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Vinny Testaverde will be honorary captain Saturday for Canes vs. Wake Forest


Testaverde will be 10th Miami Hurricane inducted into College Football HOF

IRVING, Texas – Miami Hurricanes great and 1986 Heisman Trophy winning QB Vinny Testaverde will be honored during Saturday’s game with a National Football Foundation Hall of Fame On-Campus Salute. Testaverde will also be the honorary captain for the Miami Hurricanes game vs. Wake Forest. Kickoff is set for noon ET on ESPNU.


 The NFF Hall of Fame On-Campus Salute program is a hallowed tradition that began with the inaugural class in 1951, and to this day the salutes remain the first of numerous activities in each inductee’s Hall of Fame experience. During the NFF Hall of Fame On-Campus Salutes, each inductee returns to his alma mater to accept a Hall of Fame plaque that will remain on permanent display at the institution. The events take place on the field during a home game, and many inductees cite the experience as the ultimate capstone to their careers, providing them one more chance to take the field and hear the crowd roar their name.

 One of the greatest quarterbacks in school history, Testaverde was Miami’s first Heisman Trophy winner in 1986, while also winning the Walter Camp Player of the Year Award, Maxwell Award and Davey O’Brien Trophy. He led the Hurricanes to three bowl berths, including the 1987 Fiesta Bowl, which determined the national champion. Testaverde, who was a redshirt on Miami’s 1983 national championship team, went 23-3 as a starter playing for legendary coaches Howard Schnellenberger and Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson.

 Tampa Bay selected Testaverde as the No. 1 overall selection in the 1987 NFL Draft, and his pro career spanned 21 seasons with seven different teams. The 1998 All-Pro and two-time Pro Bowl selection finished his NFL career seventh all-time in passing yards (46,233) and eighth in touchdowns (275).

 The Elmont, N.Y., native currently resides in Florida where he plays an active role with the Children’s Cancer Center of Tampa. Testaverde remains among only four Hurricanes to have their jerseys retired at Miami.

 Testaverde will become seventh Miami Hurricane player and 10th overall to be enshrined into the College Football Hall of Fame – Bennie Blades (2006), Don Bosseler (1990), Andy Gustafson (1985), Jack Harding (1980), Ted Hendricks (1987), Jimmy Johnson (2012), Russell Maryland (2011), Gino Torretta (2009) and Arnold Tucker (2008)


The 2013 College Football Hall of Fame FBS Class will be inducted Dec. 10, 2013, at the 56th NFF Annual Awards Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. They will be honored guests Jan. 2, 2014, at the National Hall of Fame Salute in New Orleans at the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

 The Hurricanes will look for their first 7-0 start since the 2003 season when they host Wake Forest (4-3, 2-2 ACC) on Saturday. Fewer than 5,600 tickets remain for Miami’s Oct. 26 home game vs. Wake Forest, which is also UM Employee Day.  To purchase tickets, fans can order online at www.canestix.com, visit the UM Ticket Office at BankUnited Center (M-F, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.) or call 1-800-GO-CANES.



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Canesjunkie, I just went to the Eye on the U article announcing Al Golden's hire, and that was one of the comments that jumped out as stunningly wrong.

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney views his team’ 51-14 loss to Florida State as a fluke.

Swinney told reporters on Tuesday that after watching game film, he believes his team is on equal footing with the No. 2 Seminoles. If No. 9 Clemson faced FSU 10 times, "we'd probably win five, they'd probably win five."

“We didn’t give ourselves a chance,” Swinney said. “Didn’t give our fans a chance. You can’t even really assess it. They have some areas in which they are ahead of us but we are going to catch up. They aren’t that much better than us and we certainly aren’t that bad."

Hey Five we agree to disagree!!!.

You don't get a Heisman for just throwing INT's.
He won how many games for us?

How many QB's from the 'U' played in the Bigs for 21 years?.

Yes he lost that game but he played us into the chance to play in that game. Those guys were so jacked up about winning that they were stunned to lose that one, as we all were.
Sure Vin could take it back if he could but with all the wins he produced, and his prowess in the Pros he should be acknowledged and respected as one of the best QB's out of the U.

Guaranteed that his name associated with the 'U' brought many young kids to become fans of the 'U' and part of the Legacy.
A big part.
Just in my book as important as Kelly, Gino, and Kosar.
Vin is a 'Cane through and through and one of the Best.
Go 'Canes

FSU versus Maryland 63-0
Clemson versus Maryland 56-7

14 points off, and even then it is in the blowout side for both.

