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Canes talk cold, Pitt, Thanksgiving and going bowling

Here are six video interviews I shot with Hurricanes players Monday as they prepare for the regular season finale at chilly Pittsburgh Friday afternoon.


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Pitt is a good football team. The days of "we got Savannah State" are long gone.

Question: Has this whole team and staff given up like Kirk Heibsreet said? Does UM care about football anymore?

Don't you goofball reporters realize that football is a COLD WEATHER sport. It's suppose to be played in cold weather NOT sunny 80 degree crap. Stop sounding like sissies about playing in the cold. Geez.

Morris needs to ride the Gus and every now and then, find a TE. Canes have to find a way to win. We can't finish 2nd last in the Coastal, so win the game.

Clements NEEDS MORE CARRIES....better and more experienced than Gus, and has the size advantage over Crawford. Crawford is a good runningback but Clements needs more opportunities. You can tell when he hits the hole that he's doing it with authority and desire. That's why he keeps breaking these big runs...no hesitation...puts his head down and gets the job done. Hope the coaches let him end his career the way he should.

Regardless of this game's result, I'm looking forward to signing season. We need to continue to improve in the area of "recruiting leakage". Of the 4/5-star recruits that UM offered who also went to a high school south of lake okeechobee, these are the kids that signed elsewhere:

2011 - 13 (thanks Clint Hurtt)
Nick O'Leary (West Palm Beach) - FSU - 4 star
Marcus Roberson (Fort Lauderdale) - UF - 4 star
Sammy Watkins (Fort Myers) - Clemson - 4 star
Jacoby Brissett (West Palm Beach) - UF - 4 star
Aaron Lynch (Cape Coral) - Notre Dame - 4 star
Gerod Holliman (Miami) - Louisville - 4 star
Teddy Bridgewater (Miami) - Louisville - 4 star
Kelvin Benjamin (Belle Glade) - FSU - 4 star
Jabari Gorman (Miami) - UF - 4 star
Curt Maggitt (West Palm Beach) - Tennessee - 4 star
Elkino Watson (Miami) - USF - 4 star
Rashad Greene (Fort Lauderdale) - FSU - 4 star
Eli Rogers (Miami) - Louisville - 4 star

2012 - 10 (thanks Auburn)
Mario Pender (Cape Coral) - FSU - 4 star
Jessamen Dunker (Boynton Beach) - UF - 4 star
Amari Cooper (Miami) - Alabama - 4 star
Keith Brown (Miami) - Louisville - 4 star
Avery Young (Palm Beach Gardens) - Auburn - 4 star
Amos Leggett (Miami) - Marshall - 4 star
Donaldven Manning (Miami) - Virginia Tech - 4 star
Patrick Miller (West Palm Beach) - Auburn - 4 star
Ricardo Louis (Miami Beach) - Auburn - 4 star
Avery Johnson (Pompano Beach) - LSU - 4 star

2013 - 9 (thanks Randy Shannon)
Matthew Thomas (Miami) - FSU - 5 star
Kelvin Taylor (Belle Glade) - UF - 4 star
Mike Heuerman (Naples) - Notre Dame - 4 star
Denver Kirkland (Miami) - Arkansas - 4 star
Alex Collins (Plantation) - Arkansas - 4 star
Jayron Kearse (Fort Myers) - Clemson - 4 star
Will Likely (Belle Glade) - Maryland - 4 star
Jaynard Bostwick (Port St. Lucie) - UF - 4 star
Rashard Robinson (Pompano Beach) - LSU - 4 star

2014 - 9 (I guess UF being so bad is a recruiting +)
Sony Michel (Plantation) - Georgia - 5 star
Ermon Lane (Homestead) - UF - 4 star
Dalvin Cook (Miami) - UF - 4 star
Treon Harris (Miami) - FSU - 4 star
Khairi Clark (Hollywood) - UF - 4 star
J.C. Jackson (Immokalee) - UF - 4 star
Chris Lammons (Plantation) - UF - 4 star
Corey Holmes (Ft. Lauderdale) - Notre Dame - 4 star
Ryeshene Bronson (Fort Myers) - USF - 4 star

We need to flip at least one of these kids to continue the improving trend. There should be a tractor beam coming from Coral Gables that doesn't let any top South FL recruits escape to other programs.

