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Canes freshman linebacker Alex Figueroa battling shoulder injury

The Hurricanes official injury report won't be coming out until Thursday, but it's guaranteed backup strongside linebacker Alex Figueroa is going to be on it.

The 6-3, 235-pound freshmen missed practice again Wednesday after being spotted during Tuesday's media viewing of practice with his left arm in a sling. 

"We're evaluating his shoulder again today and we'll know more by tomorrow and certainly by Friday," UM coach Al Golden said during his weekly appearance on the ACC Teleconference. "He did not practice again today and we're holding him out right now. We just want to make sure whatever the diagnosis is we go through the battery of tests he needs to and we're not going backwards there."

Figueroa, who started against Savannah State and South Florida, has played in all nine games for the Hurricanes. Coaches raved about him during fall camp and he's done a nice job on special teams and in his appearances, racking up 17 tackles and a sack on the season.

"We're very high on Alex," Golden said. "He needs to continue to learn how to prepare and play the game faster, [fix] the mental errors, a lot of the things we deal with freshmen. Sometimes we forget he's a freshman. He is a guy we're excited about and that has a great future."

> Junior linebacker Denzel Perryman, who leads the Hurricanes with 78 tackles, welcomed a daughter to the world on Tuesday morning. 

> Golden said freshmen Artie Burns and Corn Elder and sophomore Antonio Crawford "have been coming on" in practice "and earning some reps" at cornerback.


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Like my compadre Harriet TUBMAN, let's welcome our newest memeber to the independent thinker's club, chris h 88. This man is speaking more Truth, coach goldie and the 500 club only know penn disgrace football where you'll hae the ability to play for a national championship every 20 or so years doing it the right way(whatever the hell that means).

Coach goldie with all this, "we're trying to build a program" talk, is an insult, this program was already built, what coach goldie is not saying is, we're trying to build a program how we think it should be and not how it should be. The culture that coach goldie wants is not going to bring national championships here, trying to get into micro managing the players personalities, kicking freshman and sophmores off the team instead of giving them a chance to grow as men i ridiculous.

Come next year, coach goldie will not be able to use the lame excuse about "we're breaking in a new qb" that's why i'm glad jameiss winston is doing what he's doing this year, first time starter. Plus whoever the qb is come next year, he'll have a better set of wideouts than any qb at UM in a long time. dorsett will be a senior or redshirt senior, rashawn "dog house" scott will be a senior. herb waters will be a junior. stacy coley. In fact with allen hurns leaving, we definitely are going to need some more widereceivers in this upcoming class.

If anybody think this defensive scheme is any good, they are the ones that don't know football. It's not hard, if you're a real defensive guy, you start out in man, if you're getting cooked in man than you resort to playing zone cause obviously somebody needs help. But to run primarily zone to start a game off maks no sense and we should not defer to the 1nd half if we're going to keep running this soft-zone.

The defensive stats, just like last season are starting to pile up. I've siad it before, coach goldie is not even the best coach in the coastal, let alone the acc or college football.

Welp, looks like we'll be running with raphael kirby, thurston armbrister & alex figs as our linebackers come next year, no jawand blue sighting yet, might be part of the new 3p crew.

Calvin, you're clueless since Perryman will be here next year and starting as one of the linebackers.

Perryman has a new baby and he might not be back next year. I don't know how much the pro's value him, but if they do he may leave early. He's a true junior and can go.

Posted by: Gmoney | November 13, 2013 at 01:21 PM

Perhaps you are the one whose clueless!

Because I lay 3:5 odds that Perryman says ADIO's to that LAME D'Onofrio defense!!

FWIW... Hurricane's remain a - 3 1/2 point road chalk.

Nevertheless, I waiting to see where the LATE Wise Guy SMART mony goes, because HEAVY betting action went down on Beamer Ball LATE last week and y'all Cane fan-dom know how that game turned out. hUh

In other words, sometimes HEAVY money goes down on a certain team EARLY. And sometimes the HEAVY dollar ACTION goes down on said team LATE.

Look, I like Golden, but it's interesting how he words everything. "HE needs to LEARN how to [X,Y, and Z]." Shouldn't it be, "WE need to TEACH him how to [x, y, and Z]?" Also, aren't fixing mental errors the responsibility of the coaching staff?

As for Perryman, with the new baby if he is projected to be a second or even third round pick he will probably leave. Minimum NFL rookie salary is $400K. That's $400K more than he is making now to raise a baby.

Yeah, it's evident that thee CARPETBAGGER'S are cleverly changing the entire Hurricane football culture. And what's absolutely CONCERNING, is President Shalala and the BofT's approve this SINISTER move by both Golden and D'Onofrio.

