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BREAKING NEWS: WQAM reports 3 lost scholarships per year for 3 years, no bowl bans (updated)

The results are in and it looks good for the Hurricanes.

WQAM show host Joe Rose announced earlier today on his morning show the Hurricanes will only be losing nine scholarships total (three over three years) and there will be no further post-season bans.

If true, that's obviously a huge victory for UM and a happy ending to the three-year ordeal. Well, maybe a happy ending for everyone but Nevin Shapiro.

WQAM is the Miami Hurricanes' flagship station. 

Our Michelle Kaufman reported former UM basketball coach Frank Haith (now at Missouri) will receive a five-game suspension. Former football assistant coaches Clint Hurtt (Louisville), Aubrey Hill (Carol City High) and basketball coach Jorge Fernandez have been hit with a 2-year show cause penalty, which means they will not be able to coach at the college level for two years.

Miami's basketball program, meanwhile, will lose 2-3 scholarships total.

The NCAA will make its sanctions public to the media at 10 a.m and then the head of the Committee on Infractions will speak with reporters at 11 a.m.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the day.


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I hope this is true. Canes can finally focus only on football and continuing to build towards being nationally relevant again. Go Canes!

Wow, that's awesome.

How many years of jail does shapiro have left? Enjoy that, son.

Since we have already self-imposed more than three scholarships, we actually GAIN a couple for next year's recruiting class. Ermon Lane, last chance to dump that loser team and come back to a winner!

If this is true bring on FSU!!!!!!!!!

If true that just made my morning!!!!


I had predicted "we" would be slammed by the NCAA's sanctions. Of course, like the Dipshyt maestro I am, I was wrong. Wrong on the defense, wrong on the season, wrong on the UFraud game.

Jim "wrong Douchebag" Gallo is my name. More lists to come.

The season is the canes to loose! Come on miami! Pop FSU in the mouth and win the damn ACC championship for Christ sake!

Slap on the wrist.

Question: do you guys think because of the paterno scandal Miami got off lighter than it would have? Considering the fact Penn State didn't get the "death penalty"?

I mean I certainly think the Penn state thing was worse.

What a joke. Rape and Abortion and this is the penalty. Go NCAA


Don't be mad.

I think Miami should not have beaten Florida. Florida was in the red zone 4 times and didn't score. Miami got lucky.

now it's time to play some football

If this is true great I still think they still should drop the hammer on all coaches involved.

GoCanes! the length of this hole ordeal wad a punishment in itself. f the canes you butt hurt hater! get over yourself. the U on its way back to dominance baby. Live with it or close your eyes haters.

Poor F likes it the way they do it in Penn State, where nobody gets pregnant.

F, just like his report card....

Also part of the sanctions is that UM has to keep D'Onofrio as their DC for the next 3 years...

Ross, why is it that you can bring up the Florida game, but if a Canes fan does it, we are told to stop living in the past?

Double standard for the haters I guess.

Hopefully someone leaves Nevin bleeding out in the laundry room today.

UF has lost games since then worse teams. Soooo, what's your point???

Full Speed Ahead!

Still wondering why there was never show cause penalty discussed about Larry Coker since he was in charge with most of this crap was going down! More than sure he blabbed like a baby to the NCAA to keep his gig at UTSA.

we already sat out 3 post season games. How bout throwin that in the letter as time served/ FSU WILL CHOKE AS THEY ALWAYS DO////////////CANES 12-0 PRESS ON

Cane4Life... be careful with what you ask for....

Hey Shapiro, Miami is good now we are going to move forward and build our team back to where it should be. You know if you get out you can't show your face anywhere in MIAMI!!! Orange jail outfit looks good on you, so keep it tight and don't drop the soap you dirt bag!!!! GO CANES!!!!!

great news if it is true......all the sanction excuses will have evaporated for golden/dnofrio.......

time to be accountable......like golden said yesterday, not 1 player wanted to leave because of sanctions.....

fsu is waiting for you both....

How does Randy Shannon come out clean? This happened under his watch!

Canes will be back in trouble soon should change name to sanction university

"FSU", the UF fan before 9-7 beatdown, now is studying the FSU wikipedia page so he can claim to be a lifelong noles fan, as predicted.

So, where is that "death penalty", "raging dumpster fire", "you have not reached the bottom yet", "I work for the FBI and we know it was drugs", "ncaa looms", namechanging troll that has been waiting three years for this day, you know, the one that bought the only copy of Shapiro's book?

