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A view from the other side: five questions with Virginia Tech beat writer Andy Bitter (The Roanoke Times and Virginian-Pilot)

Thanks to Virginia Tech beat writer Andy Bitter of the Roanoke Times for giving his perspective on Saturday's game. Follow him on Twitter at @AndyBitterVT. For Andy's sake and all the fans coming to UM's Homecoming game Saturday, hope the weather forecasters are wrong about rain for tomorrow night.

The questions and answers:

SMD: Logan Thomas has had eight turnovers the last two games, both VT losses. Is there any undercurrent for change by the Hokies?

 AB: There’s a growing sentiment among a minority of the fans that it’s time to move on from Logan Thomas, but you won’t hear that from his teammates or the coaching staff, who have backed the senior quarterback 100 percent. And probably rightfully so. Lost in the cries for change is the fact that Thomas still shoulders most of the offensive load, passing, obviously, but also rushing. He threw for 391 yards against Boston College and ran for a team-high 38. He accounted for 96 percent of the Hokies’ yards in that game. Earlier this year against Georgia Tech, he actually had more yards than the team had (other players accounted for negative yardage). His backup, Mark Leal, has never played meaningful minutes and doesn’t present a rushing threat, so thoughts of putting him in the game are more a fan’s fantasy than anything.

 Thomas can still be an effective quarterback if he doesn’t turn the ball over. When Tech won its first three ACC games, he didn’t have a turnover. In the two games the Hokies have lost, he’s had eight. It’s pretty black and white. It’s unrealistic to think that a guy who has 33 turnovers since the start of last season is all of a sudden going to completely eliminate them, but if he can eliminate them at key moments -- like last week’s pick six on a terrible throw off his back foot across the middle when the game was tied at 20-20 -- then the Hokies have a good enough defense to carry the team. He just needs to be smart with the ball, or at least smarter than he’s shown the last few weeks.


SMD: Does anything change for Virginia Tech’s defensive approach now that Duke Johnson is out (broken ankle) and Dallas Crawford is in at running back for Miami?

  AB: Talking to the coaches, they have a high respect for Crawford,too, so it doesn’t sound like the Hokies will do much different schematically from what they had intended on doing. Honestly, I don’t think they’ll change too much of what they’ve been doing all year, either. BC’s Andre Williams ran for 166 yards last week, but 62 of that came on one busted run at the end. His other 32 carries produced 102 yards, a 3.18 average, which is a number defensive coordinator Bud Foster would take in a second against the ACC’s leading rusher.

 Stopping the run has still been Virginia Tech’s forte. It ranks ninth nationally, allowing only 102.7 yards per game. Only three teams have topped the 100-yard mark against the Hokies this year, and one was Georgia Tech, which only ran for 129 yards, less than half its season average. There has to be at least some relief on the Hokies that they won’t have to face Johnson, who ran for 100 yards against them last year, although it might be a bigger deal on special teams, where he’s a huge factor and reeled off an 81-yard kick return in last year’s matchup. Tech’s players and coaches talk about Miami as though it’s an assembly of great running backs (which it is), so they’re not taking things lightly simply because the established star is out. “It seems like the next running back down there is just waiting to be star,” head coach Frank Beamer said.


SMD: Stephen Morris hasn’t been too careful with the ball. Will the Hokies, who specialize in pressuring the quarterback and intercepting passes, be licking their chops?

AB: It’s been mentioned this week that Morris can be rattled. And rattling QBs is Virginia Tech’s specialty. The Hokies have 28 sacks, which are ninth-most nationally, and 17 interceptions, which is second. So they’ll no doubt come after Morris with all they’ve got, especially considering how important it is to get the ball in favorable field position for its struggling offense.

 Granted, most teams know that that’s how Virginia Tech approaches things. Boston College was smart about it, putting its quarterback in max protect situations, rolling him away from pressure and rarely asking him to make any kind of throws downfield. The Eagles played that offense to a T and didn’t turn the ball over or allow a sack, which lessened the impact the Hokies’ defense could have on the game. I’d imagine Miami might try something similar, considering how turnover-prone Morris is. The Canes have a running game they can rely on. That’ll be key. The Hokies’ stated goal every week is to make teams one-dimensional by stopping the run, then go after the quarterback and force mistakes. Miami has to run it and throw it, or it will play into Tech’s hands.


SMD: Kicker Cody Journell has missed several field goals this year. Does Virginia Tech still have faith in him?