Again, once the Canes get all those 4/5-Star prep athletes onto the Coral Gables campus, Miami will win.

However, the winning WON'T be of the 11-1 or 12-0 variety. Even with the LAME ARSE non-conference schedule Golden is implementing. hUh

Here is the deal with Al Golden and Mark D'Onofrio. Plain and simple they are Joe Paterno and Penn State indoctrinated disciples. They both Coach from the Penn. State handbook of being less talented but better prepared and discipline from the 1970's and 1980's days when Penn. St. was an Independant and played garbage schedules. Every now and then, they would play in a Big game against a far better team and were able to eek and pull out some Victories as underdogs with that mindset. But this is THE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI !!! We don't play conservative ! Our Offense plays to not make mistakes, don't turn it over and get field position. The Defense plays PREVENT from the get go. NEVER dictating the play but always back on their heels not giving up the big play while they themselves rarely make any big plays while giving up 500 yards in front of them time and time again to bad teams. Do any of you see this trend ? Well, that is NOT CANE Football ! Al talks all about the U tradition, but has never, doesn't and will never play they way we used to. It's what we are and will always be with these two Nittney Lions to the core running the show. Nice guys? Sure. Do we want nice guys leading the U or mean attacking sumsofbitches like Howard and Jimmy's Coaching tree ATTACKING in ALL Phases of the game for 60 mins ?

I'm not going to even say I hope I'm wrong because I'm not. We are, philosophy wise, Penn. St. South. That's fine if an occasional 10-2 Season every 5 years or so satisfies you. But even in the ACC and with a weak OC Schedule we are destined to be a 7-5/8-4/9-3 squad year after year... And it starts with the Head mans philosophy. And Coach Golden's is and always will be Joe Paternoesque. "Don't beat yourself and win close games.

Give me KICKA$$ and TAKE NAMES !!! The True Cane Thang Way !

Posted by: Chris H. '88 | November 13, 2013 at 12:12 AM

Voila Chris H. And I can see your a loyal, FREE THINKING Miami, Florida Hurricane fan!

By the way, that CONSERVATIVE philosophy of the Joe Pa DISCILES has taken away the NASTINESS IS REQUIRED aspect from the defensive unit.

And as U know Chris. NASTINESS IS REQUIRED is a Hurricane brand TRADEMARK.

Moreso, with the exception of the Florida game, the D-unit lacks that passionate fire in the belly and what not.

To put it bluntly. Since the arrival of Golden and D'Onofrio the Canes no longer have that MOUTHY, BRASH, SWAGGER on defense. And you need that MOUTHY, Ali-esque attitude on defense FIRST and FORMOST.

Like CALVIN and a few other OPEN-MINDED Hurricane partisans have said, the Hurricane defense has been PACIFIED by that CONSERVATIVE Penn. St. philosophy.

Posted by: D | November 13, 2013 at 12:02 PM

One more by the way--Joe Paterno beat the Miami team that many consider to be one of the best ever in college football and prevented us from a National Championship, but what did he know??


Posted by: Ron Zook | November 13, 2013 at 10:07 AM

Don't you mean TESTAVERDE beat Miami, Florida in that N.C. game, ron DORK!!

Chit, you probably WASN'T born yet when Vincent gave Penn St. FIVE free gifts. Eh, you DORK!!

Posted by: D | November 13, 2013 at 12:08 PM


So Zook, if that Vinnie led Cane team had say 9 more chances to play that slow, far less talented Penn. St. team that was gifted 5 turnovers after the Canes went up n down the field, Miami surely would win at the very least, 8 of those 9 times right ?

If so, you would have to also then say the Gators, that put up 400 yards to the Canes 200, were the better team after gifting the Canes 5 turnovers as well.

Zook, you are the same guy that spouted off for years about how great Randy Shannon was under your continued various aliases. You do it all for effect so you are able to have some sort of human response contact in your life. If you were to sit down say on the set of any College Football Show with people in the know with your Al Golden is the Best College Football Coach arguement and debated it, not only would you get chewed up n spat out, there would be general sympathy for you and your delusion... But's it's what you do for the attention. And cute to a point like your former Shannon is #1 rants.

Try reading the above comments objectively as you might learn something and try to bring sensible debates to this forum. As a Cane fan, you are an embarrassment Zook. First the ID name and then your comments that follow... But congrats, it's attention you seek and it's attention you get. Even if you act like a petulant child with an imaginary best friend that swears it's real.

Where is the coward Alain Dubois (real name) that trolls as canesrule 21'ships?
Typical gutless Canadian weasel.

Any leads on the P A T A murder? He was executed drug dealer style ya know?

