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Canes basketball announces four new signees; class rated 23rd nationally by Scout.com

With as many players as Jim Larrañaga lost from last year's Sweet 16 squad we all know it's probably going to be a long season filled with growing pains for the Hurricanes basketball team.

But at least the future got brighter Wednesday.

Thursday morning, UM announced the signing of four players -- Ja’Quan Newton, James Palmer, Omar Sherman and Ivan Cruz Uceda -- to National Letters of Intent.

The signing class is ranked No. 23 in the nation by Scout.com.

> A consensus Top 60 player, Newton is a 6-foot-2, 180-pound guard listed as the No. 55 player in ESPN’s Top 100 list. At Neumann-Goretti High in Philadelphia, Newton averaged 18.0 points per game last season, and has totaled more than 1,300 career points, helping Coach Carl Arrigale lead his team to three consecutive Catholic League championships. The incoming freshman has participated in the NBPA Top 100 Camp and LeBron James Skills Academy, and plays AAU ball for Team Final, the same squad as future Miami teammate Davon Reed. Newton, an offensive slasher with an innate ability to get to the rim, was also recruited by UCLA, Texas A&M and Minnesota.

“Ja'Quan is a multipurpose guard who play both the one and two and be very effective at both. Ja'Quan is an outstanding scorer and will add a lot to our offensive arsenal next season. He hails from Saints John Neumann and Maria Goretti Catholic High School in Philadelphia, which has produced a large number of high major Division I players,”  Larrañaga said in a statement released by the school.

> Palmer, a senior at St. John’s College High, is a 6-foot-4, 180-pound guard from Washington, D.C. He helped his squad to a 20-win season by averaging 12 points, five rebounds and two assists as a junior. An offensive threat, Palmer can catch-and-shoot 3-pointers or score in transition. Palmer, who plays AAU ball for Team Takeover, was also recruited by Memphis, Wake Forest, Rutgers, Cincinnati and Maryland. Palmer was coached by Sean McAloon at St. John’s College HS.

“James is one of the best three-point shooters we saw all last summer,” Larrañaga added. “He played for one of the best AAU programs in the country, Team Takeover, in Washington, D.C. He also plays at St. John's College High School of the WCAC, which is one of the toughest high school basketball leagues in the country.”

> Sherman, out of Duncanville, Texas, is a four-star prospect, according to ESPN and Scout.com. The 6-foot-8, 220-pound forward plays high school ball at Duncanville High, where he is coached by Kenny Boren. Scout.com lists Sherman as the No. 20 power forward in the country, and the No. 94 player overall. Sherman, who played his AAU seasons with Deron Williams Elite, chose Miami over Wichita State, North Texas and Weber State.

“Omar is the kind of front court player we were looking for,” Larrañaga said. “He is big and strong with a velvety soft touch. He can score with his back to the basket but can also shoot the three. He plays for Duncanville High School which is one of the best high school programs in Texas.”

> Cruz Uceda is a 6-foot-10, 240-pound forward originally from Madrid, Spain, ranked No. 55 overall by ESPN. Cruz Uceda will be available to play a pair of seasons for Miami following his two years at Harcum College in Pennsylvania. At Harcum, he set the school record for rebounds in a season and has a chance to break the school’s career record for caroms. Cruz Uceda was also recruited by Marquette, Ohio State, Penn State and Villanova.

“Ivan is the perfect compliment to Omar. He is an excellent passer, but at 6-10, he too can play inside and outside. He is a strong rebounder, clever, and plays for a strong junior college program at Harcum College. We were searching for an experienced player to join our junior class and we believe we have found exactly that in Ivan,” concluded Larrañaga.

The four newcomers join an already talented 2014-15 class, which includes redshirt-freshman Deandre Burnett, who is out this season with an injury, and transfers Sheldon McClellan and Angel Rodriguez, who are currently sitting out due to NCAA transfer rules.


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LOL,now ron zook is showing support for goldencrap. I remember he used to punt on 3rd downs to light fires under the players butts. Of coarse he approves, another guaranteed W.