FSU versus Clemson 51-14, 37 points being 23 worse than expected, so Swinney MIGHT have had a point, except anyone watching that game could see that FSU WAS that much better. This was not lucky bounces, this was a pattern of domination.

He still has to talk up his team, but they were exposed last Saturday night, clear for all the home fans to see.

I do not believe Oregon or Alabama could have beaten them that badly in Death Valley.


One of the cheapest-skate owners in the NFL who refused to spend any money to improve his team...

Posted by: WestCoastCane | October 23, 2013 at 01:10 PM

That's what happens when you throw 5 picks and lose the national championship game, he deserved every bit of it! We need to peete rose testaverde for sending the Seniors on that team out like that. People keep hollering about the 2001 team being the greatest, yeah right, that 1986 team would've punished that 2001 team mainly because we all saw how dorsey let ohigho fake takes his heart, and that d-line was solid but nothing like the 1986 d-line led by JEROME BROWN. dorsey would've gotten kilt, alot of the other players would've fought back but dorsey would've gotten punked like he did in the fiesta bowl the same way he looked on the last play of the game, got dish ragged.

Had the tight-end mercier wide open in the flats for an easy touchdown, like with dre on occasion, dorsey couldn't get that man the football and threw it in the dirt. How do u not one time even go to dre's side down there anyway.

we're both innocent

UGo, I don't think we disagree, at least not on anything you just said.

I just didn't agree with the one comment that he won us a championship.

But he won us the national attention, the first Heisman level attention, showed we were not a one hit wonder, and he will always have my thanks and respect for his efforts here and afterward, representing NFL U with class.

The gold standard of liar:

"I am resigning as Coach of the UFailure to spend more time with my (cough, ESPN) family."


Urban Liar

Cowardice and failure follows the UFirstdegreemurder everywhere. Get yer trailer-hitches ready. UGA Beatdown in t-minus 10 days.


Vinny was nothing special to get all these accolades, not at the U at least.
-He got the Heisman only because he beat Switzer's Oklahoma and Bosworth was the front runner until then.

-Vinny killed us in the NC game with 5 Ints, and never led us to a National Title.

-He and Kosar were freshmen and Kosar got the starting job and Kyle Vandeweghe was the back up, so that tells you who was better.

I'm not a Vinny hater but if you wanna retire a UM jersey, how about Kosar, Erickson, Dorsey, Sean Taylor, Vilma.
Guys that won us championships not a guy who lost one by himself.

When Florida received a stunning list of 107 major NCAA infractions, Florida President Marshall Criser had no choice but to fire Gator head football coach Charlie Pell, effective immediately. Offensive coordinator Galen Hall, who had just arrived from Oklahoma, was named interim head coach. The cheating by Florida was so widespread and corrupt in a historic first, SEC University Presidents voted to retroactively vacate the Gators' SEC Championship.

On the heels of the prior major cheating scandal, yet, another shocking Gators NCAA cheating scandal ended Hall's tenure at the University of Florida. To lessen potential punishment from the NCAA, Hall was asked to resign by university president Robert A. Bryan.

Marios, just pointing out that him beating Oklahoma to get the Heisman from frontrunner Bosworth is no different from Flutie taking the Heisman from the frontrunner Bernie Kosar two years before based on one lucky throw.

He was still special that year, just like any Heisman winner.

I'm not a Vinny lover, but that Heisman was earned all season long, just like Gino Torretta.

107 infractions? Geez, how is that joke of a school still in existence?

Jack Harding (1980)
Andy Gustafson (1985)
Ted Hendricks (1987)
Don Bosseler (1990)
Bennie Blades (2006)
Arnold Tucker (2008)
Gino Torretta (2009)
Russell Maryland (2011)
Jimmy Johnson (2012)
Vinny Testaverde (2013)

Seven players, three coaches.

Who can name the coaches without searching the internet? I had to search, so this isn't bragging over here.

Jimmy Johnson is an easy one.
Andy Gustafson is a bit tougher.
The third one is the toughest, but if you know your players and coaches, you should be able to get it within three.

I see that the sicko got so bad that some of his comments on Gator Clause got deleted just like some of his sick comments got deleted here.

Jesse has got the troll on a short leash over there, so he attacks over here instead.

