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Canes CB Ladarius Gunter carted off late in win over Virginia with neck injury

Hurricanes cornerback Ladarius Gunter was carted off the field late in Saturday's 45-26 win over Virginia with a neck injury. But according to early reports the injury does not appear to be life threatening or serious.

Gunter was hurt after attempting to make a tackle on Virginia's final score of the game. WQAM reported Gunter was hit in the jaw by a shoulder pad. He fell to the ground moments later and was surrounded by teammates and medical staff before they waved over for a cart to come and take Gunter off the field.

WQAM reported Gunter was being transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital. The flagship radio station also reported that coach Al Golden was heard telling his players: "He's okay. He's okay."

Stay tuned for updates.


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Those stingers can freak u out! Get well gunter.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery

Good luck Gun!

The Canes family's thoughts are with you. You had hella game.

Send prayers and good wishes for your recovery.

You'll be back to celebrate with your team mates in no time.

Ha! The haters (aka losers) were in all their glory today, but unfortunately for them the Canes won and now post an impressive record of 8 & 3.

Notice how none of them attend games--they sit on their rotund arses hurling insults, lies and crappola day and night from the cheap seats. They are tough, fearless, brave...internet cowboys!! LOL!!


The 27 point favored Gators are trying to earn the first pick in the upcoming draft:

3rd quarter

Georgia Southern 14

Gators 10

Get well Gunter. The defense was opportunistic today, so, you have to give it to them. This team is improving, maybe, not as fast as people want, me included, but, they are improving. Given two or three excellent recruiting classes to build some more depth they will get much stronger and not have these late season let downs. Go Canes.

Wondering what the "4:3" screamers on here are going to say today??

We played 4:3 all day today. Didn't make much a difference did it?

It's not coaching issues you morons.

It's talent.

After 3 years of having to recruit under the hardest situation faced by any NCAA coach, we have what we have- which is mostly a team of C+ to B- players on both sides of the ball.

But we are now 8-3, with a shot at 9-3 and a bowl.

All signs of improvements which is all i was hoping for this year. I knew being #7 was a bit of luck/stupidity of the ranking system.

The only rank that would matter is a true play-off system anyways.

I'm proud of these kids and seniors fighting through the hardest process any NCAA school has faced in 10 years.

I'm proud and grateful of Coach Golden and his staff for sticking it out with UM even though he had every opportunity to leave for more stable situations.

We will haul a top 3-4 recruiting class. The current classes have gotten lots of experience this year already.

I see a big year for the Canes in 2014.

Until then, i'm enjoying the signs of progress.

It seems we are loading up on 4-5 star DT's and DE's which is great, but we are lacking those speedy LB's that we used to have, and those last 3-4 spots in this class besides the Palm Beach WR target, we need to land some 4-5 star LB recruits. Side to side speed and Dline Speed will make the DB's really deadly.

PNW is right. Manny did a compare table 2 weeks ago and FSU and 5 and 4 star Dline and D Ends We had 3 and 2 star Dline and D Ends probably 15-20 kids that would have signed with the U, all went elsewhere

Plus we kicked off Gionnia Paul eddie johnson and lost LB depth

Lookee here.

Canes win and suddenly all the haters have disappeared!

But of course when they recover from the money they just lost in Vegas, they'll be back to screaming about "4:3", "Fire Golden", "Fire D'Onofrio" and all the other usual crap they say.

Defense was bending today, but the young guys did us proud with pick-offs today and tipped balls today.

Ty McCord already showing his talent with that sack/fumble that lead to the run-back TD.

Steve Morris continues his usual game of 3-5 spectacular bombs that connect with about 20-30 horrible passes and poor 3rd down efficiency.

I think he plays too much Madden NCAA and thinks he should only look downfield.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Williams, Olsen, and Kayaa can do next year.

Duke J will be back hopefully and that will put us back into the groove.

Everything changed after Duke's injury. It seemed like the team lost it's heart when he went down.

Get back soon, Ladarius!
Canes, it's going to be COLD in Pittsburgh next game. This is a game for our O-Line to step up and open some big holes for our RB's. I think UM will win playing a clean game, no turnovers. Pitt wins, they are bowl eligible, so they will be motivated.
Of course, EVERYBODY is motivated against UM. It's what it is...a CANE THING!
Make them pay, men!!
Good win today.

Future looks bright in Miami!

Go CANES!!!!


You gonna catch waves this weekend?

I just got back to FL from Oregon.

Grew up surfing Deerfield. Looking forward to surfing 3-4 slop again ahaha!

I'm pretty spoiled over there with consistent 10-15+ clean swells most of the year.

But i remember the slop here well. Any surfing is better than no surfing!

Well, we have depth at every position in this class but LB like 12 or 13 ESPN 150 players is huge. 2 of their top DE"s Trent Harris and Chad Johhson, and 2 top 10 DT's Anthony Moten and Trevonte Valentine. Those are some speedy DT's and some speedy D Ends added to Tyriq mccord and alquaddin muhammed, plus chick will be a sr next year

I just think we need speedy LB"s. when we have won titles, we always had NFL LB"s going back to 80s,90s, and even the DJ Williams lead teams from 01-03. Speed all over the field

Thank gawd, we didn't face their backup all day.
We gave up another 400+; 200+ on the ground! LOLOL!

Glad we won, but kinda wish we hadn't. Two of those ints were pure luck and the backs being 7+ yards behind what would havae been first down catches.

unforced errors won us this game. We had two legit takeaways. First and last. way to go howard, mc cord, and gilbert. Not a bad showing for Chick today.

