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Al Golden's post-game comments after the win over Virginia includes update on Gunter

Here is what Al Golden said after Saturday's 45-26 win over Virginia.

On defensive changes in successful third quarter...

“If I’m not mistaken, their first first down was the penalty on [Rayshawn] Jenkins. They had a first down on the play and then we gave them 15 [yards]. We stopped the run good in the third quarter, and obviously 90 plays [means] we’re just not converting enough on offense. We’re not holding the ball enough to help the defense. Defense I thought really played their tails off with the takeaways and the way they played the third quarter.”

On the injury of cornerback Ladarius Gunter...

“Ladarius has been taken to Jackson [Memorial Hospital] for observation. We’re just being cautious. As soon as we learn something, we’ll share it with you guys. I don’t have anything other than that. He was moving everything, he was conscious. I don’t want to overstep my bounds here. That’s where we’re at with it now. Hopefully he’ll be okay.”

On the play of his team’s defense, which had four takeaways...

“It was big. Early in the year, we were counterpunching really well if the offense made a mistake or special teams made a mistake. During this stretch, we haven’t been counterpunching as well as we have needed to. I thought defense counterpunched so much better today. We made a mistake and they went out there and they had a different look than they’ve had. They didn’t get disappointed, they weren’t, ‘here we go again.’ It wasn’t that mentality. Obviously it’s been tough on the seniors and the team - the courage to keep mustering it up and all of that. The seniors have never been 8-3. They’ve never been 8-3. Now they’re 8-3 we have a tough road game against Pitt, try to end up with a win there, and obviously the seniors haven’t won a bowl game and have not been able to go to a bowl game the last two years. They want to finish up strong.”

On if his defense took criticism personally heading into Saturday’s game...

“I’m sure they did. I hope they did. But it’s not really a function of what’s being said outside - it’s those guys that go to work every day and their standard of what’s acceptable and what’s not. We tackled better, especially in the third quarter. We ran to the ball better. We looked like we had some more energy in our pass rush today. If we didn’t get a number of [sacks], we certainly hit the quarterback a number of times. Again, just too many plays - I want to say 45 or 46 plays at the half for defense. On offense, we have to do a better job. Nobody can be out there that long, we’re just not that deep.”

On still contending for a potential trip to the ACC Championship Game...

“We just have to worry about the Pitt game. We’re going up there, and I’ve seen a lot of Pitt the last couple of weeks because of the crossover games. They have some really effective players on defense, two wideouts that are talented. It’s going to be their last game – it’s going to be a tough environment. I hope we have a team that gets on the plane and is excited about that challenge. It’s going to be a challenge for us. We have to learn how to finish the season and I think everybody is excited because we get to go to practice and we get to move the program forward, finally. We have a lot of football left, and I know the seniors feel the same way.”

On the play of wide receiver Allen Hurns over the course of the season...

“He is a testament to what we want in our program. He doesn’t really say too much. He just works every day. I can’t underscore that enough. I don’t think anyone realizes he is having a great year – not having a good year, he’s having a great year. He is self-made. He is a leader. He’s the same guy every day. He’s consistent, playing with confidence. If we tell him to play him to play special teams, he’ll special teams. If we ask him to block, he’ll block. He’s constantly talking and thinking during the game of different scenarios and different pass routes. He is what we want. When you reach that level where you just go out and play. There has been a lot of work that has been put into it. I’m proud to say that he’s really a symbol of that for us.”

On the performance of quarterback Stephen Morris...

“I thought the one he threw to Allen [Hurns] late, he just threw it. I thought he was maybe aiming a little bit earlier, and trying to be exact. I don’t know if it was the rain, but you just have to throw it. He made plays when he had to, which was great. He is going to continue to improve. At least the discussion is not about his leg anymore - we did that for two months, for eight games. The last two games he has started to move around and protect himself better. We could have helped him out a couple of times – we had a couple of drops. He’ll get better. We don’t have a lot of time to get ready for Pitt, and we’re going to need his leadership and his experience."

On how much respect he has for the seniors, who played their final home game Saturday...

