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According to USA Today, Canes' Al Golden 46th highest paid coach in college football

USA Today released its annual list of how much college football coaches are making and Hurricanes coach Al Golden ranks 46th among the 119 the newspaper was able to calculate.

Golden, signed through Feb. 1, 2020, is making $2.148 million this season, less than at least seven other coaches in the ACC. Seven schools weren't represented in the chart: ACC schools Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Boston College were among them.

The coaches USA Today says are making more than Golden: FSU's Jimbo Fisher ($2.75m), N.C. State's Dave Doeren ($2.555m), Clemson's Dabo Swinney ($2.550m), Virginia Tech's Frank Beamer ($2.541m), Georgia Tech's Paul Johnson ($2.515m), Wake Forest's Jim Grobe ($2.251m) and Virginia's Mike London ($2.189m).

Here is the link to the chart with all coaching salaries.

Alabama's Nick Saban pulls in the most money among all coaches at $5.545 million. Interestingly enough Penn State's Bill O'Brien checks in at $3.282 million, 14th overall. Florida's Will Muschamp is making $2.734 million.


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Yup, and Golden has earned every dam bit of it too, what with, the winers, cryers, bellyachers and then we get to the almost 3 years of waiting for the NCAA to get off it peverable butts and make a decision. Considering where this team was headed before he arrived, They may not be where many feel they ought to be, but, at least they're headed in the right direction. I think he's about due a raise, but, that's just my opinion. As for the team, where they stand will depend on how they do this Saturday. Go Canes.

Posted by: Tennesseecane | November 06, 2013 at 06:24 PM

Well said!

Heck, I know if I was making $2M a year and performing at a mediocre level, I'd just keep smiling and all the way to the bank.

Heck, as long as I was in sight of .500, I'd be smiling. They ought to compile a list of the most overpaid and overrated coaches ever.

Ron Zook--a known moron Gator is your name of choice, but U come here telling Us about what it is to be a Cane!

F outta here with that nut ish!

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 06, 2013 at 05:50 PM


To the real Canes fans,

I love putting the hater above on tilt. Just last night he was bemoaning name calling on this blog and look at his post. LOL!!

He was quoting Malcolm X and of course I beetch slapped him into the next hemisphere so he's throwing a 5 year old girl hissy fit.

He is so painfully devoid of intellect he can't understand that my using the Ron Zook screen name is a jab at the Gators. I would ask that someone try to explain that statement to the hater, but it would only confuse him even more that I recognize seems impossible to do.

He has lectured all of us on how terrible the Miami football program is and at the same time worked in his Muslim beliefs as if that somehow makes his comments accurate.

Finally, this hater quoting Malcolm X is like Pee Wee Herman quoting Muhammad Ali...laughing at him!!!

Some talk about Saban going to Texas, maybe, maybe not, but if the 'Horns offered Fisher $5 million a year, he'd probably go, and he'd be a better choice than Saban, too because he's not so old.

I wonder: where does little ol' Wake get all that money to pay its football coach?

Football, when u say studs are you going off of size, skill, or performance? If u meant size we are nice and super sized now after 2 full u toughs so not much dif there. If u talk skill we actually have higher ranking guys according to stars on our dline, now performance they are way ahead. Based on combine numbers we are there with them and we are collectively viewed as more talented according to stars so where we lack is performance. It's clear msu developed there talent better and they use an aggressive scheme to best put their guys who they molded in the best position to make plays. So the only part where we lack is on the coaches side. If our guys were coached up properly and especially used better we would have studs bc we actually started with better material. Dno in three years how many studs has he created?
And u say msu and TV execute well, isn't execution supposed to be taught by coaches? If anything guys who showed promise as freshman on the defensive are getting worse in year 3 of dno ie chick he was under armour MVP and look at his lack of progression so I'm just saying this dno scheme is the reason we never have studs.

