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A view from the other side: five questions with Virginia Tech beat writer Andy Bitter (The Roanoke Times and Virginian-Pilot)

Thanks to Virginia Tech beat writer Andy Bitter of the Roanoke Times for giving his perspective on Saturday's game. Follow him on Twitter at @AndyBitterVT. For Andy's sake and all the fans coming to UM's Homecoming game Saturday, hope the weather forecasters are wrong about rain for tomorrow night.

The questions and answers:

SMD: Logan Thomas has had eight turnovers the last two games, both VT losses. Is there any undercurrent for change by the Hokies?

 AB: There’s a growing sentiment among a minority of the fans that it’s time to move on from Logan Thomas, but you won’t hear that from his teammates or the coaching staff, who have backed the senior quarterback 100 percent. And probably rightfully so. Lost in the cries for change is the fact that Thomas still shoulders most of the offensive load, passing, obviously, but also rushing. He threw for 391 yards against Boston College and ran for a team-high 38. He accounted for 96 percent of the Hokies’ yards in that game. Earlier this year against Georgia Tech, he actually had more yards than the team had (other players accounted for negative yardage). His backup, Mark Leal, has never played meaningful minutes and doesn’t present a rushing threat, so thoughts of putting him in the game are more a fan’s fantasy than anything.

 Thomas can still be an effective quarterback if he doesn’t turn the ball over. When Tech won its first three ACC games, he didn’t have a turnover. In the two games the Hokies have lost, he’s had eight. It’s pretty black and white. It’s unrealistic to think that a guy who has 33 turnovers since the start of last season is all of a sudden going to completely eliminate them, but if he can eliminate them at key moments -- like last week’s pick six on a terrible throw off his back foot across the middle when the game was tied at 20-20 -- then the Hokies have a good enough defense to carry the team. He just needs to be smart with the ball, or at least smarter than he’s shown the last few weeks.


SMD: Does anything change for Virginia Tech’s defensive approach now that Duke Johnson is out (broken ankle) and Dallas Crawford is in at running back for Miami?

  AB: Talking to the coaches, they have a high respect for Crawford,too, so it doesn’t sound like the Hokies will do much different schematically from what they had intended on doing. Honestly, I don’t think they’ll change too much of what they’ve been doing all year, either. BC’s Andre Williams ran for 166 yards last week, but 62 of that came on one busted run at the end. His other 32 carries produced 102 yards, a 3.18 average, which is a number defensive coordinator Bud Foster would take in a second against the ACC’s leading rusher.

 Stopping the run has still been Virginia Tech’s forte. It ranks ninth nationally, allowing only 102.7 yards per game. Only three teams have topped the 100-yard mark against the Hokies this year, and one was Georgia Tech, which only ran for 129 yards, less than half its season average. There has to be at least some relief on the Hokies that they won’t have to face Johnson, who ran for 100 yards against them last year, although it might be a bigger deal on special teams, where he’s a huge factor and reeled off an 81-yard kick return in last year’s matchup. Tech’s players and coaches talk about Miami as though it’s an assembly of great running backs (which it is), so they’re not taking things lightly simply because the established star is out. “It seems like the next running back down there is just waiting to be star,” head coach Frank Beamer said.


SMD: Stephen Morris hasn’t been too careful with the ball. Will the Hokies, who specialize in pressuring the quarterback and intercepting passes, be licking their chops?

AB: It’s been mentioned this week that Morris can be rattled. And rattling QBs is Virginia Tech’s specialty. The Hokies have 28 sacks, which are ninth-most nationally, and 17 interceptions, which is second. So they’ll no doubt come after Morris with all they’ve got, especially considering how important it is to get the ball in favorable field position for its struggling offense.

 Granted, most teams know that that’s how Virginia Tech approaches things. Boston College was smart about it, putting its quarterback in max protect situations, rolling him away from pressure and rarely asking him to make any kind of throws downfield. The Eagles played that offense to a T and didn’t turn the ball over or allow a sack, which lessened the impact the Hokies’ defense could have on the game. I’d imagine Miami might try something similar, considering how turnover-prone Morris is. The Canes have a running game they can rely on. That’ll be key. The Hokies’ stated goal every week is to make teams one-dimensional by stopping the run, then go after the quarterback and force mistakes. Miami has to run it and throw it, or it will play into Tech’s hands.


SMD: Kicker Cody Journell has missed several field goals this year. Does Virginia Tech still have faith in him?

 AB: Somewhat surprisingly. Journell has had a strange year. He’s just 10-for-16 on field goals and had a stretch where he couldn’t hit anything. Yet he’s also won ACC Specialist of the Week honors twice in the last four weeks, first for going 4-for-5 with a career-long 48-yarder against Pittsburgh and last week for hitting from 56 and 47 against Boston College. But in between those games, he missed two 40-plus field goals against Duke that ultimately was the difference in the game.

 I don’t know if Hokies fans still trust him when he goes out there, but Beamer does. He’s showed a steadfast faith in the kicker throughout his struggles, against popular opinion, and was vindicated to a degree last week. Still, I think Journell is going to be a guy who could go back to his missing ways just as quickly as he regained his form. He just hasn’t been steady this year.