 AB: Somewhat surprisingly. Journell has had a strange year. He’s just 10-for-16 on field goals and had a stretch where he couldn’t hit anything. Yet he’s also won ACC Specialist of the Week honors twice in the last four weeks, first for going 4-for-5 with a career-long 48-yarder against Pittsburgh and last week for hitting from 56 and 47 against Boston College. But in between those games, he missed two 40-plus field goals against Duke that ultimately was the difference in the game.

 I don’t know if Hokies fans still trust him when he goes out there, but Beamer does. He’s showed a steadfast faith in the kicker throughout his struggles, against popular opinion, and was vindicated to a degree last week. Still, I think Journell is going to be a guy who could go back to his missing ways just as quickly as he regained his form. He just hasn’t been steady this year.

 He’ll continue to kick, though. Tech doesn’t have many other options. Ethan Keyserling stepped in during the Marshall game when Journell was serving a one-game suspension and went 0-for-3 (admittedly in a driving rain). Journell’s made big kicks before -- he had three game-winners last year -- and Beamer, the one who counts, thinks he can do it again. So he’ll be the guy.


SMD: The Hokies were 7-6 last year and are coming off losses to Duke and Boston College this year. Is there any hope Frank Beamer can get this team back to what it once was, winning 10 games a year?

 AB: It’ll be a process. When the Hokies were 6-1, everyone thought this team was back on its way to being the old Virginia Tech, which won 10 games for eight straight years prior to last season. Back-to-back losses to Duke and Boston College have brought fans back to reality. And the reality is, this is very much a work in progress. Even when the Hokies were building that 6-1 record, they did it without a ton of offense. They just weren’t turning the ball over, getting by on a very small margin of error. Not too much has changed the last few weeks, except the turnovers. And for a team that was just getting by, those were enough to put it on the wrong side of the final score.

 I think, given time, the overhaul to the offensive coaching staff the Hokies did last offseason, bringing in new offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler, will be a positive. But he’s not exactly working with a stacked deck this year. Yes, Thomas is a senior, but his oldest running back is a sophomore, three of his top four receivers are a sophomore, a redshirt freshman and a former walk-on, the tight end is a true freshman, as is the fullback, and the offensive line is inexperienced, with a true freshman starting at left tackle. So it’s a transition year, even with the headliner -- Thomas -- being a fifth-year senior.

 Until these new coaches can replenish the ranks through recruiting and build some experience, I don’t think Tech will get back to that 10-win plateau that became the norm for it for so long. But Foster’s defense is going to be a constant. It has been for nearly 20 years. If the offense can just show minimal improvement in its efficiency, the Hokies will continue to be a player in the ACC.




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I think little Jimmy needed to tag out to another of his screen names in between crying that a coach who doesn't beat his primary rival isn't being treated fairly three years into his mediocre career.

The retroactive revisionist history by your multiple blog ID's is so transparent Robert.

Posted by: UGoCane | November 09, 2013 at 02:28 PM

What we are doing is supporters our Canes--what u are doing is supporting Al Golden like the media does.

If the arguments that U don't like, didn't have an credence then U wouldn't have felt motivated to post that rant with exclamation points and all caps to boot.

Your blind-follower stance doesn't set the standard or garner an ultimatum for fans to either ride with the lies or else. U aint nothing but an elitist wanna be. Whatever the tube says goes in your world that they provide.

Lots of tough, Canetriotic words from U, the gator Zook and SBC--but no facts to support any of it. Just belief and hope instead of skill and the assurance it provides.

Keep prayer for wins against inferior opponents like VT today. But I know that with a real coach and our present player talent, today's outcome would not be in question. FSU's fans are not worried today *at* Wake Forest, they went out their and demolished them while we struggled because of scheme.

UGoCanes, nobody has to self-respect the self-inflicted "process' of mediocrity and stagnation that you've bought into. Show me a real Cane war/struggle and not a hustle and I'll fight for it on the front lines.

Ron Zook if a life long jets fan doesnt support Mark Sanchez does that make him a hater and not a jets fan? Does a fan have to support every single aspect of a team? There were plenty of generation long eagle fan last year who did not want reid anymore. Does that make them eagle haters? I just dont understand where you get the idea that me disliking dno makes me a miami hater?

Then can you give me your definition of what a fan is? I always thought Golden was ok but like every great leader they all have areas where they must improve, that makes me a hater to say that doesnt it, it was dno who i just didnt feel was the answer. So that makes me a hater.