Look at the last couple ua game mvp Easley at uf, then chick, then Winston, then Hargreaves. The mvp meant at one point he was best of the best on the field and at times he looked it his freshman year but after three years of u tough and dno he's worse now and look at the other guys they are studs at this rate based on his potential u would have to say chick is a bust bc he's my fav player on this team but the other teams turn their guys into studs but not dno... Jed was able to with streeter and made j12 and Morris better and the jury is out on coleys ability but it's clear to me dno is more bad than good

Powell at uf came out when chik came out u could say they were comparable in measurements and skill. What did uf do they didnt supersize him kept his speed and quickness and he's now a studedge rusher even after his acl blew out last year did u see him against us this year he was so much better and used so much better than chik. So when we say we have no dline man maybe besides lacking just talent we aren't using and developing our talent to the fullest extent and that falls on dno

I meant Powell came out a year before chik

Please post the bemoaning, i mean it just happened last night right? So it should be simple. U always talking like other people watching me roast U but they don't care this is U and I again. No crowd.

U talking about insults then paste me insulting the real Ron Zook--reading comprehension issues...again. They way U behave is "nut ish"--once again..reading comprehension. so what is it now. U lie whenever U post: U refuse to explain your name (how is it a shot at the Gators??) and you've *never* reposted anything you've ever accused me of (and thats alot).

So in essence U are a fraud, protecting frauds...makes perfect sense.

U referencing all of these great black men but you're a known racist on here. And your insistence upon bringing up my faith (which I brought up once in context of a run-in with another blogger after the ND game last year) is wearing thin.

Since U hate Islam so much--why do U keep referencing Muslim's like Ali and X?

Islam motivated everything about those guys U naming and looking up to, so in that case it has giving them credibility in your eyes since U so enamored with them.

Keep trying to rile up some support that U never get. Bigots are going extinct.

Bravo Tennesseecane !!

jsy-0 What i cantget is this- Chik and Jadaveon Clowney came out same yr. Clowney obviously a freak and Chick a tad smaller at the time- Chick completely outplayed Clowney in the US army all star game and actualy got the Defensive MVP over Clowney- they both played D-end simultaneously. Chick has stalled in some ways- He does make tackles and some TOFL:S but he is inconsistent and certainlyt not a sack master at all. He sacked Winston how many times?

Cool cat is also a racist you know what. Golden overrated? So what did tha make Shannon, if not the worse coach in NCAA history? Besides- you and Calvin are likely NWA groupies-
Cool cat talks about Kenb Dorsey being the most overrated QB inMiami history. The only fact he passes is that Kenny lost only 2 games as a starter and played in 2 NCS as starting QB, and never lost to UF or FSU. EV-ER.

Get over it Flava flav, Golden is here to stay and I will lobby the admin to give him a 5 yr extension and another raise if his team takes us to the ACC ch. !0 yr extension if he wins the ACC.

I'm Loving twisting the little girl HarrietTubmanCane into a freakish pretzel.

He is now comparing himself to Ali and Malcolm X...too funny!!!

Yo HarrietTubmanCane--as I pointed out in a previous post, you are the Muslim version of Pee Wee Herman...laughing at you!!

I love how 7-1 is now mediocre. I'm glad Cool Cat isn't paid based on performance... he'd never eat again! LOSER!

Get over it Flava flav, Golden is here to stay and I will lobby the admin to give him a 5 yr extension and another raise if his team takes us to the ACC ch. !0 yr extension if he wins the ACC.

Posted by: 9>5>2 | November 06, 2013 at 07:13 PM


Great stuff 9>5>2!! You will now be labeled as being a racist by the little girl Harriet (and her 20 other screen names) because you defended Al Golden.

You're twisting alright, but nothings moving.

How am i comparing myself to X and Ali, when U brought Islam into the conversation to discredit me, while at the same hypocritical time quoting two men, who just so happen to be Muslims for your own credibility LOL!?!?

How dumb and idiotic is that?

