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Changes in the secondary highlight latest Canes depth chart

Injuries in the secondary and players returning from injury prompted changes in the latest Hurricanes depth chart released Sunday night by head coach Al Golden. Miami (8-3, 4-3 ACC) closes its regular-season slate Friday at Pitt (6-5, 3-4 ACC). Kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m. on ABC.

On offense, redshirt freshman Danny Isidora is listed as the backup at right guard. Isidora made his Hurricanes debut during Saturday’s 45-26 Senior Day win over Virginia after missing the first 10 games of the season with a lower extremity injury.

Junior WR Phillip Dorsett, who returned to the depth chart last week at the Hurricanes’ second wideout position, is not on this week’s depth chart. Dorsett has missed the last five games with a lower extremity injury.

On the defensive side, sophomore Tracy Howard and freshman Artie Burns are listed as co-starters at left cornerback, while Burns, sophomore Antonio Crawford and senior Kacy Rodgers II are tri-starters at right cornerback. Miami will be without junior Ladarius Gunter and freshman Corn Elder who were injured against the Cavaliers.

UM's latest depth chart


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man....look at Louisville roster, 20 guys from dade/broward......

they got more guys from miami then UM does, lol....thats funny

Posted by: Jim Gallo | November 25, 2013 at 01:12 PM

"Trust the process" "eye of the Hurricane" recruitment efforts in full affect. moron goldie can't deal with real 305 guys, this is why he keeps going to tampa, the word is already out on him. He's not willing to do what dennis erickson did and learn, this guy is running scared and trying to protect his boy thru gimmicks!

Wow, fake gallo talking Pitt.

Sincere thanks.

As for how the sunny versus cloudy will matter, I don't see it. Windy would be more of a concern, since we are without Duke Johnson and our running game since then has been mediocre. It means Morris will be throwing more. Windy conditions will hurt Miami more than they will hurt Pitt.

Temperature should not matter, the players will either to tough enough to handle it like they did in the Cotton Bowl in 1989, OR they won't be like we saw in the Champs Bowl like WG Cane mentioned.

Five, I don't care that much, but thanks for the attempt at clarity for all.

SCB, you've promised to leave 3 times now: 1) your letter to the blog saying U are leaving as WCC 2) The Duke game self-imposed ultimatum 3) and this weekend when U came on to refute/deny the racist stuff, but ended that post with, "...and I'm gone for good now".

Which one is it? Are U jumping or not? U seem a bit unstable.

There's a strak diferences between supporting the Canes and supporting Al Golden. We believe that pointing him out as a fraud is supporting UM as a whole.


1) Golden came into Shannon's mess- 5 commits only. He had to work his a55 to get 17 recruits in by the deadline. Leftovers and couple rough gems. Year 1. Shannons players were so weak they could pass conditioning program that Temple players passed. Lots of undisciplined prima donnas and Golden had to cut loose the ones who refused to adopt the new rules

2) year 2- he had to recruit best he could with the ncaa coming full force. Half the team now could pass his conditioning program. He picke a few more gems like Howard and Coley. But had to fill the spots with JuCO and transfers.

3) year 3- now the entire team could pass the Utough standards but a new offensive coordinator was installed.

Why is it some kind of failure that we are not "there" yet??

I'm a surprised we even got to 8-3 quite frankly. And i believe we have what it takes to make it 9-3 and a bowl.

Theres no question there has been progress despite major hurdles and challenges.

What the haters conveniently ignore when they trash the coaching.

But all of this is wasted on my fingers on this keyboard because haters only exist to hate. They don't need no stinkin reasons.

And they have an obsession with Randy Shannon and his amazing coaching that has Arkansas at 3-7 with an abysmall defensive ranking.

I'll always respect Randy as a Cane and assistant coach during our best years. But he had no business as head coach.

Let Randy go in peace.

Its a new era and we are still coming up.

Golden gets a year 4 and 5 to prove what he's really about.

But thats based on logic.

