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Coach Al Golden speaks on ACC Teleconference about weather & other topics heading into Pittsburgh

Coach AL Golden spoke on the ACC Teleconference this morning, and the first question involved the pre-winter blast of extremely cold weather forecast for Pittsburgh. It's snowing there today, I'm told, and it will be clear for the game with temperatures that start at about 31 and head into the high teens at night. The sun will set early into the game, and any wind converging with the three rivers toward the open end of the stadium will undoubtedly make it brutally cold conditions for both teams, but especially daunting, obviouslly, for the Hurricanes.

Here's Golden's transcription:

COACH GOLDEN: We're in the middle of
our preparation, getting ready to go to Pittsburgh,
first time seeing them as a coastal opponent.
Great challenge for us, great opportunity.
With that I'll open it up to any questions
that you have.

Q. Obviously major weather issues on
the East Coast today. I know it's 48 hours
before you play. I know the Miami Dolphins
were famous for not performing well in cold
weather. Have you seen your team in adverse
weather conditions before? Probably going to
be cold Friday. Is that a concern going up
there in these conditions?

COACH GOLDEN: I think more than a
concern, I think it's a challenge. It's a challenge to
the way we want to operate. It's a challenge to our

mindset. I don't think there's any question. It's a
challenge to everything that we want to be as a
football program.
We want to be a team that's
process-oriented. We want to be a team that
focuses on two-acres and a ball and blocks out
everything externally. In this case the weather is
one of those external challenges.
It's going to be a great challenge to our
team's mindset, mentality and their commitment to
each other for four hours on Friday.

Q. I know the passing game is very
important to you guys. If it's tough conditions
like that, how big an adjustment do you have to
make offensively to perform?

COACH GOLDEN: Well, again, I think we
all know it's going to be tough conditions. It's going
to be tough conditions for both sides. We just
cannot allow any excuses to come into the game.
We got to make sure we're throwing the
ball well. We got to make sure we're catching the
ball well. We have to protect the ball when we're
running it.
I don't think there's any question that we
cannot allow an excuse mentality to creep in here
because at the end of the day it's going to come
down to protecting the ball well and finding a
running game against obviously the great Pitt
defensive front and connecting on the passes that
you throw. We can't have a lot of incomplete balls
because it's cold, windy, whatever the case may

We know there's going to be elements that
are going to be a challenge on Friday. We have to
accept the challenge and execute regardless.

Q. You started out 7-0, ranked 7.
Things haven't gone well since then. Has it
been a product of better competition or things
you're not doing now that you were doing

COACH GOLDEN: Again, it's always a
function of us. Some of the things perhaps we
were doing better earlier in the year, like taking the
ball away, playing better red zone defense.
Certainly we did that better against Virginia this
past week. Hopefully we'll be able to continue to
do those things.
It can't be about the opponent ever. It's
got to be about the things that we're doing and
what we're not doing. We haven't converted as 
well as we needed to on offense or third down.
That's really hurt our time of possession and left
our defense out there.
All three units are responsible. We have to
continue to play better. Hopefully we'll play better
than we played last week, as well.

Q. Last week there was talk about
Dorsett possibly playing. Are you still holding
out hope he'll be able to play Friday?

COACH GOLDEN: I still am holding out
hope. Can I say right now definitively? I can't. I
wish I could. He'll be practicing today. I think the
biggest thing is that he feels comfortable and
confident. If we see that today, we'll move forward.
Ultimately it will be the young man's decision
because medically he's cleared.

Q. Their guy Aaron Donald is one of
the best. Can you talk about the problem he

COACH GOLDEN: Again, when you see
players like this, you admire them. Obviously you
have to deal with them on game day, which you
have to find ways to do that.
You just admire players like this because
he's just not a talented kid, he's a skilled kid. He's
a young man that knows how to play double-teams
really well and he plays with a motor, of course.
They move him around to get him in the right
position to rush the passer. He's got excellent
pass-rush skills, as well.
Again, I think this young man has really
worked hard at his craft. I think that's the thing I
admire about him. He's taken his talent and
cultivated it into skill. The result is a heck of a
football player, one that's going to be a great
challenge for our offensive line.

Q. Tell me about your guys. Make a
case for a couple of your guys.

COACH GOLDEN: Again, you always
hear about who you leave out. I think I'm on
record as saying that [Brandon] Linder is playing at a really,
really high level right now. I'll leave it at that. The
rest of it, you guys have to sort it out and evaluate
it. I'm record on that one, so I stand behind that
one. I think Brandon Linder is playing an elite level
of football right now at offensive line.

Q. I know you play Friday, your fate in
the Coastal Division will be up in the air. If you
win the game, you still have a chance. I guess
you become a UNC and Virginia fan on Saturday. 

COACH GOLDEN: Again, we're just trying
to prepare and execute today and get better
tomorrow, obviously play well against Pitt. The
rest of it will take care of itself, will sort itself out.
It's really important for us to play well this
week and try to get win number nine, then we'll
move forward as a program. If we have the good
fortune on Saturday, we'll go forward from there.
For us to speculate on any of that is just
premature. It's really about playing better this
week than we did last week and getting ready for a
Pitt team on the road.

