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Coach Al Golden speaks on ACC Teleconference about weather & other topics heading into Pittsburgh

Coach AL Golden spoke on the ACC Teleconference this morning, and the first question involved the pre-winter blast of extremely cold weather forecast for Pittsburgh. It's snowing there today, I'm told, and it will be clear for the game with temperatures that start at about 31 and head into the high teens at night. The sun will set early into the game, and any wind converging with the three rivers toward the open end of the stadium will undoubtedly make it brutally cold conditions for both teams, but especially daunting, obviouslly, for the Hurricanes.

Here's Golden's transcription:

COACH GOLDEN: We're in the middle of
our preparation, getting ready to go to Pittsburgh,
first time seeing them as a coastal opponent.
Great challenge for us, great opportunity.
With that I'll open it up to any questions
that you have.

Q. Obviously major weather issues on
the East Coast today. I know it's 48 hours
before you play. I know the Miami Dolphins
were famous for not performing well in cold
weather. Have you seen your team in adverse
weather conditions before? Probably going to
be cold Friday. Is that a concern going up
there in these conditions?

COACH GOLDEN: I think more than a
concern, I think it's a challenge. It's a challenge to
the way we want to operate. It's a challenge to our

mindset. I don't think there's any question. It's a
challenge to everything that we want to be as a
football program.
We want to be a team that's
process-oriented. We want to be a team that
focuses on two-acres and a ball and blocks out
everything externally. In this case the weather is
one of those external challenges.
It's going to be a great challenge to our
team's mindset, mentality and their commitment to
each other for four hours on Friday.

Q. I know the passing game is very
important to you guys. If it's tough conditions
like that, how big an adjustment do you have to
make offensively to perform?

COACH GOLDEN: Well, again, I think we
all know it's going to be tough conditions. It's going
to be tough conditions for both sides. We just
cannot allow any excuses to come into the game.
We got to make sure we're throwing the
ball well. We got to make sure we're catching the
ball well. We have to protect the ball when we're
running it.
I don't think there's any question that we
cannot allow an excuse mentality to creep in here
because at the end of the day it's going to come
down to protecting the ball well and finding a
running game against obviously the great Pitt
defensive front and connecting on the passes that
you throw. We can't have a lot of incomplete balls
because it's cold, windy, whatever the case may

We know there's going to be elements that
are going to be a challenge on Friday. We have to
accept the challenge and execute regardless.

Q. You started out 7-0, ranked 7.
Things haven't gone well since then. Has it
been a product of better competition or things
you're not doing now that you were doing

COACH GOLDEN: Again, it's always a
function of us. Some of the things perhaps we
were doing better earlier in the year, like taking the
ball away, playing better red zone defense.
Certainly we did that better against Virginia this
past week. Hopefully we'll be able to continue to
do those things.
It can't be about the opponent ever. It's
got to be about the things that we're doing and
what we're not doing. We haven't converted as 
well as we needed to on offense or third down.
That's really hurt our time of possession and left
our defense out there.
All three units are responsible. We have to
continue to play better. Hopefully we'll play better
than we played last week, as well.

Q. Last week there was talk about
Dorsett possibly playing. Are you still holding
out hope he'll be able to play Friday?

COACH GOLDEN: I still am holding out
hope. Can I say right now definitively? I can't. I
wish I could. He'll be practicing today. I think the
biggest thing is that he feels comfortable and
confident. If we see that today, we'll move forward.
Ultimately it will be the young man's decision
because medically he's cleared.

Q. Their guy Aaron Donald is one of
the best. Can you talk about the problem he

COACH GOLDEN: Again, when you see
players like this, you admire them. Obviously you
have to deal with them on game day, which you
have to find ways to do that.
You just admire players like this because
he's just not a talented kid, he's a skilled kid. He's
a young man that knows how to play double-teams
really well and he plays with a motor, of course.
They move him around to get him in the right
position to rush the passer. He's got excellent
pass-rush skills, as well.
Again, I think this young man has really
worked hard at his craft. I think that's the thing I
admire about him. He's taken his talent and
cultivated it into skill. The result is a heck of a
football player, one that's going to be a great
challenge for our offensive line.