Something missing in the pea brains of haters here.

Terry McCray Blanche Ely
Nigel Bethel II Booker T. Washington
Demetrius Jackson Booker T. Washington
Chad Thomas Booker T. Washington
Trayone Gray Carol City
Travonte Valentine Champagnat Catholic
Brandon Powell Deerfield Beach
Dennis Turner Dillard
Trevor Darling Miami Central
Joseph Yearby Miami Central
Ryan Mayes Northwestern
Mike Smith Northwestern
Kc McDermott Palm Beach Central
Darrell Langham Santaluces
Tyre Brady South Dade
Nick Linder St. Thomas Aquinas
Anthony Moten St. Thomas Aquinas
Calvin, these are all 305/954/561 guys. 17 of our 27 current commits. And are still going after more, like Yearby's capable tandemmate Dalvin Cook.

And we have no Tampa guys in the 27 current recruits.

So why are you claiming he is running scared?

wronggggggg overall records in TODAYS environment are tremendous insight to future results.....

1. alabama - nick saban 165-55
2. fsu - jimbo fisher 42-10
3. ohio state - urban meyer 127-23
4. auburn - guz malzahn 19-4 no experience
5. missouri - gary pinkel 173-99
6. clemson - dabo swinney 50-22
7. oka state - mike gundy 77-36
8. stanford - david shaw 32-6 no experience
9. baylor - art briles 76-59 the weakest
10. scarolina - steve spurrier 217-79

al golden - 48-48

how in the world can UM ever compete with the above.....it a statistical impossibility, that's why change now....you are only postponing the inevitable...

UM can not compete ever with this staff....the data doesn't lie


Man you haven't been here long enough to know anything about me.

Under WCC and SCB, i've been always about football and confronting the haters with their silly arguments and statements.

Look up Calvin's anti-white racist comments before you start throwing accusations. He's pretty proud of it.

Go ahead and google everyone of my post over the years as WCC and recently as SCB UNTIL i said i would leave the blog after the Duke loss- never did i bring in race.

I have a track record of sticking to football and fighting Canes haters.

I'm done defending myself.

Go Canes You B*tches!!!

Well said, FIVE TITLES. CANES made those plays and deserved victory. What I was saying is that Virginia's receivers couldn't catch a cold and dropped at least four first downs. I'd have to watch the replay play-by-play to be specific, but I haven't dried out yet. It was just an impression from the game. It don't matter anyways, CANES won. Let's play better at Pitt. I'm disappointed that Morris couldn't see a TE anywhere in the rain. He'll need to be at his best with frozen fingers or CANES could finish the season ahead of only Virginia in the Coastal Division. Don't want that. I want to say, this is a must win for the CANES. It is a MUST WIN. I don't expect the CAVS to beat the Hokies, but they just might have one good game in them. I don't DUKE beating Carolina.

I am getting back on the use of names. When my name is used by the fakes, it turns blue. Jim Gallo has comments that sound like him and some crazy ones that both are in black. I do know that a white person pretended to be Black, Knight, and was not. So what is going on with Jim I do not know.

I read through the previous article and stormiscoming posted this about 5 titles with his name in black.

Yo Five Titles

You still holding this place down like a champ i see.

Don't know how you can do it so for so long.

Posted by: StormsCominBitches | November 23, 2013 at 11:04 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/11/gunter-released-from-hospital.html#storylink=cpy

I am not paying attention to several of these posters now. They have shown that they are racist and will do any and everything possible on this site.

ROFLMAO http://t.co/RW9PBAfc0O


Tampa has many ballers. This area is the missing piece of the NC drive. Ain't nothing soft about the Tampa Bay area.

And for the record, whether it is Ron Zook, or someone else, please stop with the gallo KAK comments, the cut and paste rewording comments, and the ID thefts overall. They mean you are dropping to the name-changing fellow's level, and we should be above that. It helps him justify his sick behavior, and in the end, he will just end up reporting you and getting you banned. It is what he does. Stop for your own protection.