And you're admittedly the Cane version of Ron Zook.

Circle the wagons time! Hope yall wives didn't mess up the eye holes this time.

The WF coach makes more $$ than Golden. That's a slap in the face. Attention UM admin: You would be well advised to give Golden a modest pay raise, assuming the team continues to perform.

9/5/2: U are a Zook clone: What made those teams during Dorsey's "easy" QB ride was having people like Joseph, Taylor, Reed, Davenport, Bilba, Vilma, Johnson, Portis Shockey, Winslow on the team — U want me to go on?

U give me J12, Berlin, Erickson and somebody off the street from Hialeah or "The City" rather than KD.

Why won't U admit 9 to 5: KD was grossly overrated and played on a stacked team. The best thing Coker did for the program was make RS DC. That was the beginning of a defensive stand down that U wish it had right now.

Why don't U and UR boy Zook go put up some pre-holiday decor.

Posted by: jsy | November 06, 2013 at 06:49 PM

Let's start with DTs. This is the first year Porter has been injury free and we are lucky to have Renfrow. Beyond these two just solid players, we only have serviceable guys. No exceptional talent such as Easley (UF) or Edwards (FSU). Even having one exceptional guy like that will help our D immensely.

Chickillo is still an impact player while Green is solid against the run. Chick was handled last week, but that happens to the best of them (Syracuse's Freeney got handled by Mt McKinney in 2001 for example when we blanked Syracuse 59-0).

We have a good secondary that is still young, so the consistency lacks but the depth is very average. So, as some one else said we have a very thin layer of cream below which we have a lot of mediocre players on D who are over achieving. And this will catch up when we play an elite team with a lot of depth such as FSU.

Now, irrespective of the scheme some of the average players are not going to excel overnight. If a team has experienced above average guys at most positions, they will execute better (such as MSU and VT).

From my perspective we are not getting worse. With a traditional 4-3, we couldn't cover UVA's tight end when we lost to them 48-0 in 2007. Our LBs simply couldn't execute and were always caught out of position. We were very young last year on D and it showed as well with multiple blown coverages.

We have Burns on D and Coley on O who are freshmen getting significant playing time. They are going to have freshmen issues at times. Calling for the coordinators' head is not going to solve this.

Additionally, experienced players can also have an off game. I think our D is executing well most of the time. Of course I agree we can always question some play calls. On the O however, outside of the USF game, we have been struggling mightily. Again, I am not sure what this is due to. I don't have the time or the inclination to analyze this in detail, but given that our average run and pass yards have increased compared to last year, I am not complaining as we are winning. If our O is clicking on all cylinders, I think our problems on D will mostly disappear because the level of execution will be sufficient most of the time. We do need depth against elite teams though.

Oh and another thing 9 to 5: I'll gladly accept being called "Flava Flav: Heck, he'll go down in worldwide pop culture as the best front man in the past 20 years. Public Enemy would not have been successful had it not been for people like U and Crook, er Zook, buying their CD's.

So yeah, I'm cool with the Flava Flav thing......

One day U will come to the harsh realization that U do not know, forget football, sports period.

Coach Golden is the choice of impostors, he is a stunt double at best of our previous coaches, so the decision to hire him and him, himself are not deserving of my loyalty unfortunately.

Its not his fault (its not personal--he's just doing the best he can and his job) he lucked into this job with a sub .500 record to hopefully overachieve despite his pedigree of not winning anything. His bosses are the culprits and their insistence upon neglecting this football program and providing annual excuses to robots that love a fallacy--does not deserve my or anyone's loyalty. If U choose to be misled and fight on a lie (like Slim Charles from "The Wire"), then thats your prerogative, but don't push that on me. Lies have never benefitted me in my life, so I don't have any affinity or use for them. That may be the difference--maybe you've found utility in BS--not I.