Kevin, I think you have football confused with hockey. Football CAN be played in cold weather, poorly (see the Pats versus Dolphins snowplow game), but is so much better in normal weather.

If football is supposed to be played in cold weather, why do northern NFL teams build domes? Northern college teams cannot afford a dome, but if they could, I am sure they would use them as well.

Fine list Kinetic Cane.

Of those, the four I most would have wanted here are
Bridgewater, O'Leary, Watkins, and Benjamin.

I didn't realize that we offered to all of those, is there a place you got that list easily?

Living in a variable climate in the Nashville area, I can attest that even the change of seasons, when SUDDEN like this week can really affect your focus. We went from 60s to low 20's in a day. Those 30f temperatures in Pittsburgh, after 80+f on the skin the last 2 months will have an effect. It's not about being a sissy. Pitt players will have a significant advantage practicing in those conditions.
UM may commit turnovers due ton the temps, but the talent level may compensate.
If Duke was playing, I'd be fairly confident of a UM win. Not now.

Rivals.com. Not easily however.

So a team with no talent does equal top recruits? All this time I thought it was the good coaches and talented recruiters like Al Golden, that got them. Wow that makes the diehard fans, extremely, wrong. Or Al Golden is an extremely large fraud.

The fact that the previous coach is still getting brought up is continuing the trend. But the current coach is held as a saint and a martyr.

WTF are you saying?

Al Golden is killing it this year in recruiting "according to the rating cites"

I'm excited about the future!!

Finish strong Canes!!

I am saying the list, you post, shows a terrible team with most of the 2014 players. So why none are coming to Miami?

As well as why the unnecessary mention of the previous coach?

Why is Al Golden said to have no talent by some? Then another says that Florida is bad and that is why they are getting the talent.

While Al Golden is regarded as a top recruiter, by his fans. And he is called a good coach. But neither of those things seem to be the case. Based on the lack of his recruits, listed, in your post. And the lack of success with the players he does recruit.

Bad news Hurricane fans, Alverage put in the same soft zone garbage defensive game plan that's been in place for 35 games now for the 36th week in a row today and because of that fact, Pitt now has an excellent chance of winning this game despite having inferior talent to UVA.

Who pre-ordered their season tickets for next year to attend this garbage for the fourth year in a row? Yeah.

Me neither.

Moron, I mentioned Shannon because he recruited two players away from UM while he was at Arkansas. Wasn't commenting on his past performance at UM. I choose to focus on the present and future, not dwell on the past. Keeping the discussion constructive.

You bring in the name calling, but the questions are still there.

I am waiting for one Al Golden fanatic to admit he is the same as the coach called the worst coach ever. The previous coach does get a lot of conversation. But Al Golden is said to be such an extremely much better coach.

But,when and where has Al Golden done that, successfully, on the football field?

This Hurricane team is well coached and are good athletes, they will show up for the Pitt game and they will win. Every Hurricane fan should be 100% behind this team, cold weather or not. Get positive, think Canes, think win.
Call me a homer, but I played this game and when you know you have support behind you, students, alumni and fans, you can do anything. Remember, "On any Given Day"

Stop fighting a battle you will never win. I agree with Cane11

If a poster decides they like CG as a Coach, Mentor, Politician, Innovator for the New Sports Facility, and proposed Practice Facility, Leader whatever:

You WILL NOT change their minds.

Stop already trying to bait questions on CG's ability while insinuating references to past Coaches.

Either accept the fact that you can disagree with CG on many levels, but if you don't like him as a Coach then watch the 'Gators, or FSU or someone else. He is the LEADER of the 'Canes. FACT.

You are a Johnny One note on this blog for a long time, so man up. We KNOW you do not care for CG.
What else?.....
Go 'Canes

There are many who don't like Golden, especially with his "I will not budge" philosophy. Which is fact, the worst defense Miami has known since I have been alive. About 60 years. That makes any canes fan question CG's ability.

When D CORCH leaves Miami's D will improve..

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