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Wednesday's practice report: Free Tucker, losing Clements hurts Canes special teams

With senior running back Eduardo Clements still in a red non-contact jersey Wednesday and likely out this week against Georgia Tech with a strained hamstring, the Hurricanes will turn to freshman Walter Tucker not just to handle any potential handoffs, but mostly Clements' special teams work.

"He's pivotal to us on special teams, wants to do it. He's the guy who comes off and says 'Coach they doubled me.' He's a good communicator like that," Golden said of Clements, who had two special teams tackle this season before getting injured early against USF. "Tuck has stepped into every role right now. [Will he be that same communicator?] No. But he'll read off the card and be out there."

Backup running back Dallas Crawford leads UM with 3.5 special teams tackles. Golden said Crawford and linebacker Nantambu Fentress are the team's top two communicators on special teams.

"We need those guys on the field," Golden said. "Tuck is working hard, ready to go. Coaches keep telling me Free Tucker. He is now."

> Center Shane McDermott was "full-go" for the second day in a row, Golden said.

> Golden said quarterback Stephen Morris "looked better today" and he remains hopeful his deeply bruised right ankle be 95 to 100 percent by Saturday's kickoff.



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Hey....Golden is 17-11 at this point in his tenure...what a blessing he has been.

If it was not for one long td pass against us during the Virginia game last year we would be on an 8 game win streak.

GOLDEN....NOW AT 17-11 FOLKS....

8 game win streak sounds good.....

This GT game is going to be interesting.

If the 'U' get's hot and puts up points quickly, then the time GT takes to play and try to score, enables our D to take a good look and see on how strong they are, and whether they flex or bend.

If we score again with no answer from GT then it is a matter of controlling them at the line of scrimmage, use our Special Teams, cut our O loose, and they are not very good on playing catchup.
In the VT game they fell apart in the last 3-4 minutes trying to speed up play, so the Canes win..

The 'Canes should play up tempo, and give their D a taste of our 'Cane O in the heat, and this would definitely wear their defense down.

I know that Morris and the O can do this.

Suddenly the great GT attack would not have any teeth and we could come away with a good win.

Randy is Mad, Steven is upset, and our D has guys that WANT to prove themselves. This is the game.
We will do it 48-17.
The 'U'

All we have to do is make them one dimensional having to throw the football...meaning...we need to score a few quick ones. Both of their safeties are out so....not sure they will be able to handle

The 4 HOURSMAN - Dorsett, Coley, Hurns, Waters

Anyone seen Canetrash??

Actually miss his slobbering blabbling mouth....slurp, slurp,slurp.....

Pathetic loser!!!!

GT's attack hasn't been "great" for the past few years. Fact is, it hasn't even been respectable. UM should have no problem shutting them down once again and putting up a bunch of points as well.
Face it, UM will be favored in every single game leading up to the FSU game in Nov.
A cakewalk in Oct leading up to Nov 2nd. By that time FSU will have faced surprisingly decent Maryland and #3 Clemson. Depending on what happens in those games UM may even be favored going into Tally.
By getting bye UF and getting FSU right after a dogfight with the Tigers, UM may well enter the ACC ship undefeated.
There is no excuse to drop any regular season ACC game, except FSU on the road. Even that one is winnable.
No room for any inferior team to sneak up and bite you as in years past, no excuse at all. This is one of those rare times when a fan can say this with certainty.
It's all in front of you canefan. Can the team and the coaches handle it? We will see.

Where is 'trash?

I miss his dogrell junk that he puts out.

Come on 'trash you are out of the doghouse.

I am with you.
"No excuses..you had a full..."

Nah, don't let him out of the doghouse. We have enough issues with the newbs attacking us on our own site, why let that sicko troll come back for more of his hatespeech? He was wrong, wrong, wrong, and does not need to come back.

I agree with mostly everything about this team. Right now GT is the biggest hurdle, UNC is still going to be tough on a Thurs, in Chapel Hill. Miami should be 7-0 when they head to Tally. The only question is, can this team handle the increased spotlight? Because every time we win, the more ESPN and other news media will begin to talk about us. Handling the increased exposure is the only question. We are talented enough to reach Nov. 2nd 7-0, but are we mature enough. This is where the NCAA investigation might be helping us. Ok, here is my reasoning for that statement. This NCAA thing has been pressure for 2 years, correct? Well, our team has been performing during this pressure. My hope is that the NCAA investigation has galvanized this team to withstand the media circus that comes with being 6-0 or 7-0. I mean if we can preform with the NCAA stuff on our backs and the vultures talking smack, then 7-0 should be easier, in my opinion.