Posted by: .400 club | November 14, 2013 at 09:00 AM

"We will get better under Alverage Golden’s leadership,’’Blake said.:

Ummm, sure, you buck-toothed varmint. Have you seen the roster? Morris is gone, although that may be a good thing. Coley with his drops is back. Your best O-linemen graduate or leave. Same for perryman. You still got no D line and the DBs are weak
So much for reality. scUM Yahhhhh, right. Millions potential Trash fans within a 3 hour drive and that dump stadium is always empty .
Va Tech > cane trash, so is everyone else

BWWWAHAAHAHA. Need. Money. To. Fix. Crumbling. Infrastructure.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gator_clause/2013/11/1000-committed-.html#storylink=cpy

"Ummm, sure, you buck-toothed varmint."


Lie Number 1. Blake James has no buck teeth.

"Have you seen the roster? Morris is gone, although that may be a good thing. Coley with his drops is back. "

Umm, ALL teams lose players to graduation, and Coley with his 81 yard touchdowns is back, too, and will be better than that bare cupboard of receivers you have, name-changing fellow.

"Your best O-linemen graduate or leave. Same for perryman."
Umm, ALL teams lose players to graduation, have you STILL not understood that fact? I hear Easley is not coming back even though he could. Does that mean you have no shot next year? No, but you will only twist your negative attacks one way.

"You still got no D line and the DBs are weak
So much for reality."
Yeah, our DBs are so weak that they were offered by the gatrs. They would rather have risked the death penalty than go to your school, and they guessed right. THAT is the reality.
Tracy Howard Florida None Offered 01/20/2012
Deon Bush Florida None Offered None
Artie Burns Florida None Offered None

"scUM Yahhhhh, right. Millions potential Trash fans within a 3 hour drive and that dump stadium is always empty ."
Yawn. Attendance attack is the mark of a weak mind.

"Va Tech > cane trash, so is everyone else"

21-16, namechanging fellow, 21-16.

7-2 > 4-5. 4-5? I mean, are we talking Dolphins here? two teams in turmoil that have a caretaker head coach, a dysfunctional locker room, and fans begging for a housecleaning as the only way to reboot a lagging franchise.

5 > 3
ranked > unranked

"BWWWAHAAHAHA. Need. Money. To. Fix. Crumbling. Infrastructure."

Nope. GETTING. Money. To. IMPROVE. Infrastructure.

Your Pata joke yesterday was as disgusting as usual, and your lies today are as weak as usual.

So, back to the article. Notice that we are getting more talent under Larranaga than Missouri is doing under Haith?

One of those situations where by losing a coach we got the chance to get better as a team.

Now, for even the most ardent Donofrio supporter, do you think we would have a CHANCE to get better if Donofrio was hired somewhere else, and we had to replace him with an unemployed Schiano or some other proven DC?

Check the AP, Coaches, BCS polls, as well as the Rivals and ESPN recruiting rankings, Gatr Trash.


And the angry, bitter, trailer donkeys from Trailerville can't take it.

Watch next August how Driskel will "look great" even though all the maggot fans crushed him for weeks.

It truly suckes, to be, a FloriDUH Gatard.

Real Gallo, you do know this guy stle your ID and will steal others, right? But in the end, it is still that same old name-changing fellow that reports anyone that disagrees with him.

So be careful with what names you use on him, he will get that IP ban on you in a heartbeat. Just figure you might want to know how he does 'business' on here.

A cardboard cut out of a coach with a hat and whistle would be better than D'nofrio.

LOL! Tampa Cane, do they still even USE whistles? And from the sky box, nobody would even hear his whistle anyway.

Funny thing about the name-changing fellow taunting us about fans booing, the gatr fans were booing even more.

Funny thing about him ripping us for questioning our DC's performance, they are beig even more vocal in their displeasure about their OC.

Funny thing about how he ripped Morris for complaining about an opposing player after a game, while a gatr player tried to blame an opposing player for why he got ejected for pushing a ref.

And funny thing about how he likes to rip Golden for being media friendly, while his coach is having meltdowns at the refs, the fans, and the media.

Yep, funny thing is he comes on here to attack Miami players, coaches, and fans, while the glass house that is his team is FULL of holes from the rocks he has thrown.

Best part is, he had a goal of killing all the Canes sites, and in the process, he ended up killing the gatr fan sites. Karma pays off yet again.

Yep, the only thing funny about this name-changing fellow is how he has failed in all he tried to do. Funny in a sad, pitiful way that is....

Best part of this gathering of top players, they are not all freshmen. That means that we will be able to rotate our players in a more reasonable fashion rather than losing our Top 6 in four or five years like happened under the Haith gameplan that Larranaga inherited.

