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Canes freshman linebacker Alex Figueroa battling shoulder injury

The Hurricanes official injury report won't be coming out until Thursday, but it's guaranteed backup strongside linebacker Alex Figueroa is going to be on it.

The 6-3, 235-pound freshmen missed practice again Wednesday after being spotted during Tuesday's media viewing of practice with his left arm in a sling. 

"We're evaluating his shoulder again today and we'll know more by tomorrow and certainly by Friday," UM coach Al Golden said during his weekly appearance on the ACC Teleconference. "He did not practice again today and we're holding him out right now. We just want to make sure whatever the diagnosis is we go through the battery of tests he needs to and we're not going backwards there."

Figueroa, who started against Savannah State and South Florida, has played in all nine games for the Hurricanes. Coaches raved about him during fall camp and he's done a nice job on special teams and in his appearances, racking up 17 tackles and a sack on the season.

"We're very high on Alex," Golden said. "He needs to continue to learn how to prepare and play the game faster, [fix] the mental errors, a lot of the things we deal with freshmen. Sometimes we forget he's a freshman. He is a guy we're excited about and that has a great future."

> Junior linebacker Denzel Perryman, who leads the Hurricanes with 78 tackles, welcomed a daughter to the world on Tuesday morning. 

> Golden said freshmen Artie Burns and Corn Elder and sophomore Antonio Crawford "have been coming on" in practice "and earning some reps" at cornerback.


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I don't really know because, U, Calvina, Gallober and that babbling idiot Cool Cat keep reaching new heights. Keep reaching for the stars U morons.

The only one I have seen destroy any of these kids skills was your boy Shannon, whose players never got any better after leaving high school. What run out of names to use and had to resort to just using random letters as a screen name with the same ole blah blah blah.

What does me being Muslim have to do with anything?

What kids do/have I trash (repost/paste please)? I criticize the coaching staff who are adults.

U still lying and forget Crowder, U always talk about what someone would/won't do in real life, but U can't leave the porch.

Jsy are my initials and why are you saying Shannon was my boy I was never a fan of Shannon and thought he was actually pretty bad as a hc so why are you acting like you know anything about me? And what are you talking about run out of names?

Ok since you think you know me what other names have I ever had? Bc I would like to know my other alias bc u sure as hell don't know them

championships is all that matters???? Seriously>?? Forreal???

Thats your name?

But U have always been a lead excuse maker, mediocrity protector and advocate, apologist, Cane legacy pacifist, and defeatist on here. Your posts stay on auto-skip by everyone---*never* read anything informative or beneficial under your ID.

But championships is all that matters??? Riiight.

Moten's commitment doesn't silence anything, he'll be made stagnant in D'No's system just like his predecessor like Chick--just stop--its bedtime for the Golden pacifier users.

^^ typo meant to type I sure as hell don't know my other alias so please tell me what they are

He is assuming RS is your boy because he is a racist and believes that anyone who questions or critiques Golden supports Shannon's tenure. They're mutually inclusive to bigots.

But when U don't pick a side along racial lines and allow acumen and coaching prowess to lead the discussion, they won't participate.

Shannon = Golden = Coker they are interchangeable examples of mediocrity.

Same posts we saw for Coker, Shannon and now Golden. And rightfully so. Third bad hire for this program. It's like a self appointed death penalty. With Golden having a long contract, and no way anyone tries to take him away, we are stuck in less than mediocrity. These players are the ones being robbed, they lost a chance at bowl games for something most were not involved. Then some trusted(or fell for) Golden and his lies of winning championships here. Just a shame.

I don't know why I sometimes read the comments on here. Most are completely stupid and totally uninformed.

Ron Zook is showing a pattern that he may just be a junior high school kid who is in over his head and thinks that if he yells the loudest and deflects questions and responds with insults that people will forget what he was called out on.

Zook go Google "facts" and then "opinions" and learn the difference between the two! Using a talking head's (media) OPINION to back up YOUR OPINION doesn't make it a FACT.

