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Canes freshman linebacker Alex Figueroa battling shoulder injury

The Hurricanes official injury report won't be coming out until Thursday, but it's guaranteed backup strongside linebacker Alex Figueroa is going to be on it.

The 6-3, 235-pound freshmen missed practice again Wednesday after being spotted during Tuesday's media viewing of practice with his left arm in a sling. 

"We're evaluating his shoulder again today and we'll know more by tomorrow and certainly by Friday," UM coach Al Golden said during his weekly appearance on the ACC Teleconference. "He did not practice again today and we're holding him out right now. We just want to make sure whatever the diagnosis is we go through the battery of tests he needs to and we're not going backwards there."

Figueroa, who started against Savannah State and South Florida, has played in all nine games for the Hurricanes. Coaches raved about him during fall camp and he's done a nice job on special teams and in his appearances, racking up 17 tackles and a sack on the season.

"We're very high on Alex," Golden said. "He needs to continue to learn how to prepare and play the game faster, [fix] the mental errors, a lot of the things we deal with freshmen. Sometimes we forget he's a freshman. He is a guy we're excited about and that has a great future."

> Junior linebacker Denzel Perryman, who leads the Hurricanes with 78 tackles, welcomed a daughter to the world on Tuesday morning. 

> Golden said freshmen Artie Burns and Corn Elder and sophomore Antonio Crawford "have been coming on" in practice "and earning some reps" at cornerback.


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I agree HTC, their technique is horrible, they stay on blocks too long, and no swim moves, or stunts, just straight blocking. We need to blitz more, and if it gives up a big play so be it, we MUST sack or knock the QB down to make him think twice. Jethro may not be teaching them correctly, but he's a good recruiter, so I guess take the good with the bad.

I respect your opinion and agree to disagree on some points.

1) Earlier against Florida many on this board were crowing about the D improvement.

2) If the D players perform flawlessly in practice then fail to execute on Game day, how can we as fans blame Coaches for not calling the right plays when they were in fact called and not implemented?..

3) The play is only as good as the players understand. Adjustments have to be practiced, and learnt not just introduced at half times, and hopefully they might work. In many games, many posters on this board lauded our D for ADJUSTMENTS made at half time to WIN games.

Now we have had some nasty losses, all that previous thinking and posting has been abandoned and thrown out.
To Win we are doing fine, to lose we need to throw out the Coaches.

It just does not add up in my head how we could have the same posters jumping from one opinion to the other just to make an argument.

We need to fix things, but we are in a Rebuild so it sucks to lose, but we are big guys, let's support the process, and look short term and long term. There are no quick fixes in College Ball.
Go 'Canes

UGoCane, U just added the word "still"--of course they are currently employed here. And U conveniently left off "...and aren't going anywhere..." --thats not a fact. Is it impossible that a person can be fired? RS was fired under a contract--so that your opinion.

#3 since that can be proven--then prove it right now...we'll wait.

#4 U are avoiding my question. Which positions lack depth and i'll post the deoth at that position--go ahead? We all do not know that--I for one don't believe that crutch/excuse, there's depth, but bad coaching is the achilles to it.

#5 Not a Canes fans? Ask yourself what the precedent is--actually u just acknowledged that we never had the best facilities, but came about despite this fact? 5 Titles without facilities. What would affect the young players more than facilities is winning football *Substance trumps Appearances* every time. The number #1 need is to self-actaulize and buildings don't do that--people do, skill does and acumen does. Players came without facilities and they won--as a Canes fan why don't U know that? F' a building--go get a coach that can out-scheme Jimbo and Urban Liar no matter who our players are. #2 initiative for kids nowadays is credibility--the U supplies that and a rusty weight bench that Russel Maryland, Sean Taylor and Tiger Clark lifted on would be Instagram mania for them.

#7 That process is different under golden than it is for Kevin Sumlin, Davis Shaw, Urban Meyer and other elite coaches whose skill elevate their players talent almost immediately. I don't have to accept Golden's version of "process" because its primarily based in unchangeable deficiencies we are asked to accept--but don't have to. I choose not to.

UGoCane--this whole situation since he has been here reeks of politics from the NCAA investigation to how he made sure that he benefitted from it. Its not my responsibility to change what I see, its their responsibility to change what they DO!
U basically just asked me to not think, but instead follow--SORRY that has never worked for me or anyone I know. This is a Fact-based viewpoint--and I'm not getting in line for U nor those U put above this U.

UGo makes a good point on the rebuild.

Some are confusing what they are *choosing* to believe with reality.

Where was Urban Liar's "rebuild" with OSU? They were 6-6 prior to his tenure there and went undefeated the following (albeit their weak schedule). OSU was under *sanctions* not an *investigation* like UM, in Urban first year and they went undefeated. Kevin Sumlin turned Texas A&M around immediately with a freshman QB to boot and no defensive talent. Is there a difference between each coaches definition of "process"?

The difference is in coaching prowess, intelligent, flexibility, and acumen.

Golden best defensive output was with Shannon players. So what is he rebuilding for real?


From that list, I would go with Micheal Irvin or Brian Picillo. But ColaCane is right, Dorsey is not an STA grad.

I think he meant Dorsett, or at least I'd like to think.

Meyer took over for a good coach who was only fired because a scandal. Tressel had OSU in great shape.

Duke runs a west coast system, that's the perfect way to beat Miami.

