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Changes in the secondary highlight latest Canes depth chart

Injuries in the secondary and players returning from injury prompted changes in the latest Hurricanes depth chart released Sunday night by head coach Al Golden. Miami (8-3, 4-3 ACC) closes its regular-season slate Friday at Pitt (6-5, 3-4 ACC). Kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m. on ABC.

On offense, redshirt freshman Danny Isidora is listed as the backup at right guard. Isidora made his Hurricanes debut during Saturday’s 45-26 Senior Day win over Virginia after missing the first 10 games of the season with a lower extremity injury.

Junior WR Phillip Dorsett, who returned to the depth chart last week at the Hurricanes’ second wideout position, is not on this week’s depth chart. Dorsett has missed the last five games with a lower extremity injury.

On the defensive side, sophomore Tracy Howard and freshman Artie Burns are listed as co-starters at left cornerback, while Burns, sophomore Antonio Crawford and senior Kacy Rodgers II are tri-starters at right cornerback. Miami will be without junior Ladarius Gunter and freshman Corn Elder who were injured against the Cavaliers.

UM's latest depth chart


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Db shake up...

An excuse for when Pitt's qb has a career day

Making the Gators unimaginable loss yesterday all the more brutal...Georgia Southern did not complete even one pass!!

The Gators are now officially the worst team in the SEC and one of the worst in the whole country.

Once a significant downward spiral starts at a football program it is almost impossible to turn it around in the short term (see Coker/Shannon, Tennessee, etc.). I'm not talking about the run of the mill several years of bad results, but programs that become toxic and recruits silently decide they want nothing to do with them.

It is going to be interesting to see what transpires over the next 2 to 3 months concerning current Gator commitments as kids will typically say everything is fine, but when it comes to decision time many of them might decide differently. It is being reported that the Canes are already trying to flip at least one current Gator commit.

Life is certainly funny...as has been said, "what goes around, come around" and as we know the Gators were big on telling our recruits over the past 3 years that the NCAA was going to administer the death penalty to our football program.

Our recruiters won't have to lie to Gator recruits they covet as was the case with the Gator recruiters. They will only need to say...Georgia Southern!!

After somehow surviving a 3 year terrorist like war that the NCAA declared on the "U" that was designed to destroy the football program for the next 30 years (see SMU) the team has posted a wildly impressive 8 & 3 record.

During that time we have learned that Al Golden is a fantastic leader, coach and recruiter. We have learned that the current kids that have been coached and influenced by Coach Golden and his staff have improved, are fighters and never quit. We have also learned that Donna Shalala is also a fighter and stood up to those NCAA bullies and looked them squarely in their eyes and told them to bring it on, which true to form of any bully they blinked.

The University of Miami Football program, while at this point not having the talent to compete at the highest levels due to the NCAA and previous coaching regimes, is positioned to challenge for and win National Championships in the near future.

This blog demonstrates that some people are only happy when they have something to complain about, because their lives are in such a sad state as they don't have the intestinal fortitude to improve their station in life. Everyone knows the Canes are not where they want to be and the defense is particularly weak. Yet, those who are being honest and understand football can plainly see that Al Golden is building a foundation for championship football that could last for decades.

Finally, next weeks game at Pittsburgh will be a huge challenge as they boast a good QB, receivers, physical offensive line and the weather will also be something we haven't faced all year. Will we win? I have no idea! But, what I do know is our kids will show up and fight like hell for 4 quarters. Win, lose or draw I am thrilled with this season and highly optimistic about the future.


If I were coaching we (Gators) would beat FSU...

Zook, this is Canes Blog. Why the necessity to continually talk about the Gators? If I wanted to read about them other people's insights I'd read taht blog instead.



Yea that's the Miami Herald's way nowadays.

I've never seen the Herald be so protective for mediocrity as it's been over the last month or so. Good thing the real fans are doing their talking at the gate by not showing up to watch this crap.

Don't be surprised if we get an article telling us that Pitt is more talented than us within the next week or so.

Yeah. I cant wait to get the next manny article about how many hidden 3 star gems pitt had. Donofrii is trash. Golden is a good guy, giod preparer, terribke gameday coach. Please someone hire him away. Pls. Pls take his buddy with him. Hes good. I promise. Oh and take manny with you. He'll be the one with his lips around goldens chode.