Q. Tell me about your guys. Make a
case for a couple of your guys.

COACH GOLDEN: Again, you always
hear about who you leave out. I think I'm on
record as saying that [Brandon] Linder is playing at a really,
really high level right now. I'll leave it at that. The
rest of it, you guys have to sort it out and evaluate
it. I'm record on that one, so I stand behind that
one. I think Brandon Linder is playing an elite level
of football right now at offensive line.

Q. I know you play Friday, your fate in
the Coastal Division will be up in the air. If you
win the game, you still have a chance. I guess
you become a UNC and Virginia fan on Saturday. 

COACH GOLDEN: Again, we're just trying
to prepare and execute today and get better
tomorrow, obviously play well against Pitt. The
rest of it will take care of itself, will sort itself out.
It's really important for us to play well this
week and try to get win number nine, then we'll
move forward as a program. If we have the good
fortune on Saturday, we'll go forward from there.
For us to speculate on any of that is just
premature. It's really about playing better this
week than we did last week and getting ready for a
Pitt team on the road.

Q. If Duke wins, that game is at noon,
are you worried your kids might drop off a little
bit, put their heads down a little bit because
they can't win the coastal?

COACH GOLDEN: Duke's game is

Q. I apologize.

COACH GOLDEN: We'll be there Friday,
too. You're good. I thought I was going to play a doubleheader (laughter). 

Everybody have a great Thanksgiving.



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14 more weeks of this PR flim flam.

Then it's time to go get a real coach to bring UM back.

I always hear Golden talking about the 3rd down efficiency for the damn offense what about the3rd down efficiency for the defense. That's part of the problem for why they're on the field defensively so many plays. Oh and the substitute package getting thrown off for sudden changes.

Better get used to the tie cause Golden isn't going anywhere. We can only hope he gets rid of Onofrio but that probably isn't gonna happen either

Big props for Susan posting her mistake about the Duke game and the question...shows integrity Susan, GOOD JOB.

FWIW... Hurricanes currently are a - 2 1/2 point road chalk.

And which ever team comes away with victory Friday afternoon. The absolute MAIN tangible which will factor in for the winning squad, will be the STRONGER overall coaching staff.

Again, the Hurricane's had the overall better talent than both Beamer Ball and that college football JUGGERNAUT Duke. But Green nd' Orange football matters didn't turn out too kindly for y'all Cane partisans. hUh

Suzie Q had the luxury of looking ahead to the Duke vs. Carolina Blue game.

Both Goldie nd' Marky Mark don't.

Fortunately for both QB's, the Nor'Easter's won't be of the EXTREME velocity sort. hUh

Nevertheless, I hope that Stevie has experiencd passing in windy conditions and what not. Especially in a game which is so CRITICAL for the total mind set of the entire Hurricane program.

My bad for bringing bad vibes on the eve of Turkey Day.

But westcoastDORK, why do you have such a morbid INFATuATION with Calvin and what not.

Seriously westcoastbUbba!!

Because, although CALVIN can be a wee EXUBERANT and BOMBASTIC with his takes on Hurricane football matters.

Approximately 85 PERCENT of Calvin's SAGACIOUS, opinions happen to RING truthfully.

Too bad westcoastdUde and like-minded friends HAVEN'T heard the ringing bell of TRUTH!! dUh

I hear Golden talking about the 3rd down efficiency for the damn offense what about the3rd down efficiency for the defense. That's part of the problem for why they're on the field defensively so many plays. Oh and the substitute package getting thrown off for sudden changes.

Posted by: killerbeez41 | November 27, 2013 at 04:53 PM

That's a Great point

The remedy is to acquaint yourselves with the truth and be open to it.