Did they gift us 5 turnovers, or did Miami cause them- like the last one when Driskle was sacked? Or the one where Matt Jones was stripped? You and Calvin and all the trolls here are a bunch of morons.

Who comes on here spewing negative stuff about the U?

Only doosh bags like these guys up in here ^^^^^^^^

Real cane fans wait till the off season.

Calvin is a dooshbag know nothing chump/ and he proves it anytime dumba55 gets on the computer.

Miami will be fine

It took FSU about 6 years and 3 QB cycles before they got in this position (along with 3 great recruiting classes):
-Ponder (an NFL QB)
- EJ MAnuel (an NFL QB)
Now Jameis

This Miami coaching staff is currently IN year 3. But the idiots mentioned above have been lambasting them since the game against maryland.

please. You all stupid.

What we need to do is get rid of anything and all that had the Shannon stamp on it- INCLUDING STEPHEN MORRIS AKA JACORRY HARRIS 2.0

SEC is overrated - don't you see the hypocrisy? You say "real can fans wait till the off season" to spew "negative stuff" about the U, then a few paragraphs later you say we need to get rid of everything that had the Shannon stamp on it, including Stephen Morris aka Jacory Harris 2.0. Shouldn't you wait until the offseason before trashing the U's starting QB?

By the way, it normally would be unfair to bash coaches that are only in their third year and have been hampered with a cloud of sanctions during this time. However, when the defense keeps giving up the same plays over and over to multiple teams, makes no adjustments, and the coaches point to a lack of depth and "mental errors" as an excuse, it sends up a red flag. Also, the overall football philosophy is wrong for the Canes. If the coaches are willing to change and are just waiting until the team has the proper depth, so be it. But to me it seems like they are entrenched in this "bend don't break" philosophy as that has been the mantra for Penn State for the past 30 years or more.

Poor name-changing fellow.

I see that you are still going on with your false claims about Bryan Pata.

And after wasting your time attacking some guy named Jimmy Carr, you have jumped to attacking some guy named Alain Dubois. Yet every chance to meet in person, you duck out like the gatrs scheduling the Canes.

You truly are a sad and obsessed individual. Please consider leaving, or at least ending your sick compulsions.

Of course, you will just change IDs and claim you never wrote the garbage above, or claim that it was written in the 1980s, but those that have seen you in action can tell it is the same old gatr no matter what ID you choose, Gatoraluminum.

"Free thinker" in D's world means anyone who agrees with his viewpoint.

What a moron.

Zook is like the fat kid who insists he's just husky and not fat bc mommy told him so

Congrats DZP on the birth of your child and good luck next season in the league.

Coaches determine what players are "buying in" or "mature" enough to address and be made available to the media correct? Any player who whats to be interviewed can't just walk up to Manny and Susan like, "whats up y'all...what y'all wanna know".

With that said, how many times has Tracy Howard been chosen to represent the team and answer questions from the media? I'm sure the media asks for certain star players like how Stacy Coley interviews have picked up of late and how Lamar Miller had many requests despite his grammar/speech issues and visible shyness.

But how many times in the past 2 seasons has Tracy Howard been requested? I remember one post-Florida win where he shared the mic with McCord and another player. Thats it.

So was Howard requested yesterday or was he pushed out to the front for a reason or was it both? We do know that so far during his career, Howard has never been known to be requested much.

So is it happenstance or coincidence that a player like Tracy Howard whose criticism and feud with the D'No last year was leaked and it was made public knowledge that he was in the coaches "doghouse", would be the player presented as the leading "defender" and believer of D'No's schemes???

Howard was in D'No's doghouse because as a 5 star recruit he came to practice with a chip to prove himself (somewhat acceptable as confidence can be beneficial). Apparently he was getting smoked in practice, but it wasn't due to his lack of talent or skill--it was due to D'No making him retreat instead of stick his man with bumps and physical press 1 on 1 man coverage. His man was now allowed to catch passes underneath him and Tracy lost his cool.

Isn't it sadly obvious and insulting that Tracy is the player that they chose to stand up for D'No?

Our administration's political and monetary motivations for their hires, devoid of any accountability to skill or coaching acumen/prowess has these dudes very bold right now. the quotes that Calvin mentions are insulting--they honestly believe that they are above or at the least, are the embodiment of The U themselves. They believe that we are lucky to have them, don't know anything about football and that they entitled to this job because of the NCAA investigation and that there's zero anyone can do about it.

We have bloggers who express these same sentiments, so it isn't far-fetched that these sentiments have been embodied by those who we are discussing as well.

THE WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL BLOGGING has tagged out to his 'defensive coordinator.'

Here's a pro-tip for you, go to the relevant blog and post that the team they cheer for is so bad even the '79 version of them would kick their tails at this point.