"Ur never as good as U think U are when U Win and Ur never as bad as U think U are when U Looose" ... Al Golden quoting Joe Paterno on The Joe Rose Show...

Hey Al, Did Joe Pa ever saying anything like, "Let's Play Aggressive KICKA$$ Defense Like our Hair is on Fire" or "Stay out of the Showers alone when Jerry Sandusky is around?"

I am sitting in my car I refuse to watch this sheet anymore. If I hadn't brought other folks I would be on my way home !

Posted by: Canesteeler | November 09, 2013 at 09:52 PM

10 YEARS n Co[]_[]NTING DEJA V[]_[] []_[] ALL OVER AGAIN !

waaaaaatsssss suuuupppp niiiiigaaahhhh's ?

St. Thomas Aquinas defensive tackle Anthony Moten’s oral commitment to UM tonight was huge, because it gives the Hurricanes a rising four-star prospect at a position of need.

Moten, who has played well this season, is rated by Rivals.com as the No. 11 defensive tackle in the class of 2014.

“They were short of d-linemen,” Moten told South Florida High School Sports. “I can bring the Cane defense back to the way it should be. They run the same scheme we run at St. Thomas.”

Great pickup with Moten. I hope he can play right away. He shouldn't need to add any more weight.

Update for Ronnie Nuggets:
FACT: Coach Golden is at the U and not going anywhere

FACT: Coach D is at the U and not going anywhere

FACT: The NCAA investigation lasting over 3 years made
some good 4 & 5 star prospects choose other
schools over the U because of pending sanctions.

FACT: Miami is still building the team . There is no
depth at certain positions, and there is a
fall off in talent level as we rotate.

FACT: We have a new Schwartz Center, and proposed
$4 M training Center in the works. This was
never attained by other Coaches. Who is the
Coach and team under which this development
occurred?..Yes you said it Coach G.

FACT: Miami for the first time in 8 years was rated
in the top 7 of the AP Polls warranted or not.

FACT: Recruits are starting to understand that Miami
provides the best conditions for a good
education, diversified City, and if you are
talented a road to the Bigs. (Most NFL players
for years)

OPINION After two loses Miami should throw out their
program and start over, especially on D.
(That will not happen.)

OPINION Coach D does not know Defense. (Refer to
what his players have said, re Tracy H)

OPINION We cannot get the talent in SoFla. because
our team is not that good. (Moten is here)

OPINION After 3 years we should win every Game.(Said
repeatedly that this team is rebuilding and
needs the players to accomplish consistency
so there will be WINS and LOSSES as we
build. It does not happen overnight)

OPINION Uninformed rhetoric repeated over and over
takes on a life of it's own.... FACT, FACT.

Go 'Canes

jsy, who were you talking to last night? I didn't see anyone say you were a Shannon supporter.

Did the posts get deleted? There is a guy who writes some very disgusting comments, and sometimes the Herald deletes them. It is likely that same guy that has been stalking people named Jimmy and Alain, just for being Canes fans.

I guarantee you, he will now search the web for any Canes fans with the initials jsy, to try to harass you with 1 AM threatening phone calls. He has done so in the past, and will do so again in the future.

It is the same guy that is posting Penn State jokes above.

I know folks say to just ignore him, but he does have a severe stalking issue that could lead to even worse behavior by him in the future. It is why he is afraid to meet in person, but continues to try to track Canes fans down while staying anonymous himself.

Sorry to see he has targeted you as well, if that is the case.

It is the reason other folks here hide their real names, because he has attacked fans who gave out their personal information on the SUn Sentinel, the Post, and here. I guess it is the danger of this era, where trailer trash try to take out their bitterness on their betters anonymously.

Yep Moten is a great pickup, and this 2014 class is looking to be SUEEEET! Now they have to be molded correctly. This is the depth we need sorely. I like to talk about the positives as opposed to some posters who EVERY single day talk about the EXACT same issues.