Don't have an issue with what Fact Check posted and it seems he is not a Cane. Doesn't matter, it is true our schedule is very favorable. So what, everyone knows these things are made in advance and there is no way of knowing for sure which team is going to be good or not.
Sunny Dee said the same regarding USF and I say the same in regards to UNC. UNC used to be a strong team that gave us fits in the past, this year it seems they are very bad. Good for us.
Five, who are the newbs you refer to?
UGo and No excuses, cut the crap out and stop calling for the trolls to come back. Are you effing kidding me? You really want this blog to deteriorate like before? Come on man!

GT will not be an easy game. Then U got to get ready for FSU. They want to show the world something. The FSU QB thinks he can win the Heisman if that team goes undefeated.

I think we've lost to mist teams on the scheduke at ine point or another, so there's nothing easy ahead of us. We are going to have to earn every win.

Bethune, Bethune, Savanah.

Work for it gimme, work for it gimme, easy gimme.

The real story is he's got a chance to go .500 for his career with this win, something he's never been at for life.

Cool Cat,

All of these games are the same, we shouldn't approach fsu with additional intensity.

Look at how Alabama plays. No gimmicks, no tricks: they take every game seriously, and they are focused and don't miss assignments.

That's coaching. You do what you're told, when you're told to do it. You learn what you're told to learn and bring it to the game, every game.

That's how you win. Alabama wins almost every game they play. Saban don't put up with no shenanigans. Play the Alabama way and win, or have a seat.

The 'Canes can beat the Ramblin' Wreck. If they do what the coaches teach them to do, don't "free lance," follow assignments, and stay focused on the game, stay focused on the task at hand (come down with the ball), and doing what they're supposed to do, they'll beat beat GA Tech by 20 points and make a statement.

North Carlina was about three touchdowns ahead of GA Tech, and Tech came back and won, and GA Tech didn't give up against VA Tech, and VA Tech's D is very stout. So GA Tech can play.

But the 'Canes have a much better offense than either UNC or VA Tech; nothing like GA Tech has seen this year so far. Also, the 'Canes' D is quite stout, too.

If the 'Canes stay focused like they did against the 'Gators, they'll walk all over GA Tech.

17-11 is six games over .500 at UM.
namechanging sicko troll, you gotta update your lies.

For whatever reason (usually a well conceived defensive game plan) UM has solved the triple option shenanigans from that cretin, Paul Johnson. Most likely, the decline in GT's performance comes from the fact that the average incoming GT student athlete is smart enough to now see that the style of offense run by Johnson pretty guarantees the QB and wideouts will suffer anonymity for 3 years. Exception was Calvin Johnson. Even then, his stats were not among the leaders, but his ability and talent were clear, even when obfuscated by the lousy offensive strategy.
He killed the Canes one year, not so much another.

As I've stated here several times, I worry about our defensive line getting cut blocked, injured, and the officials looking the other way. John is a bully regarding the officials, and Al needs to defend his players. Thankfully, unlike our former HC that preceded Al, Golden has his player's backs.

Canes by a modest 10 points. A couple of our turnovers cost us a bigger win.

Sorry, I meant Johnson, GT HC.

FYI: Heisman Watch:

1) Former RS standout NW recruit T. Bridgewater

2) Johnny M. Texas A/M

3) FSU QB: (If FSU goes undefeated it means the QB is playing lights out) That's good enough to win.

I Am A: What is this "had players backs?"

The first thing RS told the D was stay with your man; Assignment football. Did UM win or lose those games? In my book, RS was there and produced like a HC should. From the DC standpoint, RS had GT's number.

The Jackets have had 3 extra days to prepare for the CANES. It won't do them much good. They are no match for the CANES this year because the team they'll be facing on Saturday afternoon is about to play their best game yet. CANES-35; Jackets-9.

Whta happened to Gallo?