Posted by: Five Titles | November 25, 2013 at 10:49 AM


Five Titles,

My guess is it is one of the same trolls or a combination of the trolls posting their nonsense to further disrupt the blog.

The two screen names that I see who are complaining are the same ones who post the most idiocy on this blog.

Butch Davis in 2001 was not "today's environment"? How convenient.

Let me guess: "Today's environment" is a fluid number of years.

But wait, some of his contemporaries are in your list.
Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Gary Pinkel, and Steve Spurrier?

How convenient.

Five Titles,

I neglected to mention that my screen name has also been hijacked on numerous occasions. My screen name appears in blue because I use type pad, but anyone else that uses type pad or has access to a type pa account will also see whatever screen name they choose show up in blue.

By the way...I love the Cane who takes the lie filled troll posts and turns them on the morons...keep up the great work!!

Hey Ron Zook the Gator--when U come up from going down on Five, read this post where Five clearly says U are the troll lol!

Stop pump faking and flopping there are no officials on this blog.
Nope. I am agreeing with JaxCane that the person doing the theft is likely Ron Zook, and that he is not clearing the Web Site URL line. I figured I had made that clear over the weekend.

As for the SCB racist comments.
1. He denies he wrote them.
2. Similar racist comments and other obviously not me statements have been made using my ID in the past.
3. It is possible that the ID was used to post that garbage.

But still
4. No matter WHO posted it, I wish the Herald would IP ban them. But they choose not to.
Posted by: Five Titles | November 25, 2013 at 01:20 PM


SCB- stop pump faking and frauding as well--no wonder yall protect Golden with your lives. U just said you've been no one but SCB--then this appears ^^^????

Nope. I am agreeing with JaxCane that the person doing the theft is likely Ron Zook, and that he is not clearing the Web Site URL line.
Posted by: Five Titles | November 25, 2013 at 01:20 PM


Rick, no matter WHAT school that was, it is hilarious. Thanks for posting it.

Five, please don't come on here saying that your ID was stolen on this post^^ lol.

Back to the ACME drawing board U go road Coyote.

Gallo, since you show Saban at the top of your list, guess what his record was at Michigan State from 1995-1999, how about 35-24-1 including 3 losses in Bowl games. Golden doesn't have the talent just like Saban didn't have the talent at MSU. Watch the games... my 18yr old grandson tackles better at his HS games. Not a lack of coaching, TALENT!!!!

The nerve of these fans that come on here and attempt to make excuses for Al Golden. The talent is terrible. But who recruited the talent? Who is coaching the talent?

Posted by: OldCitizenCane | November 25, 2013 at 03:52 PM

Then how did we beat Florida in week 2 with them at full strength if we don't have any talent?

Great point, HTC. Which one is it? No one can show where Al Golden is either not bringing in the talent. Or, the great recruiter, is bringing in the talent. Either way he is in South Florida and he is said to be a great coach. All the skills he, supposedly, possesses would get him some of that talent. So then the great, so called, coaching skills would allow that talent to excel.

I'm not clear on the bru-ha-ha over Highsmith. He's a good athlete and was called upon to play in the secondayr. He was a QB in high school. If he turns out to be an NFL FS, coaches, then coaches get the credit. If it is found out that FS is not his thing, then coaches take the blame. Highsmith did u a favor by playing in the secondary.

I tell U what: If UM ends up playing Louisville, Bridgewater will light it up and let U see what U could have had if RS was still here. The only way Teddy will go lightly if the folks "up north" tell him to do so.

My opinion: I personally hope Bridgewater takes has no mercy in a game like that.

ChampCane, why does it have to be that folks cannot defend Al Golden?

He has done some things right, some things wrong.

Miami players have also done some things right and some things wrong.

This idea that he is 100% wrong OR 100% right is foolish. Nick Saban does some things right and some things wrong, too. And when he has more talent, he is suddenly a better coach. Ask any Miami Dolphins fan how mediocre Saban was as a coach when facing equal talent in the NFL. And ask Savannah State about how much better Golden looked against them compared when Miami faced FSU.