We gave up 483 yards to one of the worst teams in all of college football.
That same team held us to 300 yards.

Yeah its not coaching manny.
Its the players.

Look, it counts. Randy Shannon took U football on a journey. He brought us back to Miami football by recruiting what should have been an incredible Miami class. Jacory, Spence, Forston, Streeter, Benjamin, and this year's entire O line. He selected men who I still think of as smart coaches, Lovett, Whipple and Barrow.

Despite a great recruiting class, smart coaches, and thousands of fans who wanted him to succeed, he did not. His press conferences were horrible, you never saw anything in the second half that was different than the first half, and it was clear that while Randy made sure they went to class, no one was being developed not just for the UM program but for the NFL. Shields had to be shown an actual game plan, other than cover that guy, when Green Bay signed him.

I love Randy, I thought his firing was premature, because everyone knew he didn't have the Al Golden skill of talking positively about the program when he was hired, and yet, he recruited well, including a current 8-3 team that will probably be 9-3 but can't finish less than 8-4. That is a good record in college ball. Yes, it isn't 12-0 or 11-1.

I understand you were disappointed. What we got going on is not good. You have every right so suggest we do better. But let us not spend every day badmouthing the program you say you love. Is that helpful, to yourself or potential recruits. Yes, you may be 100% right on certain things, but at a certain point, daily negative nancyism is not good. Perfection is a hard accomplishment. It happens rarely. At what point do you see even the light at the end of the tunnel nevertheless perfection?

Randy did everything that was ask of him. Make sure are student athletes went to class. Randy S isn't here. It's the Golden show now. So don't blame Randy S for Golden and staff short comings when its come to recruits.

Golden has done what Shannon couldn't do in his 4yrs: 8-3

Must piss off the Randy supporters mightily.

Posted by: PNWCaner | November 23, 2013 at 06:10 PM

But Golden has NOT done exactly what Shannon has done in in one main category. Not ONE Signature Win in 35 games over a ranked team for Al(Shannon Oklahoma). And I'd say it's safe to say, like Shannon, more than a handful of other schools (2-3 every year) had Wins over Miami the last 3 years that they'd claim as Signature Wins because they beat the Canes. Not bashing, but minus all the excuses, that's not immpressive at all. Will it be much better next year? I seriously doubt it. The defense will be no worse actually and the offense not better losing an experienced game tested QB and multiple Linemen. Easy yearly schedule ='s 9-3/8-4. Ho hum, late December Bowl games here we come.


Posted by: Ron Zook | November 24, 2013 at 02:18 PM

If so, then Shannon is easily Top-5 according to your silly rationale.

Once a significant downward spiral starts at a football program it is almost impossible to turn it around in the short term (see Coker/Shannon, Tennessee, etc.).

Posted by: Ron Zook | November 24, 2013 at 07:59 PM

Tell that to Auburn and Missouri who were a combined 8-16 last year and are now both in the Top-5/7 playing Top-10 schedules. Did they stink last year ? Maybe a little, but they were both absolutely desimated by injuries and inexperience. Now they're healthy and those redshirt Freshman are now 21 year old 3rd. year players. Get your shots in on Florida while we can, because from last year, to this year with 10 of their starters out for the year, plus another 6 missing multiple games, they very well could be next years Missouri. FSU went through the exact same thing Bowden's last 4 years. Average recruiting and injuries. 3 years later ? Top-2. When do the Canes get there is what I'd like to know. I know there are some that hope and pray it's coming soon, but I just don't see it. Not enough 2-3 deep really good Football players. Al will need to close on this years class, and STOP offering so many projects that make up a 3rd. of the entire roster ! Then he must have Top5-10 Cyear out. NO MORE WE'RE YOUNG ! Especially young backups. BUILD experienced quality depth and the 10+ wins and BCS New Years Bowls will come.

btw, watch Bama-FSU-Auburn and especially Missouri's SENIOR LADEN D-LINES and 4.5 220lb. Linebackers and you'll know why teams win Football games and ultimately Championships... That's how it's done. Get the players and pray they stay healty and have QUALITY 3rd. and 4th. year Redshirt 21 n 22 year old Sophs n Juniors across the board led by strong Seniors year. Remember when we were all saying in Sept. how the Gators front 4-5 were the best we've seen in sometime ? Well they were. Now they're beat to hell with ZERO experienced backups. All Freshman n Sophmores with no game experience. If Miami wants to get "Back" they better get those D-Lineman and 220lb jackrabbit Linebackers... And a lot of them.