Way too accustomed to lies and the comfort they supposedly provide. Some find comfort and insulation in lies and with frauds and liars.

Yall don't hate Calvin (he's just the scapegoat). Yall hate the truth. Y'all hate the ability that some exercise called thought.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | November 27, 2013 at 01:10 PM

Teach Hard!

d, way to shed more Truth in here when you brought up that excellent point about arizona & oregon, talent can only get you so far, coaches normally hinder talent, like the 2 moron's we have here at UM. Look at art kehoe's unit, they're balling just like old times sake, he knows what it takes TO BE A Miami Hurricane.

moron#1 has run out of answers, this is why he keeps starting almost every answer with, Again this and Again that.

that old 3-3-5 of rich rod's was something else to watch...

Let's get a real coach, like me! If I were at Miami we'd be 11-0 and moving to the SEC next year!

As much as I hate to say it I believe Pitt will out tough us and D'Onofrio will blow another one. Go Canes.

Pitt will run at will, throw at times, and outscore our pathetic offense who has more talent than all but 2 acc teams. Coaching will lose this game, and next year, more of the same.

Odds-makers have the money on Al Golden's team. There was a previous post, that showed Al Golden's team was terrible at covering spread.

Pitt has more talent that Duke, but less than Virginia in my mind.

The real rake here is the fact that the defense has played atrociously bad on the road this year, yet again, and thus means it's going to be a long day.

At least the basketball team plays at 2 pm Thanksgiving day. I'm very thankful for that team and their coaching staff who puts them in a position to succeed rather than try and impose what pedophiles taught them in college like the football team is afflicted with for the time being.

If UM is playing a good team, the spread is usually a big number. And Golden makes sure the spread is met. Maybe Golden is secretly like Pete Rose and gambling on the canes games. Only difference, Rose always performed to a high standard, UM can't. Supplementing the 2 mil he's making.

Pitt-31 UM 10

Well, this is really like Golden's first year. Next year, he will ruin the lives of the morons who come to UM only to stand on the sidelines and tweet, THIS IS EMBARRASSING. Fire Golden after Pitt, 8-4 is a fluke for this team. A weak schedule, and close wins against inferior teams with losses to inferior teams is the new standard at UM.

It wasnt anyone on the sideline that was tweeting. Not a huge difference, but im just sayin

It has been a great football season for the Canes football program with not only 8 wins (so far), but a huge victory over the NCAA and a stellar top '3' 2014 recruiting class. Our future is so bright we real Canes fans have to wear sunglasses.

Happy Thanksgiving to all real Canes fans and the best coach in all of college football, Big Al Golden!!

So much negative, you would think this was a gator blog. 9-3, bowl game win, top 3 recruiting class and still everyone is so negative. I am sorry but I STAND WITH THE U. We will beat Pitt, we will win our bowl game and we will get the talent and fix our defense. Stop spewing your hate and negative thoughta on the team you supposedly are a fan of.... all you do is run away top talent when you do nothing but complain. Al Golden is building a real team here and the true Canes don't need people qho are always negative opening their mouths. If you aren't happy, turn the channel and stop watching or better yet, go jump on someone elses bandwagon because we don't need you.

INFERIOR TEAMS? You really the 'Canes are superior to FSU, VTech or Duke at this point! WAKE UP, IDIOT! We have the inferior team. That is what happens when you average 7-8 wins per year for 10 years. We are the average team!

We did lose badly to Duke and VTech. Our DCoord is a failure at this level. But don't think that a better coaching staff could walk in and we're 11-0 or even 10-1. We are NOT that good!

Coach G has been recruiting his tail off and better days are coming. But don't expect the U to ever play in 3 of 5 national titles games in a row; or to win the ACC 3-4 years in a row. Those days are over. The reign of terror we used to enjoy in the Big East and over college football as a whole will NEVER happen again. There is too much parity in the game, and a small school in Miami cannot compete with teams like Alabama when it comes to recruiting.