 He’ll continue to kick, though. Tech doesn’t have many other options. Ethan Keyserling stepped in during the Marshall game when Journell was serving a one-game suspension and went 0-for-3 (admittedly in a driving rain). Journell’s made big kicks before -- he had three game-winners last year -- and Beamer, the one who counts, thinks he can do it again. So he’ll be the guy.


SMD: The Hokies were 7-6 last year and are coming off losses to Duke and Boston College this year. Is there any hope Frank Beamer can get this team back to what it once was, winning 10 games a year?

 AB: It’ll be a process. When the Hokies were 6-1, everyone thought this team was back on its way to being the old Virginia Tech, which won 10 games for eight straight years prior to last season. Back-to-back losses to Duke and Boston College have brought fans back to reality. And the reality is, this is very much a work in progress. Even when the Hokies were building that 6-1 record, they did it without a ton of offense. They just weren’t turning the ball over, getting by on a very small margin of error. Not too much has changed the last few weeks, except the turnovers. And for a team that was just getting by, those were enough to put it on the wrong side of the final score.

 I think, given time, the overhaul to the offensive coaching staff the Hokies did last offseason, bringing in new offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler, will be a positive. But he’s not exactly working with a stacked deck this year. Yes, Thomas is a senior, but his oldest running back is a sophomore, three of his top four receivers are a sophomore, a redshirt freshman and a former walk-on, the tight end is a true freshman, as is the fullback, and the offensive line is inexperienced, with a true freshman starting at left tackle. So it’s a transition year, even with the headliner -- Thomas -- being a fifth-year senior.

 Until these new coaches can replenish the ranks through recruiting and build some experience, I don’t think Tech will get back to that 10-win plateau that became the norm for it for so long. But Foster’s defense is going to be a constant. It has been for nearly 20 years. If the offense can just show minimal improvement in its efficiency, the Hokies will continue to be a player in the ACC.




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In fact, did you disagree with the rs firing? He had just lost to usf. Would you want him here another year, to then have him face the NCAA? It was time for him to go.

Posted by: Five Titles | November 09, 2013 at 10:04 AM

When it came to randy shannon, he started out in a tough spot personally when he took this job. He basically had no choice but to be loyal to guys like clint hurtt, tim walton, and the crew, guys he'd been around for a long time and gave them their shots. After that, he knew he had to make the necessary changes so faulting shannon on that you can/can't, but every year shannon upgraded somebody on that coaching staff for the better. What people didn't realize was, shannon was the 1st headcoach at UM since schnelly to have to basically start from scrtach with the coachign staff.

Basically every coach that won a championship here, did so with at least 1 or 2 assistants who had been here for the championship run, who did shannon have. Do you really think this administration would've allowed shannon to hire art kehoe back like they did with coach goldie. Do you really think this administeation was going to give shannon 500k to hire an oc or a d-co. In fact the administration hired nipple and made him assistant headcoach which is why he challenged shannon during that clemson game.

So between lo-cut, nipple & the snitch, do i think the firing was justified, nope, do i think if shannon had a better oc, we would've been closer to a national championship, absolutely, don't take my word for it, just look at the games in 2009. No matter what the outsiders were saying when it came to players and this and that, the teams under shannon after his 1st year battled and in 2009 they started showing up. 2010, was just a bad year because by than, jacory and nipple weren't even talking, that tells you all you need to knwo about nipple.

Than he tried to beg coach goldie to keep his job, even he didn't fall for it. What i know about shannon is this, he understood what it took to bring a national championship back to Miami and he knows what a good team is, especially what a good defense is. I'm nto here to debate whether shannon was a good or bad headcoach, i didn't see the point of firing shannon and bringing in a guy in coach goldie who up until now, hasn't done anything special or better than what shannon did.

This year, that 7 & 1 record is being questioned by many people because they see who we've played, the gaytor victory, with the 5 turn-overs, we won that game, but the gaytors out-played us for real.

Now that we're into the real part of this schedule, the same flaws that coach goldie & the 500 club showed in year 1 here are still here, teams gashing this team for over 400 yards of offense at will and you here the 500 club say "i'm not worried about yards giving up, only points allowed" for a coach to say that, that means this guy really doesn't understand football at a championship level and it's this mindset by both him & coach goldie why we keep struggling against mediocre teams.

By the time we got to the usF game, the fix was in, locut, nipple & the snitch, they couldn't wait to get rid of shannon. If it wasn't for shannon, quiet as kept, people don't realize why clint hurtt ended up in louisville in the middle of the night, or why aubrey hill(who i said from day 1 was a bad hire, you don't hire gaytors) left in the middle of the night, shannon told them, you gotta get out of here before this thing blows up, plus for going against what shannon told them anyway.

So the real question is not whether i agree or disagree with the firing, the question is, is coach goldie and upgrade over shannon going into his 8th year of coaching, a manufactered 7 & 1 record for the most part is not impressing people. People will try and point to other schools and say they played cup-cakes to try and justify what's happening over here, but what they don't say is, when those same schools they keep bringing up play the tougher opponents, they still show up, we know we running schemes over here that only really have been working against inferior opponents.