And you keep saying we are undermanned, were we really undermanned against gt, unc, and wake? do you see how pruit attacks wake do you really think we cant do that? and if you dont think that there is a huge difference between our talent and on field performance how can you explain 116 did we last year have the 116th rank defensive talent in the country if im supposed to believe that then fine i guess im not a fan because i refuse to beleive our talent was 116th in the country the difference in talent and performance is dno or is that being a hater to say that?

For all the fools, UF didn't outplay us. Our D was on the field for 40 minutes and got five turnovers. It isn't like they did it before.

Trolls are going to ignore facts but live in their dream world. SMo17 threw 4 INTS and we had 4 turnovers in the GT game and we came out with win! Now go around telling us that UNC, GT and WF outplayed us. Ludicrous.

Posted by: lannertcito | November 08, 2013 at 10:04 PM

You just made my point for me. The O is what is not being productive at the moment. Once they start clicking things would be much better for the D.

The negative nancies here are out blaming our D.

Posted by: jsy | November 09, 2013 at 02:51 PM

JSY, please stop and think before you post. We cannot attack like Pruitt. We don't have the talent on the DL. Plain and simple. Don't forget, WF did lose their best WR. Their whole game plan was developed around him when they played us.

You are not looking at this logically. We had four turnovers in the UNC and GT game. VT lost to Duke and BC and they had four turnovers in those two games. It is very hard to win when the O turns balls over in the redzone. But, we came out with W.

Nah, I absolutely believe your W-R-O-N-G!!

However, I have my doubts about a head coach who REFUSED to bloody well CHIT-CAN his defensive coordinator after said defensive unit finished with the NO.117 total defense in the country.

And said defense ended up the absolute WORST defense, in said football program's history. Especially when said program has had a solid, TRADITION of turning out Top 10, Top 15 defenses since 1983.

Posted by: D | November 09, 2013 at 02:50 PM


By the way, a few moons ago Wyoming's head coach CHIT-CANNED his defensive coordinator and it WASN'T even mid-season yet.

Oh, at that time Wyoming wasn't even at the same rung as Marky Mark's D-unit last season. I guess the Cowpokes head coach knew his defense was headed towards a Miami, Florida type of 2013 defense. So, he decided to put an end to mediocrity, and what not, concerning his HAPLESS defensive struggles.

Their are a few more examples of head coaches giving their D-coordinator's during the regular season. GEORGIA TECH anyone. hUh

Posted by: jsy | November 09, 2013 at 02:51 PM

No one will answer any of the questions posed in this^^ post, watch.

I dare any of U to find the question marks in the above post, read whats in front of them and make a post to answer each of them one by one.

Posted by: D | November 09, 2013 at 02:59 PM

You must be living in a dream world. I don't want the U to let any one go during the season. One evaluates after the season and our problems right now stems from a non-performing O. We need the O to be in sync ASAP.

Serioulsy, I've never been a SYNCOPHANT and or APOLOGISTS of D'Onofrio. SEE Goldie and Marky Mark's 1st game against FOOTBALL POWERHOUSE Maryland.

Yet, I want to see Miami, Florida play some defense tonight. Because believe it or not, tonight's game is going to be a GRIND IT OUT sort of game and the better defense generally wins those type of games.

Yeah, yeah the offense and special teams still have a say so in which ever squad comes out the victor.

Ron Zook if a life long jets fan doesnt support Mark Sanchez does that make him a hater and not a jets fan?

Posted by: jsy | November 09, 2013 at 02:51 PM


Stop with the which way did they go analogies. That infantile BS doesn't play with me. If Sanchez was 7 & 0 and you clowns were screaming he should be benched, is not playing like the old jets and the coach should be fired then yes, it makes you a Jets hater...and moron!!

Look you and the other hater girls are not going to stop as you have no interest in the facts, because those facts override your lies.