“Incredible amount. More than anybody can know. The standards and expectations are high at Miami, and that’s why we all come. That’s why we want to be a part of it. We never want to drop our expectations. But for these guys to go through what they went through, none of these guys were part of the problem, but every one of them was part of the solution. They took an issue that obviously was really bad. It was toxic. They paid a dear price. They adopted the problem as their own, and ultimately delivered us out of it. This is a big part of it. We have a long way to go before anyone here is satisfied. There are so many things we have to fix on the field – no one is satisfied. But these seniors have never been 8-3. Now they have a chance to go 9-3. To do it on the back end of what they’ve been through says a lot about them. Now we have to make sure we finish strong.”

On how excited he is for the seniors...

“I’m exhausted right now, just because it’s emotional for those guys. That’s why I try not to get involved before the game. We really saluted them Thursday night so it wasn’t right before the game Friday night. We paid our tributes to them, and a lot of them stepped up today. Whoever is better than Pat O’Donnell, I want to meet him. I was happy for him, for David Gilbert, Allen [Hurns], Stephen [Morris]. I can go on and on. Shayon [Green], Kacy Rodgers. A lot of those guys made plays when we needed them. I couldn’t be more proud of them. Now I want to make sure we stay focused and get ready for Pitt, and see if we can’t do something that we haven’t done in a while.”

On the injuries to cornerbacks Nate Dortch and Corn Elder...

“It was all corners, which was one of the reasons we couldn’t sub. I think they’re significant injuries to Nate and Corn. I don’t know to what extent. It’s not like last week somebody gets a little pull or something and you know they’ll be back on Monday. It’s not like that. I will have a better idea when I talk to you guys tomorrow.”


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Why didn't anyone ask him about the 240 yards rushing vs a team that came in averaging 150 or so?

Or the usual almost 500 yards? To a below average squad!

Keep pitching him grapefruits to knock out of the park!

The defense did not play good at all. Virginia was basically giving the defense plays by passing the ball. If they would've ran the ball this game would've came down to the last minutes. I wish I was a happier cane fan but it just looks pathetic when we start to ignore the real problems.

Final Score

Georgia Southern 26

The Mighty (tee-hee) Gators 20

LAUGHING MY ARSE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ain’t this some isht!!!


Duke or Ga Southern.....just saying

I hope no rational person really believes that the Canes "beat" VA or that the Canes "won" the game.

VA GAVE the Canes THREE, 3, tres, early Christmas gift turnovers that led to THREE immediate TDs. A good team does NOT do that.

Miami 45 minus 21 = 24 points that the Canes earned.

VA 26, Miami 24.

Those are the facts even if goldie and d'o are too stupid to admit they did nothing to win this game.

Gotta ask a favor.

Under these circumstances, the fair thing to do would be to go to the gatr site, taunt, give them payback, and remind them that after five years of their comments, that they have a LONG way to go to be even.

HOWEVER, I ask, for the good of THIS blog, that we refrain from it.

Not out of fear.
Not even out of courtesy.
Just because the few true Gator fans over there that have not jumped off the bandwagon deserve a change to vent about their team.

In the offseason, if their fellow continues, it will not be because I or any other Canes fan here did ANYTHING to their site.

We can laugh it up here, just like they did to us on their sites when we lost to Duke. Of course, Duke is a ranked team and Georgia Southern was a 550K paid for loss that turned out unreliable.

Let's keep it cool over there, and see if maybe THAT will finally end the attacks by their side.

Of course, if it doesn't, then they will have no reason to complain.

chance to vent, not change to vent.

Geez, 72, the scorebaord says the TEAM won.

Two tipped balls and a forced fumble is not gifts.

By that logic, the two fourth quarter TDs we gave them with out backups in there were gifts.

VA 13 Miami 24. Still a win.

goldie says the seniors are 8-3.
Nooooooo, UF gave 5 turnovers and the game to Miami.
VA gave three TDs and the game to Miami.
Morris and the offense squeaked out wins against WF and UNC.

4 legitimate win against Sav. St, GT, FAU, and USF.
3 humongous losses in yardage and points against dumb'os NO defense,
4 gifts given to Miami.

goldie's real record this year: 4 - 7* (*with unearned gifts)

with our backups.