Then say Vandy scored again and laugh at them.

Since you're THE WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL BLOGGING AND HIS DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR, you'll fail yet again though, just like the guy who Paterno neutered in the Penn State showers back in the early 90's. http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=DLcxAAAAIBAJ&sjid=COMFAAAAIBAJ&pg=5622%2C3970071

Whatever happened to that clown?

Oh, jokes on UM it looks like. Hate when crap AD's fall for that like they do for Ponzi scheme architects that think their not short, Jewish and actually really straight.

Zakkee, between Chris H. '88 yesterday night and your post just now, we can see the level of psychological warfare designed to weed out the necessary brashness and aggression required to play UM's trademark brand of dominating defense is on full tilt. Don't be surprised if Mark and Al figure they'll get a second chance together somewhere else no matter how it shakes out at UM, so just beat the really bad teams, sneak by the average teams and lose big time a few times a year to hurt the program that crushed Mark's feelings in '91 isn't out of the realm of possibility for their down low MO.

There's UF fans spouting the same line of reasoning regarding Muschamp right now, threw a tantrum waiting for Spurrier to finish jogging to meet him about walking on and left the office, played for Georgia and got housed each year by UF, now figures he can make UF stink as much as he can because he'll always land of his feet somewhere with another chance thanks to 'privilege.' Always remember how the Fiesta Bowl from the 80's was portrayed in the media at the time, who was 'good,' who was 'evil,' and who was coached by a pedophile and a guy who wouldn't go to the police when he was discovered. Funny how the script ends up flipped all these decades later when the truth bubbles up to the surface . . .

I like Al Golden, but Al Golden isn't even on the same level as Mack Brown as a HFC. Mack Brown, in a business like and not personal like fashion FIRED his D. Coordinator after a few games this year due to lack of production and saved their Season at Texas. Same talent, different philosophy and culture in a matter of weeks. The very first priority of a CEO isn't to just fix problems, it's to identify them first. And by Coach Golden's words and actions he hasn't identified that our Defense is sub-par and needs to be fixed. My only recourse is to believe what has been stated here earlier that Golden really does think that D'No's (aka Jerry Sandusky's) philosophy, sitback, play soft, bend-bend-bend-bend, less talented Penn. St. style will work for the Hurricanes eventually. It hasn't, it isn't and it won't. And how Al continues to deny that simply stuns me. If he truly cares what's best for his/this/OUR program he would do what's become so obviously and eliminate his personal ties and do what's best for Cane Business. And we all know what that is, but I'm afraid he's going to pull a Capt. Quint and run full steam ahead until the engine blows up.

D'no will be the Canes and Golden's achilles heel no matter if the talent is average, good or great on the Defensive side of the ball. And that's fall directly on Al Golden's shoulders as CEO period.

Fresh off of Tracy Howard taking one for D'No, Golden informs the media that Corn Elder, Antonio Crawford and Artie Burns are coming for his reps at CB lol!

They surely aren't close to earning Gunter's reps, because he has proven to be one of our best defensive players all season. So he must be referencing Howard's reps.

Figs injury hasn't prevented him from playing ST snaps, so it isn't that serious of an issue to explain why he doesn't play LB much. I believe that Figs, Armbrister, Gilbert, Kirby, and Jawand Blue's insistence upon continually shedding blocks and getting after our opposing offenses proactively has them in the D'No doghouse. They must become more reactionary in their approach aka no playmaking or freelancing.

Mattie - That visual of Captain Quint gunning the motor while the engine smoking was a great visual and gave me a good laugh. Great analogy too. Captain Quint was too stubborn and stuck in his ways and ended up getting devoured. Same thing will happen to Golden if he sticks with D'O.

why are idiots golden and d'o playing freshmen and sophomores instead of juniors and seniors? BC the younger players are too stupid to know that golden and d'os NO line defense, zone NO pass coverage is a load of crap. It is NOT Miami football, and it is NOT good quality college football.

golden and d'os concept of defense is a windfall gift to other OCs and QBs to make other teams look like they have the coach of the year and a heisman QB.

I like the old days when Howard used Shula's playbooks and went to the Miami ghettos and got tough kids who would look like a wrecking crew to other teams.

Basketball, and they will get another job together...bank on it! There's zero way that they won't because they are corporate types and rely on connections and politics, not skill. They will never admit failure or adjust, the corporate philosophy is "me" first and full steam ahead on lies and BS. Humility is considered a deficiency.

Corporate and elite protect and look out for one another, so Golden and D'No are more than good and will land safely for keeping up the status quo and holding the feared UM back for all of the years to come that we keep them here--nothing will ingratiate them more to other incompetent alphas who rely solely on a furrowed brow and a "great head of hair" than their mediocre win and loss record at UM.