We know our DC isn't very good, and we know our OC needs to be WAY more creative in play calling. I mean JEEZ don't you guys get tired of posting the SAME sheet daily?

How about talking Duke and what we need to do to win.


Another article from Vish, this one saying bluntly that Donofrio must go.

I am really starting to follow this view, and unless these three games show improvement, I will expect Golden to make a change for the good of the team.

Don Shula essentially lost his job being loyal to his defensive coordinator. Spent years protecting his running backs coach as well, ruining the Dan Marino years as we watched the running game deteriorate. Great coach, but in the end, he "retired" rather than face the burden of firing a friend.

Al Golden, there are many things that you can emulate from Don Shula, don't let stubborn refusal to do a facet of your job in place of friendship be one of them.

Posted by: CANE CL[]_[]CK FAN OF THE YEAR !!! | November 14, 2013 at 01:08 AM

Well, look here. The mid-50's aged Pig is back battling wits with the mostly 20 somethings on this board. Great life's work, Pig Soldy.

And this, after your Gatr Trash lost to the Canes and you posted some quivering upper-lipped limp-wristed sob story about 9/11 and soldiers and some BS that it was over?

You are a pu&&y and you know it. A maggot. Go phuk yourself, Pig.

ColaCane, isn't posting that the defense needs to improve and that the OC needs to be more creative saying what we need to do to beat Duke?

I mean, we are not discussing the specifics of Duke's players, because to be honest, there ARE no Jameis Winston's or even Logan Thomas's on that team. But they are a well coached opponent, and so we will win if our coaching staff shows some logic and creativity.

Offense needs to work on time of possession, because even when they got the ball, their longest possession was 4 and a half minutes.

Defense needs to work on YAC, because that first tackler missing in this scheme is DEADLY. And they need to work on how to handle momentum changes. Because all three turnovers by Miami led to VT touchdowns. And all three scores by Miami after the first Coley score were met with VT touchdowns. Seems like the defense cannot handle bad news or even handle GOOD news.

Actually, defense needs to work on EVERYTHING. Did they do ANYTHING right? Will they get SOME things right against Duke, a team that last year showed they had solved this same defense? We shall see.

Not too sure that Duke this year will be the typical pushover that it has been in the past.

Duke is 7-2 and beat VT for example.

And duke has golden and d'o on their side forcing Miami to use a three down def. linemen and zone, NO pass coverage.

Miami and golden had better start making up its excuses for 7-3 and not having played anyone and having miracle wins against GT, UNC, and WF by Morris and the offense having to pull golden's bacon out of the fire with last minute scores to win in those three games.

Let's see, young players, NCAA threat hanging over golden, inherited RSs players, players free lancing, Cane fans booing, wait til next year, rebuilding a penn state program in Miami.

Talent is always better than no talent. It's what you do with what you have that is important. This team has played one good game this year, just 1 of 9. That's a poor performance record. That's not doing well with what you have. Coach has got to fix it.

Wow, even Real Jim Gallo is sick of the name-changing fellow. Perhaps the tide is turning and folks will see that what he does here is not regular trolling, but a far more dangerous form of stalking.

I will give a comparison. When I disagreed with HTC to the point that there was no way it would get better, I ignored him, and we both moved on. We now can disagree with much less rancor.

When I ignored this other guy though, he just escalated his attacks, used my ID to attack other Canes fans, and stalked me even when I moved on to another blog.

Welcome to the "FAMILY" Moten!!!!

"Miami and golden had better start making up its excuses for 7-3."

Fair enough, so long as you come on here and apologize for 8-2, right maggot? I mean, you can't only work off one side of the ledger. That would be too much like a dipshyt liar, right?

I'm excited about Moten coming to the U!!! Let's take care of Duke this weekend.