I like how this team is playing. I think after this year, the team has to turn the page and play better defense AND offense. The team is just slightly better than average, not quite good, and far away from being great. They're 8-3 BECAUSE of the coaching staff. In 2 years, with another Top 10 recruiting class after this year's, I think we'll see a different team. To go 9-3 this year, not bad.

Oh boy does this team need a defensive line!! And it scares me for next year that Williams can't beat out Morris. Poor tackling again... but it was a W, something this team hasn't gotten against ... Virginia... in a few years.

oh yeah.. lol.. Georgia Southern? that's just sad

Cane72, Canefan72....quit with your excuses. Just be a fan and let Golden have a fair chance to get guys in here without the NCAA cloud

Perhaps you haven't read the expert analysts evaluation of the current roster, but there aren't many jr / sr that will playing in the NFL. This is a team with starters that probably would never have been given an opportunity to play at Miami had things not been so bad the last few years.

Give it a rest and just root for your team.

Over/Under at Tomorrows game ?
Posted by: t[]_[]mbleweed []_[] | November 23, 2013 at 12:39 AM

Namechanging fellow, your team was a 28 point favorite against an FCS team and lost.

AND your attendance is what you want to crow about?

Okay. Yay, more gatr fans saw their team lose to a paid for patsie than saw Miami win against a conference opponent that had a three game win streak against us. Your chest must be just BURSTING with pride.

A win is a win. UM had much good fortune in this game and they needed it because the team has a lot of worts. They may not have won this game without the good bounces, but they have 8 wins now. I've had the feeling for awhile now that the defensive scheme is sound if you can understand all the variables. If you can't figure it out, however, you have to simplify things. These kids are having to think too much and not just react. It is causing major problems. Golden can't continue to play a scheme that his kids can't figure out. It's up to the coach to adapt, not the kids, no matter how much talent the kids have or do not have.

Oh, and as for that attendance, it sure does seem to be plummeting in Gainesville, to the point that they do not want to report it.


Miami was at 44K, btw, even if not all of them stayed out in the rain.


Looks like you were wrong again, name-changing and name-stealing fellow.

I can’t wait for the day that m&m goldie and clown 500 get fired myself, they don’t have the right mindset to be UM coaches. Guys like kelvin cain, scott, alot of the guys that you need on your team try to get made examples of by no ballz goldie, so he cuts they’re playing time. Last year the excuse was, we got to many guys being distractions off the field. This year basically nothing and this is the type of garbage product being put out.
Like gallo has said many times, get rid of the jersey boys now, don’t waste time. As for me i was ready for clown 500 to go after his 1st game here, was just stupid coaching. I’m actually ready for no ballz goldie & clown 500 to go, same people, no need in keeping these losers around, they belong back in the mac conference where they came from where ths type of play gets you high praise.
This win today was another piece of tape applied to a hole in a boat, might last long enuff to get us back to shore, but it’s going to be a struggle all the way. If you want to compete for a national championship by luck every 20 or so years, than these 2 morons are your guys, this year, we had no excuse not to win the games we lost, even agaisnt Fsu, 2 years in a row we should’ve beat Fsu, in fact 3 years in a row. I’m tired of the mediocre mac staff that’s here.
We don’t need to go out and pay a headcoach alot of money to come here, or even pay alot for effective coordinators, mike london is still a better headcoach than coach goldie, 2 out of the 3 picks were actually forced by the defense, but make no mistake about it, had uVA started that back-up qb like it’s been said, would’ve been a whole different ball game.
How many times do we have to see shayon green being asked/responsible for covering these small backs trying to beat them to the sidelines, and people call that putting guys in position to make plays, well we do for the opposing offenses, that’s for sure.
That one play where tyriq mccord was being asked to cover #25 in space, lol, is that what m&m goldie and crew consider putting guys in position to make plays.
I said it in m&m goldie’s first year and it’s still True, the style of football that they’ve brought here, nobody wants to watch this crap and is not what made us the most highly watch team in football. We’re not going to be asked to be on t.v. as much as we use to be with this sissy style of play/coaching. With these 2 nimrods from penn disgrace the style we’re playing now will always get criticized. Basically every game since the morons have been here, the commentators have either been trying to help them coach or criticizing how we’re playing.
We always set the standard for how football is to be played, no ball goldie keeps trying to make himself seem like he knows what he’s talking about by saying “we’re not back” of course not, you & your boy are here and until you’re gone, we’ll just be some middle of the road team. Who on here is excited about seeing us play next year, i could careless about watching the game today, no excitement nowhere. no ballz goldie with his lying self talking about “we teach kids how to play with passion at the University of Miami”.
When i heard him make that green statement right there, i knew than he was a fraud than. Keep trying to pretend clown 500 is not the problem, he’s going to force blake james to have to grow a pair and spilt -up the 2 man crew and if goldie threathens to leave with em, good, that’ll open the door to have to make a power move, unlike many on here, i could careless if coach goldie left today, nothing special about that outsider/underachiever.
He’s been giving everything he needs to be successful here and in his 3rd year, right now he’s only 8 & 3, with as soft as the schedule was this year. I’m rooting for duke to get to the acc championship game, they beat us, they deserve it, no moonwalking in, win it out-right or go home. When coach goldie tried to pass off to the team last year that we were coastal divison champs, that was one of the most sickening moments for me last year, who does that backing in, the teams mentality is weak cause you got 2 of the weakest minded individuals leading the charge in micro-mananger goldie and clown 500.
Anytime a coach tries to go after 2 players in duke johnson and dorsett for saying the lost to duke was embarrassing, instead of agreeing with them, he’s going to go and tell them how they shouldn’t have said that, weak/soft tape.
moron goldie should never try and address a player about putting the team first while clown 500 is still here, he’s put his boy above the team the whole time he’s been here, i’d cuss coach goldie out if he tried to say something like that to me.