Now, can and will Golden get a PROVEN Top D-Coordinator to Coach them up is the next question ? If not, I truly believe it will be his Waterloo much sooner than later.

Correction, Shannon beat Ranked Oklahoma, Fsu, Georgia Tech during his 4 year tenure. Al is still sitting on Zero after 3 years. Next years chances ? Maybe Nebraska in Lincoln early, FSU, Louisville and then the usual Coastal alsorans... Maybe Va. Tech. In 2015 Nebraska at home I believe, CLEMSON @ home cycles through again and then the Coastals. So, where is that Win against a ranked team coming ? Will it ? It better.

That would be through year 5.

Now they're healthy and those redshirt Freshman are now 21 year old 3rd. year players.

Correction- Now they're healthy and those redshirt Freshman from last year are now 21 year old 3rd. year players with Redshirt Freshman experience playing Big Boy Football.

I seriously doubt it. The defense will be no worse actually.

I seriously doubt it. The defense will be no worse OR BETTER actually. Can't get worse, or could it ? We are losing DT's and our best Linebacker and ANY Freshman coming in this Class won't be difference makers. And we had ZERO DT's in the 2013 Class. And JUCO D.T.'s ? The Top-Programs will snap those barely handful of guys right up.

Zook come get this "My Buddy" doll, the tape U put in his chest is malfunctioning.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 24, 2013 at 03:57 PM

ROFL, man you off chain, lol, that imbecile is on ignore from me man, another waste of time.

nash, Harriet TUBMAN, Here We Go, LOL, they're a price to play(threatening repercussions)for free-lancing td's

Changes in the secondary highlight latest Canes depth chart

On the defensive side, sophomore Tracy Howard and freshman Artie Burns are listed as co-starters at left cornerback!

ROFL, you can't make this stuff up with these morons(goldie & clown 500)!

And the proof is, coach goldie didn't get hype at all and when t3 was coming back to the sidelines, moron goldie said something to em and got ignored, tracy is tired of that clown. These defensive coaches hate plays like that, they label those type of plays as a guy being a "selfish player". Just wait, won't be long before we start hearing how tray howard is getting beat out for his position by moron #1 and if moron#2 is still here next year, they'll be sure to try and make an example out of howard! He didn't bring his techniques to the game on that play, lol, reminds of "the stupidest one" complaining about devin hester after returning this touchdown(http://youtu.be/bF6S0-A2UHg) against duke!

Yeah but Shannon also managed to "coach" teams (and I use the term coach loosely) that quiton him in the last game at the OB (0-48 against UVa), he never beat UVA, he lost to USF, his teamm coached by his assistants after he was fired was decimated against Notre Dame in a game where his start QB threw 3 horrendous picks, he could never develop any players, he quit recruiting the year he was going to get fired, the Shapiro thing happened under his nose, and he never stressed conditoioning like old canes teams used to. He recruiited lazy entitled player from Miami NW all the while forgetting about all theothers chools in the area- WHY THE --- DID HE LET DEVONTE FREEMAN GO??????

come on man- and all you dumba 55es whocall for donofrios head- what about Stephem Morris(another shgannon recruit) what happened to him? he was 13 of 26 against UVA. He is terrible. Idk what happened to him buthe regressed mightlityu and his lack of ball control, lack of precision and drive killing passes puts tons of pressure o the defense.

The secondary changes are not that drastic, being blown out of proportion to protect defense coach cause Pitt throws, Golden thinks he is smarter than what the fans see and know. Defense will still have to change Mark has blown it and all the excuses in the world cant change lack of coaching knowledge and reaction, but Golden will say injurys we can fix it, its been 3 years for Mark no good results, thats the facts. We have been working on penalty problem for three years, no change, statistics dont lie look at the numbers.