Canefan72, that is the second time you have claimed we had a last minute win against GT. You do know we won that one by 15, right, with them getting a garbage TD with ten seconds left to keep it from being 45-23?


You are right about WF and UNC, (although it was more Carwford and Duke than Morris in those drives), but GT was decided LONG before the last minute.

Agreed Cane88, Duke is in the way of a shot at a BCS bowl game, a division title, and even a 10 win season.

Nothing personal, Duke, but you should get the beatdown that we failed to give VT.

And Moten shows that the claim we cannot get players from STA is false.

We want to say welcome to Moten.

Your family, and all your well wishers are behind you in your quest to become part of the 'Cane family.

Grow your talent, experience a truly inspiring College career, and become part of the Miami legacy.

Good luck and again welcome.
Go 'Canes

CampbellvilleCane, just curious, which one of the seven wins are you saying was the 1 good win?

I think the starters played well in the first five games, but failed to do so in the last four. The backups were the ones that allowed late scores in the USF and Savannah State games, and as for GT, they played well except for a slow start and a gift ending. Just my opinion, not claiming it as FACT, of course.

Agreed UGoCane, He has a great chance to get a great education and if he performs well to also be a part of that NFL U that exists in Coral Gables.

Reminds me of the Warren Sapp name being added to Tampa Bay's Ring of Honor. Moten could one day see his name on an NFL stadium wall, but even if he does not, he will have the best available education in the state of Florida.

Five I'd say the Gator game was the best we played defensively, even though they put up yards, our red zone D was great, and we put pressure on their qb big time, and we forced turnovers. It's like we totally changed our defensive scheme from that game forward, which I don't understand. If we go back to that more aggressive style, I feel we should handle Duke.

UGoCane, u should seriously read those articles posted by Nash and now Five Titles by Vish. Since guys only allow themselves to be influenced by people who are employed in a field directly (former players) and indirectly (media/reporters) give his views a listen--they aren't anti-Golden--they're pro-UM. And I think thats the what many are misunderstanding or confusing. I come here everyday to support UM, and the way I see fit is to acknowledge its deficiencies, especially since many continue to attack (insult) and rail at those who do so. Its like there's a cover up going on and yall everyone to participate in it and bite the bullet. I'm not biting the bullet so Golden, D'No, and their agents families can eat off the U. I see trickery and hoodwinking so i call it how I see it.

Another example of bloggers believing two sentiments are mutually inclusive: If U critique Golden and have had enough of his process, then U are not supporting UM.

Al Golden after two and a half seasons here doesn't personify UM alone. So challenging him (during the season or after) doesn't put someone out of the fold of Canefandom.

Furthermore, your "fact" list is extremely flawed. #1 and #2 are not facts, those are predictions. #3 as Vish article makes clear, cannot be proven--no one knows who would've come to UM or didn't because of the NCAA *investigation*--so thats is not a fact--if it is then prove it. #4 Prior to the season Golden said that his transfer pick-ups "solidified" depth on the Dline, so what position are U speaking of that we don't have depth at? #5 Surprise surprise--everyone knows that UM is dedicating more $ to the football program under Golden than they ever have before, the question is how has it impacted the product on the field and U can't prove a change in performance where it matters for most Cane fans--we aren't impressed with $ and appearances--thats political and Golden is a politician--so no surprise. #7 Recruits are coming to UM for playing time mostly--just listen to what Moten said himself. Recruits aren't "...starting to understand that.." they have been known Miami was a greta place for learning and football--that precedent didn't and doesn't begin with Al Golden.

So #'s 4 and 5 are the only true facts, but U get to call people "uninformed". Its twisted and skewed posts like these that get the day going ColaCane. Thats not supporting UM--thats supporting Al Golden.

Cola, why don't u lead the discussion U desire to read today. U say the same exact things everyday as well--go read your own posts--I mean *exact things everyday*
Instead of trying to control other men and what they think and thus type, why don't U control yourself and make it happen for yourself? In essence u are frustrated because U can't control other people or what they think--thats nutty.