Nash, Manny needs to stay in Alverage's good graces to do his job and put food on the table for his wife and kid, so Alverage gets the softballs to knock out of the park with his stream of coach speak win or lose. It's just the way that game is played, so don't hate the player.

Pitt hasn't checked out of the season, unlike the Cavs, and is playing for bowl positioning on a short week at home, don't expect three scores by or set up by the defense at Heinz Friday night.

As for the blue in the ID, that comes from having a website link in the name, NOT from having an ID stolen. So, the person suggesting a blue name is a stolen ID is misleading folks.

Go Canes! 9-3 coming right up!

I'm not going to pile on Morris. His last 2 home games were played in horrid conditions. If you think it's easy to throw a wet ball in swirling winds, you've never tried it. I just wish he'd help the team keep some drives alive by taking off and running when the opening is there. He can hit the ground before getting hammered. It's a way to keep drives alive - too many 3 and outs. Take it when it's there.

Posted by: Great victory over a 2 win team today! | November 23, 2013 at 06:04 PM

Great loss over an FCS team today, name-changing fellow!

That's your Alverage career defining win you're talking about, and I was at that game wearing white, so, go take that to the relevant blog to keep bragging about something that happened two months ago when the season ends on Friday there moron.

rboud, he did do that today, that was when the cavs player went for his head with an elbow.

I would like to see him do it more if he was healthy, but he is hobbled and it is noticable.

Gayturds in a total tailspin, FSWho's star player going to jail, The U on their way to a 10 win season and a top 5 recruiting class. Those are the facts!

FSWho's new fight song- NoooooooooooMeansNoooooooooooooo

Golden has done what Shannon couldn't do in his 4yrs: 8-3

Must piss off the Randy supporters mightily.

For coach goldie to try and make it seem like the defense played good today just goes to show 2 things, he's once again trying to hype up his boy and he really doesn't understand what a good defense is.

When you start using words like "punch & counter punch" after playing a 2 & 8 team, you're not a championship coach. The refs helped us out by ejecting that safety, which was a garbage ejection and penalty, same with the one on rayshawn but if you kicked out #8 how did rayshawn get to stay in the game. Football is being watered down, coach goldie and the word exciting football just doesn't go hand in hand, the style of play that they've brought here is not what real Miami people like to watch, it's that same boring big 10 style of football.

I'd rather go and cut the yard or paint.

2 & 9 now Calvin, let's not give the Golden shower daily lineup any more credit than he deserves, nor any less.