I guess I'l take my job back from Billy Muschamp in a few months.. that is if Miami doesn't snag me first!

To Tempa Cane

We will be back and stay strong like 80 90 more than ever. AL is better than Nick Saban. Dark goes deep before sun rises!

thanks coaches for keeping this Miami football program from falling into the hell hole the last 3 years!! Great job with 2 star randy Shannon guys and a lot of young frosh and soph! Next season will be coach golden's 1st real season--future is bright!! go canes!!

Cold is cold and it doesn't know Pitt from Miami, so we're both even in that regard. It'll slow us for a bit and then after a few hits we'll wake up and drop the hammer on them. Really weak of the Gator fans who come on this blog and show their colors, which is red, because they're rednecks, lol. GO CANES!!!!!

negative nancies go away you all know who you are.

First few posts hit the nail on the head: there has been a huge issue with our 3rd down conversions. CommonMiami offensive series: Dallas runs for 5. Dallas then runs for two. 3rd down and 3. Moris drops back throws an incomplete pass as he is rushed. Punt. Then the opponent has good field position at their 36 yd line. Our time of possession is terrible. 3rd down fails put tremendous pressure on the D. This is on the O line and on Morris.

Morris has been a disappointment to me all year. With all his physical talents, I thought he'd blossom into a star, but he's been treading water and slowly sinking. He has some excuses: a new OC, his injury, injuries to Duke and Phillip and Coley, the Defense, field position, the time of day, but none of them counts for much. If he gets his head right, CANES will win at Pitt on Friday and I don't care how cold it gets.

All the fans hear is setting up for defense failure so Mark is protected by Golden. We need to address the real problem, talent isnt the big thing its coaching the talent which is good to play well using good coaching schemes and adjusting during the game. The DC cant handle this at all and will never a change is needed by season end, get a real defense coach.


You cowardly punks still haven't responded to my wager.

Running scared and yapping like chihuahuas as usual.

You man/girl enough to take the wager?

CANES WIN: you haters must post "I suck Randy's nuts and the Canes and Golden are amazing!"

CANES LOSE: i will post "GOLDEN SUCKS and must be fired. And i'll suck Randy's nuts"

Put you mouth where you mouth is, or STFU

You can't do it, cuz you too scared to put your online persona on the line.

BWAHAHAHAHA! P*ssy a55 punks...


Happy Thanksgiving to Canes and Haters alike!

We're just all having fun here.

So don't get your panties twisted.

It's about family.

Some of us love our Canes family, and some of ya'll hate 'em.

It's a game and all this jawing is about having fun after all.

So don't take nothing serious. Except for when i say...


The continued ramblings of a racist who hasn't owned up to 3 wagers he has voluntarily made to himself to leave the blog, but we are supposed to ignore that fact like he has...nope lol. U don't count--your word means zilch.

Keep ranting and ignoring Cane related football talk--U wake up every morning thinking about Us and how Al Golden's reputation impacts your personal manhood.

Then proceeds to end the hate filled rant with a Thanksgiving shout out LOL!

Figures and makes perfect sense that you'd associate the two together.

Fake love based entirely in and motivated by a response to supposed hate.

Sounds just like the true story of Thanksgiving. U rep it well my friend!

8-4, here we come. 8-5, when all is said and done. I love my Canes, but I think this is the reality.

Good to know that the defense had its best game of the year against UVA....????

Time. Time....2015. Maybe then we'll not be talking about the Gators and RS...Because I also think that the reality is, we'll still be talking about them through next season...

UM's defense may have a chance against Pitt. I believe they run a pro style offense, which the Canes have a chance to defend. UM hasn't stopped the shotgun formation read option offense in many years. I don't think Pitt will use this. Savage is a drop back passer who doesn't run much. There's hope UM won't give up a ton of points as long as nobody else in the secondary has to leave the game.


YOU can't let go of the hate can you?

Shows how fragile you are emotionally. Or maybe your only 15 years old.