We beat the Gators when they were completely healthy and RANKED to 12! Biggest win in a decade!

Love Shannon but GOLDEN is the man!

Ok Shannon never beat UVA...

Jacory comeback win in 08 driving from they're own 1!!

And the blow out in 09!

Virginia gave the win to UM....UM stunk up the whole place both offensively and defensively....

like the commentators said....UM has gone backwards and the defense is worse than last year.....since the FSU game....

UM defense - 2092 yards @ 523 yards per game and 157 points or 40 point average...

whats even more pathetic is a 0-7 conference team and last place (Virginia) hold UM offense to 11 1st downs and 304 yards.......

and FSU the #2 team in the country holds UM offense to 17 1st down and 304 yards

both defense and offense have gotten worse.....but golden/dnofrio are the best coaches in the NCAA, lol

lowly duke vs fsu for the title.....how much worse does it have to get before the light goes on?

The majority on defense are ALL golden picks......

and why not still talk about shannon, after all, shannon has the most cane "legacy" associated with him than any player in UM history....

after 3 years......2009 randy shannon:

9-3 record / 4799 offensive yards @ 400 per game and 3955 defensive yards @329 per game...


Current 2013 al golden:

8-3 record / 4886 offensive yards @ 444 per game and 4488 defensive yards @ 408 per game.....


so what you see is shannon had a much tougher sceduale and also you see that whatever shannons offensive players do.....goldens defensive players give back.....444/408

2013...forget it....UM has NO QB and graduation will hit UM hard......

this is all just fantasy for UM bloggers praying and hoping.....FYI, you need alot more than that to go to the show.....

Ok Shannon never beat UVA...

Jacory comeback win in 08 driving from they're own 1!!

And the blow out in 09!

Posted by: Nash | November 25, 2013 at 07:15 AM

nash, i don't even respond to some alot of these imbeciles, they don't know UM football, not only did we beat them in 2008, we beat them in 2009 52-17 once shannon got his recruits in, pimp collier punt return where brandon harris ran about 100 yards the whole play, just watch brandon harris the whole time( http://youtu.be/Qg5G7SJNq6k), these idiots(just like goldie)try like hell to lie on shannon, the facts don't lie. In fact, had j70 not gotten hurt, we beat them again. Don't waste your time responding to that imbecile man, he's another one of those girls that have to wait to see what moron goldie says before he knows what to say!

Yall gotta see this pic of a gator player blocking face to face one of his own players. In a game near the goalline . Never saw coaching this bad. How do you block your own teammate? We thought we had a bad defensive coordinator. Wait til you see this article. Its on the gator blog in the friendly fire story.

2010 - Randy Shannon

total offense - 5499 yards / 44 TD's - #31 rank
total defense - 4203 yards / 37 sacks for 241 yrd loss / 16 INT's - #22 rank

Current 2013 al golden:

4886 offensive yards @ 444 per game and 4488 defensive yards @ 408 per game.....

as you can see golden will have less offensive yards and already exceeds 2010 (shannon) defensive yards....

team hasn't make any improvement in 3 yrs and has gotten worse.....cant deny the facts

2007: #33 defensive rank
2008: #28 defensive rank
2009: #29 defensive rank
2010: #22 defensive rank
Al golden
2011: #45 defensive rank
2012: #116 defensive rank
2013: #72 defensive rank (current)

get rid of these bums....NOW

gallo, keep posting the undisputable facts. They try and say a 2007 squad that had kyle & kirby as the qb's quit on shannon as some type of indictment on shannon, lol, during this 3 game stretch where Fsu(41 to 14), Virigina tech(42 to 24) & duke(48 to 30) punished us, 3 games straight but they'll try and say the team didn't quit on coach goldie in those games, lol. Or they'll try and tell us how last year against k st. 52 to 13 & notre shame 41 to 3, the team didn't quit, lol. To add insult to injury, before the k st. game coach bill snyder said they should've scored more points the year before, and than came the next year he proved it, lol.

