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A-Rod in Tally to support the Hurricanes

TALLAHASSEE -- Alex Rodriguez, still suing Major League Baseball for engaging in what he called a "witch hunt" and appealing its 211-game suspension for what the league said was a violation of it's drug policy, was on the University of Miami sideline pre-game Saturday night to cheer on the Hurricanes.

Rodriguez has always been a huge Hurricanes fan and has followed their season closely. He was at the Georgia Tech game earlier this year. He plans on attending next week's game against Virginia Tech at Sun Life Stadium his spokesman said.

UM put Rodriguez's name on its baseball stadium back in 2009 after he provided a $3.9 million donation to help renovate Mark Light Field. It's now called Mark Light Field at Alex Rodriguez Park.

Here is a link to a photo I tweeted earlier tonight of Rodriguez with former Hurricane Yonder Alonso on UM's sideline.


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So glad S Highsmith was replaced, dude was half-steppin when we are on full "GO" tonight!

Deon Bush got it in immediately!

Run the ball, these dude can't go 4 qtrs with Us!

stupid d'os three down def. linemen and zone NO coverage gave up 3 FSU TDs.

when Canes went to four down linemen and man to man with two free safeties on top, they got the first interception and points after turnovers.

d'o and golden are incredibly stupid using 3 down def. linemen and zone no coverage.

three down defensive linemen, dumbo's NO defense could not stop the run up the middle, could not stop the end run, could not get any pressure on the FSU passer.

stupid goldie's and dumb'os zone could not prevent FSUs passes. All they did was guard empty pastureland.

I TOLD YOU SO, I TOLD YOU SO. I even almost got the final score correct. I predicted FSU 42-10

I told you so that the Canes were NOT in good cardio conditioning proven by all their injuries.

FSU should give the game ball to goldie and d'o as FSUs MVPs.

LOL....at least we are not 4-4.... we were beat by a dam good team....looks like the best team in the country. Virginia tech now...win win win and rematch in championship game. 11-1 would be a nice ending to a regular season.

Well, this is the result everyone expected. But, we hung in there.

Most negative nancies predicted that we'll lose in the I quarter like NC State, but that didn't happen. Our D did a great job slowing the game down, but we are not executing on O. We have a kicker who is not reliable.

We need more talent on the D line but we are much better than last year.

Wow jlo , finally got to say I told U so...been waiting a long time for yhat haven't U? U better go help the felons game plan for that team...they're gonna need all the help they can get

FEAR THE SPEAR.....sorry hurricanes......we'll see you in charlotte where will spank that butt again!!!

Posted by: Seminole Dynasty | November 02, 2013 at 11:45 PM

Ha ha, low life. Enjoy your victory till it lasts. We are coming back with a vengence.

With UF at 4-4 that 21-16 win is looking shaky. No one should still be surprised we won that game, let alone still referencing it, like a championship.

Thats obnoxious Gator fan behavior, thats something they'd be doing.

With UF at 4-4 that 21-16 win is looking shaky.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 02, 2013 at 11:55 PM

A win is a win. Remember, we were supposed to lose that game and they had a full team.

It is strange that "so called" UM fans find ways to criticize even wins.

Noles are simply better right now. Just need to play a more complete game in Charlotte. I do hope we kick Tech back to VA first.

Good game for one half, we just got dominated in the second half.

I thought we fought hard, FSU is just better right now.

Jameis Winston is not so great, not sure why he is being considered for a standout award. The rest of the FSU offense is very good. Receivers, running backs, o-line, all very good. Winston is a product of the talent around him, he doesn't pick them up.

Let's focus on VT and getting the ACC Champ game. We'll see FSU again.

Who cares about ARod, seriously.

Cane 72,

We didn't give the game away, we lost to a better team. Are you saying you predicted what every analyst in the country predicted? If so, wow, congrats. Go cheer for FSU now.

Real Canes want to face a "full" team and expected to win that game regardless of what the outside sentiments may have been.

Stop basing or allowing nerdy, media types to set your expectations for your team.

The Gators are 4-4, they aren't good. Thats a fact, its not criticizing a win. I wouldn't need to play down that win against a now 4-4 team, if it wasn't being considered our 5th NC by "so called" fans whose behaviors are eerily similar to those of the Gators whom they claim to abhor. Act like U been there before and aren't lucky to have scraps for Pete's sake lol.

Clive Walford, bench...bench, Clive Walford. You two are going to be spending a lot of time together.

Coaching staff sacrificed duke tonight. He just got knocked out two games ago.ran him into the ground hope it's not career threatening.that hurts worst than the loss. Makes no sense.

meant: 6th NC...

