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BREAKING NEWS: WQAM reports 3 lost scholarships per year for 3 years, no bowl bans (updated)

The results are in and it looks good for the Hurricanes.

WQAM show host Joe Rose announced earlier today on his morning show the Hurricanes will only be losing nine scholarships total (three over three years) and there will be no further post-season bans.

If true, that's obviously a huge victory for UM and a happy ending to the three-year ordeal. Well, maybe a happy ending for everyone but Nevin Shapiro.

WQAM is the Miami Hurricanes' flagship station. 

Our Michelle Kaufman reported former UM basketball coach Frank Haith (now at Missouri) will receive a five-game suspension. Former football assistant coaches Clint Hurtt (Louisville), Aubrey Hill (Carol City High) and basketball coach Jorge Fernandez have been hit with a 2-year show cause penalty, which means they will not be able to coach at the college level for two years.

Miami's basketball program, meanwhile, will lose 2-3 scholarships total.

The NCAA will make its sanctions public to the media at 10 a.m and then the head of the Committee on Infractions will speak with reporters at 11 a.m.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the day.


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They call me a navy squeal. Can you guess why?

lol, green pea.

Posted by: saint Nick | October 22, 2013 at 09:32 AM

You mad bro?

jimmy johnson....." I cant wait till wake forest comes to town, I cant wait till savannah state comes to town"

my sides are killing me...thats the best

just remember this.....from a freshman right before 80K prime time in death vally...

"we aint leaving without a victory, we aint leaving without a victory (smiling)....so yo my brothers, put a smile on your face, put a smile on your face....cuz we are florida state, if we gonna do it again, we gonna do it again...lets go baby....WERE FLORIDA STATE"

anyone that thinks winston will fail at doak is insane...lol

UM gets crushed and golden/dnodrio fraud will finally be exposed....time to go back to NJ boys

Ah YEAH baby! Time to play football!

All you losers, now is your chance to vent your ignorance and hatred. Do it now before you disappear into oblivion, where you belong. Sad day for you.

Hope Shapiro get Pregnant in his "celebration" party, otherwise great day for Thu U football program. Vindication for all the hard work Golden and crew have done since they took over. Still a lot to do, not there yet but with a 12-0, 11-1 or even 10-2 season Coach Golden should be a great contender for the coach of the year. And please "Canes Haters" all of u can go and kiss Shapiros ass in jail and maybe help him as he wanted. Either way I don't give a rat bout ur stupid comments, don't criticized the U because we r back look at ur teams and fix them. What Coach D' done with the defense is amazing considering we were almost last in every category last year, with a bunch of young kid without discipline. Will continue to progress as schedule and now the new recruits can be sure the U will be a BCS contender for the years to come AMEN...




Green pea, I am a dypshyt. Lol. Lol. Lol.

Those schmucks had to give us something to satisfy the putzes..Oh well, it could of been worse.

Bring out the TARPS for this weeks game!

Canes are going to lose to FSU and VT anyway.

Good thing UFraud can't lose this week.

The biggest joke in college football goes on in Trailerville, FL, white trash and meth capital of the country.


Gallo is Nevin Shapiro. Enjoy prison, fool.

Randy Shannon came out clean because he was the one raising the Red Flag throughout this messy ordeal; way before it became public. It's a done deal, leave RS out of this conversation; he is a true Cane - get over it.

If true, it is pretty good news for the Cane players and fans and students.
Also part of the sanctions is that UM has to keep D'Onofrio as their DC for the next 3 years...
Posted by: NCAA
LOL. Yup, that is a huge penalty.
Can't anyone tell chump d'o to put in a four down defensive linemen, man to man plus blitzers for the Wake game so the defense can practice a real defensive formation instead of d'o telling his DBs to play ZONE, prevent the win, NO defense and guard the pastureland between the LOS and the Cane endzone?????