These clowns keep slurpin everything moron goldie says. Anybody that puts their boy above this program is a moron, keeping and inept coordinator for 3 years with talks of trying to defend him to go into year 4 is moronic. Nobody cares about whether clown 500 has a job or not, if he's any good at coaching he'll find another job somewhere, in the meantime, those 2 morons(goldie & clown 500) are hindering these young kids ability to become top draft picks with this sissy scheme on defense, hindering their chances at ever earning the type of money their talents deserve by playing under these clowns.

These 2 morons do not deserve to be UM coaches, the style of football they've brought here is boring, when the most exciting plays are kick-off returns & screen passes, that has nothing to do with coaching, but more to do with the fact that you're at a school that will bring in talent like that all day long.

look in the end, all that stuff is noise.....

performance is always measured on data....there are a 1000 stories in the naked city on how and whys.....nobody cares.

you are hired to perform and bring back RESULTS not EXCUSES.....what are you a child?

these 2 are worthless.....never will get UM of the edge, you can tell early on guys whether they have it or not.....

48-48 is the answer, it is as simple as that.....so basically this guy stands a 50/50 chance of making money for you....its a coin flip

you can go to the roulette wheel and get the same results without having to pay 2 million.....administration got sold the Brooklyn bridge.....


Cant make this up

Much better reading todays comments, even the ones that I disagree with, than the weekend diatribes feuled by the name-stealing fellow throwing his racist attacks in there under other people's IDs.

Judge the words, folks, not the ID.

Micheal B, He beat a 12th ranked team. One that at one point was in the Top 10. The fact that they started their tailspin, just like FSU started ours, doesn't take away from the win at the time.

Did FSU beat an unranked Miami? No. They beat a 7th ranked Miami.

So, it goes both ways. Just like Miami lost to an unranked Duke, who is now ranked thanks to that win. Can we say Duke was better than folks thought, and that Florida was worse than folks thought? Sure. But you have to judge the performance of a team week to week.

There are gatr fans claiming that if they played Miami again, they would beat us. They had their chance and failed. Just like I don't claim we would beat Duke if we faced them again, or VT, or FSU. They lost, move on.

We have six common opponents with 6-5 Pitt,
who Pitt went 2-4 against, while Miami went 3-3.

First three games had the same result:

FSU, Very similar scores, 41-13 to 41-14, but Pitt was out of it in the first half, at home. while Miami hung on until the third quarter, on the road.
Advantage Canes.

Virginia, both win, at home, Pitt 14-3, Miami 45-26. Pitt offense was shut down after the first quarter, but the inept UVA offense was no threat all game. Advantage Even.

Virginia Tech, they lost 19-9 to VT, we lost 42-24. Tells us more about the stability of VT than anything about both our teams, IMO. Advantage Even.

North Carolina beat Pitt 34-27 in Pittsburgh, leading most of the game before Pitt came back for a late tie and then won on a punt return. Pitt has holes in their special teams, which Stecy Coley should be able to exploit. Miami beat UNC in Chapel Hill during their famous blackout, 27-23. Advantage Miami.

Georgia Tech beat Pitt 21-10 at home. This is the Pitt team we hope to face. Miami meanwhile beat GT 45-30, Which was 45-23 with 10 seconds left. Advantage Miami.

Duke, 58-55 win on the road, THIS is the Pitt team we do not want to face. QB Tom savage with 6 long TD passes and 424 yards, he will shred our defense if he can do that to Duke. They had a 51-28 lead before they went to a prevent defense, and even that prevent defense scored on an interception return to finish off their scoring. Same Duke team that we lost to 48-30. Advantage Pitt.

So, of the six games, 3 Advantage Miami, 2 Even, and 1 Advantage Pitt.

Pitt lost to Navy, they could lose to us as well.

The steps those race baiting fans of, sounds like, Florida will go to on this Miami Blog. 9>5>2, Zook, Nash, Knight, etc.

Hell, Zook posted an article plus on them. They need to justify Al Golden's tenure with his successful steps. Not attempt to make excuses before he does. As well as make more excuses than even he and Manny does.

To all of you excusers for Al Golden, get that garbage out of here!

I play roulette with my boyfriend's man-parts.

I luv the KAK.

