the football keeps them from being an elite team and I agree with that. I would certainly enjoy a game that doesn't come down to the wire against a sub-standard team.

I am sidcane...for you morons I moved to miami in 89....probably before you were born. Went to high school and didnt play football there. You can tell ,as you pointed out before, that I never attended any college . Heck U never even argued when i called U out for not attending games. Sorry to break your hearts but all those other posters are me.... I even have stolen several sreenname and post as many others.
But even all that doesnt make our oline any better as they can't protect Morris and his bum ankle. I told everyone the problem at the beggining of the season and your clueless coaches are just figuring it out...lol. i should have been a coach.

Go Gators! Why isn't Kerwin Bell in the HoF?

I expect to see the opposite occur. Miami survived a horrid performance last week against UNC and should have learned a valuable lesson from that game (let's hope). I also expect the team to have an extra 'umph' in their game after having just had the weight of this NCAA investigation lifted from their shoulders.

The players can talk all they want about not paying attention to or focusing on the 'NCAA black cloud', but a lot of that was just that. Talk and coach speak. Each and every one of them now truly understands that this is over with and behind them. They have ridden themselves of this burden once and for all.

I look for them to respond to both of these things by improved play/results on the field.

One game at a time!

I hope VT gives a nice chat of encouragement to Morris. Vinny knows how to come back from awful performances to achieve bigger things.

Go Canes!

Sorry E, I see you beat me to the punch.


in the beginning of the season, i never thought i would really care if i caught the Wake Forest game on TV...

but with what's been happening lately-- horrible UNC game, #7 ranking, and NCAA freedom.... this has got to be the most interesting game since UF...

I wanna see what our boys are gonna look like. How they play and respond at Wake will be a major indication of what kind of character and passion these boys have...




jlo is a maggot. That UFraud education does not permit you to spell "beginning" correctly.

Why does jlo like to pose as me so often? Obsession?

The Cane players are pretty good although loss of dorsett was big as are injuries to morris and duke.
But the biggest problem Miami has is d'o and his lack of knowledge of defense giving up thousands of yards and keeping the Canes in their own end of the field instead of putting up a brick wall and holding other teams to inside their own 49.

Penalties and injuries are due to being lazy from not being in good cardiovascular condition regardless how much players can weight lift or jump. Cramps are due to not taking in enough potassium pills and water. I am amazed that coaches that want to earn a living in football do not know these elementary things that my great coaches who came from OK and AL and TX taught us in high school.

You posters who jump all over Vinny for the INT. he threw should back off.

Here is a guy who played under two of the greatest Coaches in College football.
Played in the next level after being the #1 Draft Pick.
21 Seasons in the NFL and an All Pro and Pro Bowl QB and the first thing are comments about INT's.

He BROUGHT one of our National Championships to the 'U' and all we can do is remember INT's.

Give me a break..

Respect his body of work. Realize one of those C'ships would not be there if not for Vinny.

This 'Cane earned our respect not the BU****** quotes about INT's.
Congratulations Vin. Well done.
Go 'Canes


One of the cheapest-skate owners in the NFL who refused to spend any money to improve his team...

"Penalties and injuries are due to being lazy from not being in good cardiovascular condition regardless how much players can weight lift or jump."

What a dumbass. You are as dumb as some Gatr Trash posting on here.

I guess that a marathoner would be immune from any sort of concussion. He would be in such good cardiovascular condition that no blow to the head could harm him.

Dumb. Beyond. Words.

sidcane, aka fake jim Gallo and 100 more stupid names you have been on the Gator blog hundreds of times talking about how the U would be back and the gators stink and so forth. Now that the NCAA wilted under the pressure the U put on them and now Miami will win the ACC and play in BCS bowl game if not the NC. You say play a real team but we have not found anyone that can beat us! That's what you get when you play in the ACC, no one good to beat us cause we don't play Clemson and outside them and FSU well, there is no one else. We are so delusional we think we deserve our current ranking cause we haven't found anyone good to play and we run away from potential good teams like we did with LSU in 2014. We found the winning formula again, play no one good and be undefeated. Can you believe how easy that is!
No more talk of Morris for Heisman, or the great wall of coral gables. Instead we now say we have a great defense and Morris sucks but hey we are undefeated. Too bad we get top play Florida State.