Calvina U need to just STFU about Vinny Testaverde. Anybody who comes on here and even attempts to sing the praises (if any) of one Jacory Harris, has no room and I mean no room to talk about how somebody else sent any seniors out. So shut up because U have made it blatantly obvious that U don't know jack squat about what it takes to be a good quarterback.

You can't blame a whole game on one player. How about JJ. It was his team, he called for all the passing when we ran up and down the field. It was a huge motivator for the next year. Beat Wake, lets take care of this year, celebrate the accomplishments for Vinny, no one is perfect. Not even J. Gallo.

Very good sign when we have a former QB as the honorary captain. Remember what happened when Bock Berlin came to the game as honorary captain? Which team did we beat that day? LOL!

Delandcane, the way you wrote Jim Gallo as J Gallo, made me think he might very well BE. A Juggallo.


Fits his personality. Acts tough until confronted.

Brock, btw, autocorrect stinks.

Calvin you lame brain--have someone read the information below and then explain it to you...

College career:

He accepted an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Miami, where he played for the Miami Hurricanes football team from 1983 to 1986.

As a senior in 1986, he was a consensus first-team All-American and won the Heisman Trophy, on his way to becoming the Hurricanes' all-time leader in career touchdown passes with 48.

He played in the 1987 Fiesta Bowl against Penn State for the 1986 national championship, a game in which the Miami Hurricanes were heavily favored, but went on to lose 14–10 after Testaverde threw five interceptions. Of course that one game in no way tells the real Testaverde story.

He played a significant role in the University of Miami's history as one of the top collegiate football programs of the 1980s and 1990s. Along with Jim Kelly and Bernie Kosar, Testaverde is rightly so considered a major part of the University of Miami's quarterback dynasty.

He was inducted into the University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame in 1998. On May 7, 2013, Testaverde was also inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.


Year Comp Att Comp% Passing TD INT
1985 216 352 61.4 3,238 21 15
1986 175 276 63.4 2,557 26 9

gatr Cody Riggs goes headhunting, gets caught, and so NOW Muschamp is up in arms about his player getting ejected.

If we had the old rules, we would have won.
If Missouri stayed in the Big 12, we would have swapped them with Montana Eastern State, and we would have won.
If we had Driskell, we would have won.
If the NCAA had hammered Miami on 9-6, we would have won on 9-7.

Woulda, shoulda, coulda, that is all the sicko has left.

So much for his "truce". Thank you Herald for removing his worst comments, now if only they would remove him completely.

Funny stuff 5-titles. I believe we will challenge for 6th in 2 years, sooner if not for the ncaa. Should be the 7th, but it is what it is. Go canes

Love it Five Titles!!

I will never ever ever forgive VT for losing that penn state game. Miami was overwhelmingly better than psu except for their linebackers, which, along with the turnovers gave psu the shocking win

You can't blame a whole game on one player. How about JJ. It was his team, he called for all the passing when we ran up and down the field. It was a huge motivator for the next year. Beat Wake, lets take care of this year, celebrate the accomplishments for Vinny, no one is perfect. Not even J. Gallo.

Posted by: delandcane | October 23, 2013 at 07:37 PM

I'll say it again for you, testaverde kept changing the plays to pass, he let that heisman trophy go to his head. Ask yourself, do you ever hear any Cnaes from back than say much about selfish vinny. In fact, do you ever hear vinny talking that much about UM. Put the pieces together. vinny played all year, all of a sudden he throws 5 picks and now he's color blind. Whether he got paid off or not, either way, it was selfish.

5 picks in a national championship game, don't blame jimmy, because by nature, jimmy luv to run the ball down a teams throat because he knew that would eventually break the other teams will. jimmy was no dummy, he would have rather given the ball to alonzo who was killing penn disgrace, 1st and goal and somebody changes the play, the fix was in.

The other thing is that there were rumors that VT gambled away that game. Rumors. 5 picks in a ncgame- that last pick he wasnt evenbeingharried or rushed. He basically threw it into the defenders hands

Look at the lying sicko troll in action.

"I never go on any Cane blogs. I have no reason to. I could care less what the canes do."
Liar. You started your racist rants even before there were blogs.


Gatoralum wrote:
"One less cuban"

THAT is who we are dealing with here, folks.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gator_clause/2010/11/is-camnewton-better-than-timtebow-seriously.html#storylink=cpy

Here he is three years ago, bragging about his attacks.