Upholding lies and being docile in the face of them is exactly why X went at ML King and they beefed. But before Dr. King was killed he was speaking different and about to connect with X (explains a lot).

There's only one way to confront BS and thats to go right at it--directly. Waiting for fakes and liars to work an imaginary self-imposed "process" is a pipe dream. They making money while we remain mediocre and that$ all that matters.

They aint our brothers until they disassociate with the impostors and free this program. We have been infiltrated, even got Uncle Cane Toms misinterpreting X.

They quote works against U thanks. Don't act like u understand realness Zook when U openly reflect and embody an identity crisis in something as obvious as your name!

Ron Zook--a known moron Gator is your name of choice, but U come here telling Us about what it is to be a Cane!

F outta here with that nut ish!

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 06, 2013 at 05:50 PM

This man is on his way to winning a pulitzer prize. Dawg, any time some imbecile tries to use what MALCOM X said in reference to coach goldie, you already know you dealing with a buffoon. They can't stand up to the Truth, make it plain!

Also, my name is Calvin and i approve this message!

Of course, skill and experience will translate to performance, unless of course you are unmotivated like Seantrel.

Alabama only put up 202 yards and VT's D. Duke put up 198 yards converting 0 third downs on VT.

Would you say Duke's coaching is better than Alabama's?

Powell at uf came out when chik came out u could say they were comparable in measurements and skill. What did uf do they didnt supersize him kept his speed and quickness and he's now a studedge rusher even after his acl blew out last year did u see him against us this year he was so much better and used so much better than chik. So when we say we have no dline man maybe besides lacking just talent we aren't using and developing our talent to the fullest extent and that falls on dno

Posted by: jsy | November 06, 2013 at 06:57 PM

jsy, what's up man, you haven't learnt yet, stop trying to talk football with alot of these nimwits, if coach goldie hasn't said it yet, than for them, it ain't True. Don't waste your time making sense, they have none. These idiots will try and argue with you about "everybody is playing a 3-4 or bama this and bama that, and how the last few championships won were won by teams running a 3-4, but ask those same imbeciles, how many national championships do we have, ok, 5, how mnay of those championships were won with the 4-3, okay than, the same championships they try and brag about, they're too stupid to realize how we got em.

Golden needs to mget paid better. Muschamp is stealing money, a sack of rice can coach better than that dude.

"Rematch with FSU? Al Golden says Canes "don't even live in that world" right now"
Hey we got our hands full with the traditional ACC and national powerhouses like VaTech, Duke, Virginia and Pitt.
What a gaunlet that is. Four national powers and feared teams. We will be lucky to split the last four.

Posted by: Yellow Al Golden | November 06, 2013 at 02:59 PM

One of my favorite post today, rofl!

Given the lack of above average guys on the DL, Chick most of the time gets game planned and taken out of the game. Last year was a prime example. There was no one else to worry about on the DL, so its easy to take him out.

Thanks bro but I'm not trying to win any awards--I just want my team back competing at the highest level...forreal.

Hey Cool Cat... good thing your EBT card isn't based on performance!!!

Harriet TUBMAN, just listening to coach goldie about the game, this guy tries to start off talking about "this lost was everybody's fault in the building" lol, than goes on to say how the players tried to do to much this game because it meant so much.

joe rose asked goldie "you said their were guys doing to much, were there that many mental errors in that game"

Coach goldie started off saying "well, it's hard to explain, it was just the little things" than he proceeded to say "the runningback coming out of the backfield, we gotta go and cover the guy and we just didn't".

In other words, he's expecting shayon green to go and try and get closer to freeman before he gets pass the line of scrimmage, WTH is coach shannon smokin.

Than it was sickening hearing coach goldie talk about "we won't to be in these type of games with a chance to win them, so we're trying to get the guys to learn how to manage the week" again WTF is wrong with coach goldie, that was the biggest game he ever coached or played in his life so WTF does he know about managing a week like that, if anything he's a hinderance to the players with that stupid "be the same guy everyday" philosophy, instead of letting guys get hype about something he don't understand, he's trying to get them to temper it down.