Holding Us back and stifling UM, especially culturally (with this mediocre and lowered expectation mind state) will applauded and recognized positively by other institutions and their Boards and Trustees.

No one should be arguing whether golden and D'No will ever be hired again or if anyone wants them. All employers don't hire for skill, some hire to satisfy political initiatives/agendas. Golden and D'No's coaching ability and acumen shouldn't be decided or proven by their abilities or inabilities to garner employment.

*They are masters of looking and speaking the part*, so they'll always get a role*.

They just chose the word con tis time with UM, this is a role like Kirk Douglas in "Spartacus" once in a lifetime, but they have some they have some fans believing its the other way around and we're fortunate to have them in our camcorder shot C-level documentary that needs funding to reach Cannes Film Festival--yeah right!

Golden and D'No's ability to garner employment is no more telling or reflective of their abilities to coach football than Randy Shannon's inability to get another chance as a DC (2001 Broyles trophy recipient) or HC does. Shannon was not a good HC, but that only half of why he will never get another chance at the top position again. Only one black coach has *ever* been given a second shot at HC after being fired, in the history of college football.

LOL!!! Children calling Coach Golden "Goldie" claim to know more about football than professional coaches. This is why people laugh at our fanbase.

Harriet TUBMAN, don't look now, another one of the oppressors, who thinks the players are to stupid to pick-up his scheme has spoken in goldie's terms, "and we have to help THEM". LOL.

“I really can’t,’’ said D’Onofrio, intent on preparing the Canes (7-2, 3-2 Atlantic Coast Conference) for next opponent Duke (7-2, 3-2). “At the end of the day, we’ve just got to worry about what’s going on here. We have good kids. We have kids who want to improve, that are not happy with their performance and we have to help them.’’

Harriet TUBMAN, just like luther robinson got benched after he forced that fumble last year inside the 5 yardline, he got benched the next few games. It's sad seeing so called defensive coaches not get hype over a forced fumble by a d-linemen, but they jump for joy like they just won the lottery over a "batted ball".

All i'm saying is, don't lose to duke, if this team loses to duke, nobody here can ever say coach goldie is a better headcoach than shannon or any other coach that has come thru here. But of course the goldie slurpers are going to say, well this was a different duke team tha nthe ones before. So it's time for everybody who like to back the outsiders(goldie and clown 500) and whatever jethro is teaching, he needs to go packing with clown 500 and for those that kept tyring to act like coach goldie had nothing to do with the defense now that he's said it out of his own mouF about "he's the one that signs off on all the game-plans.

I said the when they got here and it's still True, this is a sissy's scheme. What's the point of having db's if they not gone cover the wide-outs. Like i said about burns before he actually signed, what's the point of him having all of that speed, if when he gets here, they not gone take advantage of up.

Coach goldie lying talking about "you can't spot them 21points" we scored first, so how did we spot them 21points, lol, this guy tries hard to use his psychology degree to cover-up for his deficiencies and spins on losing, no with us buddy, WE see you, another one of the oppressors. Why didn't they let gionni paul or eddie johnson speak to the media, let some real playa's speak.

Fresh off of Tracy Howard taking one for D'No, Golden informs the media that Corn Elder, Antonio Crawford and Artie Burns are coming for his reps at CB lol!

They surely aren't close to earning Gunter's reps, because he has proven to be one of our best defensive players all season. So he must be referencing Howard's reps.

Figs injury hasn't prevented him from playing ST snaps, so it isn't that serious of an issue to explain why he doesn't play LB much. I believe that Figs, Armbrister, Gilbert, Kirby, and Jawand Blue's insistence upon continually shedding blocks and getting after our opposing offenses proactively has them in the D'No doghouse. They must become more reactionary in their approach aka no playmaking or freelancing.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 13, 2013 at 02:32 PM

ROFL, you know coach goldie Italian too, the preach revenge.

Once i saw they had tracy on the team committee i said uh oh, creating a snitch, one committee member at a time. Coach goldie using old w.l. tatics to try and control the field.

Get healthy and continue playing well. You are the type of 'Cane we like on the field representing the 'U'. Get healthy 'bro.

All the shouters and opinions re our team, Coaches, and games are getting old.
The Coaches and Staff are not going anywhere. Can't you all seem to get it!!!!.

All the posting and shouting is not going to change that one iota!!!

We need to get ready for Duke, and play well.

Go on to the next game UVA.

Reality, people, means you can CHOOSE to watch the 'Canes play Duke and the other games, or opt not to watch.
If the team does not meet your expectations the choice is there.
Simple as that.
Go 'Canes

meant: they chose the wrong con this time...