You, Calvin, Gallo Cane72, the self avowed and highly advertised Muslim Harriet and others with missing backbones are pitiful critics and only find pleasure when whatever you are complaining about finds failure, which should be a light bulb coming on over your head with the knowledge that is why the rest of your life is so pathetic. Yet, it won't and no matter the facts you will fine something to complain and b.i.t.c.h about.

football, why do we always keep saying its talent why wont we consider that maybe our coaching doest develop our talent as well as we thought and our coaching isnt putting our guys in the best situations and maximize their strenghts. Can you ever recall a big win by Golden where ppl lauded dno's schemes its always that we were tough mentally and I think thats a great part of Golden that never give up attitude he instilled but why must we always say its the players and lack of talent and depth. its like its taboo to every say it may be the coaching

You must be living in a dream world. I don't want the U to let any one go during the season. One evaluates after the season and our problems right now stems from a non-performing O. We need the O to be in sync ASAP.

Posted by: Football | November 09, 2013 at 03:03 PM


I wasn't SUGGESTING Goldie CUT LOSE his decades-long buddy during the season last season!

And IF you had any sort of reading comprehension, you'd KNOW by now that I've HARPED on and on, that Golden should have AXED D'Onofrio after the conclusion of last season.

But that's neither here or now. Because as long Golden is in Coral Gables, his loyal friend will be by his side, naturally.

So, perhaps you should become COMFORTABLE with 10-2 or 9-3 type of seasons in the future.

Because Marky Mark's SOFT ZONE, passive-aggressive defense AIN'T going to take Miami to a possible 4-team, national championship playoff. LET ALONE WIN a national championship!!

a nail biter with wake forest and fsu is crushing them 52-3.....if UM was any good there would be no question with VT....they s..ck this year

soon the light will go on and the fans will come to recognize that golden/dnofrio are just average coaches....

golden can easily get fired.....he is gonna come up short this year and next year.....then he will be gone

nobody cares about the coastal division.....its an embarrassment...

One evaluates after the season and our problems right now stems from a non-performing O. We need the O to be in sync ASAP.

Posted by: Football | November 09, 2013 at 03:03 PM

Who is "one"? Coaches don't evaluate until after seasons? Or fans shouldn't evaluate their teams until after the season? If thats the case, then whats the purpose or utility in blogging during the season. Some of yall think that blogging is only for praising a team. But football, U just critique and blamed the offense for the team's struggles. Why is your critique of a certain aspect of the team ok, but other's beliefs not? Why are U evaluating before the end of the season yourself?

Posted by: jsy | November 09, 2013 at 03:11 PM

Has it ever occurred to you, that the talent we have on the team beyond a select few is pedestrian? Except for Chickillo none of our DL will be in rotation in a place like FSU or Alabama.

If anything, this coaching staff is developing talent across the board. For others perhaps they have reached their ceiling.

Right now, our O is putting us in a bad situation most of the time (We had 8 yards of O in the I quarter against WF). This doesn't even give time for adjustments on D. The U Tough has been marvelous to our conditioning, but that alone is not enough.

I agree that the D could execute much better, but I think with the talent and experience we have, we are over achieving. We need our O to execute much better than it is doing now.

Ron Zook what are these facts that I refuse to believe? Do you really have facts to support that Golden is the NUMBER 1 coach in all of college football. Even if you have 1 fact to undeniable support Golden being absolutely the best coach in all of america please share. I support Golden I just think like any coach he has flaws some bigger than others but overall hes doing a good job but I cant honestly say he is the number 1 coach in all of america. What could possibly make you think that there is not 1 coach in america that is better. in your mind do you have to believe that to be a fan?

Because Marky Mark's SOFT ZONE, passive-aggressive defense AIN'T going to take Miami to a possible 4-team, national championship playoff. LET ALONE WIN a national championship!!

Posted by: D | November 09, 2013 at 03:12 PM

Mac, we all know our DC does not run soft zone exclusively. We need two or three faster/ stronger guys on the DL to even be able to call an agressive D. Because, most of the large yardage plays against our D happens when we blitz and are in man.

its like its taboo to every say it may be the coaching

Posted by: jsy | November 09, 2013 at 03:11 PM

The bloody IRONY was Wake Forest's game planning by the COACHING staff, which kept the Deacons in the entire game against the Canes.

Yet, a majority of Hurricane partisans DON'T wanna' admit that.

I guess these Cane dudes be BLINDED by the Orange nd' Green, Golden light and what not.

Zook U keep talking about hate, but U continue to bring up my religious beliefs in a condescending way (although U like to quote other Muslims like Ali and Malcolm X to garner yourself some credibility), U comment on Obama as a liar, because refused to explain why, and U continue to name yourself after a Gator moron on a Canes blog with the nutty excuse that it makes Gator fans upset????...on this Canes blog though???, Constantly and *unnecessarily* throwing RS under the bus to prop up Al Golden's tenure, while using racial epithets all the while.