Fair is fair and .500 career winning percentage is average.

Who's this Calvin clown?

Golden is bringing this team back despite never having a fair chance.

Shannon had a top 4 recruiting class I remember with the NW kids and couldn't do squat with them.

Golden had to recruit an entire team in one month when he arrived and has had to recruit leftovers for the last 2 years and still has this team coming up.

Fire Golden. Only in your dreams.

As for the 483 yards, 222 of that were in those last four drives when the game was out of reach.

263 yards when it mattered. NOT defending the DC, just pointing out that in THIS game (unlike the past three), we were agressive, with QB pressure, hard hits, and focus on the ball even after it was tipped, especially in the second half (well, okay, the third quarter.)

They CAN play better, when the scheme works.

Still will not be heartbroken if the DC and his scheme are changed this offseason though...

Posted by: Great victory over a 2 win team today! | November 23, 2013 at 06:04 PM

Yo Bubba!! Foley just called the Georgia Southern Athletic Director and told him they are no longer welcome in Trailerville. Laughing my arse off at you Queens!!

You couldn't even get to 6 wins to qualify for a bowl!!


You quit the series once again!!

Scoreboard Billy Bob!!

If the case had not been squashed and they had brought charges a month or two earlier, we face FSU without Winston.

Now, it is the gatrs that are going to be gifted with FSU without Winston. Where did that DA go to school again?

Smells to high heaven in Tally and Gainesville right now....

THE WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL RELATED BLOGGING still has to deflect to the worst career defining win THE WORST COACH IN MODERN UM FOOTBALL HISTORY has ever had on his resume to try and brag about.

Season ends Friday moron, week two was over two months ago and this is still the wrong blog to be mentioning it on since you're now a Georgia Southern Eagles fan and FSU scalped UM, then they lost on homecoming in a blowout, then lost to Duke in football in a blowout then played Virginia at home.

RZ, at this rate, the gatrs are going to run out of teams to run away from!

Louisiana Lafayette has yet to hear back on an offer of a home and home with the gatrs, since they are obviously equals.

Maybe UF can face SMU, the two teams with the two biggest NCAA violations in history, winner gets the Ken Lay Cup.

I can’t wait for the day that m&m goldie and clown 500 get fired.

Posted by: Calvin | November 23, 2013 at 06:04 PM


A news flash for you Calvie...you are going to wait a long, long, long, long, long time before Coach Golden should decide to leave the program. He will win a minimum of 2 National Championships and will be remembered as the best UM coach ever.

Posted by: Great victory over a 2 win team today! | November 23, 2013 at 06:12 PM

Great loss to Georgia Southern...CLOWN!!

How are your 4 win, bowl ineligible Gator felons doing??


Have you called up for your season tickets next year already WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL RELATED BLOGGING?

No? You get a pass from being a part of the SID department you say? Not surprised at all. Let me guess, going to mention week two while Duke and VT battle it out to decide if a tiebreaker will be needed to crown somebody other than the media's pick preseason to win the division?

Of course you are, you wouldn't be THE WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL RELATED BLOGGING if you didn't!

anyone watching rich rod's 3-3-5 defense destroy oregon?

"THE WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL RELATED BLOGGING still has to deflect to the worst career defining win THE WORST COACH IN MODERN UM FOOTBALL HISTORY has ever had on his resume to try and brag about."
The most disgusting murder joking poster on every newspaper blog that hasn't banned him (yet) has to ttack Canes fans on a Canes blog to deflect from the WORST LOSS IN MODERN UF FOOTBALL HISTORY.

"Season ends Friday moron, week two was over two months ago and this is still the wrong blog to be mentioning it on"
Umm, it was a Canes win against a Top 15 team, for THIS SEASON, which solved how to beat your gatrs for the rest of the NCAA. You think Georgia Southern didn't view that tape of Miami beating down the gatrs 21-9 when it mattered (gift late TD to make it look good for you didn't need to be viewed by them)? They did, and it worked.

"since you're now a Georgia Southern Eagles fan"
Nope, didn't even know they were the Eagles, and I bet no other Canes fans did. YOU hawever, had that game circled as the only likely win in then end of a 7 game stretch, and even THAT ONE failed to come through for you.