Who wants to go t oa bcs bowl game and get embarrassed and here the announcers say things like "normally you never questioned the speed of Miami, but i never thought i'd ever say this, but this so & so team is out-speeding Miami. In other words, the schemes we're running are not affiliated with the history of UM teams, so when i hear coach goldie with that b.s. "Uphold the Legacy" he's the 1st one not doing it, coaching like a scared man is not UM football.

Telling players to treat the Fsu week/game like it's just another game, is not doing it. The mindset he's trying to get our players in is not UM football, doesn't work here, do i think coach goldie is an okay coach, yeah for somewhere else, but this stage is to big for him. He can say what he wants when he said "i want to be here in big games against Fsu" ok, than why you got to say it, his body language the whole Fsu week said "i can't wait for this week to be over with" and than in comes V-tech, he was crying about the schedule last year, so i know deep down inside he's pissed about having to play V-tech this week too, cause he's thinking who planned that.

Now ask yourself, did you hear randy shannon cry one ioata when we had to play #19 Fsu, #13 Georgia tech, #12 Virginia tech and than #8 Oklahoma, than several ranked teams after than you hear coach goldie crying in 2012 and we really on played 3 ranked teams that year, he's actually embarassing to UM, but people sit around and accept that, it's comical to me. What UM coach ever complained about the schedule being to tough, especially that weak one from 2012.

Than you hear jimmy johnson telling the team, "i couldn't wait for Fsu, Oklahoma and whoever they said was the top teams in the nation was, please don't compare coach goldie to jimmy, not even close. We'll see how the team plays tonight. It's been talk about us coming out fast, well that's not going to happen if the defense is on the field first with the sit back an wait approach.

I woke up this morning and it just hit me i know many of u guys might like this but golden reminds me of ron zook. i say this bc in college football i feel that x and o and recruiting are the two most imp components to being a head coach unlike the nfl where there is relative parity talent wise. thats why nfl is about x and o more than college. college doesnt have the parity of talent of the nfl and many times just extremely talented teams can win with basic plays and scheme just by being physically better. Maybe golden knows that he and esp dno are not x and o kind of guys. But at the same time he knows he can recruit so maybe he's just trying to recruit talent and golden values recruiting over x and o which would explain coley bc he's a hell of a recruiter but why would golden take a guy who has never called plays with the offensive players we have in place. I think it's cuz golden was looking at the long term so he was wiling to take a chance on coley in hope of getting the stud recruits in hopes of covering up their weak x and o. This is actually similar to Zook I feel bc that man was a hell of a recruiter but his x and o were just bad even at Illinois Zook could recruit. I could be wrong I'm most likely wrong but it's a different perspective bc there is nothing else I can think about that can explain why our schemes are so poor but still week by week we don't change and keep doing the same thing. It would be nice to get some truly cerebral aggressive coaching but since golden and unfortunately dno aren't going anywhere I just hope he gets his horses so basically no matter what they call well just be athletically superior.

Posted by: jsy | November 09, 2013 at 10:29 AM

One of our independent thinker's has just posted more Truth that can't be denied. The problem with coach goldie, people keep trying to put him on some pedestal but i said at least a year ago, he's not even the best coach in the acc, let alone the country. You can go down the line and name many coaches in the acc that are way better than coach goldie, like i said the year before and last year, don't lose to duke, i have no faith in coach goldie or the 500 club, they're not confident in their own schemes.

Are the players confident, of course they are, but it comes a point where the players know what works and what doesn't. That's why what duke said before the Fsu game, i didn't miss it, but he said it like this "we're trying to learn to play football the way the coaches want us to play it" meaning, these guys that are here now, the mac minions, are bringing some form of football that's foreign to Miami football plain and simple.

Taking a 500k chance on bringing in coach coley, i think coach coley has potential, he calls alot of dumb stuff, but having smo17 as your starter is not going to help you either. The administration has invested alot of money into coach goldie, so he'll be here for at leat another 2 years more than likely, unless the bottom falls out, but thee excuse about depth issues that he created and the nc2a stuff is over, produce or get out.

If he was smart he would've brought in sonny lubick's son,(i wanted sonny lubick to be the headcoach before itch davis) to be the oc, but i understand he knew james coley was tearing em up on the recruiting front.

Coach goldie nor his boy are x & o's guys and ned halftime as a life raft. So once they get out-schemed in game, they go into life-support mode and play to get into halftime and not to win the game. You're not alone in this assessment jsy!

Zook was a first time head coach though. As bad a choice as I thought he was for UF at the time he was hired, he did get the Rose Bowl to select the worst automatic BCS conference team ever to play in a BCS bowl without winning their conference first to take his squad the second job he held.

Al's probably a better overall CEO than Zook was, but game plan wise, they're interchangeable. Which means you need to switch them out for a decent strategist to get to an elite level. Al needs to give up the Sandusky/Groh template of defense with a coordinator hire and he could be alright I think, because he never coordinated one that was any good himself and his college buddy's string of good opponent no show blowouts and bad offensive team shoot out losses or even close calls speak so poorly for themselves it's shooting fish in a barrel at this point ragging on them. James Coley isn't the worst first year play calling hire you'll ever see on the other side but he's got a lot to learn, understandably so given his all of eight games of experience in the roll.

jsy, itch davis and ron zook definitely weren't good game day coaches, but the one thing they knew was how to identify talent and develop the talent. zook is the one that allowed oscar cryer to win that 1st national championship but you could see under oscar cryer the talent level dropping. We need someone round here who understands the culture, coach goldie and the 500 club are not built for this, particularly from the 8:52sec mark and on, coach goldie don't want these type of personalities on the team that made UM football what it is known for today:


Calvin is of course talking about the Todd Sievers sighting in the OB tunnel, right Calvin? ;)

One more thing, this kicker needs to start paying to go to school, he's an absolute bust to this point and until he proves he can make a chip shot, or even make-able field goal range, needs to stop stealing money for his scholarship. Who thought this loser was worth a free ride in the first place? Andy Crossland was more reliable lined up to kick for three point.