He's not a better coach than frank beamer, so if we win this week it'll be mostly on talent.

We've played 2 real defenses thus far and have only legitimately scored 14points if not for that sack/fumble by tyriq where we only needed 5 yards to score, against Fsu 14 points, here comes V-tech with a real legit defense again, will we score over 14 points.

With dallas crawford on a bum ankle as well this is going to get real interesting, bud foster is basically going to say, ok, let's see if this dallas crawford guy can get past my front 4 first, until he does that, i ain't budging. He's coached against some of the best runningbacks to ever come thru UM, so he knows a good one when he see's, i luv that look that him and coach beamer had on there face when Truth miller was the unquestioned starter and almost broke one up the sidelines, bud had that look on his face like oh hell, they got another one, beamer had that look on his face like, got dammit, how do they keep producing these type of runningbacks.

Than last year with duke, they had that look on there face like, we just got rid of miller, now here comes this guy. So this is going to be a game where until somebody proves they are legit, bud is not budging. He already knows he's not worried to much about smo17.

This man is on his way to winning a pulitzer prize. Dawg, any time some imbecile tries to use what MALCOM X said in reference to coach goldie, you already know you dealing with a buffoon. They can't stand up to the Truth, make it plain!

Also, my name is Calvin and i approve this message!

Posted by: Calvin | November 06, 2013 at 07:48 PM


I couldn't agree more with you Calvie...by the way it was your hater girlfriend harriet who introduced Malcolm X into this discussion...laughing at you as usual!!

So your following comment applies to the hater Harriet: "Dawg, any time some imbecile tries to use what MALCOM X said in reference to coach goldie, you already know you dealing with a buffoon. They can't stand up to the Truth, make it plain!"

I gotta tell ya Calvie it's a horserace between you and Harriet as to who is the dumbest poster on this blog and it appears it will be a photo finish between you two.

Also, my name is Ron Zook and I approve and promote this message!

Most intelligent Canes fans and fact-based bloggers here:

Ron Zook
Five Titles
me SCB

All others are negative nannies, trolls, and haters

And why do they hate?

5 titles in 10 years. Which is better than 3 titles of UF and 2 Titles of FSU. Undisputed Champs of the State of Florida over the past 20 years.

NCAA is gone.

Team is improving.

Recruits are coming.

More Titles coming soon, which really upsets the haters so so much.

And Al Golden will be lifting that crystal football trophy.

Storms Comin B*tches.

I laugh at your hate. :D

SCB, the herald should show class and just erase your name. Must be you ride on the back of the Harley, like some fyourself way to much creditat chick in Daytona. You give

Actually that post> makes as much sense as you being a real canes fan. It said you must be like a fat chick on the back of the Harley in Daytona. And you give yourself too much credit.

Scb how does wanting a better dc and hold them accountable make you a hater? Should fans not question a coach or a coaches decision? Isn't that the point of being a fan and why we watch the little details the little variations in formations that the casual fan wouldn't pick up? So anybody who tries to analyze things and have a different opinion than what is being said by the coaches make you a hater? Come you know that ain't true what would you say that. That's like saying if you like oboma but not a fan if Biden that makes u a Obama hater?


What's he supposed to say, we're going to tear through these scrubs...I already got my family tix to Charlotte? Wonder who we'll play in a bcs bowl?

Part of being a head coach is being a politician.

You keep watching The U and thinking people live their lives that way today.

Scb sorry to say this either you are really dumb like ride the shirt bus dumb, or your like ten years old bc ppl here know I never attack anyone personally but your post was the most profoundly dumb posts I've ever read


I made a post about the team on the last article about the "Fire D'Onofrio" line you guys keep passing around.

Look at our Defensive vs Offensive rankings/performance and look at the schooling level of the O vs D.

