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Al Golden's post-game comments after the win over Virginia includes update on Gunter

Here is what Al Golden said after Saturday's 45-26 win over Virginia.

On defensive changes in successful third quarter...

“If I’m not mistaken, their first first down was the penalty on [Rayshawn] Jenkins. They had a first down on the play and then we gave them 15 [yards]. We stopped the run good in the third quarter, and obviously 90 plays [means] we’re just not converting enough on offense. We’re not holding the ball enough to help the defense. Defense I thought really played their tails off with the takeaways and the way they played the third quarter.”

On the injury of cornerback Ladarius Gunter...

“Ladarius has been taken to Jackson [Memorial Hospital] for observation. We’re just being cautious. As soon as we learn something, we’ll share it with you guys. I don’t have anything other than that. He was moving everything, he was conscious. I don’t want to overstep my bounds here. That’s where we’re at with it now. Hopefully he’ll be okay.”

On the play of his team’s defense, which had four takeaways...

“It was big. Early in the year, we were counterpunching really well if the offense made a mistake or special teams made a mistake. During this stretch, we haven’t been counterpunching as well as we have needed to. I thought defense counterpunched so much better today. We made a mistake and they went out there and they had a different look than they’ve had. They didn’t get disappointed, they weren’t, ‘here we go again.’ It wasn’t that mentality. Obviously it’s been tough on the seniors and the team - the courage to keep mustering it up and all of that. The seniors have never been 8-3. They’ve never been 8-3. Now they’re 8-3 we have a tough road game against Pitt, try to end up with a win there, and obviously the seniors haven’t won a bowl game and have not been able to go to a bowl game the last two years. They want to finish up strong.”

On if his defense took criticism personally heading into Saturday’s game...

“I’m sure they did. I hope they did. But it’s not really a function of what’s being said outside - it’s those guys that go to work every day and their standard of what’s acceptable and what’s not. We tackled better, especially in the third quarter. We ran to the ball better. We looked like we had some more energy in our pass rush today. If we didn’t get a number of [sacks], we certainly hit the quarterback a number of times. Again, just too many plays - I want to say 45 or 46 plays at the half for defense. On offense, we have to do a better job. Nobody can be out there that long, we’re just not that deep.”

On still contending for a potential trip to the ACC Championship Game...

“We just have to worry about the Pitt game. We’re going up there, and I’ve seen a lot of Pitt the last couple of weeks because of the crossover games. They have some really effective players on defense, two wideouts that are talented. It’s going to be their last game – it’s going to be a tough environment. I hope we have a team that gets on the plane and is excited about that challenge. It’s going to be a challenge for us. We have to learn how to finish the season and I think everybody is excited because we get to go to practice and we get to move the program forward, finally. We have a lot of football left, and I know the seniors feel the same way.”

On the play of wide receiver Allen Hurns over the course of the season...

“He is a testament to what we want in our program. He doesn’t really say too much. He just works every day. I can’t underscore that enough. I don’t think anyone realizes he is having a great year – not having a good year, he’s having a great year. He is self-made. He is a leader. He’s the same guy every day. He’s consistent, playing with confidence. If we tell him to play him to play special teams, he’ll special teams. If we ask him to block, he’ll block. He’s constantly talking and thinking during the game of different scenarios and different pass routes. He is what we want. When you reach that level where you just go out and play. There has been a lot of work that has been put into it. I’m proud to say that he’s really a symbol of that for us.”

On the performance of quarterback Stephen Morris...

“I thought the one he threw to Allen [Hurns] late, he just threw it. I thought he was maybe aiming a little bit earlier, and trying to be exact. I don’t know if it was the rain, but you just have to throw it. He made plays when he had to, which was great. He is going to continue to improve. At least the discussion is not about his leg anymore - we did that for two months, for eight games. The last two games he has started to move around and protect himself better. We could have helped him out a couple of times – we had a couple of drops. He’ll get better. We don’t have a lot of time to get ready for Pitt, and we’re going to need his leadership and his experience."

On how much respect he has for the seniors, who played their final home game Saturday...

“Incredible amount. More than anybody can know. The standards and expectations are high at Miami, and that’s why we all come. That’s why we want to be a part of it. We never want to drop our expectations. But for these guys to go through what they went through, none of these guys were part of the problem, but every one of them was part of the solution. They took an issue that obviously was really bad. It was toxic. They paid a dear price. They adopted the problem as their own, and ultimately delivered us out of it. This is a big part of it. We have a long way to go before anyone here is satisfied. There are so many things we have to fix on the field – no one is satisfied. But these seniors have never been 8-3. Now they have a chance to go 9-3. To do it on the back end of what they’ve been through says a lot about them. Now we have to make sure we finish strong.”