"and FSU scalped UM"
They are coming for you next, let's see which team loses to them worse, fellow.

"then they lost on homecoming in a blowout"
Hypocrite, didn't your team do the same? Why yes, yes they did.

"then lost to Duke in football in a blowout"
Lost a seesaw battle to a ranked team in Duke, you mean? It was only a blowout at the very end.

"then played Virginia at home."
Gee, amybe we should have played an FCS team instead? Nah, that is the gatr path, not ours.

Posted by: name-changing fellow going fully ballistic even after I suggested a truce | November 23, 2013 at 06:19 PM

So, it appears you WANT Canes fans to retailiate on your blog. Guess what, I still won't. Doing what YOU want would be foolish, fellow.

PS: Nice job impersonating an ID after they said they were going to leave. You have done that before, and will do it again, but this time it didn't work because the owner came back for one last viewing.

EPIC FAIL by the name-changing fellow.

beedharphong, thanks for the head's up! I wasn't, but will check out the highlights now...

Muschamp as DC after fired by Gator?
He is the best def coordinator.

I already told you moron, I was at the game in week two you won't stop bragging about at the end of the season wearing white, but being a moron, you don't read. Also being a moron, you think beating the worst team a program has fielded in 34 years is an accomplishment, just like getting blown out by your rival, on homecoming and to Duke in football is something to be explained away to defend a .500 for life coach. But please, continue to re-list facts and then try and deflect.

How many season tickets did you order for next year already? Oh, what's that? You get in free because you're an employee of the SID too? What a shock.


anyone watching rich rod's 3-3-5 defense destroy oregon?

Posted by: beedharphong | November 23, 2013 at 06:28 PM

Yeah, I've been watching since the start of the 2nd quarter.

Arizona is ANOTHER team which starts mainly THREE-STAR player's. Of course, they have NO MORE than a handful of 4/5-Star player's starting too.

Above, I said Miami, Florida's A.D. and President and B. of T. should have pursued Rodriquez after the Shannon fiasco.

But the Canes DON'T WANNA' pay the multi-million's for a B.C.S. level head coach akin to Rodriquez.

Heck, Rodriquez don't even have the baggage as say, Mikey Leach.

Finally, Arizona's Junior RB Carey is a THREE-STAR player and probably will go N.F.L. after the Wildcat's bowl game.

FWIW.... RB Carey has 3,800 + CAREER rushing yards. Go bloody figures'.

Again, it's all about the COACHING and what not. Au contraire to what y'all Cane fan-dom have to say on the entire Orange nd' Green matter.

This was a great win by the players. Now if you can continue to win, despite your coach Al Golden. You will have overcome a great obstacle.

Even with all of Florida's injuries, Al Golden's record still looks bad. Especially since Florida was up and down the field on his team. And only a worst coach than him, is at Florida.

B.C.S. level head coaches and their staff PUT THEIR player's in SCHEMES to be successful and what not. Especially when said team has a MAJORITY of 3-Star player's in starting roles.

ENTER Missouri and Duke and Baylor and Arizona and Virginia Tech, etc., etc.

Great win today Canes fan to improve our record to 8 & 3. Let's get Pitt next week and go to 9 & 3 and a major bowl game.

Once again, it was clear our defensive line is in need of big help. Fortunately, the best coach and recruiter in all of college football has reinforcements on the way with the top 3, 2014 class he has put together and when they arrive...WATCH OUT!!!

Why does a coach, as highly paid as Al Golden, not have a win against a more talented team?



Back home for the holidays. Wish I coulda made the game, but was on a flight trying to watch espnu for the game. Damn connection was freezing on me the whole time.

Was incredibly happy to see Coley, Gunther, and Howard making big plays. Sending my best wishes to Gun for his full recovery.

Notice the same idiots still squatting on the blog.

And the hardcore Canes brother FIVE TITLES and ZOOK still representing the Canes with valor.

Will be here to fight the morons with you guys!

Go Canes or Go the F*ck Home!

Final Score

Georgia Southern 26

The Mighty (tee-hee) Gators 20

LAUGHING MY ARSE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome back WESTCOASTCANE!!

Time to bury the Losers (haters).


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