No, good comedy is 9 straight years of mediocrity, and talking trash to a team that is in the middle of 1 bad year. That's some good comedy!! One question Cane fans. WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOU GUYS WERE ACTUALLY PLAYING FOR SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT???
Posted by: GatorAlum | October 23, 2013 at 05:36 PM

Oops, wrong quote. But still, he has been at it for years on every Canes article comments and blog comments section he can access. Look at how he stopped when the herald went to Facebook signin, but is still here daily. His "one less Cuban" comment was for the death of an innocent child, no different from his comments about Pata, Taylor, Blades, and other Canes players killed over the years.

Joe Rose, talking about the NFL, said that even with the desperation for quarterbacks so bad that they were talking to Brett Favre to return, for some reason Tim Tebows phone just won't ring.

I guess an ancient and immobile and brittle Favre is still better than having a no arm FB in there at QB. Just when you thought the jump pass would catch on in the NFL, too.

Yup, never thought of testawho possibly throwing the penn state game with all his interceptions.

But it is possible he got money from the vegas crowd since his throws were so obvious into traffic.

First in ten at the two and testa throws the game away after throwing it away all game long?? WTF??!?!??!?

Tanner Price is another great QB that we will be facing, as a good warmup for Winston.

Mobile, accurate, and fearless, he has 10 TDs to only 3 INTs.

However, his running is what Miami will have to watch for even more.

In their three losses, Price went 21 carries for -21 yards. I will let you do the math on that for the average.

In their four wins though, 52 runs for 184 yards and three touchdowns.

So, I want to see them work hard on forcing him to hand off and pass, but not run on his own. A couple of the hard tackles that we did to rattle Driskell would be good here.

As for where he will throw the ball, just about half his completions and yards and touchdowns go to 5-11 senior Michael Campanaro. If ever there was a situation worthy of changing the zone coverage to man and doubling up someone, this would be it.

Not to jump ahead to FSU, but we won't be able to do that against them with their multiple weapons, but in this case, cover Campanaro, keep Price trapped in the pocket and in the backfield, and good things will happen.

One bad game doesn't mean that Vinny doesn't belong in the hall of fame. He's one of the most iconic players, Heisman trophy winner, and went on to have a good pro career. You could argue he's the best qb ever to play at miami.

Tagged as the ACC game of the week, it is another over .500 team that we get the chance to turn into a .500 team.

I am concerned about their defense though. Similar to Miami, they have simply gotten a year more mature with little turnover, and that has made them a stiffer and more greedy defense. Toss out the 56-7 beatdown to Clemson, and they allowed only 7, 24, 21, 11, 13, and 10 in their other six games, for a paltry 14 points per game.

Miami will have to do better than that to win this game.

I think Miami gets four touchdowns, but gives up three, and we will have to rely on our kicking game, special teams, and turnovers to complete the win. That is where some good news exists. We have the better punter, kicker, punt returners, and kick returners, so we should be able to win the field position battles otside of turnovers.

I like Vinny, but the Penn State game is a huge black mark on his UM career. I've always thought there was something more to it than just a bad game. The interceptions were horrendous. He threw away a national championship. He is a Heisman trophy winner, so I don't have a problem with him being in the UM Hall of Fame. But I think it says something that it has taken him so long to be admitted.

Canesjunkie, I still give that title to Jim Kelly.

Realize that Jim Kelly was ahead of his time, a linebacker body that was able to run an uptempo pro offense, but still had the size and strength to bull past defenders. His injury in his senior year knocked him out of the Heisman race, or he might have been our first Heisman winner.

Give Jim Kelly that 1986 team, we win that game, he wins the Heisman, and the whole hate thrown at Miami for walking out of the Penn State racist steak dinner would have turned into cheers for standing up to their good old boy racism.

Calvin, OF COURSE Dorsey threw it in the dirt, actually at Winslows feet, because he was getting sacked, he didn't have a chance to breath, because OSU had a pass rush from hell. He was 39-2, and although the 86 squad had some studs, the 01 squad had NINE 1st rounders and almost ALL of them turned into studs in the NFL.

As for the Wake game, I want to see how Miami's pass rush/defense responds. Wake has a decent passing attack and if Miami plays as poorly as it did last week they will rack up yards. I expect Miami to play more conservative on offense and cut down on turnovers. Wake's rush defense is actually pretty decent but I still think Miami should run all over them. My prediction is Canes 41 - Wake 20. Duke goes for 150 yards rushing and Crawford has over 100.