On how excited he is for the seniors...

“I’m exhausted right now, just because it’s emotional for those guys. That’s why I try not to get involved before the game. We really saluted them Thursday night so it wasn’t right before the game Friday night. We paid our tributes to them, and a lot of them stepped up today. Whoever is better than Pat O’Donnell, I want to meet him. I was happy for him, for David Gilbert, Allen [Hurns], Stephen [Morris]. I can go on and on. Shayon [Green], Kacy Rodgers. A lot of those guys made plays when we needed them. I couldn’t be more proud of them. Now I want to make sure we stay focused and get ready for Pitt, and see if we can’t do something that we haven’t done in a while.”

On the injuries to cornerbacks Nate Dortch and Corn Elder...

“It was all corners, which was one of the reasons we couldn’t sub. I think they’re significant injuries to Nate and Corn. I don’t know to what extent. It’s not like last week somebody gets a little pull or something and you know they’ll be back on Monday. It’s not like that. I will have a better idea when I talk to you guys tomorrow.”


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Canes win. No commentary needed.

The 'Canes were outplayed by the worst team in the ACC in every facet of the game, save turnovers. If you clowns are happy with that, than Im jealous. You truly are a gratified bunch.


With every post, you confirm your lack of intelligence and even the most rudimentary of basic language skills. My best guess is that you spend your days waiting on your SS disability check and food stamps. How's your boy Shannon doing? Lots of HC opportunities heading his way this spring?

Golden still has no defense turnovers saved us, Mark is terrible and has to go. Virginia out played us all the way around, Golden will say we can fix it, thats a joke, he has been trying to fix penalty problems for 3 years, no results stays the same. Our defense wont work for a Miami team to play in ACC with sucess, again change needs to come before next year with or without Goldens approval, he is blind to to his best mans shot comings, get a good defense coach.

Posted by: D | November 23, 2013 at 06:47 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/11/al-goldens-post-game-comments-after-the-win-over-virginia-includes-update-on-gunter.html#comments#storylink=cpy

Well then. Maybe it'll help when you know one of Miami's linebackers is a NO STAR. You fools are idiots for judging a team FULL of holes because of said NCAA investigation. Our recruiting class was in the 40s not too long ago. NCAA gloves are off and looky at that recruiting class now.

Golden's first year is this year and we're 8-3. Never heard of wanting to fire a WINNING coach with scrub leftovers, transfers and no stars.

Virginia gave the win to UM....UM stunk up the whole place both offensively and defensively....

like the commentators said....UM has gone backwards and the defense is worse than last year.....since the FSU game....

UM defense - 2092 yards @ 523 yards per game and 157 points or 40 point average...

whats even more pathetic is a 0-7 conference team and last place (Virginia) hold UM offense to 11 1st downs and 304 yards.......

and FSU the #2 team in the country holds UM offense to 17 1st down and 304 yards

both defense and offense have gotten worse.....but golden/dnofrio are the best coaches in the NCAA, lol

lowly duke vs fsu for the title.....how much worse does it have to get before the light goes on?


Yah I saw Arizona destroy Oregon 42 - 16. This was after my Washington State Cougars (improving under Mike Leach, by the way) beat Arizona last week, 24 - 17.

Arizona destroyed Oregon. The Cats played like freaking demons on both sides of the ball. I have seen no such effort like that from the Canes in any game.

You hate to complain about a win, right? So forgive me.

Our coaching is simply substandard. Morris, once rated the 3rd best NFL QB prospect by Mel Kiper, is terrible. The offensive play calling is poor. Run at Virginia's best D line player twice, then throw a poor pass into coverage onh the sideline. Really poor play calling by James Coley and execution by Morris.

Our QB does not read progressions but throws into coverage over and over. Why aren't our receivers more open? Where is Rashawn Scott? Did he make a no-no Tweet? Golden's rigidity hurts our team.

We are fortunate to have Stacie Coley. The kid is a tremendous player. So use him more in the passing game.

Our O Line is substandard. Supposedly big and dominaitng, they get pushed around by most teams. Our D Line rarely makes stops for losses. Perryman did have a man-sized hit on one play, but there wasn't that much enthusiasm by his teammates.