Posted by: Calvin | November 08, 2013 at 11:37 AM

Classical post^^..actually the response to Five's question about RS is classical as well. Five I applaud U for being as civil as you've been of late!

jsy, U woke up with the blueprint for this UM hustle. Congrats! All U have to do is keep following the money up and not down to player's (always solely considered the accountable party) who don't receive any directly. And then you'll learn what motivates this "process".

Also, U don't have to *wonder* if this is what Golden and D'NO are thinking--they've said it themselves--numerous times when they've refeused to tweak gameplans and adjust to the horsies they have, but would rather wait until the team either gets "mature" or until we get the horsies that fit their scheme.

This initiative has been expressed thru action and words. So this is definitely their hustle game plan.

We fans have to wait until the players execute their game plans perfectly ("buy in", "learning the process"etc..) before we can expect success on the football field. And who is the authority on whether or not they've done so? The coaches themselves. The have the political game rigged from both sides and bloggers like ColaCane go ballistic if U expose it.

Coker's NC victory in 2001 put the wheels in motion for a lower waged coaching staff to be expected to recruit the very best South Floridian athletes and auto-pilot them to annual contention for NCs. I mean, the suits had just watched Coker do it ,so the equation was set that the onus of accountability for the success of UM football is solely on the players. They're selling Us that any decent coach can win it all with our recruiting base ala Coker--whose team was on auto-pilot and coached up in every way already.

we win today, and we play F$U for the ACC championship.

Who thought this loser was worth a free ride in the first place? Andy Crossland was more reliable lined up to kick for three point.

Posted by: One gameplan fits all but isn't the best all the time | November 09, 2013 at 11:12 AM

The same person who did everything in his power to chase a gaytor luving jacoby brisset who couldn't beat out jeff driskell, i didn't want brisset and was glad he chose them. The same person who offered dewey and had crow running the scout team as jameis winston and made that public knowledge, the same one who went all the way to vegas and got jalen grimble for no reason when i said, so we recruiting in vegas now, he(grimble) won't be here long. If james coley asn't here, our qb recruiting situation would be pathetic.

I could careless about U-tough(sounds corny) but i'm almost sure this kicker we have, didn't attend. I kept saying before the game, i keep getting the feeling under coach goldie, we'll be the team against Fsu missing wide-right or left. It was easy trying to ride the coat-tails of jake weiclaw wo shannon left em, and hype up pressure kicks in practice, now do that with your own kicking recruits. Picking up free-agents like pat o'donnel only covers up inept special teams coaching, how hard is it to find a punter/kicker.

Quiet as kept, the o-line is playing at a championship level, you can win games with what art kehoe has them boz doing, but james coley has to stop calling that running play where he's got clive walford acting as a pulling blocker, that play hasn't worked all year, why he calls it or even thinks it's a good running play is beyond me. Stop being an ostrich coley, that play is not going to work against real d-1 defenses.

Agree with Calvin 100%; unfortunately we will never have another Jimmy J

Golden has said himself, "...this team is not on auto-pilot yet..." This kinda shows his expectation level for the kids. No one should come to a new job not really expecting to coach x's and o's into belief and then onto performance (thats the sequence of development), especially if they don't consider the previous coach (RS) of doing what Butch did for Coker, in any way.

Dudes like Zook and go canes on here talking about Obama and lies, but at the same time: accepting of, in defense of and in complete adherence of UM elites--down to Golden and D'No's lies at UM.

How do U decide which lies are cool and which are not? Colors maybe? Are lies from whites (or "white lies" better lol?!?!) I mean what is the difference and distinguishing factor that U guys use?

Are lies that U erroneously think benefit U acceptable? Then whats your beef with Obama when his politics so far, have been more conservative than most Republican politicians own political platforms? he has done nothing for the poor, nothing for minorities, and he has bailed out big business banks and corporations to the tune of hundreds of billons of dollars. All paid by Us the tax payers.

So whats yall issue for real? Obama shares your policy agenda, but U still hate/despise him...why?

How has anything he has ever done or legislated truly impacted U in a negative way?

This is why i don't want us to go to some major bowl so we can get embarrassed on national t.v. only to hear coach say something stupid like "this was a learning experience, alot of our guys have never been thru this process, ect. ect.

Posted by: Calvin | November 08, 2013 at 10:18 PM

That's why i was dissappointed that crawford got that pick against wake forest cause i wanted to see how the 500 club was going to actually call defense that last drive, it was pathetic.