Five Titles, read the first and their posts at the top of this page. "championship is all that matters", responded to jsy concerning development under Golden by saying, "your boy Shannon". Thats assuming/saying/insinuating that jsy was a Shannon supporter.

meant: #5 and #6 are are the only true facts.

And Five, read the 1st and 3rd posts on the page.


Your prophet Muhammad liked the company of young nude boys.

I think Calvin is absolutely right in his assertion that Golden and D'No know nothing about the culture here in S. Fla. or teh brand of football we play. We do look like a slow Big Ten type of team, and it makes me sick to my stomach.

I only hope that it gets better, but who would have ever thought that Duke would be a challenge. I've never gone into a Duke game feeling iffy.

UGoCane, I respectfully disagree with this one:

"OPINION Coach D does not know Defense. (Refer to
what his players have said, re Tracy H)"

I think the opinion being given is that his defense is terrible. He might KNOW defense, but he doesn't seem to know when or how to put it to proper use in stressful situations. Third and long is supposed to be a GOOD thing. And for most defensive coordinators, it would be. But his team's performance in those situations has been painful.

There are lots of people that know defense, but make bad defensive coordinators. Ray Lewis and Warren Sapp likely know ALOT about defense. But does not mean they would make great defensive coordinators.

The opinion is that Donofrio might be one of those people. The fact is that the numbers are supporting that opinion.

At the start of the season, there were four things that were hopefully going to be true, to help the defense avoid that 116th rank.

Easier schedule than last year. Check.
Special teams helping the defense by putting opponents in bad field position. Nope. Was check until the VT game.
Offense would have a more ball control scheme, that would reduce opponent possessions to ten or 11 per game. Nope.
Defense was going to be a year older, stronger, and more experienced. Check.

But the net result is that even with half of those things being true, the defense we saw last week was no different from the one we saw against Maryland.

In my opinion, it was worse than that Maryland game.

Maryland won 32-24, ten points worse than VT.
Maryland gained 'only' 499 yards, fifty yards worse than VT.
Maryland went 6-14 on third down, two conversions worse than VT.

So, I might not claim he doesn't know defense, but I will claim that his defense does not perform well if the four factors above do not all protect him.

Thanks HTC. I was looking for jsy by name, did not see that indirect reference.

Moten and Valentine are great building blocks for the future. Moten is a STUD!!! I'm glad to see a player from STA commit the the U and join former STA alum Dorsey!!!

OPINION After two loses Miami should throw out their
program and start over, especially on D.
(That will not happen.)
OPINION Coach D does not know Defense. (Refer to
what his players have said, re Tracy H)
OPINION We cannot get the talent in SoFla. because
our team is not that good. (Moten is here)
OPINION After 3 years we should win every Game.(Said
repeatedly that this team is rebuilding and
needs the players to accomplish consistency
so there will be WINS and LOSSES as we
build. It does not happen overnight)
OPINION Uninformed rhetoric repeated over and over
takes on a life of it's own.... FACT, FACT.
Go 'Canes
Posted by: UGoCane | November 14, 2013 at 09:10 AM

#1 who said that we should get rid of our football program? Just more proof of some cane fans belief that Al & D'No are our program--it doesn't exist without them.

#2 "D'No knows defense" what does that truly mean--thats kinda subjective. I mean of course he knows what defense means, but the question is if his defense is working and providing success for UM on the field of play. His preferred style of defense doesn't develop nor cater to the talents of our players. Tracy Howard bit the bullet with his comments--but what is your excuse? At least his playing time and thus future livelihood is on the line. How can U publicly ask an employee about the job their supervisor is doing and expect a critical/honest response LOL!

#3 If our team is that good under Golden then why do some continue to talk "horses" and cite the overall mythical (aside from a few positions) talent gap between Us and FSU. Miami either didn't recruit FSU's best Miamian players or they chose FSU before the NCAA's BS ala LaMarcus Joyner and any other Miami bred senior on that team. Why did Dorsett pick Us and his teammate Rashard Greene pick FSU? Did one hear of the NCAA investigation and not the other?