Maybe it didn't fit "the process."

Their 2nd string QB ripped our secondary in ways you rarely see for a big time program. Our guys are constantly confused about who to cover. It is sad because we have some talented kids back there.

Although I have been a Golden supporter, he and his staff can not coach. They are mediocre at best.

Watching Arizona this week showed a whole different team, and that is simply coaching. UM has the wrong bunch. Sure, talent could be better, but these guys can't coach up what they've got.

That said, Pitt has a good QB who will shred our secondary, and a decent running back. Their defense is iffy, as is our offense. Advantage Pitt.

Again, glad to have a win, but I feel bad for our guys because they are receiving poor coaching. And that impacts player development and the future for our guys and the UM.

Golden and D'Onofrio do not get the fundamental agressive spirit and swag that lies at the heart of the great UM tradition. It is distasteful to them. JoePa would have hated it....

What does dbc stand for?deadbeat cane? Yea d coordinator needs to go,but look at the gators, they haven't fired anyone yet after yesterday. They truly suck. We just have problems. FSU is the best team In the country,duke is better than most sec teams and all haters can do is cling to past performances. Its a new day in college football and the acc rules. ACC ACC ACC!!

did golden say the offense needs to hold the ball longer to help the defense? thats the crap he did with Fisk last year. the offense was looking good with even more potential. then Fisk say golden wants the offense to slow down to help out the defense (dnofrio).result fisk left to go to the jags, and before someone says he left because its a step up, fisk could have been the coordinator at Seattle with pete carrol but he decided to come to miami anyway. al golden may not be the man for the job, i hope im wrong because i like his image. if he is not the guy i hope he is gone after next year if the team still looks like this against average or below average teams. there is no accountability on the coaches, who has been fired for the performance of anything?

Steven Morris should have left last year after the coaching of Jed Fisk, he was said to be a good second round pick maybe a late first round. now after coley coaching he may not get drafted at all.....the coaches have much ground to make up before im a beleiver again.

SUN TV Channel " Throwing Up Breakfast with the Gators" lol....!!!!!

Gators suuuuuuuuck,

No, my name isn't that. It is actually the letters of a famous person's name.

I am not a hater. To look at aspects of the Canes' situation has nothing to do with hate. It is really about hope. and wanting UM to rise again.

The SEC is a better conference than the ACC. You are right, Florida has some big problems and FSU is a great team, though I don't know if they beat Bama.

We may find out.

In the interim, I hope the Canes can beat Pitt. Simple.

Can't agree with you more, dbc.

Credit Mike Leach - watch WST in the next few years.
Credit Rich Rod - he's building something.
Credit David Cutcliffe - a lot of analogs to Alverage...hmmm

I have been turning on AG, have completely turned on DNo, but you look at modern fb offenses and look at the success of what Dno is trying to emulate in the pros...it thoroughly debunks all the experts on here lamenting a lack of the good old UM defenses of yore...

My point was and is: We don't have the right talent, nor the right coaching to get the most of the talent we do have.

WOW. I haven't picked a blog tribe! Imagine that.

On the coaching:I do marvel at Auburn having the essentially the same players as the team that went 3-9 last year, yet by recycling a former coach, have a real opportunity and valid argument to play for a national championship; if they beat Alabummer and Mizzou...

As to the players - how long has rich Rod been at AZ? His record is mixed, but using the fair to middling talent he HAS, he and his great hire DC adjusted well enough to destroy one of the most vaunted and feared offenses in the nation, years running.

Complaining about a win over a BAD UVA team...it's not sick. 478 yds; 200+ rushing - despite the second string garbage time argument - is still not good. The UVA win is virtually meaningless. We should have pounded them.

Instead, we can't look away from the continued glaring deficiencies as they pertain to the upcoming game vs. Pitt and whoever we get pounded by in our bowl game.

I love my Canes and want AG to succeed; I just don't realistically think that the numbers and history add up to it the way any of us want.

On the bright side, look at David Cutcliffe's Duke. Can't deny the path he's taken...He did have the benefit of perennially low expectations - AG will never have that, but it is the lone bright spot to make a comparison. Look at Addazio at BC...the culture's a changing there too.

We have bright spots and a long road with the path the school has chosen. Hate to say it, but only time will tell.

Do think DNO should go, but seriously doubt he will.