Five titles, man your on a roll this morning. Go Canes!!!!! Beat Duke

Five Titles you are my hero, way to put the name changing troll in his place. Wonder where he gets his material from, any ideas?

Of course we all want UM to beat Duke: But U know what? DU will come out and throw the ball more than it runs. By the time this D catches up, then they'll run.

If the Duke QB completes a lot of the passes he throws, just turn out da lights and pile on the Dunno negativity.

Careful Tonto, you will get banned if you use that word. He reported another Canes fan for using that word, and had his posts removed.

As for his material, he has been doing this for five years, and he just finds out what the latest racist fear is of that week, Grape Drank, hoodies, people of Haitian heritage, Cubans in Miami, and then adds some attack on the Canes based on that.

Add to that ANY story that might put the city of Miami, the team, or even one of it's fans in a bad light, even indirectly, and he will drag that up over and over again. That is why he brings up people's names like Jimmy Carr and Alain Dubois, because he finds some arrest and then claims that person is posting here.

Or when Alex Rodriguez is being accused of using steroids. ARod never went to UM, but because he is a fan, it is fair game for that guy.

And if a player or former player is murdered, he will run with that too, usually under some other Canes fan ID.

Then, when he thinks he can get away with it, he will post under a regular's ID late at night, when most regualr folks are not on the site (like his 1AM rants this morning) but say something so disgusting while attacking another Canes fan that it leads to an argument among those Canes fans. If one of those fans complains about an ID, all the posts of that ID are removed, and then the actual user of the ID leaves, thinking that the Canes fans on the site suddenly went ballistic on him, not seeing the posts that were removed using his name.

He did that enough on the Sun Sentinel that two Canes fans went from friends to enemies, dividing the group and then leading to most folks leaving from there.

He did that so much on the Post that the NAME Pata is blocked on the Palm Beach Post, which is why he writes the name as P A T A when he forgets which site he is attacking.

And he does it so much here that they actually had to go to facebook comments on their articles and ask here that the t-word not be used to describe the fellow any more.

But if he would just stop, I bet he could come back and be a regular critic without all the murder jokes and the personal stalking that he does today. But that would probably bore him to tears, so he will continue until they force him out with facebook signons here as well.

First of schiano if he gets fired by bucs will have more then enough shots at being hc in college again after what he did at rutgers he will never be just a dc. I like coach d. Sorry but miami still has talent issues and youth issues on d. Yes they r better this year then last. If u look at what coach d did at temple, u can see where he can get the defense. coach can't tackle for his players.i think golden and coach d have done a great job rebuilding miami. they aren't back yet but are on there way despite 3 yr ncaa investigation that hurt recruiting. Look out for miami ovr the next 3 yrs.

Of course we all want UM to beat Duke: But U know what? DU will come out and throw the ball more than it runs. By the time this D catches up, then they'll run.
If the Duke QB completes a lot of the passes he throws, just turn out da lights and pile on the Dunno negativity.
Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | November 14, 2013 at 01:48 PM

Let's be clear on this. After they watch the film of Wake, FSU, and VT, they would have to fire THEIR offensive coaching staff if they don't work almost exclusively on five yard crossing routes during practices this week.

VT loaded the box on us daring us to throw deep, and we didn't do it enough.

Miami covered deep all night, daring VT to throw underneath, and they took advantage of that, over, and over, and over, and over again. What was LTs longest throw? I don't recall any that were deep. Of course, the STATS say he had a 50 yard pass play, but that was 40 YAC.

If Duke comes out running, or throwing deep, it will only be because they are trying to catch us off guard for the first couple of plays, but it will be short passes like Montana to Craig, all game long.

Ok, here's the only fact that matters to me this week, onion never lost to duke while he was the headcoach here!

Calvin, Duke was never this good when he was the head coach here.

This is not the Duke that Shannon played when he claimed it was a tough place to play on the road.

In fact, this is the best Duke team in the past 20 years. 1994, they went 8-4, and before that, 88 and 89 was their big 'dynasty' with 15 wins in two years.

Still, Miami should not lose even to THIS Duke team. They scored 13 on VT, and 14 on GT, there is no reason to expect anything other than a 30+ score for us and a 20- score by them in this game.

Duke looms soooooo large.
Duke the terror of ACC football.....
Duke the national FOOTBALL powerhouse
If we can only beat Mighty Duke..........
This ACC slate is soooooooooo tough......
What if it rains again......
What if it is cold in North Carolina.......
What if we get freezing rain.........
What a nightmare......
Beat Duke......
If only we could.........