The facts are this:

The OFFENSE is the problem this year. Not the Defense. It was supposed to be a spectacular Offense this year. The prediction when the season started was that our YOUNG DEFENSE would be struggling. Yet the truth is the Defense has played nearly TWICE the minutes of the Offense all season long. The Defense has been what's kept us in the game and saved the games. UF - our strongest opponent to date was definitive proof of that.

You guys keep yammering about Defense as if it's the main problem. Look at the facts.

Did we get wiped out by FSU? Hell yes, but we are a top 15 team facing what will probably be the #1 or #2 team when the 2013 season ends.

There's no shame in admitting FSU has had 5+ years of a recruiting and coaching stability advantage over us.

Go ahead man, keep up with the haters and gang up on D'Onofrio all you want. But you are ignoring or just outright refusing to study the statistics that the Defense is over-achieving this year and beyond expectations from the start of the season.

THE OFFENSE is the real let down.

The core of that letdown is Steve Morris.

I wrote an angry post after UNC and WF about this.

Because the facts are that he's play atrociously. He doesn't deserve the starting position, except for the fact the coaches obviously don't believe Williams is ready to be the #1.

The one excuse Morris has is that Coach Coley brought in a new playbook in May and he's only had 4-6 months to learn it.

I played FB at UM in intramurals as the QB. I did so during Med School when we practiced for the yearly competition against the Law School.

I drew up the plays myself and had maybe 20 plays. Well lots of smart and athletic guys had trouble learning those 20 plays over 3 months of practicing every week.

Now imagine trying to learn over 150+ plays, with line reads, options, and audibles. WHILE you are going to college and taking classes.

But it's a fact that when teams are re-building, DEFENSE comes around before the OFFENSE.

And what about WINSTON at FSU?

Let's admit it, the kid is a phenom. He will be an elite star in the NFL in a few years. NO question about it. Give him credit where credit is due.

Morris is not Winston by a mile.

West Coast Cane,

I thought you were leaving?



YOU are the ROCK on this blog man! Keeping it real and solid....

But man, when this blog gets 5 posts by GALLO/CALVIN/CANE72 and other trolls, i produces about 10 responses to argue with their nonsense....

IT MAKES MY HEAD HURT to make my way past that for a few serious conversations.

There's a persistent group of trolls who are unemployed and working round the clock to f*ck this blog up. And it's succeeding.

The MIAMI HERALD doesn't care because they think all the "BLOG ACTIVITY" must be good for their website.

Well for the serious Canes fans, we want to discuss the good and bad information about our team and learn stuff we didn't know before.

NOT to wade through garbage. ONE A FULL PAGE OF THIS BLOG MOST DAYS, 9/10 post is either Gallo/Calvin/Cane72 or another fan's arguing with their stupidity....



Posted by: WestCoastCane


Are were you just referring to the Westcoastcane screen name?LMAO




Scb that's why I was shocked your highly intelligent dude so when u said everyone who had different views were haters it took me back

Because we should always embrace debate


Too easy, dude you should mix it up some. LOL





BUT THE STUPIDITY FROM THESE TROLLS MAKES IT A WASTE OF TIME... Too much garbage is being put up for me to wade through to find serious discussions about the team.

TO MAKE IT WORSE: I WAS THREATENED by either Manny or Susan yesterday that my posts that GALLO, CALVIN, CANE 72 are trolls was unacceptable and i would be banned from the blog if i didn't show "RESPECT"....

YOU WHO KNOW ME KNOW I'VE BEEN ONE OF THE SERIOUS CANES FANS HERE who didn't hesitate to call out the idiots when it was necessary.