You guys have to decide if you think the defense was bad on not.

You really can't selectively say this guy was good because he came for the former coach or the LB's were good but the DB's weren't. There really are no former coach players at this point, it's 3 years into the Golden now.

I hope we can all agree that there is no excuse for losing to Duke. Shapiro, recruiting, etc....there is no excuse for a loss this weekend.

I listened to Canes Gameday and Dino sounds shaky on Duke.

3 years ago dno was given chick and grimble both high 4 star and borderline 5. The next year he gets Hamilton and McCord both highly sought after 4 stars. That group would make most teams jealous so where is the lack of talent we talk about. It's lack of development and coaching of out talent which is constantly excused with ppl saying we lack talent. This year if properly developed that would have been a very talented d line with the other guys like Pierre Muhammad Gilbert renfrow Robinson providing solid depth for a very talented two deep. So can we stop the no talent excuse. It's the lack of coaching that's the problem. That led to guys leaving being too bloated and asked to stand up and wave instead of playing behind the Los

So as much as I'm glad we got moten I wouldn't be surprised if he's not developed as well as thomas and valentine and two years from now fans still say we have no talent even though we brought in Thomas moten and valentine

FIVE TITLES SAYS THE GT GAME WAS NOT IN DOUBT. That looked to be the case early when GT looked unstoppable.

At 10:38 in the 4th quarter, Tech scored a TD, but missed the extra point, or the game would have been tied.


FACT: Coach Golden is at the U and not going anywhere

FACT: Coach D is at the U and not going anywhere

FACT: The NCAA investigation lasting over 3 years made
some good 4 & 5 star prospects choose other
schools over the U because of pending sanctions.

FACT: Miami is still building the team . There is no
depth at certain positions, and there is a
fall off in talent level as we rotate.

FACT: We have a new Schwartz Center, and proposed
$4 M training Center in the works. This was
never attained by other Coaches. Who is the
Coach and team under which this development
occurred?..Yes you said it Coach G.

FACT: Miami for the first time in 8 years was rated
in the top 7 of the AP Polls warranted or not.

FACT: Recruits are starting to understand that Miami
provides the best conditions for a good
education, diversified City, and if you are
talented a road to the Bigs. (Most NFL players
for years)

OPINION After two loses Miami should throw out their
program and start over, especially on D.
(That will not happen.)

OPINION Coach D does not know Defense. (Refer to
what his players have said, re Tracy H)

OPINION We cannot get the talent in SoFla. because
our team is not that good. (Moten is here)

OPINION After 3 years we should win every Game.(Said
repeatedly that this team is rebuilding and
needs the players to accomplish consistency
so there will be WINS and LOSSES as we
build. It does not happen overnight)

OPINION Uninformed rhetoric repeated over and over
takes on a life of it's own.... FACT, FACT.

Go 'Canes

Posted by: UGoCane | November 14, 2013 at 09:10 AM


Great, factual post!! The truth shall set the haters free!!

Go Canes!!

Under coaches Golden and D'Onofrio Moten will be the next Warren Sapp.

Great recruiting job by Coach Golden and his staff...and many more are yet to come.


Under coaches Golden and D'Onofrio Moten will be the next Warren Sapp.

Great recruiting job by Coach Golden and his staff...and many more are yet to come.


Canesjunkie we know that HTub knows that Tressel was dismissed/ fired unexpectedly. That team was firing on all cylinders when he left. All Urban Liar did was get in the drivers seat.

At the 'U' there was so much crud the damn car would not even start. Recruits, disenchanted players, scandals on the program etc. We all know that.

HTub you need to stop trying to justify your politics with reality. We are talking team sports here not politics that you continually reference.
Apples and oranges, cheese to chalk to try and compare.

Urban reloaded, we are trying to find shells.

Your argument regarding facilities holds no merit.
How can you compare our old facilities by telling them how some of our great players sweated there, when some of our recruits were not even born or have only read about these great in a perfunctory manner.
They want to see Wi-Fi hookups, big screens, trophy and rec rooms, spas, and homework facilities with Captain's Chairs and Ipad hangers. That is reality TODAY.
So don't give me the facilities do not matter.

In closing "initiative for children is Credibility" is like saying if the trophy Case holds five Championships you too can attain that if you work hard.
Hardware speaks louder than whatever initiative Credibility you are referencing. The Credibility of the 'Canes will be built over the long haul of a planned process of success short and long term.

It may not be on your agenda but it is at the pace of the talent and team that is being presented.

My points have been made.

I agree to disagree.
See ya.
Go 'Canes

Your points were slaughtered and you've been exposed as a turncoat. Period.

Never said facilities don't matter, just that they don't have more credence or will show more benefit than a capable HC. About credibility--you just backed up what I said. Our trophy case provides credibility--it doesn't matter if the wood its made out of is oak or cherry.

U claim cane but your post speak Appearance over substance and that aint Cane.

Also Luke Fickell took over for Tressel an entire year before Meyer arrived and that year they went 6-6 with the same team they went undefeated with Urban at the controls. Politics are unfortunately everything, it must be nice for that not to be your reality. U are suffering from a acute case of wishful thinking.

Thanks Zook!!

No use in arguing with a Fence Post.

Go 'Canes

U the fence post and believe whatever you're told to--thats stiff.

And thats your prerogative, but to be incensed that everyone else doesn't subscribe to BS, is inexcusable.

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