Respect his body of work. Realize one of those C'ships would not be there if not for Vinny.

Congratulations Vin. Well done.
Go 'Canes
Posted by: UGoCane | October 23, 2013 at 01:05 PM
I respect his body of work, and yours UGoCane, but I feel you are wrong on this one.

1983 was all Kosar, Vinnie was a benchwarmer even though he got a ring.

1987 was Walsh, Vinnie was gone by then.

In January of 1986, he lost us a title by throwing 3 INTs against Tennessee, along with getting sacked seven times.
In January of 1987, he lost us a title by throwing 5 INTs against Penn State.

He kept us in title contention, but he did not win a title for us. And the fact that he audibled to that last INT in his last possession as a Cane against an exhausted Penn State defense will be a legacy that cannot be undone.

Very cool! It's a Canes thing!!

Cane27 joins the moron club I see.

This team is in the best condition ever. In addition to being bigger, stronger, faster and with lower body fat %, ALL passed the conditioning tests for the first time.

You just aren't smart enough to make things up.

“If it could have benefited him, then fine,” Larry Shapiro (father of Nevin)said by phone, sadness evident in his voice. “But it didn’t have any benefit. It hurt him. I said to him three years ago: ‘Was it worth it?’ And he got pissed off at me.’

“It wasn’t worth it! For what? What’s it led to? He stepped on a lot of toes for what? For [bleeping] nothing! What the [bleep] did it have to do with his criminal case?”

If he hadn’t spoken out about UM, “he would have been here in Miami and here with his attorney every weekend,” instead of Oakdale, La., and now Butner, N.C., Shapiro said.

“But he would have gotten killed” if he had been imprisoned “in Miami,” the father added, knowing UM fans were angry with him snitching.

Larry Shapiro said, Nevin was placed in solitary confinement two years ago in Tallahassee after the NCAA story broke because “they think he’s a squealer and a rat. They put food in a slot like they do with death row inmates.”

His said Shapiro speaking to Sports Illustrated this year about his gambling on UM games “was very detrimental.”
He said prison officials and other inmates “frown on it” and that some think he’s “infamous and a rat. What they do is they goad you to try to get you to do something. If he breathes, they monitor it. Guards say, ‘Where’s Nevin?’ They have him under a microscope. They monitor everything because of the [expletive] of the UM [story]. If you respond, they put you in a room with no windows, a 4 by 6 cell.”

Shapiro, who lives in South Florida, said his son’s e-mail privileges at Butner (where the king of Ponzi schemers, Bernie Madoff, also resides) have been rescinded for 90 days because prison officials thought he was trying to circumvent the prison mailing system, which Shapiro said his son did not do.

He said he suspects his son –- who called for UM to get the death penalty -– was unhappy UM’s punishment wasn’t more severe.

~Barry Jackson

Let me know the next time the maggot-infested Gatr Trash plays an OOC out of the state of Florida.

In fact, the organizations that put up the money for those games have stopped asking that buck-toothed varmint Foley. They understand the tradition of failure and cowardice that is UFraud so they move onto the real SEC teams like Bama, LSU, Georgia and Tennessee.

Miami ran from LSU? UFraud runs from everyone. Other than Miami, which the UFraud conveniently quit, the only real teams that UFraud plays are those that they are contractually obligated to play:

- conference teams;
- FSU; and
- Bowl games.

Other than that, not one top 50 team. NOT ONE.

Best qb of u shoudl go to kelly or kosar, I love my canes and testaverde was good as was toretta , dorsey, erickson and steve walsh. The fact is though kelly and kosar are clearly the best 2 qbs ever to play at miami they where the qbs that built the u brand.

lol please tell me how scUM plays a tough schedule "week in, week out." I mean, is FAU tough? UNC that has lost to everyone except Middle Tenn?