Posted by: WestCoastCane | October 31, 2013 at 04:23 PM

Posted by: jsy | November 06, 2013 at 09:09 PM

JSY, you are ganging up with trolls like Cal and HTC, who lie outright when it suits them. You saw 3rd down conversion statistics against our D in the last blog. We had problems with FSU mostly because of Winston and at times we had a bigger cushion that FSU converted. Otherwise, our D is only allowing less than 50% (40% if you exclude WF, who had 8/8 conversions in the first half and blanked out in the second half). So, we are executing OK on D. So, why blame the DC? He is not going anywhere. Discuss specific play calls instead of calling for his head every other breath.

If our offense can be consistent, our D stats will improve. Unfortunately, our passing game seems to be out of sync although we have been modestly successful running outside of the UF game.

I know we have some of the most idiotic posters alive on this blog. U know Gallo, Calvina, Cool Cat, 72 and a few others. But these reporters put some of the dumbest stories on this blog that I have ever seen. Who gives a s h y t what the coaches are making or about where they rank. Another thing that they are following is this BS about this guy whining about being bullied with the Dolphins. As big as he is, if he is getting bullied, which I do not believe for a minute, then he should be for being a straight up b y ot ch. Who gives a crap about this mess. All this guy is, is a Stanford prick with a law degree who is a p u s s y who can't take a little toughness.

Again, our D is not running a soft zone exclusively. He changes it up quite a bit with 3-4, 4-3 fronts and man and zone coverages mixed in quite a bit. So, whoever thinks we are running a "soft zone" exclusively is not paying attention.

The extremely well paid Al Golden is not anyway close to a minimally good coach.


Don't go the darkside man.

Come back to your Canes brotherhood.

The reason i called you out is becasue you are jumping on a bandwagon witht the haters on this blog with no facts behind their stances.

Pull the stats on our team's numbers and show me how you justify firing D'Onofrio for getting MORE out if this VERY YOUNG defense with freshmen starting over multiple positions?

Facts man. Your a doctor, use the facts.

The Haters like Calvin, HTC, Gallo and them want to fire everybody and rehire Randy Shannon.

I know you were there for Randy's years. You gonna jump in with the morons who think Randy Shannon is a top tier head coach??

Man you haven't been in this blog long enough to know the silliness these guys are up to.

I'll say it again: the facts prove this D is much better than predicted. And the stats din't lie.

The hate on D'Onofrio is a carry over from last year when we had an EVEN YOUNGER TEAM that was abused all year by other teams. This is a vastly improved D. Not NC material yet, but moving quickly nack towards thy direction.

Again based on Facts.

And the Fact is D'Onofrio deserves credit for helping do that.

You guys are ganging up on the wrong part of the team.

If you go bash Steve Morris, i could understan it.

And the other day you made the argument our D sucks when recalculating by removing the cupcakes crom our schedule? We'll you know damn well that's faulty math, because you would need to go through EVERY other teams schedule and recalculate them without their cupcakes to make any kind of valid point about the Canes recalculated rankings.

I know you understand this explanation.

As for Gallo, Calvin, Cane72, and other haters, they have a hard time figuring how many fingers on they have. But can't dog on poor guys who flip burgers for a living right?


I personally like this article about coaching salary....

I thin AL deserves more money for being loyal to UM.

They hid the investigation from him when he took the job.

Most other coaches would have walked and claimed UM negotiated his hiring in bad faith.

This guy stayed on because he believes this program and the SoFla recruiting grounds have the makings of more championships.

He not only stuck around, but has turned the ship back in the right direction.

I think he deserves to be the highest paid coach in FLA.


"Whatchu talkin bout Willis???"


Golden probably deserves twice that salary after what he stepped into with this team. Can't imagine trying to recruit top talent with the NCAA mess hanging over the program. It shows, too. We don't have half the talent of teams like FSU. Hopefully this will change in the next few years, but it may be a long while before Miami is an elite program again. I saw what Butch Davis went through trying to find players for a probation-crippled team, but in the end, he recruited one of the greatest college football teams ever. Hope the same happens for Al.....eventually.

Coker and Shannon just destroyed Miami football with their gross incompetence. Just sickening.

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