Posted by: Calvin | November 08, 2013 at 07:17 PM

Well, there you have it...Calvie admits he was disappointed to see Crawford intercept the ball to seal the victory over Wake. In the history of football have you ever run across a so-called fan that was rooting for his or her team to...NOT STOP THE OPPOSING TEAM??

Posted by: Ron Zook | November 08, 2013 at 07:58 PM


If you believe Calvin is a Canes fan then you can safely assume that most all of Gator Nation loves the Canes as well!!

I think UM wins today. Like MARK and jsy who've had some good posts have said, it will come down to Morris vs Thomas, whoever turns the ball over loses.

This is the biggest game for Morris career-wise and going forward. He needs to control this game, (where we have the superior talent) and show poise or field general-ship.

Let's hope Corso is right today

Go pay your creditors little Jimmy, you're not needed here to gum up the blog with your tripe today or any day.

It's a good thing that Thomas died so that he isn't exposed anymore to how pathetic you've become ever day of your life you pandering numbskull.

No Hurricane fan wants to watch Al Golden get blown out be decent teams again and again only to give his one size fits all post game interview either during the regular season on under the bright lights of a bowl game that isn't for the national title anyway and thus is meaningless in the history books of the game. Except for you apparently, who can't get out of Golden's shower of eye roll inducing BS.

Calvin: Well said. I really think UM football would be in a little better shape defensively, overall, with RS here. What did RS have four years?

This is a mediocre coaching staff and the more high profile teams we play the more that'll show. I'm thinking that guys like Barrow and Hurley remember how it was done years ago. I can only imagine how bad they feel these days about the current state of UM football.

Strange thing is, these same folks here were criticizing RS three years into the job, but they don't really say the same things about 'Goldy, who is perceived as the ultimate program changer.

Whipple came in highly touted, but did not realay show me a lot. I saw some pick me up in the O, but it ddn't really sustain itself.

All things considered, Trestman might have been the best answer for the program. RS knew there was some negativity against him, so like a True Cane, he went and on his own selected somebody he felt could do more than a good job.

The real loser in the whole mess was J12, who after he beat out the weak-minded Marve had to stomach three OC's.

Well, it's game day with one of our biggest rivals.

The outcome of the game will most probably point to the ACC Coastal Division Champion, yet the haters who laughingly call themselves Canes fans are out in full force attacking Coach Golden and most every aspect of the UM football program.

To the "real" Canes fans, I believe tonight is going to be a big challenge after the huge disappointment of last week that includes the loss of Duke Johnson and the fact that Beemer teams have for the most part historically improved as the seasons progressed. But, we have the best coach in college football leading our Canes and I believe they will get it done.


The ACC, where you'll find paid PR being injected into a blog conversation when a program doesn't like what the fans think of their decisions.

Great use of time and money there Blake.

jsy, U woke up with the blueprint for this UM hustle. Congrats! All U have to do is keep following the money up and not down to player's (always solely considered the accountable party) who don't receive any directly. And then you'll learn what motivates this "process".

Also, U don't have to *wonder* if this is what Golden and D'NO are thinking--they've said it themselves--numerous times when they've refeused to tweak gameplans and adjust to the horsies they have, but would rather wait until the team either gets "mature" or until we get the horsies that fit their scheme.

This initiative has been expressed thru action and words. So this is definitely their hustle game plan.
Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 09, 2013 at 11:14 AM

"The hustle" well the one good thing about the hustle is, it's hard to work in Miami, because at the end of the day, the only way we really come out is if you're playing championship football, if not, let us know when you get there. So the hustle can only last so long, coach goldie is the highest paid headcoach ever in UM football history and has the highest paid staff in UM football history, if we don't start playing football at a consistently high level, he won't be supported to much longer anyway by the boosters.

He can give all the coach speak he wants but the production on the field is all that matters. This year, before the duke injury, "No Excuses", now that duke is out, dorsett, we've become hindered, but still, "No Excues" cause come next year, what's going to be the hustle story, "we're startng a new qb, lost 5 seniors(porter, shayon green, luther "tried to move to o-line" robinson, renfrow & under-used gilbert) from the defensive line, we lost 2 of our starting linebackers, which is really why i think he's starting tyrone over armbrister, just to add to the hustle story on how many defensive starters were lost. He'll talk about how we lost 2 saties in highsmith & rodgers. So get use to hearing this come next year from coach goldie, but all somebody gotta ask him is 2 questions, well you didn't have a top defensive unit with those guys last year and where are all the guys that should've been developing under them.

Than we go to the offensive side of the ball, hurns, haggens, linder, henderson and under-utilized asante cleveland, so in all, between offense and defense we'll be losing at a minimum 10 starters, so what will next years team look like, that'll definitely be on coaching.

But way to expose em Harriet TUBMAN, they trying to hustle, it's working on the feeble minded.

Here's the stat of the day thus far and why it's pathetic to see us run the defensive scheme we keep running.

tanner price is 1 for 4 with 3 picks against Fsu, and on the bench. This is what press-man does, but against us, he looked all-world.

Fsu 35 to 0 in the 2nd quarter, the difference, schemes.

And the best of the stats, tanner price qb rating thus far against Fsu -118.7, press-man!

We're suppose to be winning close games with Fsu, you know respectable teams, not the boston colleges of last year, wake forest, NC st.'s of the world.