Q. If Duke wins, that game is at noon,
are you worried your kids might drop off a little
bit, put their heads down a little bit because
they can't win the coastal?

COACH GOLDEN: Duke's game is

Q. I apologize.

COACH GOLDEN: We'll be there Friday,
too. You're good. I thought I was going to play a doubleheader (laughter). 

Everybody have a great Thanksgiving.



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Zook, never been brighter? C'mon dude, reality time. Too much turkey, maybe wild turkey. These canes have underachieved as well as the coaches, it will be the same tomorrow. Again, the faithful can say, maybe next year. Happy turkey day

BTW, how do you spell Doofus?

We haven't been more talented than Virginia Tech since 2002. But that's all right Dom, keep playing the blame game and dreaming instead of waking up and realizing that your 1985 Don Johnson t-shirt no longer fits.

Doofus is spelled "cfl"

The Miami offense has to have sustained drives. The 3rd and outs afterMorris throws an incomplete bomb on 3rd and 2 have to stop! dropped passes have to stop!
Goldens right Morris will be under pressure, so he has to use tight ends more. We dont have Duke- so stop the screens unless and only unless its withStacy Coley! Butinthat weather we need topound therock- Clements and Dallas have to each carry the ball at least 15 times each!

At least the basketball team plays at 2 pm Thanksgiving day. I'm very thankful for that team and their coaching staff who puts them in a position to succeed rather than try and impose what pedophiles taught them in college like the football team is afflicted with for the time being.

Posted by: At least there's only one more game to go after this next toasting in the cold | November 27, 2013 at 09:40 PM

ROFL, moron#1 & moron#2 are trying to Sandusky they're way of football onto the players, but don't worry folks, our guys won't sit idly and quietly by. See duke johnson's losing faith comment before the Fsu game when he said "we're just trying to play football the way our coaches are trying to teach us".

For moron #1 & moron #2 to try and tell this team the Fsu game was just another game, they don't belong here, but than come back the next week and try talk about how much bigger the Virginia tech game is over the Fsu game. Won't be long before the whole team starts telling these 2 morons to roll-out.

Buckle up the chin straps n put on the thermals boys, it's time for some football. Season finale in dirty, filthy stinkin Pitt. 20 degrees works both ways fellas, and once you get a few licks in, you'll forget about the weather. Lets go out on a high note, short passes, screens, pound the ground, and D stay in your lanes, and for the love of God please tackle. GO CANES!!!!

I like when I see people saying "the days of Miami dominating college football are over" than they refer to parity as being the reason why, lol, but than bama is on the verge of playing for national title #3 in a row & 4 in about 5 years. Here we are sitting in the heart of the best conglomeration of talent in the nation and all we need is a headcoach with common sense to understand that fact along with being have to have the resources to bring in the necessary coaches and that type of domination would still be easy to do.

The problem with us is, we got an administration with complex issues, worried about being liked and accepted in the mainstream than winning football games. So they're discriminating against a lot of the players from Miami and South Florida that would continue to help make this program great. Many people on here who try and brag about the academic achievements at UM didn't start following this program because of that so that part is comical. We got a troll president who sac rode off of the success of the football team and parlayed it into enhancing the academic side of things.

While good, they've still managed to castrate the football team and now the coaches. moron goldie and hclown 500 have no ballz, 2 idiots trying sandusking Miami kids by threatening to kicke them off the team or no playing time, cowards. Cut real playa's like gionni paul, Thomas finnie, eddie Johnson and the likes off the team than came back this year taking shots at them by saying "we've got a team full of guys who've bought in, got rid of the guys who were individuals" and this and that, and what do we see, the same football from last year. Garbage defense and smo17 is still average at best.

Having a 1st year oc is no excuse for a lot of what smo17 doesn't do. jacory harris shined no matter who the oc was his talent came thru, j70 had 3 oc's(nix, nipple & fisch) the whole time he was here, and basically never got a year off like smo17 did to learn under one of them.

Man i've been a damn fool and i know it.

Golden's good ya'll. I'm looking at UF about to go 4-8 this season even though they had good recruiting for all these years since Urban Meyer left and they still suck!

I realized Goldens been recruiting with lots of static from NCAA yo!

For him to get his team to 8-3 and maybe 9-3 is hell a lot better than 4-8.

I needs to stop my Randy Shannon worship and realize Golden is the BEST COLLEGE COACH IN AMERICA!

You fool Canes fans.

What we need is to go back to the days of recruiting criminals and letting them rape, steal, assault, and smoke dem blunts in front of their dorm rooms like them old days yo!

That's how we gonna be champions again. I'm thinking we recruiting every felon, gangbanger baller from every florida prison to play on the team.

That's the formula yo!

Wow man you must go to bed with a hard on against the world and wake up with one too. Why not just check yourself into the nearest facility for some help.

Al Golden is not "the world" to most people.

Well Tubs if you have a hard on against the man so badly that it seems to make you're very existence painful, than you again you need to check into the nearest facility. There is that better? I mean hope you guys were actually able to enjoy Thanksgiving, or were you just chomping at the bit for today to get here, so you both can start with your DAILY anti-rants?

Morris will have his worse game yet 3 interceptions, his attitude is you win some you lose time, that should tell you how he thinks, he stinks, OC had better call a good game or Morris will blow it.

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