The history of UM is classical like The Godfather. Golden and D'No are working on Part 4 as if the first 3 weren't classics and have a mythical legacy of success and excellence already established and attached to them.

Zook is like the fat kid who insists he's just husky and not fat bc mommy told him so

Posted by: jsy | November 13, 2013 at 02:09 PM


JSY is like the bully that gets exposed too be the coward he is and then tucks tail and runs.

LOL!!! Children calling Coach Golden "Goldie" claim to know more about football than professional coaches. This is why people laugh at our fanbase.

Posted by: Darrell | November 13, 2013 at 03:03 PM

^^This is the type of "man" that unfortunately enables the world to spin on its twisted axis.

Another example that the initiatives of free public schooling are alive and well. U believe that since a person is employed in a trade, then they're automatically good at it or the authority on it. Not to mention that this is a blog, where people come to express their opinions. Its not about claiming to know more, because no one has ever claimed or typed that on here. Its just about sharing ideas and opinions and if a person can't handle that this is a place for that--why come here?

I would rather everyone stop taking about the team this staff inherited, because they made a professional decision to accept this new challenge and place of employment. I am sure this coaching staff was aware of the talent level of U players, and the opportunity to work with elite football players. However, the staff did not equate the quality of competition and expectation. I recalled a statement made about changing the culture during an earlier interview. I believe this coaching staff has made changes in players’ accountability and compliance with rules. Good administration focus and I am pleased with the results in the classroom too. But let’s not confuse administration with football culture…the U style.

The QB never been the focus of the offense…just distribute the ball like a point guard in basketball. If a player miss a tackle or fumble the football, you may not see the field as a starter again. DTs, LBs, and free safety have been the foundations of the defense. As for the offense, DCs losses a lot of sleep prior to each game…too many weapons. The best 22 played…not all this subs…must earn to play.

As for football team’s goal, the U never talked about division or conference championships. …our only goal was National Championships. Upon completion of 3 years of top flight football, players looked toward the next challenge, which became NFLU. For the coaching staff, this was the real culture…never settled for less…period. It’s the U, and if you have not learned by year 3…then you will never understand.

Had Al Golden been dealt the same hand in Miami that Nick Saban was dealt in Alabama he would also be working on his 3rd straight National Championship.

It is staggering to me why people refuse to accept the facts about the mess Miami football was in when Al Golden was hired that only became monumentally worse when the NCAA attacked the program for 3 years, which is comparable to receiving the death penalty. Why don't you and others understand that the NCAA's goal was to destroy Miami football for the next 30 years. And they did everything possible to attain that goal.

That is why Al Golden and the UM administration refer to the last 3 years as a living hell. Of course, if your goal is to bash Al Golden then the facts above are discounted or completely ignored. Further, the fact that Coach Golden has brought this team to a 7 & 2 record and beat the Gators when they were healthy and a bonafide top 10 to 12 team is nothing short of miraculous based on the last 3 years.

If you simply refuse to believe the many experts in college football who marvel at the job Al Golden has done then using your comments... "It's hard to take anything you say seriously when you make such proclamations."

Zook the point of my post was to give an analogy about you saying golden is the best coach in cfb. Just bc u keep saying it doesn't mean it's true and you never provide anything concrete to support that belief so you sound like a child by constantly saying that I guarantee more ppl would agree with you if you provided concrete evidence to back up your beliefs instead of just saying golden is the best.

You claim we lack talent but you provide zero objective evidence to support that we have less talent than vt or equal talent to unc and wake, you constantly say you know ppl who think that golden is the best then fail to say who they are. And most importantly you call fans haters if they don't think golden is the best thing since sliced bread.

And Zook why do you quote mark may to support your claims when you call out true fans as haters but use the biggest um hater of all to back up your claims do you not see how childish and illogical the things you say are

I only wish that were the truth cupcake that I am Coach Golden's agent, because over the next 20 years Mr. Golden's agent will need 100 dump trucks to haul away the fees he will make off of Big Al's contracts and endorsement deals.

Please put in a good word for me.


Sabans team prior to his arrival had a worse record than the team golden took over. Had less nfl draft picks and his team was actually on probation

jsy, Ron Zook is officially trolling, there's no hope for him, because he isn't even serious nor sincere in what he's typing.