Heard on post-game that Duke is in a cast. Doesn't sound good. Kid is a warrior.


What do you mean? You think he should've shared carries? If so, you might be onto something, Duke got a lot of carries.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 03, 2013 at 12:08 AM

Act like you've been there before, huh, LOL.

I probably shouldn't feed the trolls on here, but I have been a fan of the U through thick and thin. I was there at the U when we lost 0-47 to FSU in the late 90s. I was there when we lost to ECU multiple times and I was there when we lost to VT 10-43 in 1999.

I am very happy with where we are today because bigger and better things are ahead. We got out executed today in the second half, but there is nothing to be ashamed of.

We defeated the Gators and when the 'turd fans come in here and try to take over the blog, it is a good come back to say 21-16.

Fsu platooned tailbacks all night kept them fresh.crawford nedded way more touches duke is not big enough to take all those hits. Against unc he got knocked out and Crawford carried the load. Should have never gotten to that point.should be ashamed to run him in the ground like that.

Duke needs must of his touches in space.

Kinda like....uuummm...Devonte Freeman!

We hardly ever see Duke getting touches with no one around like we saw 8 for fsu tonight!

Duke a tuff mugg tho!

Didn't know if we'd win but I didn't think they'd work us like they did!

They punted once and if not for the bad throw by Winston we may have not even scored?

If I'm AG I burn this tape like Jimbo said he did vs the sooners game tape from when they played them his 1st year.

We didn't get out executed we got out Utoughed right at the point of attack. Ran the ball right down our throats. Then to add insult to injury than ran freeman on a screen and didn't get touched we ran duke into the teeth of the defense all night and sacrificed him. What was the coaching staff thinking you could see this happening games ago.

Hart chocked chick out and that told the tale tonight.


Yeah, agree. They didn't manage Duke's carries at all. That guy is a warrior, but the coach needs to protect him.

Freeman shouldn't be upset about not getting a Miami offer, he'd have to compete against Gus Edwards for carries. He's not as good as any of our backs.

Duke has a fractured ankle. Surgery required..out for season.

I love Duke...get well kid.

Freeman not being recruited had a lot to do with friction between his HS coach and our former hc

Tally cane you are right about Duke being sacrifice by this Coaching staff. FSU is not a better football team than Miami talent wise. But Coaching is superior compared to Miami staff. If you want to compete for titles. You need the best talent out their .That include staff members. Playbook just burn it. To small.for college football.Please address quarterback Tight end ,runningback and defensive schemes.

I like freeman he would have been nice for us.i don't think Gus Edwards has the best vision. You could look at that ankle and tell. Trying to do and asked to do to much. Now we are forced to use the rest of the backs when we should have been monitoring that from the beginning. Duke is a warrior but that's a tough injury for a tailback.

We got out: coached, executed and toughed tonight.

Freeman would be competing with Duke for carries, if he were a Cane.

Freshman Winston managed that game better than our senior QB. Once we forced him to respect Us (by not throwing those ridiculous bomb/jump balls he has been completing all year), by intercepting twice. He began to dial himself down to the intermediate passing lanes that were open all day and every Saturday for that matter. Our 14 points were the result of Winston's disrespect for our talent. Yall think he gonna try that in Charlotte?? Not! He'll stay safe and D'No won't have an answer.

Football, and after all that time as a Cane fan, U still don't get it. So what was the point?

Damn Tally, why U have to put it that way??? Chick got manhandled...damn...say it aint so...choked out tho??


I don't think Freeman would've gotten carries. Apparently, we were ready to run Duke to death. Now they are going to have to burn the redshirt they appeared to be planning for Gus Edwards.

We give up the check down, so they'd be crazy if they didn't take it and drive the ball downfield.

Exactly, and when Winston began to take the easy/simple options, they had no more issues or turnovers on offense.

The biggest problem i see is, and i said it a different way before but, i'll say it like this, this time, Fsu & the gaytors have coaches that are from the Souf and understand fully the type of athlete's they have, we got 2 guys(like gallo always say, send back up north) from up north, trying to use/bring a big 10 style of football with speed athlete's, that's not going to create a dominant defense. We looked just like those slow big 10 defenses against Fsu tonight and that's the direction it looks like we're going in.

duke got hurt because of a stupid play call and than jimbo flipped it on us what coach goldie thought was going to happen, jimbo started running the ball on us, our linebackers are to far away from the line of scrimmage to be effective.

james coley has alot of work to do, like coach goldie, he has potential, but at this level, that's not going to get you anywhere.

Canes will see noles again in Dec. Need much more pressure on Mr Magoo & a few trick plays..............

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