ANyone else notice we played alot of 4-3 and some 5-2 today? the 4-3 was soft too.

8-4 here we come!

Pitt will paste us.

Congrats to DUKE!

Coming into today, UVA was averaging 21 points and 365 yards a game on offense, 34 points and 418 yards given up on defense.

Winners were gambling on UVA staying close on senior day this afternoon, despite surrendering essentially three scores to turnovers and playing two average QB's. At least when they went prevent with four down linemen no longer engaging but just rushing the passer, they generated pressure and a fumble inside the 20 that was returned for a score against a team that had given up a month ago on the season and had less than no morale for this game.

So, who's buying season tickets for more of this crap next year?

That's what I thought.

at least Miami has never sunk as low as the gator

Yes, it was a very, very UGLY win today, but the Miami, Florida Hurricanes will bloody well take it!

Oh, the Hurricane's didn't cover the point spread today.

Hurricanes - 20 point favorite

The mediocrity lovers are out in full force *celebrating* a ugly win full of unforced errors against one of the worst teams in college football who if their TE #83 could catch--we would have been in serious trouble. He thought we were playing volleyball today and kept setting the ball for our players.

Dudes didn't post one thing until after the game lol! Nervous throughout a game against Virginia, because of coaching. U dudes had zero doubts that our players were superior to theirs---so just stop.

A win is a win and we'll take, but this defense was embarrassed again.

Bashers, haters on me, for 3 years, negative recruiting means BAD DEPTH, plus golden kicked off the team some starters like Gionni Paul, Eddie Johnson was a speedy LB, and we lost more playes. ADD THAT WE HAD SANCTIONS OVER OUR HEAD, and U get 2nd tier players as Depth.

obviously, I went on espn dot com and under recruiting under NCAA F., and we have 13 espn 300 players, literally 2 top DE's and 2 Top DT's besides yearby who on some sites is a top 5 players in the country.

Even if we dont get Yearbys teammate, THis Brandon Powell kid from Deerfield high is now an espn 300 player n 4 star #7 Rb on Rivals, so if cook comes, thats 3 of the top 10 RB's in the nation. We have no RB depth, crawford and Gus, thats it.

Kayya will still come here. Because when williams leavss next year, its a battle of Olsen vs Kaaya n both will have 1 redshirt year, olsen a redshirt soph, . unless olsen beats out williams next year(as winston did as a red freshman for FSU).

TALENT LEVEL By I say 2015 season, 2 more recruit classes, when Tracy Howard is a SR, Duke a SR, will be on par with FSU..........even next year, we should be alot better

Virginia tallies 450 + yards on offense.

A season BEST rushing yard total for a moribund Cav' squad.

By the way, Pittsburgh won by the slimest of margins at Syracuse... 17-16.

I'm seeing the Panther's as a slight home favorite against Miami, Florida this Friday. Ouch.

FWIW... it will be Pittsburgh's SENIOR DAY. Which is a troublesome factor for both Goldie and Marky Mark.

Nevertheless, the Canes improved their win total from last season. Albeit those victories were against SUSPECT opponents.

Not being a homer. but VIRGINA CAN BEAT VIR TECH, its a rivalry game, and anything happesn, plus Tech has 4 losses already this year

#2 UNC bashers all of a sudden I believe they are 6-5 and ROLLINg ,and UNC CAN BEAT DUKE.

If we win, and UNC/VA win, we play FSU Not that far fetched

Duke a SR, will be on par with FSU..........even next year, we should be alot better

Posted by: Dom | November 23, 2013 at 04:48 PM

THE DUKE won't be in Coral Gables for his senior season!! Bloody GUARANTEE IT, bUbba!!!

In other words, THE DUKE won't chance any more MAJOR injuries and will go N.F.L. following the 2014 season, DORK!!!!

I'll take a win, but it does not do anything to boost my confidence that we will win against Pitt or even be competitive in whatever bowl game we may end up playing.

The reality is that Virginia is a very poor team and this win was expected. We were fortunate to come out of it as well as we did. Never thought that I would be let down after a win, but this one did it to me.

Oh, and I certainly hope that all of the injured players will be OK soon. Hate to see these guys get hurt.

Dom, with all due respect, you're being a homer.

And even if that upset occurs, it won't matter unless UNC beats Duke as well.

UVA quit four weeks ago on the season, they aren't buying back in until next year at least.

Good luck Gunter!

I am happy for our canes! Our kids worked hard for their breaks.

But how well did we really do? just look at the stats:

VA vs UM first downs their 28 our 11; ttl yards their 483 ours 304; passing. 240 theirs 214 ours; rushing 243 theirs 90 ours; third downs theirs 11-20 ours 5-14; time of possession theirs 37:49 ours 22:11.

They had 4 turnovers to our 2.

Our Coaches still got out coached

Posted by: Dom | November 23, 2013 at 04:50 PM

Get back on your MEDICATION'S, DORKY dummy.

FWIW... Virginia is the WORST team in an AVERAGE A.C.C. ( Excluding F.S.U and Clemson, of course. ) and won't defeat Beamer Ball. Especially when Foster's defense has a say in so in next week's game.

FWIW... Arizona Wildcats 28, No.5 Oregon 9 at half.

Too bad Miami's A.D. and the President DIDN'T puruse Coach Rich Rodriquez after the Shannon fiasco.

Oh, that's right. The POWERS THAT BE don't wanna' pay the cash for a big time coach AKIN to Rodriquez. hUh

good luck with all the injured players ( on both sides) & ESP Gunter.

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