Sorry, I wrote my comments before reading that Perryman just had a baby. So maybe he goes to the NFL. But he better beware of what happened to others who tried to go to the NFL before they were actually ready. I wish him all the best in his decision. However, Golden and others have stated that the Canes just don't have all the horses yet to be at the top of the college food chain just yet. So it's not that the defense is bad because of the d coordinator, but it's the players that he currently has, and he needs more time to develop them and/or obtain better talent. People want to get rid of coaches and bench players very quickly. Texas fans wanted to get rid of Mack Brown, and then Texas beats Oklahoma and all of a sudden he's off the hot seat (for a while). All those people that were chanting for Ryan Williams to replace Morris Saturday night started cheering right away when Morris threw the TD pass to Hurns. We have very fickle fans, but I am one of them because I would love for the Canes to return to being one of the best in the country. However, Coker, Shannon, and the NCAA have all significantly held back our team from reaching its potential. Now Golden has no more excuses, and we should hope that each season the team gets better and better. We saw that with Shannon where each year the team got bettr, but then the bottom fell out in his 4th year, and they regressed big time. Last year the Canes were 7-5. This year they will either equal that record, but most likely be better than 7-5 - probably/hopefully 10-2. That would be a remarkable improvement! But yeah, the Canes should really have beaten VA Tech, or at least put up a much better showing (okay, the Canes should have beaten them - any team that loses to Duke 13-10 should be beaten by the Canes).

Htc Youre right i honestly get the sense he just says stuff to get a reaction out of ppl.

Gmoney, U know u just f'ed up right?

No seriously, U just contradicted yourself, because prior to the season, Golden laid the "horses" excuse to rest. D'No's best defensive rank was his first season (40th) here with Jo Jo Nicolas and the rest of the Shannon recruits, so with last season's 116th rank the trending thought of his defense getting better with his own recruits is not coming to fruition. UM will not be a top 40 defense this season, even with the 6 win total USF, Savannah St, and FAU games being counted.

Also, Mack Brown's turn around at Texas is due solely to what action he made?

He fired his DC and they've been winning ever since, sound like what anyone else could and should do? Brown's decision to fix his defense turned his situation around.

Who hired Coker and Shannon? Are they culpable for hiring inadequately skilled workers as supervisors of our football program. Two and now three inadequate hires in a row, is not coincidence or happenstance--its management and selling Us less. UM administration has held Us back, not the workers whose influence and power are limited--evidenced by their firings.

Zook the point of my post was to give an analogy about you saying golden is the best coach in cfb. Just bc u keep saying it doesn't mean it's true and you never provide anything concrete to support that belief so you sound like a child by constantly saying that I guarantee more ppl would agree with you if you provided concrete evidence to back up your beliefs instead of just saying golden is the best.

Posted by: jsy | November 13, 2013 at 03:28 PM


No proof???? Are you kidding me? Here's your problem, you have no idea what has transpired and what you are currently witnessing.

The dire state of the Miami program when Al Golden took over is simply not debatable, only to be broadsided by the worst NCAA persecution in history, with SMU being the only comparable that took place over 26 years ago and the Mustangs still have not recovered.

Look, yesterday the Haters (Calvin, Gallo, Harriet the Slave, the Curse, Cool Cat, Cane72 and their countless other screen names) were completely punked by a 19 year old Canes football player who said knowledgeable football people know that the Haters are clueless about football and what has transpired in Coral Gables over the last 9 years.

And what did the Haters do? They attacked the 19 year old kid saying these kids need to be slammed! They also called the kid a coward in so many words.

The bottom line is the following: Al Golden will be the coach of the Miami Hurricanes for as long as he pleases. No one other than Coach Golden is going to decide who the assistant coaches will be. So, if you are a Canes fan is it better to support Coach Golden that will in-turn help to send the right message to recruits or do you continue to moan and complain day and night in an attempt to destroy the program?

As I continue to caution--if Al Golden were to get fed up with the idiocy and decided to leave there is not a college coach in their right mind who would agree to lead the Canes after knowing all that Al Golden did for the program only to be attacked for doing so. Ms. Shalala would be lucky to get a local high school coach.

The Haters listed above all have agendas and none of those agendas are in the best interest of Canes football, now or in the future.

If you have been paying attention you know that the Haters were infuriated when the Canes beat the Gators and have been spewing hate with each win.

The screen name Calvin, the queen of the Haters, admitted that he was disappointed when the Canes picked a pass off to seal the Wake Forest victory.

I ask you...is their a Canes fan on the planet who was upset about that game insuring interception as Calvin openly admits he was??


THE WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL BLOGGING is regurgitating the same drivel today as always, now with 100% more lack of substantiation! Must win game versus Duke and only a TD favorite, that's coaching, because the home-field advantage at Wallace Wade is below average and the talent disparity is firmly in UM's favor even with #8 on crutches and Morris with a bum wheel.

The offense will have to bail the defense out yet again, maybe this year they hold them under 500 yards and 40 points, unlike last year, now that they have enough experienced players to let the Pedo State prevent arrest scheme really show what it's made of?