USF? Lose-to-FAU and MacNesse State USF?

Tough? Yaaaahhhhhhhhh. What will Cane Trash do when the selection committee looks at tough opponents and the Cane Trash serve up..........Savannah State?

You have played no good teams this year and have looked un impressive.

You are one loss away from sinking in the rankings. But tell me how you gonna beat FSU and make it to the NC game?

Jim, not one Top 100 team in fact, at least not on purpose. Toledo? Caught them off guard by getting up to 61. They won't be on the gatr schedule again. Notice that Louisiana Lafayette got up to 66th and was dropped when they made the gatrs sweat out a win at home last year. Expect that the return trip to Toledo will be, oh, 100 years from now.


Notice they avoided having Bobby do that at the UM game...bad luck! He was there for some of the most epic losses to UM....

Man those were some GOOD TIMES!!! WIDE RIGHT 1,2, 3, 4!!!!!

I ACTUALLY FEEL BAD FOR BOBBY... we beat his #1 team several times....

First. Mega kudo's to Vincent for his induction into the prestigious College Football Hall of Fame.

Second. Miami, Florida is currently a ... - 23/-22 1/2 point home favorite.

Third. Although this is your CLASSIC college football " trap " game, I don't see Goldie's squad losing this one. Matter of fact, I SEE-r a DOUBLE-DIGIT Hurricane victory.

Finally, y'all ( SoFla. residents. ) Miami Hurricane zealots need to get off your collective arse's and show Goldie's squad some loving support on HIGH NOON Saturday!!

Yes, any sane-minded college football fan has to feel bad for Good Ol' Boy Robert. Because other than F.S.U. and Boomer Sooner, a lot of Top 20 teams were LITERALLY afraid to schedule the University of Miami, Florida Hurricanes during the eighties and nineties.

Chit, I-F the Seminoles NEVER played the Canes " back in the day, " Bobby's F.S.U. program easily would've had THREE more national championships! No if's, but's or maybe's.

Posted by: fake Jim Gallo | October 23, 2013 at 02:11 PM:

I outed the dirtbag Pig. BWWWWAHAHA. Pig is stung. He can't argue facts so he posts something that was never said.

This is great, Pig. You were slammed. Contradict one item in my post above. You can't do it.

UFraud: The stain on the SEC's underwear.

This year, the players have won games even with goldie and dumb'o trying their worst to set them up to lose and even with you moron "fans" who know nothing about football or conditioning or prevention of injuries and you are so stupid you need a siren to go off to remind you that the next play is important and the only thing you know or can spell about a university is a "U.".

The Cane games so far have been so important against such powerhouse football programs, that there might have been all of 100 to 200 people in the stands instead of full Orange Bowl sellouts.

Rah, rah, testawho, Penn State's MVP.

Annnnnndddd after hiding out for a day after he was challenged to meet up and his lies about us getting the death penalty (I believe you said the NCAA would give us the Pata treatment, sicko), and being called out as the coward he is, he is complaining that someone stole one of his troll IDs? Hypocrite.

How do you know he is the FAKE Jim Gallo, sicko? Because you know the real one is your right and left hand?

Let's take a look at the troll's latest batch of lies:
"lol please tell me how scUM plays a tough schedule "week in, week out.""
Starts the message off with foul language, despite DAYS of peaceful activity on these blogs while he was in cowardly hiding. And then makes up a FAKE quote (go ahead and hit CTRL F, search for the word "week" on this page), he is making the "quote" up to attack, just like when he posts as delusionalcane to then rip his own comments.

I mean, is FAU tough?

Apparently, they were tough enough for the gatrs to start their season with just two years ago. Stupid, sick loser hypocrite COWARD.

UNC that has lost to everyone except Middle Tenn?
UNC that is a conference opponent and was a conferrence co-champion the year before?

USF? Lose-to-FAU and MacNesse State USF?
USF that Miami lost two a little bit back?

Tough? Yaaaahhhhhhhhh.
Nice how you skipped your team in that list of easy wins, sicko coward. And you forgot GT, too.