Well, ESPN's Herbie, whom has heaped mega Hosanna's on the Hurricanes, has gone on record and touted that YOUR Miami, Florida will lose to VA. TECH. hUh

Herbie said that Goldie's squad would be in a funky, FLAT mood, and what not, and Foster's defense would be just too much for Coach Coley.

When i see statements like golden is the best in all of cfb i really am curious based on what? Sure he's a good coach but the best? In what way is he the best. Do u really think he's better than David shaw, Saban, art briles, or even malzahn? Auburn is 3-9 last year 0-8 in sec play and look at them this year with basically the same players as last year. The malzahn offense is so much different than the one chiziz ran but look how it performs u never here malzahn say he needs to recruit his guys he takes what he's given and gets the most out of them. I understand how you feel but what gives u such confidence in ag that other fans don't have? Is it the tie, or his binde or uphold the legacy mantra? Bc based on on the field results how can anyone possibly say he's the best hc in all of cfb?

He might well turn out to be bc hes still young and a hard worker but right now he is far from the best. Many would argue he's not even the best in florida. Jimbo and oleary I would say are better based on on the field results. Dno and golden would not bear Louisville as much as it hurts to admit that. Until ag and golden stop playing scared and not to lose he can never be the greatest. He reminds me of a guy who has a m3 but will wont drive fast bc its not sporty enough for him instead he keeps saying he needs a lambo then he'll let it rip.


We need a Defense coordinator who is aggressive not passive. I think the one mistake Randy made was not being a head coach some where else before Miami. JJ at OSU, DE at WSU Spurrier at Duke. Cut his teeth and learn somewhere else before coming to a big time program. Holcut is an idiot and should of been sanction by the ncaa for the shaprio mess.

Golden can be the CEO but hire better coordinators. Look what coaches JJ and Dennis turned out nobody talks about that. No one is coming for guys to be head coaches anywhere. If Fisch was still here our offense would of crushed everyone and the FSU game would of been better.

With that said let's rally around this team. GO CANES!!!

Well, ESPN's Herbie, whom has heaped mega Hosanna's on the Hurricanes, has gone on record and touted that YOUR Miami, Florida will lose to VA. TECH. hUh

Herbie said that Goldie's squad would be in a funky, FLAT mood, and what not, and Foster's defense would be just too much for Coach Coley.

Posted by: D | November 09, 2013 at 01:08 PM

herbie understands coach goldie has brought a brand of football he grew up watching, the penn st. brand that does not belong nowhere near the UM campus. herbie knows what he's seeing, james coely will have his work cut-out for em, i don't see to many teams burning defensive time-outs because of something coley is doing, that's not a good sign.

In 2011 & 2012, jedd fisch had several d-co's burning time-outs, including bud foster, lol. All jedd had to do was add more power to his offensive philosophy, he did, but i'm sure he's up there with the jaguars thinking, man, i had better qb's and offense in college.

The jaguars have scored 86 points the whole year, lol, jedd will probably be looking for a job soon, he definitely had job security here though.

FWIW... Depending on the bookmaker establishment, Miami is a - 5 or - 5 1/2 point home favorite. Bloody ouch.

By the way, the Hurricanes OPENED as a - 7 1/2 point chalk and I said that was a MISLEADING sort of point spread. hUh

Well, some SERIOUS betting action has gone down on Beamer Ball the past 36 hours. I guess the Wise Guys believe Foster will make Golde and Coley look like prep coaches and not major college football coaches.

Nonetheless, I SEE-r a NARROW home victory for the Canes. And how close the game will be is any old-school, Fool's guess. hUh

I think a "real" cane fan will know that the u is bigger than the coach or the player the u is a mentality a style of play unmatched in cfb. It's the attitude the brash bravado that I'm better than you and ill prove it to you on the field. A real fan will know the u is about practice harder than the game. How is going against dno in practice all year harder than the game? A real fan will know the u doesn't hope the opponent screws up we force them to screw up and we force them to beat us. A real fan doesn't accept 116 no matter the excuse. A real fan does not blindly follow the leader. That's a fanatic my friend not a real fan? A real fan points out flaws and how we need to improve

This team is 2 drives way from being 5 & 3 and no chance at an acc title game. Coach goldie is barely holding on. Just think, come next year, if dzp doesn't leave, our starting linebackers will be dzp, kirby and the coaches favorite, figs. Secondary, bush, jenkins, howard, burns/gunther. d-line, 3g, pierre, Alquadin Muhammad and who knows who else.

That's a fanatic my friend not a real fan? A real fan points out flaws and how we need to improve

Posted by: jsy | November 09, 2013 at 01:22 PM

Sounds like the VAST MAJORITY of Cane partisans in both the CS/eoth.

No wonder that SOUP'er/86 bloody bellow HERETIC, HERETIC, HERETIC at any Hurricane fan-dom who dares to point out the obvious regarding the current state of Miami, Florida football affairs.

Calvin, I absolutely believed Perryman is gone after the bowl game. But then again, I could be wrong. dUh

Calvin, I absolutely believed Perryman is gone after the bowl game. But then again, I could be wrong. dUh

Posted by: D | November 09, 2013 at 01:34 PM

About the only thing he has to gain by staying is more weight, if he leaves i don't blame em. After being taught to tussle with o-linemen for the last few years instead of using his speed to do what he does best. As far as the bets go, what you're saying is, even vegas doesn't have faith in coach goldie nor the 500 club.