Quick, switch out to your defensive coordinator while you talk about nobody knowing what proof you have, except you, who won't share it because you'll be made fun of and that's just not acceptable to have anybody laugh at your proof as much as we laugh at your inane ramblings with no substantiation.

.500 coach is a .500 coach just like THE WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL BLOGGING is THE WORST POSTER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL BLOGGING. Nobody needs a Broyles award on the mantle to know that.

Can anyone on here just one person anyone please just for once show objective evidence that we have less talent than vt. Or that our talent is only marginally better than wake and unc. Not a single person here said we lacked talent after the uf game. So what happened are you saying our players talents regressed? If that's the case that's still on the coaches. Instead of blindly saying we lack talent show some evidence to support that stance. The only team with more talent is fsu against everyone else talent should should never be an excuse has our fans also become as soft as our defense too? Like I said previously we win bc of our talent and despite the bs schemes we use.

People like Channing Crowder and Desmond Howard are currently on the radio and agreeing with ME, not you. Golden and D'nofrio do not have all the horses to do what they want on defense. So I didn't f up. It's just that I use facts and logic, which is apparently above your brain-use level.

All I mean about Mack Brown was that he was definitely on the hot seat and would have most likely been fired if he didn't beat OK. But TX did beat OK, so he is probably a little safer (unless of course if Saban indeed wants to go there).

Perhaps you are right that the administration held back the team, but they were probably a little lulled in by the fact that the team was always good and Coker won a national title and almost 2 in a row. Shannon was not the Canes first pick, but he was a popular local pick. Most fans were pulling for him, and he improved the team each year until his last year. But sometimes you need to give a coach some time to right the ship. If you look up Frank Beamer's record his first 6 years at VA Tech, you would want to fire him. He was 2-9, 3-8, 6-4-1, 6-5, 5-6, and 2-8. But since then he's had a fantastic run. So people want coaches fired and players benched right away. Idiots like Dan Sileo say Dorsett shouldn't have another pass thrown his way after his poor performance against Notre Dame. But now we all miss him because he is a great deep threat. Nobody wants the Canes be great again more than I since I have been a fan for decades and a season ticket holder. But let's be a little realistic and deal with facts and logic, which seems to be missing with some people on this blog.

The ONLY reason we have won ANY football games the last 11 seasons is TALENT.

After a herculean effort to retain players after sanctions by the NCAA were announced, SMU officials received indications that they wouldn't have enough experienced players to field a viable team as most of the players left the university and transferred to other institutions and no quality players would even consider signing with the school until 20 years later.

Forrest Gregg, an SMU alum who was the head coach of the Green Bay Packers, was hired in 1988 to help rebuild the team. The decimation of the program meant that Gregg was left with an undersized and underweight lineup (U-Tough?).

The Mustangs have failingly struggled for 26 years to recover from the effects of the scandal. Coach Gregg compiled a 3-19 record in his two seasons. He gave up and moved on to be the SMU Athletic Director from 1990 through 1994. The Mustangs had 3 more head coaches who all failed miserably and never had a winning season until 2007.

Long name for such a deceiving stat. Golden took over a team that was in horrible shape, and improved it by 8 games. We get it, you hate him, but your claim that he is a .500 coach is like claiming Howard was a below .500 career coach, or that Jimmy Johnson was a .500 coach after four years at OKState, or that Erickson was 18-16-1 in his Division 1 career when Miami hired him, or that after three years, Butch Davis took a perrenial championship contender and turned them into a below .500 team.

Yes, Al Golden is 47-47, thanks to this two game losing streak. But that was including that first season at Temple when his team went 1-11. Since then he is 46-36.

Or look at the team after he was there three years, as the team improved each year, and he went 17-8 in his last two years there, better than Temple had done in ages.

Yeah, I will get labelled a Golden Apologist for this, but the fact is that he improved Temple, and he improved Miami. As much as I would have wanted? No. But until we see FEWER wins per year than the year before, there is not much reason to complain about his record at Temple as part of some veiled attack on him.

First, I was joking with U and its a line from the movie Menace To Society, hence, "No seriously" to start my next sentence.

How do U claim facts and logic, but all U referenced was the *opinions* of two other people.

Did U just cite Channing Crowder as a credible source?? LMAO--he is literally retarded and his IQ is known to be subpar at best. So since they said it--its fact and logic?

Beamer is not a good example when comparing the expectation cultural norm around VT and the one at UM. Thats the difference. Beamer has never won anyNC's in how many years? Thats not "fantastic" in our culture.

Since logic is somewhat subjective on here. What facts are we missing Gmoney?

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