What will Cane Trash do when the selection committee looks at tough opponents and the Cane Trash serve up..........Savannah State?
God what a moron you are. The Selection Committee is NEXT year, we don't play Savannah State next year. And you love to rip the Canes schedule, but are fine when FSU plays the same team just the year before?

But I hear the gatrs have got a few SS level teams on THEIR schedule. Idaho Vandals, Eastern Michigan Eagles , and Eastern Kentucky Colonels? Isn't the REAL Kentucky enough of a freebie for you each year already? I guess you didn't want to go for the East trifecta because East Carolina would trounce you.

But don't worry, the selection committee will have already skipped your team LONG before looking at that patsie schedule. Why consider a five loss team in a four team playoff?

You have played no good teams this year and have looked un impressive.
Wow, from "Florida Looms" and "GT Looms" and "UNC Looms", you are whining in your wet "Fruit of the Loom"s I see. What a coward. We have looked impressive enough for the polls and computers to put us from unranked to 7th, while your team went from ranked to just plain "rank".

"You are one loss away from sinking in the rankings."
Call the Press! Hey guess what, MORON, EVERY team is one loss away from sinking in the rankings. We know you are an expert at that after seeing your team sink in the rankings, to completely OUT OF the rankings, after three humiliating losses.

"But tell me how you gonna beat FSU and make it to the NC game?"
None of YOUR business, sicko. Any information we give you will just be sent from your prison cell to the opponent. I CAN tell you how we beat the gatrs though. Better coaching, better players, better conditioning, and better focus. While your players were attacking police dogs, shooting innocent people, and whipping out the n word, ours were preparing for the season. Looks like one got it right, the other got it right in the mouth.

Posted by: Sicko Jim Gallo whining about fake Jim Gallo | October 23, 2013 at 02:11 PM

Cmon, show your face, sicko COWARD.

Other than that, not one top 50 team. NOT ONE.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | October 23, 2013 at 02:02 PM


Whatever bUbba!!

Oh, I seem to recall that Miami, Florida did play 2 LEGITIMATE Top 10 squads recently.

Does both the Celts and Kansas St. ring a bell, Ding Bat.

And is it Miami's fault that MIGHTY Florida has been SERIOUSLY DECIMATED by injuries. A few injuries which are season ending!

Chit, I-F the Seminoles NEVER played the Canes " back in the day, " Bobby's F.S.U. program easily would've had THREE more national championships! No if's, but's or maybe's.
Posted by: D | October 23, 2013 at 02:27 PM

Perhaps. Or perhaps they would have lost to Miami in their Bowl Game. So would that be an if, a but, or a maybe?

please stop the nonsense about the quality of play against nc, when we needed to make a play with 4 minutes left and 90 yards to go we punched them in the mustache, remember that in the last 2 weeks 15 top 25 teams , some against horrendous competetion could not find a way to gut a win out, go canes

Who is sadder today?
Mark Emmert,
Nevin Shapiro,
Will Muschamp,
Jimbo Fisher,
curse piggy?

I am gonna go with the coward sicko curse piggy, the murder joker, because he HAS no life outside his insane hatred of the Canes, their fans, their players, their coaches, and their history. All of the others have to acept it and move on, but this loser is STILL here with his lies even after the NCAA proved him wrong again.

Very true, andrew.

When the Patriots drove down the field in the end of the fourth to beat the New Orleans Saints, they were call clutch and that it was the sign of a championship team.

When the Canes do the same exact thing, the trolls try to attack it as a failure. An ugly win is still better than a pretty loss.

Bridgewater, pretty in a loss.
Manzell, pretty in a loss.

Morris, ugly in a win. I bet Bridgewater and Manzell would trade places with Morris for those results, and that Morris would not.

I bet the sicko is doing his usual step now, reporting and trying to get Canes fans banned for retailiating against him.

Typical behavior from the five year obsessed troll. The NCAA is gone, the gatrs are gone, the sicko is still trolling here. How sad that "life" of his must be to attack Canes fans daily like that.