Most likely, the decline in GT's performance comes from the fact that the average incoming GT student athlete is smart enough to now see that the style of offense run by Johnson pretty guarantees the QB and wideouts will suffer anonymity for 3 years.

Posted by: IMAWriter | October 02, 2013 at 05:26 PM

The WRs suffer more anonynimity, because frankly, the QBs aren't very good passers. I say about 2 of the TDs that we gave up to em' last year, were just plain blown coverages...something I rarely see at all this season.

wrong cool cat- wrong again. As usual. Wrong wrong wrong. Wishful thinking for your little brother from Miami NW (aka the school of the busts)/

1- MAriotta
2- MAnziel
Tahj Boyd

4- Teddy aka we dont play anyone worth mentioning up in here in the AAC Bridgewater

Subtract three games from 17 and add them to 11.

So easy even a name changing troll from sarasota can do it.

Three games over .500, but you just proved you're an idiot even more than normal by posting douche bag.

umm cool cat, if he had GT's number as a DC, then why couldn't he beat an offense coached by OC Patrick Nix then? Let's see their offense was led by 5ft 10 inch QB Reggie Ball, who either handed it off to Tashard Choice or throw it up in the air to Calvin Johnson. Johnson may be the NFL's best receiver right now but it doesn't take a genius to stop that anemic offense. Get out of the rec. leagues and then you may have a point that is legitimate one day.

Cool Cat has lost his mind if he thinks Bridgewater is ahead of Manziel, Mariotta, McCarron or Winston for that matter. I got a question for him, who has Bridgewater played? Answer; nobody this year.

People who post stupid stuff just to get a response are just .....um. .. stupid ... Go back on fb and post a pic of a car ( u will never own ) and write "one day soon " and just sit and Waite for people to hit on it lmao u bought that bro? Not yet kid but soon , nice whip dude hahaha pathetic... for the last time Randy is a lb coach at Arkansas for a reason stop crying learn from your mistakes and move on already .....

Uh ...3 games over .500.... muschump is 1 game over .500 on the year(2013) unless U count the Louisville slugging then he is a half game over .500 on the year....see how U sound?lol.

The first thing RS told the D was stay with your man; Assignment football. Did UM win or lose those games? In my book, RS was there and produced like a HC should. From the DC standpoint, RS had GT's number.

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | October 02, 2013 at 05:52 PM


476 in 2008. Not one of RS better moments.

Hey Miramar I am with you.

Just wanted to see how 'trash would phrase:

Go 'Canes

Go post the gator coach's record on the gator blog, be sure to take your shoes off to be able to count above 10 before you do so though so you get it right.

Welcome to this month, don't forget to re-up your steroids to make up for the lack of testosterone in your withered sack.

Yo Cane trash
Yo chUmps I'm still here for U

Yo miramarmaggot what up
U know U miss me fool
Yo NoMoTitles what "hate speak" U talking about dUmmy?
I am an unbiased outside voice bringing sanity into Ur delUsions and pointing out the truth U choose to ignore
Yo UGoNowhere U wanna me to say I was wrong? Eating crow U say?
Yo chUmps I said right after The Game that U were the better team that day, what more U want
Why U keep calling me back fools

Yo sunnydoUche said that Driskel reminds him of Jacory.
maybe in the sense of throwing so many picks that is true
at least Driskel had a winning season, won a bowl game, and beat a few top 20 ranked opponents
but U dUmmies r not into much detail or facts

Yo miramarmaggot says that U will go undefeated in the ACC
as if that was so hard to do
UNC seemed like a tough road game, in reality they sUck badly
so now GaTech is the "roadblock"
wow! a bunch of bumbling bees with a losing record and one dimensional offense is such a hard game
talk to me after Nov 2nd
U aint playing no one before then
Golden Retriever all of a sudden looks like a genius
only in Ur pea sized brains
can he go through the whole year without tripping up on a doormat?
never done that before
we will see
Yo chUmps no hate here
not much name calling either

U still a bunch of delUsional LOOSERS

Yo cane trash...if going undefeated in the ACC is so easy why did the gators lose to us and our newest member(Louisville) in the same calender year?

And they still have a beatdown coming from yet another ACC team in FSU.lol.ACC aint so easy for the gatorslmao

Heck , even Georgia cant go undefeated in the ACC....or lsu for that matter....see how dumb you sound jlo....i mean canetrash?

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