Speaking of George Mira, Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar, OJ Anderson, etc., why are they not yet in the NFF Hall of Fame?

Of course, with all the talent the Canes have put out there in the past few years, the NFF might as well set up a branch office here in Miami. They can use the office space that the rotten NCAA squatted in for the past three years.

A real shame that this award is only for living members of the team.

" The NFF Hall of Fame On-Campus Salute program is a hallowed tradition that began with the inaugural class in 1951, and to this day the salutes remain the first of numerous activities in each inductee’s Hall of Fame experience. During the NFF Hall of Fame On-Campus Salutes, each inductee returns to his alma mater to accept a Hall of Fame plaque that will remain on permanent display at the institution. The events take place on the field during a home game, and many inductees cite the experience as the ultimate capstone to their careers, providing them one more chance to take the field and hear the crowd roar their name."

Plenty of Canes players taken from us too soon are also denied this opportunity, like Sean Taylor, Jerome Brown, and Al Blades. But just from the list of Canes Hall of Fame quality players, each home game should be marked with another On Campus Salute for years and years to come.

I hope you are right Sunny Dee!

Another thing I like about Crawford is that he has very good catching hands for a RB. If Morris can get the short passing game going effectively, both Johnson and Crawford have shown they can gain big yards in the open space the short game gives them.

Also, Crawford is terrific in the red zone. It is clear that Crawford should be the primary back in red zone situations. He has a nose for the endzone and is surprisingly powerful.

Five at the new Schwartz Center is a trophy case.

There sits 2 Heisman Trophies.

One for Vin in '86.

Total hypothectical with your post on Kelly.
Apply the same thought to Kelly playing in the Super Bowl. How many has he won?. Big Games take on a character and immediacy of their own, so it is impossible to say how any QB would act.
Vin lost us the game, but I say again he brought us there.

Canesjunkie is right. One game does not negate total performance.

Name any of our other QB's who played longer in the NFL?.
That says something on resiliency, talent, and attitude to play with the Big Guys, after coming from the 'U'.
21 years bro.

Calvina is miffed and clownish because JPinckney could not wear his bow tie and Pink suit to the Heisman. He will oppose everyone because this image is embedded in his psyche.
Give it up cAlvina, stop being clownish.
Your vendetta against Dorsey continues.
Congratulations Vin.
Go 'Canes

Tanner Price is another great QB that we will be facing, as a good warmup for Winston.

Mobile, accurate, and fearless, he has 10 TDs to only 3 INTs.

However, his running is what Miami will have to watch for even more.

In their four wins though, 52 runs for 184 yards and three touchdowns.
Posted by: Five Titles
Whew, boy howdy, Miama is in deep doo doo, then with d'os moron three down Miami defensive linemen about to be blocked all day by 5 offensive linemen plus one blocking back, especially with Cane LBs five yards off the los giving up five yards on every run play.

And the worst part is d'os moron Zone, NO pass coverage, prevent the win NO defense which allows Wake and fsu receivers to find an open acre of d'o pasture land and wait for the ball to be thrown right to them.

But not to worry, d'o is already making up his excuses like Cane players are freelancing (trying to modify D'O's crap NO defensive set into something resembling a real defense.)

UGo, I agree it was hypothetical. It was like when I watched Armageddon 1962 on the Military Channel, full of assumptions on how the Cuban Missile Crisis would have gone in the Lyndon Johnson presidency.

Agree to disagree. Kelly lost his Super Bowls, but in the same way, at least he brought them there four times.

Remember, I don't hate on Vinnie, and I was very happy when Bernie was with him in Cleveland, even if in the

process he lost his job to Vinnie.

You tell em Jim!

Crawford should def be the inside the 5 yard line back. Finds a small crack and goes for it. Our other guys try to run it in----dive for the little crack. Straight up makes you an easy target.

Agreed, GKC, plus, after Duke had those fumble issues inside the five, reaching for the end zone, let Crawford plow through to the end zone instead.

Hasn't cost us a win against a scrub team like UF, where Duke was able to walk into the end zone untouched, but it might make a difference against a team like FSU, Oregon, or Alabama that have a better defense than that.

Jim Gallo Cane >>>>> Juggalo gatr.

It's True.

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