So, we are supposed to believe that there is a Cane72 troll, a Cane7 troll, and a Cane27 troll, all with the same illieterate and weak comments? More likely, it is the same troll, forgetting which ID he was supposed to use, and the dyslexia is making him misplace and forget where the '2' goes.

No matter,
21-16, still true.
We skated after self-imposed sanctions, still true.
5 > 3, still true.
29 > 26, still true.
7 > 4, still true.

"moron "fans" who know nothing about football or conditioning or prevention of injuries and you are so stupid you need a siren to go off to remind you that the next play is important and the only thing you know or can spell about a university is a "U."."

Wow, ol Cane7 is one bitter maggot. I guess he knows a lot about football or conditioning or prevention of injuries. That is why he has a high profile job with the NFL as a conditioning coach...errrrr...well, at least he watches the NFL and makes insightful comments.

Most other days, he is just a bitter Gatr Trash maggot who has to watch the burning dumpster fire that is UFraud contained in a toxic waste dump that is Trailerville.

BBWWHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. Put a bucket under Muscrap's mouth to catch all the spittle then use it to put out the dumpster fire that is that crap foooosball team.

"Posted by: fake Jim Gallo | October 23, 2013 at 02:11 PM"

More cut and paste from the bitter Gatr Maggot. At least be original, Gatr Trash. Don't just cut and paste. Any idiot UFraud graduate can do that. You have to rise to the level of just plain stupid. That takes work on the part of a UFraud grad.

BWWWHAHAAHA. Maggots unite. The Georgia Beatdown commences in t minus 10 days.


And i am getting this from HARDCORE Gator friends of mine...


So, Wake Forest has not won in Miami since 1944, while many of our best players were fighting for America.

Wake was at home against a Maryland team that was a shadow of it's former self with half their defense out with injuries.

They used two quick turnovers and a trick play to take a big lead at the half, and then padded the score with a late FG in the fourth.

However, Wake has NOT faced a defense as good as Miami, and they have even lost to LA Monroe. They will be on the road, and the last time they were on the road they got destroyed by Clemson 56-7. We are better than Clemson, as the rankings show, so this game should not worry us unless they injure our players the way UNC did to us and the way they did to Maryland.

Well, since having that failed texas coach up in that fourth place in florida school helps us in recruiting, I would rather they don't fire him. Let's not help them. Karma says they should be stuck with the guy that they claimed was the better catch than Golden.

Remember, we had both changed coaches within a couple days of each other, and the sicko was on here claiming that Muschamp was a real coach while Golden was a cheap hire by Shalala.

Looks like the sicko was wrong again, as he was in everything else in his pathetic life.

Funny comment from that day's page:

This is NOTHING to get excited about. I don't see U returning to prominence. We still won't beat UF or FSU or USF. FIU might give us a good licking.

This is Kirby's choice, if it fails, then U know who to blame.
Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | December 12, 2010 at 08:53 PM
Since then, we have beaten UF, and USF, FSU is all that is left to prove 'Cool Cat wrong.

Miami has outscored it's opponent by an average of 25 points a game .that's what the # 7 team in the country does to a weak schedule

Five Titles,

Man, you found that Cool Cat post in archives!

Congrats to Vinny, well deserved, the was one of the greats here. He could probably help the Vikings out now...lol.

I always thought he was a little estranged from the U after the 86 season.

2 months ago, axe Urself, who be Golden ?
U non know
u [deleted cursing from the sicko] dopes
Posted by: ohhhh U back riiiegrt ? | December 13, 2010 at 02:06 AM
And of course, this was the kind of sick racist foul garbage that the coward troll posted. Notice that he waited until 2AM when his janitor shift at Shands began. He has a lot of hatred for blacks, and likes to post in fake ebonics as well as claiming the FBI is using his expertise to track down the killers of Taylor and Pata. I think maybe his supervisor is black and his clanmates (the ones with a K) are telling him that it is because of affirmative action instead of because he spends his days and nights trolling all the Canes boards that have not banned him yet.

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