Speaking of " under utilized " Hurricane football players. What the Freak' ever happen to Whisky transfer Gilbert!!

Chit, Gilbert was HONORABLE MENTION BIG 10 defensive end last season and both Goldie and Marky Mark were hyping him up and what not. Yet, since the Florida game he's been bloody A.W.O.L.

I don't know, but maybe Gilbert doesn't accept D'Onofrio's defensive stratagies and ploys and what not. Or, his lower extremity injury NEVER totally healed.

I think a "real" cane fan will know that the u is bigger than the coach or the player the u is a mentality a style of play unmatched in cfb. It's the attitude the brash bravado that I'm better than you and ill prove it to you on the field. A real fan will know the u is about practice harder than the game. How is going against dno in practice all year harder than the game? A real fan will know the u doesn't hope the opponent screws up we force them to screw up and we force them to beat us. A real fan doesn't accept 116 no matter the excuse. A real fan does not blindly follow the leader. That's a fanatic my friend not a real fan? A real fan points out flaws and how we need to improve

Posted by: jsy | November 09, 2013 at 01:22 PM

LOL, i'm starting to think that crow being used as winston on the scout team was actually moving the ball, that's the sad part. Who can't move the ball against this defense with that scheme, receivers are wide-open.
Coach goldie nor 500 expected gumbo fisher to keep using freeman out of the backfield because he didn't do it the 1st 2 years and our players weren't pre-pared for it. Coach goldie, accept blame, stop blaming the players.

Is our biggest win this year still the Gator game ?

Or UNC and Wake last second comebacks ?

just saying.

Susan, good interview on the Hokies status.

Today on Gameday, 2 of the 3 pickers chose Va Tech to beat Miami. Herbstreit thought Miami would "come out flat."

I am not sure if these coaches can fire the Canes up like they should from the very first play of the game. We must contain Thomas and our O Line needs to dominate. If the Canes are flat, we are toast. These guys have got to want it. Their slow starts really concern me.

See you at Sun Life. Go Canes!

One correction my friend D. Herbstreit routinely has been singing the praises of Al Golden, not our football team in its entirety or regarding our play. He's talking about how Golden weathered a NCAA investigation that he admittedly never saw and parlayed into a raise, extension, and basically no performance appraisals for his first 4 years from his bosses or the fan base (for proof--see: the majority of this blog's comments).

Herbie and others LOVE a beatable, shirt and tie, predictable, and scheme inept Miami Hurricane team. This version is much easier to accept and swallow than the dominating one of the recent past, that everyone unanimously despised because we won.

Would our rival coaches Beamer, Fisher and others be singing the praises of and advocating for Golden if he was destroy them on the field?

I would be in full support of a rival coach staying at a rival school I had to face annually as well, if I knew I could out-scheme and coach them too.


Fair points made on Herbie et al...

But Jake Peavey picking the Hokies?

the Gator is hitting rock-bottom

"Our coaches use halftime as a life raft" -Calvin
"The only thing DZP has to gain here next year, is weight" -Calvin
"I think Golden is doing an excellent job there" -Jimbo "as long as they stay beatable and inferior to me" Fisher.

{insert the Muttley laugh!}

DE Gilbert and LB Figs are on the bench because they continue to shed blockers and get upfield proactively to stop opposing offenses--D'No can't have that!

Muschamp is about to get fired today LOL!! Proof that horsies aren't everything:

How is Vanderbilt beating UF at home with inferior talent?

4-5 UF team sucks bad, but we beat them 21-16.

Calvin after all that explanation you still have not addressed the question.

As a 'Canes fan WHAT has the team done WELL to pass your litmus test; AND (answer without reference to Shannon and what you suspect, other than the team is in a sissy mode, and 'Soft', plus we are afraid of being "Embarrassed " in a Bowl Game)is ALL Miami football NEGATIVE in your mindset?.

All this prognostication on our team after no Bowl Games, sanctions and threats of such, and recruiting with one hand tied behind our backs!!!!.

Give Coach G the respect of someone who has a plan, and is willing to go with HIS ideas for the team. You may not agree, but as a fan observation, after all is said and done, there is a thread throughout your post of resentment, and ridicule of our 'Canes staff, especially Coach G.

No explanation negates that...

You are either IN or OUT as a supporter of OUR 'Canes.

You are definitely not in when you try to outguess, our Coaches, and justify your negativity in multiple posts, call those who disagree Clowns, berate the D for over a year, and refuse to acknowledge that they improved, criticized plays with your perceived coach knowledge, and criticized our recruiting incessantly .

I DO NOT buy your incessant want for Coach G to ACCEPT blame. That is pure BUSH LEAGUE BUL***** because the MAN has said REPEATEDLY "Everything is referenced to ME as the HEAD COACH, and I HAVE TO FIX THINGS, BLAME ME IF YOU NEED TO BLAME ANYONE".
The MAN accepts total responsibility for the 'Canes as any CEO would. What more do you want?????

If you watch Miami football and interviews don't infer that you have never heard that. To deny hearing that is clownish.

Prove me wrong!!!