A racist still posting here despite multiple claims of leaving now wants to wager on nothing but his word. Zakkee, the comment including this, "Fake love based entirely in and motivated by a response to supposed hate.

Sounds just like the true story of Thanksgiving. U rep it well my friend!"

Is the post of the day leader in the clubhouse for today in all of Hurricane related blogging.

You are correct rboud. Savage has had pass protection problems in front of him too although some of those can be contributed to good secondary coverage rather than poor pass protection by his line this year. The defense has been easy pickings on the road this year and even with the limited number of road trips, hasn't offered much resistance to QB rotations or passing QB's or spread shotgun zone read based running games, that's the real problem, it all gets back to the poor coordinating and coaching by the hires from the MAC.

SCB/WestCoast, U spend too much time thinking about what makes other people tick. But U claim that U don't really care??

U need to be more selfish and analyze your own motivations and behaviors.

Replace "U" with "I" in all your posts and then you'll be on the right track.

"...can't let go of the hate..."

but if we scroll above, there's documented proof that U began your day with it (hate)...unprovoked and voluntarily.

...so who is truly "emotionally fragile"?

"At least.." why do I even waste my time?

I'm not sure Zakkee, but I'm thankful that you do as I find your well reasoned posts on what motivates most of the three ring player/coach bashers, who just so ironically happen to be fans of THE WORST COACH IN MODERN UM FOOTBALL HISTORY, to be the most interesting reading on the Hurricane blogs these days.

In a way, I'm almost sad we'll have to wait another eight months for more demonstrable examples of why their attempts at career slander of the guy are so unfounded and incapable of being backed up by empirical results of their wild claims, but that's the way the sports calendar runs here on the continent since lacrosse didn't take off as wildly with the new arrivals as it had with the people who were here before.

Gallo can we get an updated list please?

Your slacking

You're slacking in both content of your posts about anything other than other bloggers 'Go Canes' and in your ability to use homonyms correctly, which is par for the course for you it seems.

Basketball team is in one of the patented this year grind it out alley brawls for a half in Fullerton today, we'll see if they can win the 2nd half by a bucket or more to escape with the first win over George Washington today.


Still yapping like an injured chahuahua...yap yap yap!

So easy to crank on you bro. You like a menstruating tweeny girl.

I'm lovin' it and i aint even at McDonalds.

Tampa cane, you are the idiot. First, people like you think your so smart, so you have to call names. Typical coward on a blog, no insightful anything. But if you really think we don't have more talent than VT and Duke, your not paying attention. FSU is way over our heads right now, for awhile it looks with this non-developing coaching staff. No matter the stars on these recruits, you still have to coach them up, and Golden and staff don't seem to be able. But most people in Tampa are stupid anyways, so this was expected. CAN YOU SPELL DUFUS

Coach Golden continues to focus on the offensive issues, because he is potecting the defensive flaws, which he is responsible. If the offense is the problem, let's look at the play selections on 1st and 2nd downs. The two TE set or FB is not being use effective. I have noticed that the second TE (#82) is used as another blocker; therefore, Morris is allowed the time to throw deep. Why not use the second TE as short yard pass or screen pass? Three to the RB over the middle more and the primary TE on crossing patterns. I agree with Coach Golden, the defense need to be protected more. Please stop trying to go for the home run on every pass play. Get out of that Pistol formation, because Morris is not going to run the ball. As for last week game, the defense formation with the front 7 was much better, but now we need to trust the DBs to move in closure. I see the U winning, because of less TOs.

So much to be thankful for...God, family and country on this day of Thanksgiving.

In the world of football I am thankful for the Canes and the best coach in all of college football, Al Golden. The Canes future has never been more bright and our 6th National Championship will soon be realized.

Tell it ZOOK!

Teach these fools how to be a Canes fan.

I'm a lonely old man.

And i'm a hater and have no friends.

I'm eating cold turkey at the Overtown homeless shelter today.

Showing these homeless guys my lists....

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