So who really projects hatred?

Harriet Tubman I respect your opinion.

1) Coach G has proven his NUTS. He could easily have said to He** with this. I did not sign up for this, and left the 'U'. He stayed, give him Credit.
2) Coach G has said I am in it for the long term. Many so called fans are resentful of this because it doesn't fit in with their agenda.
3) The 'U' for the first time in years played one of the most relevant games since the Halycon Days of yore. We were in the MEDIA and everyone was asking "how about them 'Canes?". I am sure we became relevant for that week and beyond. For our team, recruits, and general media buzz. Who brought us there.
You know who.
Wouldn't you agree?.
4) The NCAA who tried to SCR** us, got a black eye, and made us suffer much too long with little result on their end. The Team and Staff had no one leave,.
5) The Coaching staff at the U is now in a building that is worthy of our team and our 'U'. On Whose watch did all this occur?. Give Credit where it is due.
I attended the 'U' I know the old facility. We should be proud of our NEW Schwarz Facility!!!.

The stride and pride of the 'U' takes a backseat to NO ONE.
That is the reason for my so called "RANT".

All the things this Coach has brought to the table and with the unwanted criticism and negativity thrown at him by some "so called Fans" it seems Grostly Unfair.. Check the above. If your were in that position would you have the Gu** to stick it out, Smile, Rebuild and Lead. Question yourself...

I am not defending the media.

I am stating FACTS. As someone who has vested very much in our team, and Success, to have people berate everything 'Canes while stating they are FANS is totally false. IMHO.

We can disagree but Facts are Facts.
Go 'Canes

Posted by: jsy | November 09, 2013 at 02:51 PM

No one will answer any of the questions posed in this^^ post, watch.
I dare any of U to find the question marks in the above post, read whats in front of them and make a post to answer each of them one by one.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 09, 2013 at 03:00 PM


Just more crap by the human crap producing machine. Those idiot, so called, questions have been answered literally hundreds of times on this blog and proven to be wrong.

But, each time the haters are proven wrong they re-word the same lies in the form of a question and start the process all over again.

Poor little girls, as hard as they try their lies will not change the fact that Al Golden is the best coach in all of college football and he will soon deliver a 6th National Championship to the Canes.

The bloody IRONY was Wake Forest's game planning by the COACHING staff, which kept the Deacons in the entire game against the Canes.

Yet, a majority of Hurricane partisans DON'T wanna' admit that.

I guess these Cane dudes be BLINDED by the Orange nd' Green, Golden light and what not.

Posted by: D | November 09, 2013 at 03:23 PM

Mac, there is no irony in that. Our D adjusted and held them to one score in the second half with a lot of three and outs. Even our O managed to score twice late in the game.

The 2002 team was trailing to Rutgers with a losing record 17-14 in third Q, if I recall correctly. Things like this happen as well. But you don't fire you coaches immediately.

BUT, without turnovers, UNC and GT games would not have been close. Because of the D we won both of those. Is that hard to see?

football i agree that the offesne is no where near where we need to be and the loss of pd4 was bigger than many think and now being down duke wont help our d and it needs all the help possible. and i agree that we are not fsu or bama i would be crazy if believed that but i believe we are much better than what we have shown i truly believe our guys should be at least vt and msu good. We started with better raw material than them so what happened here and there over the last 3 years. but the things that really have me questioning dno is how during the gt game he isnt prepared for the diamond formation, then against unc all we hear about from him and ag is about their te and then he runs free in the first half, and against wake he was schooled by the wake oc. The common theme here is that he lets the opponent dictate what he does his defense never dictates to the offense



We have a huge game coming up in a few hours....

Are we really gonna be debating which coach is fired?

This is all the proof i need there's some seriously inept football fans on this blog.


ACC title game on the balance today.

An improving Canes team from 2012.

Still young Defensive squad playing better than expected.

An offense that's completely disappointing from what their preseason prediction would be.

Today, it's about VT's defense against our Canes offense.

The Defense will once again keep the Canes in the game.

Keep complaining about D'Onofrio and firing him for improving his squad's performance.

It'll fall on deaf ears except for the irrational ones on here with a personal hatred of Golden and his staff.

Facts works better in life when making an argument.

Maybe try that for yourself.

Go Canes!