You have not proven ANTHING with your posts to me, and I do NOT place any credence in your stilted opinions about our team, players, Coaches, Work out process, Game plans, game execution, Weight, diet, or locker room demeanor, techniques in recruiting, and mentality of our team as you try to play psychologist.

I am not buying it 'BRO, sell it to someone else.

Mark these words:
The 'Canes are a team that is growing, changing, progressing, and adjusting to build now and in the future with a Staff dedicated to that Purpose.

Again prove me wrong and address the above directly.
Go 'Canes

I think a "real" cane fan will know that the u is bigger than the coach or the player the u is a mentality a style of play unmatched in cfb. It's the attitude the brash bravado that I'm better than you and ill prove it to you on the field. A real fan will know the u is about practice harder than the game. How is going against dno in practice all year harder than the game? A real fan will know the u doesn't hope the opponent screws up we force them to screw up and we force them to beat us. A real fan doesn't accept 116 no matter the excuse. A real fan does not blindly follow the leader. That's a fanatic my friend not a real fan? A real fan points out flaws and how we need to improve

Posted by: jsy | November 09, 2013 at 01:22 PM


You know less than nothing what a "REAL" Miami Hurricane looks like. You and your crew are habitual complainers and know just enough to be dangerous. You are blog experts, in other words you are a joke. None of you have the courage to get front and center on the battle-lines, only internet courage to hurl negativity from the cheap seats.

Every football expert in the country has raved about the spectacular job Al Golden has done--not just for him rescuing a program in a death spiral, but the once in a lifetime job of keeping a program relevant despite a NCAA investigation designed to kill the program.

Of course you deny those facts and only deal in hate and lies...for some unknown reason people like you and the other haters feel good about yourselves when belittling others, which I know also describes your life away from this blog.

Here's your problem, no matter how much you and the other haters show-up on this blog day and night praying the Canes will fail you will, as you always do...lose!!

The reality is this Canes team is still woefully undermanned, but thanks to the great coaching staff they have performed with skill, courage and success. Again, I know this drives you and the other haters crazy.

Will the Canes win tonight? I don't know! But, what I do know is the coaches and players will show up and do everything in their power to win, which in what I know will be a failing effort to educate you, is in fact the Canes way, not all that other c.r.a.p you posted. I also know that Al Golden will soon be delivering a 6th National Championship trophy to the Canes trophy case.

Now you and the other little hate filled girls get back to your whining and crying as we Canes men are busy preparing to beat Virginia Tech.

There's nothing wrong with treating fsu like just another game. If you have these ultimate game scenarios, what does the team do the next week? They dont have those games in the nfl. Saban runs Alabama that way too. Seems to work for them.

Well another day, another blog full of Al Golden complainers.

Despite him improving this program in his legit 2nd year of full control and just out of NCAA harrassment.

Butch had 5 years to turn the team into one of the best CFB teams of all time.

Here we are with a young Defense that's still improving from nearly 10 years of mediocrity and the complainers still complain.

Face the reality complainers:

Al Golden will be at UM as long as he wants to be.

He's a good guy, good coach, cares about his players, makes sure they also get an education besides play high quality football.

Exactly what Donna Shalala wants in a coach.

The recruits will come.

Where we are is DIRECTLY related to the quality of recruits we've been getting. MOSTLY 2-3 stars and transfers.

We are talking maybe three to four 4 Stars players have come to Miami in the past 3 years.

While teams like Bama, FSU, UF have been bagging 4-5 stars in the truckloads for 4+ years.

Now that Golden can actually recruit on equal footing to FSU, UF and Bama... we'll see how the Canes improve.

No amount of coaching prowess changes the facts that we are a young team of mostly 2-3 star kids.


Keep complaining though, i'm sure it makes you feel better.


The 2001 team was liked and they dominated. Are you saying you want it like the 80s?

I think you guys just hate Golden because you wanted Randy Shannon to be the coach.

Only in Miami, fans want the team to lose because they dislike the coaches and their coaching philosophy. Amazing, isn't it? And we are 7-1 for crying out loud.

Clearly, if our O was more productive, we would have blown out UNC, WF and GT. FSU would have been close. Yes, FSU is blowing out WF, but one also should note WF lost their senior WR last week and WF game plans around him. So, 2 WF QBs throw 6 INTs. It doesn't have anything to do with FSU's scheme but with their talent.

By the way, FSU runs a 3-4 too and so does Stanford. That is glossed over after clamoring for 4-3 D. With all the talent we had on D, we lost to a lowly UNC team with a third string RB in 2004. He ran for more than 200 yards on us. But, these guys are living in a dream world scratching each others' back.

Coach Golden is not going anywhere. Cry as much as you want. You might scare away a recruit or two who read(s) this blog. That might be the worst thing you negative nancies are able to do.

Its not like you can convince recruits to come to the U.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | November 09, 2013 at 02:40 PM

Nah, I absolutely believe your W-R-O-N-G!!

However, I have my doubts about a head coach who REFUSED to bloody well CHIT-CAN his defensive coordinator after said defensive unit finished with the NO.117 total defense in the country.

And said defense ended up the absolute WORST defense, in said football program's history. Especially when said program has had a solid, TRADITION of turning out Top 10, Top 15 defenses since 1983.

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