Talent matters, and coaching usually cannot overcome a significant talent difference.

Against similar talent, Golden has yet to outcoach Cutliffe or Beamer, but he outcoached Muschamp and Paul Johnson.

Will he get better, so that he can beat Cutliffe and Beamer? I hope so. But that is far from saying I have "the nerve to to make excuses" for Al Golden.

HTC, nope, I think you have seen the ones where the ID was stolen, but my comment to Rick was not stolen.

HTC, we beat Florida because they "stink"!!We also had a running game then and played ABOVE our potential. Do you really think VA Tech was that much better on the night they beat us? I watched the game and a few early mistakes turned the game around for them. You can coach someone on how to tackle, but THEY have to do it. The tackling wasn't just bad, it was terrible. All it takes is 2 or 3 players giving 50% and the whole team looks bad. Al will finally get rid of those players who want to look good instead of playing with fire in their bellies and hearts, like the old days!!

If we face Louisville, I will be rooting for the Canes.

But if we happen to lose, I will be rooting for a change in defensive coordinator being easier based on the results of that game.

To you fans of Al Golden, when has any coach of Miami had only a single win over a more talented team in three years? While that single win is also against a much lesser coach. Will Muschamp is not in Al Golden's league. He is that inferior as a coach. Now justify all the accolades and praise you place upon a coach with no substance to show for it.

Terrible point, HTC. Which one is it? Only a dimwit cannot show where Al Golden is either not bringing in the talent. He is in South Florida and he is a great coach. All the skills he, possesses will get him talent. So then his great, coaching skills will allow that talent to excel.

Beware of the ARNOLD. That's Pittsburgh Panther DT Arnold.

This player has that NASTINESS IS REQUIRED mindset which WAS a traditional, STAPLE of Hurricane defensive players.

Unfortunately, that is NO LONGER true because Thee Carpetbagger's DON'T take too kindly to those 305 NASTINESS IS REQUIRED type of players.

Nevertheless, all is not lost because both Goldie and Marky Mark will coach winning teams and what not.

Tragically for y'all staunch Cane fan-dom. Those winning campaigns WON'T be of the " 11-1 or UNDEFEATED " variety.

And a 10-2 season will probably occur ONCE every " four or five " seasons. hUh

Posted by: OldCitizenCane | November 25, 2013 at 04:32 PM

So according to U, any of Us could be the UM coach. So Golden gets paid over 2 mill to watch football players randomly line up and hit each other and when he feels that any of them are not doing it well--his job is to cut them.

Ok we got it. I need an application then, I can do that.

No accountability to scheme nor development---gotcha buddy--U are a genius!

What precedes tackling on a defensive down? Reads and coverage--if the scheme calls for the players to retreat back into a zone that allows slot WRs and TEs to routine catch passes underneath in full stride--wouldn't CAUSE missed tackles eventually and lead to uninspired play by the players who've been taught their entire lives to be aggressive on D?

They're voluntarily and schematically playing catch-up every single down--but don't have the right to miss a tackle nor be angry about it.

Yall dudes have zero loyalty to the constant of our 5 NCs with 4 different coaches:

The Players who wear the U!

Miami beat my Gators in week 2 with superior coaching and since then the little bit of depth they had has dried up. And the Gators were at full strength when the Canes beat them!

The scheme its self--puts them in PERFECT positions to miss tackles.

Will Muschamp is not in Al Golden's league?

He went 11-2 last year. If gallo can rip Golden for being 48-48 and getting hired while under .500, then Muschamp being an over .600 coach is a "much lesser coach"?

How is that "better coach/worse coach" decided?

Nope. I am agreeing with JaxCane that the person doing the theft is me, and that I am not clearing the Web Site URL line. I enjoy and wallow in hate and lie about everything...other than that statement. Anybody that believes I'm a Canes fan is dumber than, well...ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


he is a great coach. All the skills he, possesses will get him talent. So then his great, coaching skills will allow that talent to excel.