Posted by: UGoCane | November 09, 2013 at 03:27 PM

You cannot reason with HTC. He wants a NC caliber team in nano seconds.

Posted by: jsy | November 09, 2013 at 03:31 PM

He did dictate to FSU what they were doing on O. Unfortunately, we couldn't execute on O. But, hey we are 7-1.

VT is on deck. I want us to win coastal so bad and we need the O to perform today. It cannot be 0-0 at the end of regulation. VT's defense is more experienced and they will execute better. We need to execute on O and special teams.

Worse VT team in a decade last year.

Hokies still can't move the football for jack or shat this year.

Not one national title in Virginia.

FSU is the primary rival of Miami.

Bend but don't break defense doesn't sell tickets at UM.

Get your tie printed tshirt on little Jimmy.

Zook U keep talking about hate, but U continue to bring up my religious beliefs in a condescending way (although U like to quote other Muslims like Ali and Malcolm X to garner yourself some credibility)

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 09, 2013 at 03:25 PM


You're a liar (surprise) as you were the one who brought up your Muslim shtick...not me. You did so in a manner that tried to convince the reader that due to you supposedly being a Muslim that somehow made you superior to others. Believe me, you are just the opposite!

Correcting another of your endless lies...Malcolm X was brought up by your girlfriend Calvin concerning a post of mine that had nothing even remotely close to do with X. Then, as usual, you stupidly believed I brought it up and went on the attack...as they say, "Stupid is as stupid does".

You also were the only one on this blog to take a harmless tongue in cheek comment that I responded to from another blogger about Obamacare and went on a tirade about racism and other stupidity that I couldn't force myself to fully read as it was total idiocy and produced by a hater just looking to create even more hate.

football what do you think is more likely on vt's first possession a logan thomas td or a 3 and out or a vt turnover

and vice versa on our first offensive drive?

FACT: VT sure can move the ball.

They have had about 400 yards of offense in their last two losses. But, their FG kicker and QB lost it for them.

Vandy did give up 350 yards to the injury depleted FL while gaining only 183. As much as folks want to live in their dream world, facts don't support it.

Posted by: jsy | November 09, 2013 at 03:47 PM

I don't expect bad things for us. I always expect a TD from our O and a VT 3 and out from our D.

You do know that our D forced UNC a 3 and out on the first drive?

i just hope we dont come out flat and dont let fsu beat us twice

So Vandy's team had no injuries at all?


386 yards against Duke two weeks ago in a loss is not 400 or more.


Little Jimmy needs another shot of steroids to replace what he never had in the first place.


FACT for the match challenged:

386 yards is about 400 yards.

i know i was excited how we opened against unc but then i dont know why we forgot about the te maybe cuz he did nothing the first drive

1) Of course he could have left, but to feel *indebted* to him for staying when he didn't have better options, not to mention that his agent told him that they could use the NCAA situation to garner added job security, money, and no performance appraisals is a home run. This is a destination job that has led almost every coach including assistants to the NFL, it provides the most fruitful recruiting base in the world, and he made sure he got paid to stay. Golden never had a job like UM before UM, so why the surprise that he stayed with all this^^ in mind?

2) Are U saying that most Cane fans don't support Golden's tenure? Not true, its a fact that most Cane fans love Al Golden as our coach. Why wouldn't a Cane fan not want longevity at the HC position, when we've had no continuity at any positon of late?

3) I've already why the media loves an Al Golden coached UM team and its because those teams get blown out on the stages that U are boasting about. Also, we've been on that stage against VT in the rain game when Jacory sucked, OSU games both years, the Oklahoma game we won at home, and the ND game last season that everyone watched around the nation.

4) The NCAA investigation was based off of a jailhouse rant and some receipts that individual players had been punished for. Logic should have told UM officials that they didn't have anything and were obviously waiting to see if we'd self-impose on ourselves. The handling of the NCAA investigation by the UM administration is just another example of the ineptitude and mismanagement that exist in its offices.

5) Ok, I guess i have to give Golden credit for convincing the administration to spend money on our facilities on his watch. To be honest fund-raising abilities and pageantry things of that nature are not on my priority list as a Canes fan really. I really want our football team to be truly successful for the long run on the field. Golden is a great politician that, no one can debate. I'm looking forward to his ability to out-coach someone though, on that stage U spoke of.

Respect UGoCanes and I apologize. Keep supporting the U however U see fit and I'll do the same. I don't believe we're being unfair to Golden personally. He has come up off of (benefitted from) everything some view him to be a martyr for.