Yep, he is now an fsu fan. How sad for the sicko.

You gaturds can stop hating on the U baby. We're on our way back to the glory days when we dominated the state of Fla. We have a golden rule at Miami and that is never stay down!!! GO CANES!!!!!!

The violations are far worse than those at Ohio State, yet the penalties are lighter and Tressel was given a much longer show cause period. Hypocrisy and inequity in the NCAA? You must be joking.

Don't hate the player, hate the game!

Let's move on if this is correct and carry that stick the rest of the season.

Handled with Class by these players who had nothing to do with it but ends up paying a price.

That chip on the shoulder is getting larger as the season continues.

Thanks to CG, the AD and staff at the 'U'.
Makes me proud to be a grad of a school who has taken the NCAA's hits and comes out fighting to show the rest of the world .
We are the 'U'..
Go 'Canes

F, the real joke resides in Gainesville.


poor saint Nick, changing his name again, not noticing that in the process he took the name of Nick Saban, the guy that began the destruction and exposure of UF, and left Timmy crying on the sideline begging for a binkie.

Miami rolls a weak Wake team and readies for FSU. Wake is full of holes and will not make a stand against UM's speed.

The penalties aren't lighter than OSU. Miami already self-imposed two bowl bans and an ACC championship game. OSU had a one year bowl ban because they chose to play in a bowl the year before. Miami missed three post seasons games and OSU missed one. Stop crying.

Patrick Williams, the self-imposed penalties were already worse than all that OSU took, and Tressel LIED to the NCAA.

More suspensions,
More fines,
More bowl bans,

You have no leg to stand on with your current lie.

This is awesome news!!!! They were afraid of the public backlash and possible lawsuit after the appeals. Plus if they came down heavy, NO UNIVERSITY would ever go out of their way to cooperate like UM did in this investigation.

This might be a horrible comparison but this news is almost as good as the Doctors telling my wife and I last night that daughter is getting discharged this afternoon (we had a baby who had a few minor issues that kept us in a few days longer than average). She's fine so I was never worried too much about her long term health but I was worried when I got the Sun Sentinel text about the Sanctions being announced.

A child is aborted, but the U continues to have a program. And their fans call other schools losers. What a sad day in CFB & America.

Congratulations Jim,

Now make sure to get some rest. A sick child can be draining on the parents, too. Take all the support your friends offer, now is not a time to be too proud and tough.

But great news for you, your family, and the Canes family.

Welcome back, Sunny Dee, you were missed!

FSU Always chokes when they r higher ranked 88, 91, then beatdowns from 00 thru 03/04 .........Haha

Freshman Winston riding high now but in for a rude awakening. We can smell #6

FSU only won their NC's when we were on probation in the 90s with our Miami players. tally ho

glory days....lol

defense gives up 500 yards against a 1-5 last place team in the worst division in the whole NCAA.....

senior QB throw 4 INT's.....

fsu is an old time cane team.....this team is a temple knock-off.....

fumbles - miscues - INT's and lack of down field vertical play as promised is a team on borrowed time......

this team is not peaking....its in limbo and is disguised by winning against teams that st Thomas Aquinas could beat.....

Ahhh, Wes. The sad day is any day the Gatr Trash is playing.

There was never any corroborating evidence that a child was aborted. Not even the stripper came forward. If we are going to accept as true any allegation, then let's start with Willy "the Bagman" Muscrap, Cam Newton, and everything that went on for 5 years under Urban Meyer.

You can be a stupid liar, but at least be a consistent stupid liar.

"Wes", no child was aborted, and you know it.

Just because Shapiro tried to add a bit of tabloid level hate to his tons of lies doesn't mean anyone lost their life for his crimes.

ha haha nevi...U can watch us beat FSU.. OOH never mind they dont show miami games were u at... hope u die in prison

Remember that Gallo is just trolling folks, he is not a Canes fan, and never was. Just ignore his rants, and see how they get worse and worse. Hilarious.

Time for another ID change, shallow.

Gallo is mad....wow

wake forest, lol.....give me a break

vs clemson 56-7 and green peas say UM is better than clemson....UM fears WF and were back...that is funny

The saddest day for CFB and America is that UFraud is still in business.

Shut that dump skewwwl down and take Congresswoman and proud alum Corinne Brown with it.

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