My apologies for including Nash in the previous post. The post that do not have excuses in them is by posters like Nash.

I hope that there is just as much correcting of those that are posting garbage, as I am now. In posting my correction.

Haters still hatin'

No surprise. We win they spit trash. We lose they spit trash.

If we won a Championship this year they'd still trash the team and predict it's doom.

Haters only know how to hate.

That's because they're too cowardly to reveal their true team (probably Gator fans). Notice how none of them have ever aid who the love. You know it's not FSU cuz they have said nothing about the Noles.

Which leaves only the possibility of UF, UCF, or USF.

Nobody to be proud of.

So they come here every day and all day to trash the Canes.

Pathetic lot of humanity. Bwahahahahaha how sad.

Poor fake gallo, how can you claim the entire team has gotten worse each year under Golden compared to Shannon, and then claim it is a fact, when your OWN facts show that is not the case.

72nd is better than 116th in 2011. FACT.
55th scoring defense is better than 85th in 2012.
8-3 is better than 7-5. FACT.
2013 team at 444 YPG is better than 2010 423 YPG. FACT.
2013 team at 29th in scoring is better than 2010 31st in scoring. FACT.
2013 35 PPG is better than 2010 27 PPG. FACT.

Defense needs a change, but there is no reason to throw out the ENTIRE staff the way you want to. Only a gatr fan would want to cause that much turmoil on the canes, "gallo".

You are a very unhappy man, westcoast and the other names you post under. Nothing you post is valid for anyone but you.

Virginia beat Virginia on Saturday as much as anything. CANES made enough good plays on Saturday to win the game, but overall they played a mediocre game on both sides of the ball. If Canes execute better in Pittsburg, maybe find a TE, maybe run the Gus, maybe win the game. CANES are too beat up to expect more. I would like to see them play a complete game, I mean a good game. They've played one good game this year. ONE.

Just for fun and to be clear, who thinks the following people should keep their job:

HC - Al Golden

DC - Mark D'Onofrio
DL - Jethro Franklin
LB - Micheal Barrow
DB - Paul Williams

OC - James Coley
OL - Art Kehoe
RB - Hurlie Brown
WR - Brennan Carroll
TE - Larry Scott

We already know fake gallo's vote, he would remove them all. But let's hear from some CANES fans on the same subject. It isn't just a thumbs up/thumbs down, you can say they deserve one more chance, etc.

Here are my picks:


HC - Al Golden - This is of course as long as he removes his buddy D'onofrio. If not, then he moves to the short.
DB - Paul Williams - Even with the players in front of them allowing easy completions, the DBs have done a good job for the most part, and have even started jumping routes to get INTs.
OL - Art Kehoe - Has got that part of the team playing well, with good rotations and in the TOp 20 in fewest sacks allowed.
RB - Hurlie Brown - Duke and Dallas both playing well under him, including on pass blocking.
WR - Brennan Carroll - Well coached, great routes, overcome many poor Morris passes.

Keep for one more year, but put them on warning that they are on a short leash:

DL - Jethro Franklin -
LB - Micheal Barrow - Only because of his Cane history. It's not like other teams are looking to take him from us, and now that Carrol and Coley are recruiting so well for us, his benefit there is dimished, too.
OC - James Coley - Show that you can improve a QB, can play ball control when needed, or move on.
TE - Larry Scott - How many TEs have underachieved here? It has been the most disappointing offensive position, and that is even with

Remove, either by firing, or a lateral move to a front office position, or aid him in getting a job elsewhere.

DC - Mark D'Onofrio - No reason to be kept. Players like him? So what. THey have liked other coaches that ended up getting fired. "Only" 72nd this year? Should be far better, especially with the lack of turnover in the players. Sorry, results matter, he has to go.

ChampCane, you claim none of WCC's points are valid?

I respectfully disagree. There are a portion of posters out there who NEVER say anything positive about the Canes, even after wins. You claim WCC is an unhappy man, what do you call someone who demands the entire coaching staff be fired, WHILE they are 7-0 with a win over a state rival.

That is a hater, by definition, and NOT a fan. A fan can be a critical fan, but if someone can ONLY spew hate, they are not a fan.