I think we win this game tonight.

At this point and to me the *players* deserve all of this support, loyalty and defense that the coaching staff has garnered.

How did get to 7-1?

The talent of our players!

See, you're busted little Jimmy, they put up 387 yards of offense and you didn't even bother to fact check your false claims when they're refuted intentionally falsely.

The only 400 yard or more offensive days they've had against a FBS team this year was last week, in a loss to a going nowhere BC team. They suck.

Mark can't wait to play soft zone and let them put up yearly highs today because he's as pathetic at this ID name as you are discussing it, Football.

Posted by: UGoCane | November 09, 2013 at 03:27 PM

You cannot reason with HTC. He wants a NC caliber team in nano seconds.

Posted by: Football | November 09, 2013 at 03:33 PM

nanoseconds?? We haven't had a championship caliber team in 10 seasons.

U should really take your own advice and think before U post.

For the math challenged troll everyone is a Jimmy. Now, he is even reading challenged!

FACT: The troll is math challenged
FACT: The troll has difficulty comprehending written language.

I said about 400 yards in their two losses. I didn't say above 400 yards. Go back and re-read.

Posted by: Ron Zook | November 09, 2013 at 03:46 PM

The question is how long ago was that (months ago) and why did I? In that post I was responding to a blogger I met after the ND game in Chicago last season and how as we talked while trying to catch a cab, we found that we were not only Canes, but both Muslim.

Now how is that me trying to claim or insinuate that I'm superior to anyone? U have an inferiority complex that clearly explains your insecure racist beliefs as well. Golden doesn't need your racially motivated crutch to be successful, so cut it out and stop projecting and twisting everything to fit your agenda of personally discrediting people who U can't intellectually hold a debate with.

I posted an Malcolm X quote, then U posted another one that U believed to work against, but actually worked against the argument U were raising.

The question is: why use a quote that U liked and related to Cane brotherhood from another Muslim (MalcolmX) when U obviously have an issue with Muslims? Then U went onto compare me to Muhammad Ali--basically saying that he was a real man??

It sure seems that U are just as confused about how U feel about Muslims as u are about that Gator name U claim.

U hate that U love the Gators

U hate that U love Muslims

Identity crisis and inferiority complex on full display whenever U post sir.

Florida loses 34-17 to Vanderbilt, makes bowl eligibility a long shot - Palm Beach Post

Hilarious!! By the way, they played to a half-empty stadium.

Do we have any extra tarps that the Gators are always pointing to for use in the Gator's Septic Tank stadium?

Big Al is going to slay the Gators in recruiting!

Harriet the Muslim (and all of your other aliases),

I'm done responding to all of your lies and half truths.

Suffice to say, your latest post above is another dump truck load of crap wrapped in lies.

Ali, the X man and others would whip your sorry arse for you invoking their beliefs as a means to try and make yourself appear too be relevant and/or superior.


Yeah, I think he should've looked into why the defense sucked last year. It looks better this year though.

I'd fire the OC before Dino...no excuses there, plenty of experience.

It looks better this year though.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | November 09, 2013 at 04:56 PM


Yet, Miami, Florida's defense is better this season. Albeit those defensive stats' are inflated due to the Canes weak non-conference schedule ( I have to play the Calvin card on that notion. hUh ).

Nevertheless, the remaining games will be a true indicator when it comes to Marky Mark's ploys and what not.

Again, this is going to be a GRIND IT OUT sort of game tonight. Au contraire to what canespace dudes have to bloody opine on the matter.

And in tight ball games, it's usually the better defensive play which dictates the outcome.

And yes, Miami, Florida's putrid offensive play is shocking to say the least. Especially when U look at all the Top 25 scores across the country and see how squads are putting up 38 + offensive totals.

Yeah, yeah the Oregon vs. Stanford game was the exception to the rule and what not. So what.

JSY and Mac,

I have a question for you all. Who do you blame for UF's loss today? Is that due to Muschamp's schemes or his players? I guess the did lost significant players on O but except for Easley I thought their D is intact. But they still let Vandy score in critical times.

Posted by: D | November 09, 2013 at 05:13 PM

I agree with you. That's why we need the offense to come our swinging. We need a return for a TD or something like that. I was surprised to find out UNC's backup QB completed 66% of his passes vs this VT D.

So, hope our O resembles the one we saw during USF.

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