Don't like the tarps? Would you prefer to use them to cover the holes in your trailer's roof? You could go up to Gainesville, where 49 of every 50 fans is another white redneck! Maybe that will suit you better, 76,000 rednecks all together on those aluminum bleachers. Good luck getting you teeth (or what's left of them) kicked in again on Nov 2. And why do they call that game a "cocktail party" anyway? Everyone knows it's a boat-load of Natty Light beer, and some moonshine; not what I would call cocktails.

Most of the ESPN talking heads are in a deep depression as they had hoped for even further significant sanctions, if not the death penalty.

It is great to have this behind us and with the best coach in all of college football, Al Golden, start building for the future.

Didnt' know a moonshine and meth mix was considered a cocktail.

Maybe because you drink it out of an old oil can? Never know with these toothless inbreds.

Randy Shannon should get a handshake from Canes fans this day. Even the haters HAVE to accept that he was the one that told Shapiro to get lost, kept this program so clean that when the NCAA came to town, they had to accept that Nevin's accusations were nothing but lies and exaggerations.

Don't care which side of the Randy divide you are, he was a good man, and saved us from far worse sanctions.

Nothing from the NCAA will really matter as long as goldie still keeps know nothing, NO defense d'o as DC.

Miami will beat the savannah states, fau, and unranked teams. Miami fans will do high fives, chest bumps, hold up we're number one, and other forms of whistling past the graveyard.

And then, when goldie and d'o face real competition like FSU, VT, etc, they will fold up like a cheap suit and blame the players whom they forced to guard acres of empty pastureland in d'o's zone, prevent the win No rush, NO blitz, NO linemen, NO LBs, NO stop the runs inside or outside lack of defense.

Day before yesterday after reading the NCAA was recently making ominous inquiries such as TV bans, I believed the NCAA was going to do something as brutal as possible.

Donna Shalala was brilliant as was her team in the way they managed this incredibly challenging period.

Of course Al Golden being able to not only somehow hold the program together, but vastly improve it during this brutal period is nothing short of miraculous.

death penalty..ha ha ha ....bowl ban ...ha ha ha ....tv ban ..lol. thank you NCAA .we are comin out of this investigation stronger than we were when it started 3 yrs ago ...C..A..N..E...S Canes!!

We finally have closure and can move on to football, recruiting and developing the players we have.
Go CANES!!!!!!

Randy Shannon should get a handshake from Canes fans this day. Even the haters HAVE to accept that he was the one that told Shapiro to get lost, kept this program so clean that when the NCAA came to town, they had to accept that Nevin's accusations were nothing but lies and exaggerations.

Don't care which side of the Randy divide you are, he was a good man, and saved us from far worse sanctions

Posted by: Five TItles | October 22, 2013 at 10:17 AM

I have to disagree with your assessment. Yes Randy Shannon told the players and coaches to steer clear of Shapiro but how much of that was to cover his own arse? He threatened to fire any coach who associated with Shapiro yet he never did fire or discipline any coach. Are we to believe that RS was that naive that he thought they all stopped having any contact with Shapiro after his threat? I don't think Shannon was that clueless to what was going on around him. He has too many connections in the Miami area not have any information get back to him.

Also, you said that he kept the program squeaky clean... yes he only had 1 arrest during his tenure and graduation rates went up but if you think the program was squeaky clean and the NCAA believed that Shapiro's accusations were all lies and exaggerations than you're only fooling yourself.

Meant to say "so clean" not squeaky clean.. my bad

Congratulations Jim,

Now make sure to get some rest. A sick child can be draining on the parents, too. Take all the support your friends offer, now is not a time to be too proud and tough.

But great news for you, your family, and the Canes family.

Posted by: Five TItles | October 22, 2013 at 09:41 AM

Five Titles,

Thanks for the kind words. She was an emergency cesarean and she lost much more than 10% of her birth weight. She had jaundice pretty bad and they think she may have an "absorption" problem and her biliruein levels are still elevated (liver) but we are leaving here in about an hour or so. Lots of doctors visits coming up this week but we are confident that she's going to be fine and feel truly blessed to have her in our lives.

I'm sunbathing in the HATE today...i love this!
WHO'S MAD? ;o)

Psalm 7:15-16(NIV)

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