I think it's a damn shame we have such a great coaching staff, a 8th year hc, and we going into the game worried about DUKE!!!

I mean they have how many highly recruited, all American, all conference, or draftable players?

Com'on mane..

Gthooh wit that bs!!

We talking about duke, not the basketball duke, but the football duke...

It's embarrassing that we would even question if our guys will win this game!!!

Excuse me while I chanel my inner Allen Iverson: Duke? Duke? we're talking about Duke? Duke? Duke? c'mon man, here we are, suppossed to be the number one brand in college football, NFL factory, and we're sweating........Duke

Don't tell me how great Golden is when we're sweating Duke

You have to look no further than this thread to realize what the lifting of the anchor of the NCAA persecution off the Canes athletic program means.

Suddenly, a 4 star defensive tackle joins Coach Golden and his team and now you've got talented kids lining up to join the Canes basketball crusade.


Happy days will arrive when we start winning NC again, stop accepting mediocrity!

Duh Gatr Trash fears the Georgia Southern Beatdown.

Can't we just schedule Furman every game?

Don't tell me how great Golden is when we're sweating Duke

Posted by: it's football season! | November 14, 2013 at 03:10 PM


Not sure if you guys are being serious.

Yes, we have to pay attention to, and be concerned with, Duke. They are who is on the schedule.

Just because the name-changing fellow makes a list of fake concerns does not make the real one still valid.

Duke Beat Virginia Tech, on the road.
Virginia Tech beat Miami, on homecoming, in our home.
Now we face that same Duke team, in their home.

It would be FOOLISH to just ignore them because their name is Duke. That is what happened to Notre Dame when they wrote us in as an automatic win, and that is what happened to Virginia Tech when they wrote DUKE in as an automatic win.

They are 7-2, and have every right to claim they are as good as Miami. Overconfidence is a gatr trait, not a Canes trait, we go out there and treat EVERY opponent as if they were FSU, or Nebraska, or Texas, and we win. If we treat them like they are, oh, USF, or Louisville, or baby blue UNC, and we get beaten.

Yes, we sweat Duke, until we are done with them. THEN, we sweat the next opponent, and the next, and the next. We are NOT at the point that we can phone in wins yet.

Good post Five, but its not about overconfidence, we are no where near being in danger of that. There's a difference between being even-keeled/respecting the opponent and having worries that are scheme/incompetence related because we may actually be/feel inferior (worry) to Duke.

My post had zero to do with that list of concerns post. Coaches talking and thus coaching worried in an inferiority-related way.

The fact that Duke beat V. tech is an indicment of V Tech, the ACC Coastal, and the ACC as a whole. This is friggin Duke, we're talking about. If you want to belong, you need to act and carry yourself like you belong, and that starts with never ever losing a game to Duke! I grew up on NC's and punch you in the mouth football....what has this program become...we're talking about Duke! I'm sorry does Jabari Parker play football?!

We lost to East Carolina...We lost to FAMU!!!! So don't act like we haven't lost to cupcakes!!

what did U cane bashers think? We all said a good year this year would be 9-3 or 10=2. well we will b favored in last 3 games. If we finish 10-2, only losing to FSU and VT, considering we came off 3 yr investigation, its a good yr. yes we lose some Sr's, but there Shannons Seniors and the team is loaded with young talent and we have top 5 class on espn, scout.com and rivals.com with about 30 players coming in. ESPN has us with 15 4 star guys and 13 espn 300 players. 13.....thats better than the #1 class in 2008. WE are 2 years away from being on FSU's depth level, as Dumbo has been recruiting since 09 and golden 2011..........as for UF, thats why Urban left. He new he had some bad talent on the team, and didnt want to blemish his record........quitter

Any white boys?

I was totally disgusted watching our defense vs VTech.

How many weeks in a row will an offense beat us with the same game plan? Crossing patterns kill us yet we make no adjustments to pick them up. We got away with it vs Wake Forest and NC, but I knew against a half decent team we would pay dearly.

Hoping D'Onofrio is gone one day after this season ends.

5 Titles

You really are a dumb ass tool aren't you?

Your a V tech fan..

Enough said bwahahahaha!!!

Bitter isn't better buddy

Need a tissue?

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