#4 who has ever posted that we should win every game? What i've read is that a Miami defense should better, hard-nosed, fast, aggressive and competitive. And that we should be competitive in year 3 with anyone, but we got blown out by VT who is inferior and every way. FSU started a freshman QB with a new assistant OC/QB coach and DC and whipped Us with a senior QB--preseason hyped to be a Heisman candidate following the Manning camp.

Your prophet Muhammad liked the company of young nude boys.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | November 14, 2013 at 10:14 AM

These statements are an indictment of U, and don't harm me. This is the only retort U could muster from me posting about sports? Weak.

This post proves my point exactly--*why the hostility* LOL! dudes are down with the hoodwink movement but profess *true/real* Cane fandom.

oooooooooooooooooooh. An "indictment." Oh, now. How horrible.

You are a pseud-intellectual dope, Harrieta, with all your Islam posting garbage.

Calvin - get over it - your boy Shannon is gone. Absolutely blatant racism. Oh wait, maybe not since NO ONE else seemed to seek out his skill set.

HTC I do try to lead discussions about the current game we're going into sometimes, but it most of the time just goes back to 'our DC stinks, and our OC stinks'. Anyhow, in response to FSU took a freshman QB and whipped us, yes they did, and the main reason is we have NO pass rush whatsoever. Hell I could be back their and look like an NFL caliber QB with our pass rush. We put no fear on the QB's, and once they get confident, they get good, as evidenced in other games. Hopefully we WILL put pressure on Duke's or he'll also look good.

One of my posts before VT game was we need to emulate Dukes D against VT, and we did total opposite. We need to blitz more, and play closer to los, and we'll smoke them.

Where are my Islam posts?

U don't have to add an "a" to Harriet to make it a feminine name--it already is...who is truly the dope?

Trolling Gallo tho??? Sad.

Hey Cane88, are you referring to Ken Dorsey? If so he wasn't an STA alum, he's from Cali.

1) FACT is Coach Golden still at the 'U'? These are not predictions.

2) FACT is Coach D still at the 'U'? This is not a prediction.

3) FACT you CANNOT disprove how many prospects did not sign on with us. But it can be proven that questions were asked by prospects and parents in almost every instance as to what role the sanctions will play in any decision.

4) Fact is we don't have any depth which is indisputable and we all know that so that is a non sequitur. Transfers from other programs with immediate playing time speaks volumes.

5) Fact If you do not think that the new buildings won't affect the product on the field, then you must not be a 'Cane fan. For years the knock on us was that the facilities were old and an embarrassment. Fixed.
If this day and age you cannot acknowledge that young players want and believe in Hi-Tech then there is no discussion. This has to be part of our package. It is not the personality only. It is block and steel, and computer facilities .

6) Fact. Previous Coaches requested, asked, and politicked for facilities. Coach G got it done. Politician to get what you want!!!. Hell yes.

7) Fact. Playing time is important but the LEARNING process and Football IQ has to develop, faster for some, slower for others. These all have to be accommodated and is STREESED by Golden more than other previous Coaches who many times played favorites. Best man up.

HTub you need to forget your hangups with Coach G and look at things as a supporter of the U. Everything said about our School you have turned into a personality issue, about Coach G, and politics.
Get real about the above points and forget your bias against people. Think of the good of the team and our 'Canes. Not politics.
Our Team is above your "Personality view point".
Go 'Canes

Fair enough Cola, but the transfers Golden acquired were supposed to fix that.

Olsen Pierre is in his 3rd year of UTough and I haven't seen him close to the backfield since the Florida game.

Dudes calling for Barrow's job, but not Jethro's--thats lunacy.

I think its partly the technique of engagement that they are being taught, that has contributed to the lack of pressure.

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