5 years. Ken Dorsey back at the U coaching in some major capacity.

Go Blue Devils! Give FSU hell! FSU - Pound everyone if you get to keep your Squintin Winston. Auburn - pound Alabummer, shock the world and prove that the COACHING MATTERS.

8-4 here we come.

After somehow surviving a 3 year terrorist like war that the NCAA declared on the "U" that was designed to destroy the football program for the next 30 years (see SMU) the team has posted a wildly impressive 8 & 3 record.

During that time we have learned that Al Golden is a fantastic leader, coach and recruiter. We have learned that the current kids that have been coached and influenced by Coach Golden and his staff have improved, are fighters and never quit. We have also learned that Donna Shalala is also a fighter and stood up to those NCAA bullies and looked them squarely in their eyes and told them to bring it on, which true to form of any bully they blinked.

The University of Miami Football program, while at this point not having the talent to compete at the highest levels due to the NCAA and previous coaching regimes, is positioned to challenge for and win National Championships in the near future.

This blog demonstrates that some people are only happy when they have something to complain about, because their lives are in such a sad state as they don't have the intestinal fortitude to improve their station in life. Everyone knows the Canes are not where they want to be and the defense is particularly weak. Yet, those who are being honest and understand football can plainly see that Al Golden is building a foundation for championship football that could last for decades.

Finally, next weeks game at Pittsburgh will be a huge challenge as they boast a good QB, receivers, physical offensive line and the weather will also be something we haven't faced all year. Will we win? I have no idea! But, what I do know is our kids will show up and fight like hell for 4 quarters. Win, lose or draw I am thrilled with this season and highly optimistic about the future.


All that has to be said has been said, but this is not a good team. The only strong position is at punter. And fortunately we do have some explosive, game-breaking players. Otherwise, the offensive line is too often over-powered, making the running game almost non-existent, there have been too many missed tackles, too many dropped passes, too many bad passes, and all against a weak or very mediocre competition, except for FSU. And we do lack in depth at too many positions. We seem to have a weak run defense, and if against a passing offense, a weak pass defense. And our offense has been lacking in consistency. No telling how we'll do in a very cold Pittsburgh. Hoping for another win, no matter how it comes.

Canefan72. Not sure what world u live in, but the record is the record, not the one you make up....not sure why u are so negative if u really Re a fan...got the balls to say why?..doubt it. Anyway. Golden not going anywhere, so u cna be a dick for a long time.

Beedharphong, Ron Zook and stancane,

You all make good and fair points. Appreciate your analysis.

B, I liked your not identifying with any of the blog tribe. Great concept.

Interesting with Mike Leach at WSU. The players talk about how much he believes in them. He doesn't talk much about opponents, but only what his team needs to do. A similar idea to AG's process focus. But Leach's team is improving and they show great heart and really play hard.

I am always hopeful about the future. Having been around a lot of ball, some of the signs are not encouraging....We shall see.

Go Canes and Beat Pitt!

Making the Gators unimaginable loss yesterday all the more brutal...Georgia Southern did not complete even one pass!!

The Gators are now officially the worst team in the SEC and one of the worst in the whole country.

Once a significant downward spiral starts at a football program it is almost impossible to turn it around in the short term (see Coker/Shannon, Tennessee, etc.). I'm not talking about the run of the mill several years of bad results, but programs that become toxic and recruits silently decide they want nothing to do with them.

It is going to be interesting to see what transpires over the next 2 to 3 months concerning current Gator commitments as kids will typically say everything is fine, but when it comes to decision time many of them might decide differently. It is being reported that the Canes are already trying to flip at least one current Gator commit.

Life is certainly funny...as has been said, "what goes around, come around" and as we know the Gators were big on telling our recruits over the past 3 years that the NCAA was going to administer the death penalty to our football program.

Our recruiters won't have to lie to Gator recruits they covet as was the case with the Gator recruiters. They will only need to say...Georgia Southern!!

We need change and a hardnosed defensive coach, fans will be screaming next year if Miami and Golden dont make a change in defense, No progress to date on defense side of the ball and Golden knows this. We will need a complete overhaul of all defensive coachs, no more Temple rejects or Ivy league knuckleheads, get real coachs, wake up Miami AD and Admin the houde of cards is shakey. Oh get players who at this level know how to hit and tackle, if they dont know let them go.

Ron Zook is just a loud mouth piece for Miami Football, somebody has got to do it!

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