You might disagree with his assessment of 9-1 UCF, for example, but his assessment of the group that is unable or unwilling to say ANYTHING positive about the team is spot on.

CampbellvilleCane, you are right that Miami played mediocre on both sides of the ball. Especially sad to see from the older players.

But Virginia did not beat Virginia, Miami beat them.

Jumping the route for that first TD was not UVA beating themselves, it was a player earning that INT.

Getting a hand on the ball and causing it to be tipped up for an INT is good technique and an earned INT.

Stripping the ball from the QB was not a gift by UVA, it was an earned fumble.

UVA is not a good team, and we should have beaten them worse, but Miami beat them, head to head and line to line and point by point.


Interesting article about coaches in their third year, and who might be on the hot seat from that group.

UF's Muschamp and Michigan's Hoke are in their list of coaches that might have their experiment's end. Missing from that list is Miami's Al Golden. At least e know that article was not written by fake gallo, who thinks Muschamp is doing a bang-up job, but that Miami should fire Golden immediately.

Five Titles, westcoast post under stormiscoming, as well. You should know that, since you read the blog too. Jump in and bring enlighten points to his racist post sometimes.

As for the guy that posts here chanting SEC! SEC! SEC!, we sahll see how the SEC does against the ACC in two games with week.

FSU against Florida. Can FSU win on the road against an SEC team that beat them in their house last year?

Clemson against South Carolina. Can Clemson win on the road against an SEC team that beat them in their house last year?

It will help in showing how much better the ACC has gotten compared to last year if they can pull off these two major upsets against these two SEC powerhouses.

its irrelevant who stays.....the new coach will bring in his own people / keep some current.....

the question is should golden/dnofrio be replaced after the season.....remember dnofrio is here next year per al golden

my vote is terminate HC/DC after season ends

Champcane, I have done so in the past. However, the person that posted under SCB made it clear that the racist comments were posted under an ID theft, since he had said he would stop posting here.

That is why I have been saying judge the words, not the ID.

For the record, I completely disapprove of the "brown sugar" and "uncle tom" comments for the past weekend, which just are meant to escalate a football level disagreement into an outright race war. It is what the name-changing and name-stealing fellow specializes in.

But it doesn't matter. If said by the real or the fake SCB, they were wrong, and should be stopped immediately.

Posted by: Michael B. | November 25, 2013 at 02:49 AM


Your hate and misleading comments and those of your other aliases do not change the fact that Randy left the program in a death spiral, hence his firing and making matters impossible was the NCAA later piling on with a vengeance only seen almost 30 years ago when the NCAA decided to destroy SMU, which they accomplished.

To the real Canes fans...pay attention that from time to time the haters on this blog go quiet all at the same time. If this happened once or twice it would be considered a coincidence, but when you see it regularly it is a pattern and defies all odds. In other words, the haters are most likely one or two posters who have severe mental problems.

The bottom line is Al Golden and Donna Shalala have done a herculean job to "SAVE" the Canes football program. Their handling of the NCAA will be studied and copied by other schools facing the NCAA's heavy hand in the future.

Finally, it simply doesn't matter what these miscreants say as we learned when they were bellowing for the last 5 years that Florida would destroy us on September 7th. Calvin and his girlfriends have found something negative to complain about in every positive the program produces. Calvin admitted he was disappointed that the Canes got past Wake Forest and has rooted against the Canes in every game they've played this season, but still absurdly claims he's a 'old school' Cane...either he's insane or a troll or both.


When are you going to address all of the racist rhetoric by WCC/ Stormscoming? It's obvious he has posted over and over and been exposed and called out. He/She is the same person everyone knows it. Same thing with Zook, she's stealing ID's and rewording post after post of those that disagree with her.
I'm sure you are going to claim you don't see those post. Are you going to email the Herald on those guys like you do with the other trolls?

That's the hypocrisy people are tired of seeing you with this so-called policing the blogs with. It's a Cane blog and it seems almost one of every three post of yours makes reference to the gators. You give the trolls room to keep coming in hear trashing up the blogs. If no one responds to them they will go away. Their post are irrelevant if you don't keep bringing them up.

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