Posted by: ChampCane | November 25, 2013 at 04:59 PM


Au contraire canespace DORK! Because Goldie's TRACK RECORD suggest he's an AVERAGE B.C.S. level head coach. Nothing more, nothing less.

And FORTUNATELY for you and like-minded HORDE. The college football Deities had MERCY on both Golden and D'Onofrio.

Otherwise, that GREAT head coach may have faced the RIDICULE of major college football fan-dom. Following Miami's past games against Carolina Blue and that college football POWERHOUSE Wake Forest. hUh

Hey Ron Zook...I'm the Gator whose stealing everyone's screen names --when I came up from going down on the other lying trolls, I read the post where Five clearly says I am the troll lol!

I can't stop pump faking and flopping and lying, because there are no officials on this blog.

To you fans of Al Golden, when has any coach of Miami had only a single win over a more talented team in three years? Now justify all the accolades and praise you place upon a coach with no substance to show for it.

I posted it again, minus the part in question. It is not strange that this part was ignored.

And this is me, not someone posting as me in blue.

Here is where the confusion lies for some folks.

D, for example, is a registered typepad user. It allows for himself and other folks to see all of his posts in one location. But apparently, it is an 8.99 charge.


However, the same blue can occur when you add a link.

To answer the question from the Al Golden fan. Yes a coach that goes 11-2 can be inferior to a coach that wins less games. The inferior coach can win by superior talent only. Like that one I mentioned did and how Les Miles does, too.

Thanks for the change ChampCane.

I have no problem with the rest of the question. I am a fan of Miami, not Al Golden. If he was coaching another school, he would be a dead to me as Butch when he was at UNC or Jimmy at the Cowboys.

I do have praise for the recruiting we have seen from Golden. I have praise for the far fewer confusing time outs compared to the Whipple era. And the fact that he is parent and media friendly makes for fewer strange comments at the press like "get a grip" or "i am a grown man" or having a parent sue the school and coach for locking their kid in a closet like Leach did.

Now its more than obvious that Zook is the Gator troll stealing IDs as we type.

I guess he is going by the old adage: If U can't beat them, then might as well become them.

So, Gene Chizik and Larry Coker were inferior coaches despite winning a title?

I can live with that definition.

Or maybe since D is just that initial. Maybe someone used it previously. I tend to believe that the site recognizes when the name and email address does not match. When it does not, then the blue lettering.

When you got shayon green lined up in coverage pre-snap, no matter how much talent shayon has or don't have, when is that ever going to work. This defensive scheme is suppose to be wrecking havoc, these 2 morons(goldie & clown 500) we got don't even know how to use the talent/personnel they do have to their own advantage. If anything, you bring in Alquadin Muhhamd to play the spot that you put shayon in out-wide, bring in tyriq mccord, leave all the guys at the line of scrimmage pre-snap and than let them either flare out to cover or rush the passer and confuse the o-line.

That play that t3 made, uVA had already had the advantage if t3 doesn't go up and make that play, we were out-flanked, especially had he sat back. Instead of wasting the pressure guys just on 3rd downs, you bring them in, mix & match them all game along on any down, but these bozo's have no clue how to run their own defense better than what they're doing, but they got alot of people in here and elsewhere thinking it takes more time, lol.

Asking luther robinson to drop back in coverage is not a talent issue it's a scheme issue. In the basically 3 years these 2 morons have been here, when has any d-linemen made a play in the secondary. I think olivier vernon was about the only one!

ChampCane, an easy way for you to test that theory. Change your email, and see that it does not turn blue. I can guess that would be the case, but rather than taking my word for it, (which you might not), test for yourself and see that it does not cause the name to turn blue. After all, the guy posing as Gallo could not possibly know the original's email address, could he?

I have no idea what is happening with Jim Gallo's name.

But what Calvin said is indicative of coaching and scheme.

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